CIA Commits High Treason Against POTUS in Impeachment Farce 9-28-2019

I will further refine my “Impeachment of Trump is Treason,” essay from the other day, so my blog readers have no illusion on the imminent outbreak of Civil War Two, assuming the Marxist Democrat SCUM, and their Deep State child raping elite, aren’t thrown in jail to await summary execution for their attempted overthrow of both Trump and the 2016 elections. In order to make things clear I will just point out that what has been called the “Deep State,” which is the armed wing of the Global Pedophile Elite, as pimped by Epstein, has for the last two plus years engaged in systematic TREASON in their various attempts to “get” Trump. And make no mistake about it, they are not going to stop, because they can’t, which is why the CIA came up with brazen TREASON in the “whistle blower” report. In my previous post I pointed out the lies, the various assorted BS involved in the Marxist Democrats beginning the “official” impeachment process in the US House. In case any of you think I am making this CIA stuff up, please go to this link.

Intel community SECRETLY LOOSENED whistleblower rules, JUST before Ukraine accusations!

Soooo this is a little kinda suspicious. According to the Federalist, the intelligence community loosened the standards for whistleblowers just before the Ukraine claims dropped.

Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings. This raises questions about the intelligence community’s behavior regarding the August submission of a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump. The new complaint document no longer requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing that they are reporting.

My comments resume below.

All of that formal stuff, ie the vote to begin the “impeachment investigation,” is also TREASON and subject to arrest and hard jail time. However, given the open perjury on display in the “hearings,” the Marxist Democrats we are looking at the political version of a bar brawl. Further, now that the CIA has been caught engaged in Sedition, which is advocating, and engaging in actions to overthrow the elected US Government, ie Trump, the grenades and K-Bar knifes need to come out. The CIA has engaged in TREASON and is guilty of multiple FELONIES. Granted, a whole lot of Marxist Democrats are right in there in the TREASON department with the CIA, but it is the CIA in the target zone now. Besides being engaged in the whole Russian election garbage, along with a bunch of charges against Trump, like having Russian escorts urinate on him, well you get the idea of the hate directed towards him.

The CIA used active duty CIA people to create the perception Trump was involved in bullying the Ukrainians, and also the CIA covered up the Biden Crime Family and their total corruption related to energy development, with both Dad and his coke snorting offspring, At any rate, the CIA also modified the whistle blower form, and did a whole lot of other stuff designed, in conjunction with the whore, fake news media, and the increasingly lunatic Marxist Democrats, to lead to the impeachment of President Trump. The fact that Biden engaged in a truly staggering amount of corruption, which I guess doesn’t bother the CIA, the DOJ, or that lump of an FBI Director Wray, isn’t too surprising to me.

If Trump doesn’t IMMEDIATELY, AND I MEAN OVER THE NEXT 90 DAYS, BEGIN TREASON TRIALS FOR SENIOR CIA OFFICIALS HE IS ROAD KILL. Trump’s role as CIC, ie Commander in Chief, allows him to fire anybody in the CIA he wants to. I wouldn’t hold back, President Trump. I would begin a truly brutal purge of every single TRAITOR in the CIA, the FBI, and the DOJ.

It has taken far too long, but it is finally, after nearly 3 years of abuse from the “never Trumpers,” pulled the wool from our eyes in terms of how evil our enemies truly are. It is up to Trump to defend himself. It is up to us to defend ourselves. If Trump doesn’t have the cajones to order the IMMEDIATE ARREST FOR TREASON OF ALL SENIOR CIA OFFICIALS THEN YOU CAN KISS AMERICA GOOD BYE. I also have no personal problems with summary executions for senior CIA officials either. Treason is a death penalty offense after all.

The CIA employees who set this whole Ukrainian thing up, right down to altering the whistle blower form so it would be easier to get into the fake news media, and allow the TRAITOR DEMOCRATS to have their stab Trump in the back moment. Of course, all the RINOS, like that CRETIN ROMNEY jumped on the TRAITOR bandwagon. Unless the CIA officials do the perp walk, and start wearing orange jump suits, there will be no hope for the USA. It was the Roman Cicero who pointed out that a society can outlast its clowns and fools, but not its traitors. Trump will deal with this CIA Treason, or else he will not only be murdered, but will deserve to be. After all, if Trump, and all of us, don’t get, by this time, just how brutal, vicious and evil our opponents are, if you don’t get/understand, blog reader, that “they” intend to KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, AND DESTROY EVERYTHING GOOD, AND TRUE AND JUST IN AMERICA, well then just sit back, watch your World Wide Wrestling match, and wait Marxist Death Squads to hunt you down. We are now dealing with a CIA supported Communist Revolution, and since that is the case, and since the revolution is led by Epstein’s child raping elite, we owe them NOTHING.



Bill Gates outed as Epstein Friend, AG Barr Investigation DOA 9-27-2019

Despite the brazen “assisted suicide” of Epstein in a sealed, Federal prison cell, the “Pimp to the global Pedophile Elite is just the gift that keeps on giving. Not that the Deep State shills, like AG Barr, care, despite his famous acting job about how upset he was. For all I know AG Barr went directly from his famous press conference about how he was going to get to the bottom of Epstein’s crimes to go rape a little boy. The level of sexual perversion our elite engages in means we are all doomed. It is no surprise that almost immediately after Epstein is whacked the USA then enters a deep constitutional crisis, what amounts to TREASON by the Marxist Democrats, and has the result of near total chaos here in CONUS. When I am talking about Iris Dei as a state of being here in the USA, and a national context of a near total lack of wisdom, both of these have concrete, documented results in the physical realm. Since the USA is now run by an elite that thinks raping little boys and girls is acceptable, then they will get the blowback for doing that, and so will every single one of us now living in this cesspool called the America of 2019. So it is not surprising to me that Bill and Melinda Gates are caught playing with Epstein in his Paris lair. Further, Bill and Melinda denying it cuts no ice with me, since they are LIARS like all the rest of our child raping elite. If they think I slander them, then they can sue me and just explain exactly why they were flying on Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” Nope, I don’t expect a peep out of them since the legal discovery phase will prove lethal to them and all their ilk. Steve Bannon running around with Epstein is not something I expected, but he was always eccentric to put it mildly.

The link is here

Epstein’s butler dishes on Paris pad guests including Bill Gates, Steve Bannon

The butler who managed Jeffrey Epstein’s posh Paris pad claims he waited on a rotation of famous faces including Prince Andrew, Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as Steve Bannon, according to a report.

The butler, who only identified himself as Gabriel, has come forward about the convicted pedophile’s celebrity guests during his 18-year career working at the $8 million pied-à-terre, FranceInfo reported.

“I served crowned heads, diplomats, businessmen and politicians,” he told the outlet.

Among the powerful guests he listed were former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Prince Andrew, who would crash several nights at the apartment while Epstein was out of town, according to FranceInfo. The royal has since admitted he “regretted” his friendship with Epstein.

Gabriel said his boss also hosted Bill and Melinda Gates. The Microsoft founder has denied that he had a relationship with the disgraced financier — despite reports that he flew on Epstein’s plane to Palm Beach in 2013.

“Any allusion to a business or personal relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill and Melinda Gates is totally false,” a rep for Gates told FranceInfo.

The butler also claimed his boss was still hosting famous guests at his Paris apartment last year. He said former White House chief strategist Bannon paid a visit in fall 2018.

When Did Matt Drudge Sell Out?

I have been a reader of the Drudge Report for decades now, but I have to say it is clear Drudge sold out, turned into a Never Trumper, and has sacrificed whatever journalistic integrity he ever had. Drudge’s coverage of the Treason from the US House Democrats is biased, slanted, rigged and totally pathetic. It is the kind of coverage I would expect from CNN or the Washington Post run by Jeff Bezos, ie Bezzobub of Amazon.

Here is the link where  the Ukrainian President says he wasn’t “pressed” by Trump to investigate Biden. OF course, Drudge didn’t cover this at all.


Ukrainian President Zelensky: “Nobody Pushed Me” To Investigate Biden


President Trump addressed claims that he pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate at a photo-op ahead of a bilateral meeting at the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday afternoon. Zelensky said that “nobody pushed me” to start an investigation into the Bidens’ business deals in Ukraine and that he had not pushed Ukrainian prosecutors to do so.

“He’s made me more famous and I’ve made him more famous,” Trump joked about Zelensky.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be involved [in] democratic, open elections of USA. We had, I think, good phone call, It was normal… I think you read [in the transcript] that nobody pushed me,” he said when asked about impeachment proceedings pushed by House Democrats regarding his July phone call with President Trump. “We [are an] independent country and [have] independent general security. I can’t push anyone. That is the answer. I didn’t call somebody. I didn’t ask him. I didn’t push him.”

About the impeachment, Trump said Nancy Pelosi has “lost her way” and “has been taken over by the radical left.”

“And thank you very much, my poll numbers have gone up,” Trump said. “And Nancy Pelosi, as far as I’m concerned, she’s no longer the Speaker of the House.

Matt Drudge also didn’t cover the fact the so called whistleblower was really a Democratic Party operative, totally and completely biased, and, get this, DIDN’T EVEN LISTEN IN ON THE ACTUAL PHONE CONVERSATION. So, Matt Drudge is reporting all this Democrat lies, which is based on REMOVING SEVERAL HUNDRED WORDS FROM THE TRANSCRIPT TO GET THE VERSION THE MARXIST TRAITORS WANT. Again, Matt Drudge lied about that too. I will comment more on the level of TREASON involved in Drudge’s joining with Marxist Traitors, but I will no longer support his web site.


In the good news category, I see that Georgia sleaze ball Stacey Abrams is now being investigated by the Georgia State Ethics Board for corruption in her Governor’s race. I also note Georgia is looking to restore voters rights to felons, so, like Florida, Georgia is also turning into a blue state.

The link is here.

Stacey Abrams Is Officially Under Investigation

Stacey Abrams, the failed Georgia Democrat candidate for Governor just got hit with some bad news.

The debt ridden candidate who initially refused to concede her loss in the race is now officially under investigation.

The Georgia state ethics commission will subpoena bank records from Stacey Abrams’ 2018 gubernatorial campaign and several other groups that raised money to help her candidacy.

David Emadi, a former Douglas County prosecutor who became director of the state ethics commission Monday, announced on Thursday that he will soon subpoena Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign, various political action committees and special interest groups that supported her failed campaign, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The director of the ethics commission went on to say “What I can say about the investigation into the Abrams campaign is in the relatively near future, I expect we will be issuing subpoenas for bank and finance records of both Miss Abrams and various PACs and special-interest groups that were affiliated with her campaign,”

One thing that Emadi did not clarify is what exactly Abrams is under investigation for. We do know that the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, is responsible for investigating lobbying expenditures, vendor grift and campaign finance. The Commission also has the power to issue consequences for any violations found regarding those specific issues.


THE FINAL PHASES OF THE ATTEMPTED COUP D’ETAT TO REMOVE POTUS ARE NOW IN PLAY. However this finally plays out, a House vote for impeachment by the Marxist Democrat TRAITORS under the corrupt Pelosi, Nadler, and Cummings, followed by no 67 votes to impeach in the US Senate, we will have unending chaos and anarchy now. The 2020 election will be a farce, and the long predicted political violence, ie Civil War Two, may finally break out. It will come down to whether the military will back Trump, our legally elected POTUS, now being overthrown by a cabal of trash in the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DOJ. It is clear that the Soros funded globalists are now making their final move to destroy the historical, constitutional American Republic.


Pelosi expected to announce impeachment probe into Trump

9 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump late Tuesday, acquiescing to mounting pressure from Democratic lawmakers following reports that Trump may have sought a foreign government’s help in his reelection bid.

The decision sets up an election season clash between Trump and Congress that seems certain to exacerbate the nation’s fierce partisan divides and inject deep uncertainty into the 2020 presidential contest.

Pelosi was huddling with her caucus Tuesday afternoon and planned to announce the impeachment probe in a statement following the meeting. Her plans were confirmed by a person familiar with her thinking, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

The NeoCons Prep for Middle East War 9-20-2019

I knew when Trump fired Bolton the blowback would be brutal, and so it has. Trump, whose instincts are usually pretty good on America playing Global Rent a Cop, has now taken a step over the Rubicon that will have profound impacts on the USA for some time into the future. Despite George Washington’s famous “Avoid foreign entanglements,” the American Empire now has military forces deployed into 138 nations, including several, like when we had a Special Forces soldier killed in some African country nobody in Congress knew we had troops in.  So much for “citizen’s soldiers.” Suffice it to say, once US troops are in Saudi Arabia, they will not be leaving anytime soon. The simple reason is it will be an open ended combat deployment and the “threat,” will never, repeat never, cease, unless we engage and destroy Iran. Of course, to take out Iran, you need to take out both Russia and China. The Neo cons wanted their war, and despite Trump’s best efforts they will get it. The stench of being in close cahoots with a seventh century, Muslim fundamentalist, fascist state, apparently doesn’t bother Imperial America at this point. The Legions are going, and that is all there is to it, gang.

The Link is here.

JUST IN: Pentagon to Deploy Troops to Saudi Arabia After Drone Attacks on Oil Sites

President Trump on Friday approved the deployment of US forces to Saudi Arabia after last weekend’s drone attacks on the oil sites.

“The president has approved the deployment of U.S. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at a presser on Friday.

It is unclear how many troops will be sent.

“As the President has made clear the United States does not seek conflict with Iran. That said we have many other military options available should they be necessary,” Mr. Esper said.

More from Defense Secretary Mark Esper:


Well, just boom, boom, boom and KABOOM.

One of “Epstein’s Sex Slaves,” just outed the final result of European Royal In breeding, ie Prince Andrew as raping her. We are talking about a 17 year old girl. F%^^^^^ these elite pedophiles to Dante’s lowest level of Hell. F%^^^^ the whole lot of them, and F%^^^6 them for what they do, and what they are, and how they prance around like drunken Peacocks, claiming they are better than we proles, and have some kind of moral virtue that means we are expected to follow their deviant, perverted rule. F%^^^6 them all, I say.

Jeffrey Epstein ‘Sex Slave’ Describes ‘Having Sex With Prince Andrew At Age 17’

Virginia Roberts, who claims she was a “sex slave” of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, alleges in a new TV show that had sex with Prince Andrew in 2001 when she was just 17.


The incident occurred in the London townhouse of Ghislaine Maxwell, a former Epstein girlfriend who became his top aide, after the prince gave her vodka at a nightclub, she says.

In her first television interview, Roberts — who now goes by her married name “Guiffre” — talked with NBC’s “Dateline,” joining with five other Epstein accusers, including three who have not come forward before. The episode, titled “Reckoning,” airs on Friday night at 10 p.m. EST.

Prince Andrew has denied Giuffre’s allegations, but a photo, allegedly taken by Epstein, shows the prince his arm around the waist of Giuffre, who was 17 at the time.

Giuffre, who is now 35, says she is telling the truth about Prince Andrew. “He was an abuser, he was a participant,” she says on the show.

“The first time in London, I was so young. Ghislaine woke me up in the morning  and said, ‘You’re gonna’ meet a prince today.’ I didn’t know at that point that I was going to be trafficked to a prince,” she said.

“We went out to Club Tramp,” she says. “Prince Andrew got me alcohol, it was in the VIP section, I’m pretty sure it was vodka. He was like, ‘let’s dance.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ We leave club Tramp and I hop in the car with Ghislaine and Jeffrey.


“She says, ‘He’s coming back to the house and I want you to do for him what you do for Epstein.’ I couldn’t believe it,” Guiffre said.

In earlier court records, Guiffre has alleged that they all went back to Maxwell’s townhouse that night. There, she said she and Prince Andrew engaged in “foreplay” in a bathtub and that they had sex in the bedroom where she was staying.

“He wasn’t rude or anything about it, he said, thank you and some kind of soft sentiments like that and left,” Giuffre said in the new interview.

War in the Middle East? 9-17-2019

The West, and Trump have few options available to them without essentially destroying the Western Economy.

One: The “West,” ups their game in Yemen, takes the Iranian proxy forces, the Shia Houthi tribe, and kicks some serious Houthi butt. The problem is the USA/NATO would have to commit, honest to GOD, GROUND COMBAT TROOPS, since our “allies,” the Saudi Arabian Military couldn’t, as one of my drill instructors put it, “Fight their way out of a rubber.” Ouch.

Two: The West, NATO, Saudi Arabia the USA can pound the CRAPOLA of Iranian missile bases, naval bases, oil refineries etc. The problem is you go to a HOT WAR INSTANTLY. Iran, closes the Strait of Hormuz, unleashes its global sleeper cells, etc.

Three: You go the Gulf War One route, with a UN mandate yada yada yada The problem is Iran then seals the Strait of Hormuz and CHINA FREAKS OUT AND STARTS KICKING SOME SERIOUS US ASS.

The bottom line here, is there are no good options, here, and not even any mediocre options, except pounding the living F$%%^^ out of Yemen, which will again lead to Iran closing the Straits of Hormuz.

The powers that be will at least try to keep things tamped down till the Christmas retail season is finished. 2020 is going to be a wild ride for sure.

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Ohio Pedophiles Taken Down 9-14-2019

The one thing I find truly fascinating about the Deep State is the feeble efforts they make, from time to time, to give the illusion of a functional legal and political system. Obviously, in the post Epstein America, the level of corruption is beyond description. Still, we are dealing with multiple elements in the Deep State, with various agendas, multiple operational abilities and assets, along with differing cultural values. Indeed, some elements of the American Deep State actually are making a credible effort to “out” the Globalist Child Raping and Elite Pedophile Groups managed by Epstein, and others are trying to protect them. This is why you have one Pedophile Group waltzing into a maximum security Federal Prison, “assisting” Epstein to “committ suicide,” and then waltz out past the sleeping guards. And now we have yet another Deep State group that just vaporized over 100 child raping, sexual deviants, and assorted scum, under the full wrath of Iris Dei. I have to say perhaps some elements of the globalist Deep State have been reading Doomer Doug, come to the conclusion I am serious when I talk about Iris Dei, ie the Wrath of God, and decided to throw some small fry in Ohio onto the altar and look like the powers that be care. Again, they don’t and if you don’t get anything out of all my posts here understand that the USA is now fully, completely and totally led by a child raping, globalist, Pedophile elite. Trump isn’t a part of it, and elements of, even some in the FBI, and DOJ, are fighting it, here and there. However, the evil is everywhere now, and the context of my life, your life, and “life as we know it here in the USA in 2019, is that of what a nation that rejects the spirit and suffers the consequences of doing that. You will seek but not find wisdom since you rejected it. Any of my blog readers who think Trump is going to “save us,” need to understand the only legally sanctioned death penalty in the New Testament is where Jesus said, “It would be better for a child abuser to have a 1,000 pound millstone tied around their neck and then be thrown into the ocean.” And that is the true context of EVERYTHING that is now happening in the USA today. We will not be saved, and instead will pay, pound for pound, inch for inch for how we treat our children. Do with that what you want, but understand the Holy Spirit no longer protects the USA, and it is this FACT that shows why we are in effect a punching bag for our enemies and why they have been given full ability to beat the living #%%% out of us. So, prepare yourself for true evil, from our domestic sources, like the 10 Marxist morons, or Iran, which, like Assyria and Babylon was chosen to bully ancient Israel, has been given a free hand to F#%^^^ with the USA endlessly, and with full immunity. Yep, when America rejects Wisdom, and Wisdom then rejects America, you end up with M-13 Gang members running around CONUS butchering people, for the simple reason we are BLIND here in CONUS.

104 arrested in massive central Ohio trafficking, online child sex sting



COLUMBUS, Ohio – More than 100 people have been arrested in a massive human trafficking and internet sex sting.

Among those charged – a medical doctor and a church youth director.

The operation focused on three central Ohio counties: Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware.


My Comments are below.

The general rule is sex with a child 12 or under is considered child abuse, pedophile, etc. Children, teenagers, between 13 and 17 are considered to be child abuse if the sex is between a person who is five years difference in age, say a 21 year old boy have sex with his 16 year old girlfriend. The Roman Catholic priests come into the child abuse category because they are 40 years old when they have sex with a 15 year old altar boy. Finally, the possession of Child Porn, ie pictures, videos etc of children under the age of 18 having sex done to them, or doing it to adults, or other children is an absolute felony in all 50 current US states.

It sounds like these sex perverts were nailed for contacting children, all of them either under 13, or 19, and then trying to set up a physical meeting, for the purpose of engaging in various sex acts with a minor. And yeah, they are going down HARD, just like they should. Personally, the legal doctrine here in the USA is evolving towards a life sentence given to ANYBODY who engages in, tries to engage in, or makes any effort to do so, contact, etc any child 13 or younger. I think Nevada does that, and it should, in my opinion, be made a Federal law.

This particular case also confirms, for the umpteenth time, that you can never delete anything from the Internet, nor, are you ever “anonymous,” nor, can “they” fail to track down everything you EVER POSTED ONLINE EVER.

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Hurricane/Cyclone Inbound to Bahamas 9-13-2019


The links are here.

Current Storm Status

The NHC says environmental conditions are favorable for a tropical depression or tropical storm to form within the next day or so and gives this system a high chance of development as it crawls toward the northwestern Bahamas.

It will earn the name Humberto if it does attain tropical storm status. This system is expected to become a hurricane early next week when it is off the Southeast coast.


Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine is likely to become a tropical depression or tropical storm by Friday night and will pose a threat to the Bahamas, Florida and possibly other parts of the southern United States, including areas devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

A “potential tropical cyclone” allows the National Hurricane Center (NHC) to issue advisories, watches and warnings on systems that have yet to develop but pose a threat of bringing tropical-storm-force (39-plus mph) or hurricane-force (74-plus mph) winds to land areas within 48 hours.

The NHC has posted a tropical storm warning for the northwestern Bahamas, except for Andros Island. This means tropical-storm-force winds are expected there within 36 hours.

The NHC has also issued a tropical storm watch for portions of the Florida east coast, from Jupiter Inlet to the Flagler/Volusia County line. This means tropical-storm-force winds are possible there, generally within 48 hours.

Endless Farce and Fantasy 9-12-2019

We are now solemnly assured that Mr. McCabe is going to finally face justice for the multiple felonies he has taken part in. Oh, Oh, be still my heart. The link is here.

US attorney recommends proceeding with charges against McCabe, as DOJ rejects last-ditch appeal