Trump is really starting to annoy me with his constant flip-flops followed by sound policy decisions, intermingled with comments from the Rasputin couple; namely, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. It feels like riding one of those monster roller coasters that leave your stomach in the air while you hurtle down. When Trump is in is populist mode, I like him; when he is in his neo-con warmonger, globalist stooge, bankster, Wall Street whore mode, I dislike him intensely. At any rate, the various links below will highlight Trump’s two steps forward, and one step backward modus operandi.

First, we have Ivanka Trump apparently deciding she is in charge of the refugee program and it is good to allow a tidal wave of Syrian refugees to enter the USA. I must have missed the memo allowing her to make refugee policy. I also missed the memo on Jared Kushner going to Iraq and acting like the Secretary of State. The link is below.…ugh-by-itself/

Ivanka Trump: Opening Border to Syrian Refugees ‘Has To Be Part of the Discussion,’ Won’t Be Enough By Itself

During a portion of an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s edition of NBC’s “Today,” Ivanka Trump said that opening the border to Syrian refugees “has to be part of the discussion, but that’s not going to be enough in and of itself.”

Ivanka said, “I think there is a global humanitarian crisis that’s happening, and we have to come together, and we have to solve it, and –.”

She was then asked, “Does that include opening the borders to Syrian refugees in –?”

Ivanka responded, “That has to be part of the discussion, but that’s not going to be enough in and of itself.”

Next, we have the ongoing budget/shut down the government farce. Trump is again listening to Lying Ryan with the predictable negative results. Trump is apparently okay with no border wall funding, funding of both Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. The link is here.

Flipper-In-Chief: Trump Caves On Obamacare Subsidies To Avoid Government Shutdown…riday-shutdown

Flipper-In-Chief: Trump Caves On Obamacare Subsidies To Avoid Government Shutdown

Finally, some good news from Trump. His newly released tax plan is, in my opinion, brilliant. It fulfills his campaign promise to provide tax relief to the working poor and the middle class. First, a few facts related to who pays Federal Income Tax. The basic income groupings in the USA today are $18,000, 36,000, 72,000, 115,000 and finally, 250,000 dollars. The vast majority of American taxpayers are from these five groups. I believe, as in read it somewhere a while ago, one half of all taxpayers earn less than $36,000 per year. It may even be one half earn less than $18,000. At any rate, some 90 percent of all American taxpayers earn less than $115,000, and it may even be $72,000 per year. The only thing George Bush junior did of any value was to increase the standard deduction and personal exemption to $10,000 way back in 2001 or so. By doing this, he removed a chunk of low income workers, ie the working poor, from the tax rolls. Trump has taken this idea of tax equity and run with it.

As I understand it, and the details are still being hashed out, Trump is going to raise the amount of income that triggers any tax to $24,000 per person. This will allow Trump to remove millions of low income working poor and lower middle class wage earners from paying any federal income tax at all. Further, it will be a significant reduction for married couples with two children. If you do the math, it means every single worker who earns $18,000 or less will owe not one dime in federal taxes. Further, by eliminating all deductions, other than the home and charitable ones, he will vastly simplify filing income taxes. Granted, the high tax states, all blue states by the way, will lose their ability to deduct state taxes from income. I have no problem with that at all.

The result of all this will be people making $18,000 will pay no taxes. People that make $36,000 per year, which is nearly one half of all taxpayers if my figures are correct, will only pay a fifteen  percent tax rate on one third of their total income. They will pay taxes on $12,000 dollars out of $36,000. The $72,000 per year will also likely pay either a fifteen percent to twenty five percent rate on only two thirds, $48,000, of their income. I assume everybody over $115,000, or maybe $250,000 will pay the reduced tax rate of 35 percent. Again this is a massive tax reduction of both individuals and families. The typical four person family, Dad, Mom and the two kids will shield the first $96,000 of their income from ANY FEDERAL INCOME TAX. People making under $24,000 will pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX AT ALL. People making between $24,000 and $240,000 will also pay less income tax because they will pay a lower rate, on less taxable income. Like I said, this is BRILLIANT. Trump scores damn near a home run on this. The Democrats, well the Democrats are going to choke on their usual “cut the taxes on the rich mantra.” The reason is most of the tax benefits will go to workers earning less than $24,000 per year, which is exactly where the populist Trump needs it to be. The corporate tax rate will be cut from 35 percent to 15 percent. I also have no problem with that because it will bring back literally TRILLIONS of dollars worth of corporate profits stashed in overseas banks. After all, the reason the money is there is because they refuse to pay the current 35 percent tax rate. Again, the corporations may decide to leave the money overseas, but Trump is correct that it is reasonable to assume they will “repatriate” it.

The links are here.

#BREAKING: Trump proposes sweeping tax reform with major cuts to individuals and businesses

WASHINGTON – (AP) — President Donald Trump is proposing “the biggest tax cut” ever, even as the government struggles with mounting debt, in an effort to fulfill his promises to stimulate job creation and middle class prosperity.

White House officials on Wednesday were to release broad outlines of a tax overhaul that would provide massive tax cuts to businesses big and small. The top tax rate for individuals would drop by a few percentage points, from 39.6 percent to the “mid-30s,” according to an official with knowledge of the plan.

Small businesses would see their top tax rate go from 39.6 percent to the proposed corporate tax rate of 15 percent, said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a Wednesday morning speech.

Mnuchin said the proposed overhaul would amount to “the biggest tax cut” and the “largest tax reform” in U.S. history. He said the lower tax rate for small business owners — a category that under current legal definitions could include doctors, lawyers and even companies such the Trump Organization — would not be used as a loophole for the rich to reduce their tax burden.

But the Treasury secretary declined to say there would be no absolute tax cut for the wealthy, a promise he made last year during a TV interview. “Our objective is simplifying personal taxes,” he said.

The plan will not include provisions to increase spending on infrastructure projects, one possible sweetener that could help gain congressional support.

The proposal faces a massive hurdle in that lower rates would blow a hole in the budget, possibly causing the national debt to soar by more than a trillion dollars over a decade.

Without additional revenue sources to offset the tax cuts, the broad proposal would need Democratic support to clear the required 60 votes in the Senate. Congressional Republicans could pass changes on their own with a simple Senate majority, but that would only be temporary under Senate rules.

Mnuchin said he would like the tax overhaul to be permanent, but “if we have them for 10 years, that’s better than nothing.”

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If there was one, defining “Trumpism” during his campaign and first one hundred days, it was “Build the Wall.” It was make Mexico pay for the border wall. It was to have started construction of it during the first one hundred days. Well, blog readers, as in so many other “Trumpisms,” like China as a currency manipulator, or NATO is a farce run by mooches, or repealing Obamacare, or the Export/Import Bank is a corporate piggy bank, or not appointing swamp dwellers to key positions, Trump has shown he really is what I feared him to be; namely, a New York City scam artists. Granted, Trump has given us Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Granted, Trump, at least up to now, has been fairly good on illegal immigration, despite Trump’s repeated appointments of left over Obamabots, globalist stooges, banksters and Wall Street whores like Kushner, Cohn and others.

I could live with some of that. I can’t live with the neo-con warmonger mode, bombing Syria based on CIA lies and deceptions, threatening to throw the hero of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, into jail for treason, baiting North Korea, and generally speaking, flip flopping on his campaign positions on a daily basis. However, the ONE promise he made, and the one promise that must be kept, other than throwing Hellary Clinton and her crime cabal in jail, which of course Trump backtracked on that one, is to build the border wall.

I have said that leaving Lying Ryan intact as House Speaker may very well become the fatal mistake of the Trump administration. Lying Ryan screwed Trump on Obamacare repeal. Lying Ryan is now screwing Trump on his critical campaign promise. Lying Ryan is going to not put any money in the budget for Trump’s “biggly, yuggely, border wall.” By doing do, Lying Ryan, the ultimate Never Trumper, will stick the knife in deep and twist. Trump, who foolishly left Ryan in place, will suffer the total collapse of his administration. Trump will, and has, lasted, endured much during his political white water rafting ride, but Trump will never endure not building the border wall. Lying Ryan has effectively ended Trump’s administration in the first one hundred days. Trump will go to his rallies and say, “I didn’t really mean that either.” Trump’s deplorable supporters will ignore Trump when he screws up foreign policy, and they will ignore his errors on a whole lot of things, except on the Supreme Court, the economy and illegal immigration, especially the border wall. I will put it plainly: either Trump has a functional, effective border wall under construction, not completed, by June 30th of this year or he is finished as POTUS.

Trump owns Lying Ryan and every single action, stab in the back, Lying Ryan has done. When, not if, Lying Ryan cuts the border wall funding out of the budget, Trump is finished. Lying Ryan will say he will include it next year, but that is just more Lying Ryan lies.


The link is here. The story below.

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WASHINGTON — President Trump reportedly backed off his demand that Congress include a down payment for a wall spanning the entire U.S.-Mexico border in a crucial spending bill that must pass by Friday night to keep the government funded.

Republican lawmakers have urged the president to focus on border security in general instead of the wall, which Democrats have called a poison pill that would cause them to reject the bill and shut down the government.

Trump told a group of conservative reporters he invited to the White House on Monday that he was open to getting funding for the wall in September when Congress debates the 2018 budget, the Associated Press reported. This is a sharp reversal from his position over the weekend and early Monday, when he doubled down on his demand for the wall. Trump tweeted repeatedly that the wall is necessary to stop the flow of drugs into the United States.

“If the wall is not built, which it will be, the drug situation will NEVER be fixed the way it should be!” Trump exclaimed Monday, adding: “#BuildTheWall.”

On Tuesday morning, the president claimed he had not changed his position on the wall as the “fake media” was claiming, but he didn’t specify whether he still believed he would get the funds in this week’s spending bill, which increasingly looks like a political impossibility.

Don’t let the fake media tell you that I have changed my position on the WALL. It will get built and help stop drugs, human trafficking etc.

The president may have realized that with Democrats ready to shut down the government over the wall and many lawmakers in his own party skeptical of it, there was little chance of reaching a deal on his signature campaign promise before the Friday night deadline. Some critics noted that Trump had long promised that Mexico — and not the U.S. — would pay for the wall’s construction.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., praised Trump in a statement for taking the wall “off the table.” He had earlier called the demand a “monkey wrench” the president had thrown into sensitive negotiations between the parties over a series of spending bills to keep the government funded for the next five months.

A view of the U.S.-Mexican border fence at Playas de Tijuana in Mexico. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

View photos

A view of the U.S.-Mexican border fence at Playas de Tijuana in Mexico. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

But it’s possible the president will find a way to declare victory even if his call for a wall goes unanswered by Congress. Several Republican senators urged the president to think of the “big, beautiful wall” he promised on the campaign trail as symbolic of border security in general. That way, the president could declare any increase in border spending in the spending bill a victory, right as his presidency passes the symbolic 100-day mark on Friday.

“Border walls and fences are part of an overall plan, but there will never be a 2,200-mile wall built. Period,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told reporters Monday evening. “I think [the wall] has become symbolic for better border security. So it’s a code word for better border security.”

Graham said the president would still be in “good shape” if he gets funding for border security in the spending bill that’s not specifically for a wall.

Congress readies for border wall fight neither party seems to want

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., also pushed for interpreting “border wall” as border security in general. “I know it’s being generally referred to as a border wall, but I think it’s the efforts to make sure that Border Patrol can have adequate funding for the people, technology and infrastructure they think they need to secure [the border],” Tillis said. “I think we can be less prescriptive about exactly what the structure looks like and more focused on the fact that we need to secure the border.”

Both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Schumer have signaled openness to funding border security in the spending bill as long as it doesn’t go to construction of a wall or the “deportation force” Trump mentioned during the campaign. The Democrats could theoretically agree to funds for more surveillance technology on the border, or to hire and train more border patrol agents. But it’s harder to imagine them supporting an increase in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, since they enforce immigration laws internally in the United States and not at the borders.

Meanwhile, one of the president’s staunchest defenders in Congress defended the delay of the president’s campaign promise, urging Americans to be patient.

“He said we would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it, … but he never said when,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, said Monday night on Fox Business. “Some things just take time and don’t occur real quick. I think that’s the way with the wall.”


The Ides of March are going to be especially interesting this year. First, we have the expiration of the US government debt ceiling deal from last fall. The government will lose the ability to issue debt, be reduced to around $200 billion or so, and likely run out of money to spend in early June. In addition to that, Trump is going to have to release whatever hard, physical data he has about the wiretaps on him.

Martin Armstrong explains it here.…ring-election/

It is cleat that there was a June 2016 FISA request by the Obama administration to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. That request, uncharacteristically, is denied as too broad. The rumor is that the Court was very concerned this was a witch hunt by Obama without any evidence that was akin to Watergate.

Then in October 2016 before the election, the Obama administration submitted a new request that was more narrow to the FISA court which targeted a computer server in Trump Tower they alleged would show links to Russian banks. No such evidence was found and indeed it was a witch-hunt. However, the wiretaps continued claiming it was for national security to try to distinguish this from Watergate.

My comments are below.

In the real world, Trump can’t do anything to Obama no matter what his administration did. If you think the Snowflakes and the Democrats are fired up now, just watch what happens if formal criminal charges are laid against Obama. It might very well take down the entire governmental system and unleash massive riots in our major cities for months. Further, Obama knows this and will likely laugh off any Trump threats to hold him accountable, like a special prosecutor, or congressional investigations. It would be the political equivalent of too big to fail, or too dangerous to do.

Trump must have a physical copy of the actual FISA warrants, plus the application, with names on it, of who requested the warrant. Now those underlings are certainly vulnerable to criminal sanctions. Soros is almost certainly involved and subject to criminal sanctions. The news the politicians are now going after the DOJ slush fund indicates they are sniffing around the edges of the scandal looking for a way in, without going after Obama directly.

We are on the edge of a constitutional crisis much worse than Watergate every was. This is/was the use of anti-terror courts for a political reason that is patently illegal and unconstitutional.

Yep, the tidal wave of fecal material on this one is 100 meters high, and moving at the speed of sound. The only real question is how much of the “system” will be left after it hits. Combined with the Pizzagate scandal we are talking a total collapse of government credibility. The consent of the governed is at risk here. Trump must have the hard physical evidence or else he wouldn’t have thrown the hand grenade. He is going to have to put up or shut up, and if he doesn’t have it, his administration will be fatally damaged. If he uses it, he may take down the entire government, and if he doesn’t he will destroy his administration. I think he must have it, and must be willing to use it, which will trigger a constitutional crisis. Trump must have finally figured out he is facing a unified, well planned, well funded, coherent campaign to overthrow the 2016 election results and either impeach him, or render him impotent. Since he has now, apparently, figured that out, he is willing to go nuclear and leave the body parts where they fall.

The March 15th date, the Ides of March, is significant because it is when the debt ceiling expires. It could also be significant because he will release the FISA warrant data too, which would be a double whammy.

NO increase in the debt ceiling would trigger an economic crisis, and release of his facts would trigger a constitutional crisis.

Obama’s “denial” was parsed in legal boilerplate jargon that tells me Trump was indeed tapped. The key issue is whether FISA felt it had probable cause to issue the wiretap order and did so, or whether Obama/ Clapper etc just went ahead and did it anyway, or let it run after they figured out there was no contact between Trump and the Russian banks.

The Russians have a saying: The more you stir a compost pile the more it stinks.

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First, I am always happy when my doomer predictions turn out to be in error. Second, the full scope and scale of this ongoing water disaster remains to be seen. Having lived through the Great Portland floods of February, 1996, I can tell you plainly it can/will get worse in terms of flooding.

We have apparently dodged the immediate bullet in terms of the collapse of the Lake Oroville spillway, at least so far. Unfortunately, out of the 12 dams and reservoirs in California, seven of them are now over 90 percent full. The Don Pedro one, the one that flooded San Jose, was a staggering 98 percent full before they opened the spillway, again for the first time in over a decade. This led to the botched, does California do any other kind, evacuation of 50,000 people in San Jose and large-scale flooding. The fact is the foreign press, especially the British press, has done an outstanding job of covering the significant flooding damage downstream. It is a fact that multiple cities have flooded; it is a fact that multiple highways, freeways, rail lines and other roadways flooded, been cut and severely impacted evacuation routes.

It is also a fact that the snowpack levels in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern and Central California are at historic levels, as in between 150 percent, and 200 percent of normal. The snowpack is measured in FEET now. Obviously, this snow is going to melt, and how and when it does will be the decisive factor for California. If we get a situation like what happened in Oregon back in 1996, which was heavy rain, warm temperatures and rapid snow melt, we will have massive flooding of the prime agricultural areas in California, and major transit corridor disruption. For example, it might be a good idea to stock up on Almond milk, since most of the US Almond crop is grown in California orchards that are now either flooded, or in danger of being flooded. If that combination of factors happens at the same time, we will be looking at hundreds of billions of dollars worth of economic damage to the Agricultural industry.

At any rate, events in California are certainly, pun intended, in a fluid status at this point.

Some links here, besides to buy my fantastic, e-books, hint-hint-hint.<G>

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I think the best explanation for avoiding total disaster over the last 72 hours at Lake Oroville is the British evacuation from Dunkirk, Belgium at the end of May, 1940. It wasn’t a “victory,” and it wasn’t a defeat, it was merely avoiding disaster. For any of you inclined to sneer at me, you need to take a look at the ongoing situation water situation in California. First, here is a link to a Briebart story that puts things into stark focus.

THE LINK IS HERE.…ervoirs-flood/

Oroville Lake Down 52 Feet, but 9 Upstream Reservoirs to Flood

Although the California Department of Water Resources is claiming Oroville Dam is safer because the water level has fallen by 52 feet, that feat was largely accomplished by over-filing 9 upstream reservoirs that are all expected to flood as another Pineapple Express storm-train brings 48 hours of heavy rain through Wednesday.
The last winter storm caused an evacuation of about 200,000 people downstream from Lake Oroville due to the threat of a catastrophic failure of the dam.

Although most Americans have been told that the fissure in the side of the dam has been stabilized by opening up the spillway to drain the lake, and helicopters have dropped huge bags of rocks in a crack, the water flow into Oroville Lake has been restricted by overfilling the upstream reservoirs.

The nine State Water Project and PG&E earthen reservoirs on the Upper Feather River Watershed that feed directly into Lake Oroville were already at maximum capacity prior to the new storms. This next storm is expected to bring 1-3 inches of rain in the valleys. But the Central Sierras are expecting 10 inches of snow and rain over the next 7 days.

With all the higher elevation reservoirs brimming, Supervisor Kevin Goss from mountainous Plumas County told the Sacramento Bee, “I’m watching, and I’m worried.” Flooding from the last set of storms shut down escape in all directions in his Indian Valley district.

The towns of Greenville and Taylorsville were isolated, and sewer systems for the sparsely populated county suffered extensive damage as many roads washed out. The flooding from the new storm is expected to be much more serious.

In addition,tRelatively warm temperatures of up to 49 degrees in nearby Tahoe caused snowmelt this week. With the “Snow Water Equivalents” for this time of year in the Central Sierras at 183 percent and the Southern Sierras at 205 percent; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned that the mountains could see significant runoff.

The total capacity of the upstream dams is about 400,000 acre feet, or about one tenth the capacity of Lake Oroville. Last week, the upstream reservoirs were allowed to fill in an effort to take pressure of Oroville Dam. But with the dams full, virtually 100 percent of the rain and runoff from the coming storms will flow into Oroville Lake.

Despite the upstream restricting of water flow, Lake Oroville added over 1 million acre feet of water in three days during the last storm. Engineers from the California Department of Water Resources hope that a combination of releasing 800,000 acre feet of water from the lake will be enough to prevent another Oroville Dam flood.

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Oroville – a failure of a once great nation

In considering the events at Oroville, it is easy to concentrate on the negative. There is so much negative to go around.

The Principal spillway, the normal method of shedding water from the reservoir, has failed from scour, the soils being discharged downstream by the high velocity water. The Principal spillway is a controlled spillway, with gates at the dam crest to “control” the flow of water down the concrete “sluiceway” to the stream below, in Oroville’s case the Feather River. In a normal discharge, the sluiceway would conduct the flow down the grade, discharging into a plunge pool. Concrete block-like elements may serve to break and confuse the flow, the plunge pool, then absorbing the remaining energy and the water moving downstream. Oroville’s principal spillway failed because the sluiceway was undermined by voids, which became “charged” by high-pressure water introduced from the discharge through the gates. The result was a failure of the components of the sluiceway, plate slabs, and training walls were washed into the stream below, impeding flow, and causing a backup of the pool below the dam.

The emergency spillway is an uncontrolled spillway. It will pass as much water as entered the reservoir across its weir and the water is then transmitted downstream. The emergency spillway at Oroville is unlined, composed of indigenous earth and rock. Abutting rock is assessed in construction of a dam to attempt to understand its erosion characteristics. Rock of abutments is often considered “weathered” Weathered rock is rock which has been exposed at the surface and has become fractured and less sound. Sound rock is called “High Recovery” rock. Soft and fractured rock is called “Low Recovery” rock. Low recovery rock is prone to erosion. As an example, granite which is not weathered (granite is resistive to weathering) is high recovery rock. If it has seams of sands, silts, or clays, even granite can be considered low recovery. Shale is a rock that weathers rapidly. Shale abutments are often subject to erosion with high flows across these soils (rock). It is acceptable for an emergency spillway to lose soils and to be damaged in a discharge. The emergency spillway is used in special cases where there are severe flows (flooding rains or a break of a reservoir upstream for instance). Oroville’s emergency spillway was an earthen spillway. It is a weathered bedrock outcropping. Upon actuation, because of the failure of the principal spillway, it became apparent that the emergency spillway’s underlying rock was erosive, causing severe cutback, which threatened the foundation of the ogee weir. Noting this rapid evolution of the cutback, the operators opened the gates again to the failing principal spillway.

The argument has been offered that the dam has not “failed” in comments on my other writings. The failure that I refer to is the failure of elements of the dam, and the principal and emergency spillways are clearly elements of the dam. A dam failure does not require the complete loss of pool. In fact, few dam failures result in a complete loss of pool. My title, perhaps sensational, is accurate in describing the failure of these elements. A dam without a method to remove the water safely is clearly in a failure mode. Oroville Dam, as of this writing, is in a precarious situation. The spillways are in the process of failure. The losses already suffered are horrible. If we see the weir of the emergency spillway fail, the losses will be incalculable.

The Oroville Dam will probably not breech. I hope with all of my heart that it does not. Don’t ever take my criticism as some desire for catastrophe. It is just the opposite. I find the failure to maintain our elements of our infrastructure as a societal failure of a magnitude heretofore unseen. If we continue unchanged with these failures, if we fail to rebuild and maintain, we will become a third-world country. If the great United States of America is to step into the next few decades as a world power, it will be with renewed infrastructure. Without it we will fail as a nation and as a government.

We have watched as our great steel mills moved to Japan. We have watched as our great manufacturing move to Japan, then China. We have watched as our assembly move to Mexico. Through it all, we have watched. The time has come to act, or to surrender all that we once were. As a nation we have a debt of nineteen trillion dollars with a further commitment of four trillion dollars. We have a backlog of infrastructure improvement of an additional two trillion dollars. These numbers are so large that the human mind cannot comprehend them. As a nation we must satisfy this debt. We cannot save our way out of this problem. It is too large.

To survive, as a nation, and a model to the free world, we must work our way out of our smothering debt. To do this, we must have the machine of our economy operating unencumbered. Our infrastructure is a systemic element of our health as a nation. The social and societal failures that we now see as a nation are symptoms of a failing nation, a failing way of life. They will be repaired by the improvement of the whole. The despair of many is real. Men must see an avenue to success. They must be able to sustain themselves and their families.

Let us consider what it would be like if we were unlucky. Certainly, we may yet be unlucky, but what would California, the United States be like if Oroville had failed completely?

Imagine a nation and a state stretched to a fiscal breaking point encumbered with the costs of the rebuilding of a huge area of homes, schools, businesses. Imagine the mud and the cleanup. Imagine the lives lost. Remember Katrina, if you think that the white knights would come to fix all that is wrong, we have allowed ourselves to become something less than we once were. I believe that such a failure would be the first loss in a digression of our standard of living, it would certainly be so for the areas in the inundation zone, crops lost from need of irrigation, drinking water rationed, water quality reduced.

Some choose to defend the operation of a near-failing dam. I weigh the hurt feelings of a few men who failed to maintain, against all of the death and destruction. I wish that all could be happy and nice. It can not. Perhaps, many people will have to die to change the minds of men. There are so many dams that are balanced, waiting on that one storm. Let it be a lesser dam, a lesser population, if some must die to get the nation to hear this cry. Let it be faces that I do not know, voices that I have never heard, so that my dreams are not haunted for the rest of my life.

Blame must be assigned when all is lost, as it certainly must be. When it happens, that tragedy, it will not be the fault of the operators of Oroville. It will not be the failure of the state or the nation. It will not be the failure of the men who refused to fund maintenance.

It will be the failure of one man only, one who did what he could, but failed. It will be the failure only of one who cared too deeply. When it happens, as it must, It shall be my failure, and my failure alone.

Scott Cahill


I will admit to a certain level of tunnel vision related to the Lake Oroville Spillways situation this weekend. While I really did think we were going to get a total collapse of the mainspillway gates, we did not. Having pondered this I have come to the conclusion my focus was too narrow. What we are really seeing here in Governor Moonbeam’s Marxist Paradise, is a generalized collapse of the “system.” The system ranging from the media, the politicians, the physical infrastructure, economics, education, and popular culture. The physical manifestation of this collapse is the crumbling roads, dams, bridges and spillways. In this scenario, it all merges together into a synergy of chaos. The chaos resulting in everything from rioting Snowflakes at UC Berkley, a spillway that hasn’t been given even the most basic repair since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and  a political class of arrogance, hubris and truly astounding levels of incompetence. The Lake Oroville Spillways are the symbolic representation of California, in all its rotting, decaying, smug and insolent glory. I apologize to my fellow deplorables who still live there, stuffed into the hidden rural zones the Snowflakes don’t even know exist.

I have also concluded this is a systemic crisis on all levels, from pouring concrete, to educating children, to having fresh water come out of your tap. I have also decided to go back to square one and explain how I came to my conclusions.

The following links will help you understand my decision making process. The first link one that shows the global wind patterns in swirling green like a screen saver. The key thing here is the so called “pineapple express” is now headed directly into California.,38.00,736

The next link will show you the rainfall amounts for California and the Sacramento area in specific. They are in the 3 plus inch ranges in certain places, like the Mount Shasta Dam, which feeds directly into the Sacramento River and is currently 90 percent full, before the 3 inches of rain.


If you want to keep track of how much water is flowing into and out of the Lake Oroville dam or reservoir, here is the link to do that.

HERE IS A LINK TO HOW FULL THE VARIOUS DAMS AND RESERVOIRS ARE IN CALIFORNIA. Hmm, even though 3 inches of rain has fallen on Mount Shasta Dam in the last 24 to 36 hours, they are showing a one percent decline in the reservoir level? Seriously?



I took a course in risk management for a security company I worked for. Besides the OODA loop, they were real big on failure points and critical mass. They felt it would always be clear, in any after action report or analysis, the one PRECISE POINT when TSHTF and you could trace the disaster, problem whatever back to that one exact point when it hit critical mass. At that exact point, you would make a decision, or not make a decision and that was it. I remember one of the instructors saying something I have never forgotten.


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I will post some more, but I just wanted to give you the tools, weather forecasts, dam reservoir water flow data, reservoir full levels and wind flow charts to make up your own mind.



Well, it looks like the view the “sunlight reflection” of a couple days ago was really a breach in the sidewall of the main spillway. The main spillway is like a H with the main water flow groove, and a side wall on both sides to keep the water flowing down the central channel.

If I understand what I am seeing here, up above the original “hole,” back towards the spillway top, on the left side, you had a FAILURE of some of the concrete wall sections. This allowed the water to DIVERT from the main “channel, and shift left OUTSIDE THE CONCRETE CHANNEL, AND START ERODING, DIRECTLY ERODING THE DIRT THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPILLWAY. The situation is you now have TWO SEPARATE DOWNSTREAM WATER FLOWS: THE FIRST ONE INSIDE THE SPILLWAY AND THE SECOND ONE EXITING THE WALL BREACH AND ERODING AWAY THE HILLSIDE, OR EVEN GOING BACK UNDER THE MAIN SPILLWAY AND CAUSING FURTHER DAMAGE TO THE CONCRETE SLABS ETC.

Yep, it is now a done deal in my opinion. The failure of the main spillway is now INEVITABLE. It will eventually fail, all the way from the sidewall breach, the one between/below the power lines, and the top of the spillway.
The erosion undercut going back up towards the spillway top, on the left side first, a day or so ago, and IT IS LIKELY CUTTING UNDER THE ENTIRE WIDTH OF THE MAIN SPILLWAY AND WILL LIKE CAUSE A SEPARATE BREACH ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SPILLWAY WALL.

The whore media and politicians will spin this as best as they can, but we are going to see criminal charges out of this down the road. The failure to issue a mandatory evacuation order is an act of moral cowardice, cynical political opportunism and will destroy California for a generation. Nowski, amigo I am saying the state of Jefferson is going to be born out of this, since the hatred of the deplorables for that SCUMBAG GOVERNOR MOONBEAM HAS DONE TO THEM WILL HAVE NO LIMIT.

The main highway/freeway is I-5 and over it comes the tens of thousands of trucks that supply the “I-5 Corridor.” The rail lines are also linked to the I-5 corridor and carry every thing the entire coastal PNW, Portland, Seattle need.

You do have options, 101 Coastal Highway, 395 through Eastern Oregon, but they are not credible for mass truck transit.

In my opinion, the level of economic damage to the Agriculture Industry will be massive. It is not a case where you “can’t” get citrus fruit, or fresh vegetables, it will be a case of it will cost you more to import citrus from Florida, Texas or Arizona.

And I will say again to those of you who somehow think Governor Moonbeam is going to skate on this, especially if San Francisco Bay is full of floating corpses, it ain’t going to happen. The way the game works is the media and political whores get to do whatever they want until they screw up so bad people die. At that point, the larger system, the NWO , the globalists are quite willing to throw a mid level player like Governor Moonbeam to the howling wolves, if it will keep their butts out of the wolf pit.

Nope, Moonbeam is road kill because the real “they” the 300 families that rule the world, won’t hesitate to slit his throat to keep the mob happy. I live with Snowflakes, Nowski and when the Snowflakes lose one third, to one half of their drinking water, they are going to chop Moonbeam into tiny pieces.

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url


Thanks to Shane from timebomb for the pic.  THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION!
When An ill Wind Blows From Afar! (O





The above pictures show what I think, as well as Shane does, happened. The second picture shows the actual damage. The third picture shows flooding, as of 2-17-2017 at Maxwell, California downstream from the Oroville dam and spillway. We are already getting widespread reports of flooding downstream from both the Shasta Dam, which feeds into the Sacramento River, and the Oroville Spillway, which feeds into the Feather River.