We really are in the late stage of Imperial decline here in the decaying American Republic. Of course, the USA hasn’t been a republic for most of my 64 years. What we really are is a corrupt oligarchy, run by amoral opportunists, seeking to enrich themselves above all else. “They” no longer make any effort to hide the fake news media, or the insolence of the elite, much less make any pretense to rule with justice, wisdom and mercy. We have left that far behind. Now our elite, the politicians, corporate leaders, media shills, religious hypocrites and our entire younger generation of brainwashed, “useful idiots,” have no shame, no honor, no integrity, and no sense of historical perspective.

The farce I have been watching the last few days, ie the Supreme Court nomination process, really is a crossing the Rubicon moment. I see no way we can recover from the chaos and venom now on display. “They” really aren’t like us. “They” really do hate us, and “They” really do mean to launch a coup against Trump, and they really do mean to install their pet globalist stooge, like Jeff Flake, and kill all of us patriots off if we protest. Oh yeah, Patriots can no longer assume their personal safety, ie their very lives, aren’t now under imminent threat of murder and imminent physical threat of violence. You can ask the multiple Republicans who are now being subjected to a level of raw hatred that indicates political compromise is no longer possible. After all, if a Marxist thug wants to kill you, exactly what can your response be, other than to kill them before they kill you.

I have never considered myself a “prophet,” in any sense of the word. I merely observe what is going on, try to figure it out, and then write my opinions about various trends, actions, and statements. Obviously, my view now is the collapse, the final collapse, of the American oligarchy is now imminent. It is imminent because the globalist Federal Reserve has decided to collapse the economy, in service to their masters, by increasing interest rates until they trigger a debt collapse. The rest of the world, Russia, China and India among them, have decided to bypass both the Federal Reserve fiat dollar, and the global SWIFT bank transfer system. The combination of these actions will result in a general collapse of the American fiat dollar, the bank transfer system that enables America’s role as the global reserve currency, and finally, all the political, economic and military power that is based on America’s economic stranglehold. The bottom line is other nations are dumping US Treasury Debt, pricing oil in the Petroyuan among other currencies, and seeking to destroy our military power by destroying the economic underpinnings of our military power.

Trump, I wish him well, but the handwriting is on the wall. I was just watching an anti-ICE demonstration here in downtown Portland yesterday. Actually, it was more of a borderline riot than a demonstration, but that is status quo up here in what the Secret Service calls “Little Beirut.” The saying, “there is nothing certain but death and taxes,” is amended up here in Portland to,” There is nothing certain but death, taxes, and a riot whenever any Republican or conservative comes to visit Portland.” Therefore, I can state that Saturday, when the Supreme Court vacancy is filled, and at this point it is more of a mercy killing than a judicial nomination, the riots are going to start. Further, now that Patriots are seething, and realize the PHYSICAL DANGER THEY ARE NOW IN, they are going to vote on November 6th, 2018, likely keeping Republican control of both the US House and Senate. After that, to quote the French king, “Apres moi, les deluge.” After me, the deluge. All of my blog readers should be prepared for mass chaos, mass violence and the final phase of the farce America now is.


I wish all of you well, but you need to understand it is now game over. Way back in the far quainter pre Y2K collapse scenarios, I remember reading a signature that said, “The level of violence involved in creating a society, pales into nothingness when compared to the violence released when a society collapses.” We are going to find that is true. We will start to find that out in less than 24 hours, and then once the post election riots and chaos starts. Again, do you want to live forever? 🙂

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