Look, it is certainly possible for Trump to be the 2016 version of 1992’s Ross Perot. Considering “they” originally planned for the “election” to be between Jeb Bush of the Bush crime family, against Hellary, of the Clinton crime family, Trump was a wild card. Granted, he may be a fall back position to make sure Hellary gets in. However, Trump is so far off the rail that I can’t see how “they” still control things. Whatever “they” intended, we now have a documented, populist uprising that is far beyond anything Trump, or “they” intended.

Yep, it is now clear we are seeing a global populist based backlash. Everything from the Panama Papers, the bad economy and the total chaos now unleashed.

WHATEVER PLANS “THEY” HAD ARE NOW FULLY DERAILED. I don’t discount the potential for Trump to sell us out. However, “they” do not understand it is NOW BEYOND TRUMP’S CONTROL AT THIS POINT. We are in pre-collapse phase, or pre-revolutionary phase. The toothpaste is out of the tube: it will not be put back.

“They” have lost control.

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It is now clear that Donald Trump is going to win big today. Bing is calling the primary election for him in multiple states, even before the polls actually close. TRUMP WILL LIKELY WIN ALL FIVE PRIMARIES TODAY.

The link is here.






















Here we see a pathetic effort by NATO and the EU to become a credible military force. It is a fact the EU has gutted military spending since the end of the cold war in 1991. They have piggybacked on US military spending for the last two decades. The result is they have fully funded the EU welfare state. Russia has maintained military spending since 2000 when Putin came to power.


It will take a minimum of five to seven years from now before the weapons, supplies and training to even double the miserable numbers of forces now existing. The Royal Navy is a joke. The Canadian Navy has no offensive ability at all.

When I see stories like this, about the EU buildup, I just have to shake my head, gang. Russia and China have been INCREASING THEIR MILITARY FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. The West has been gutting it. Assuming all this NATO blather about actually fighting Russia is true, they must realize they will get slaughtered by the more numerous, better trained, better supplied, and advanced, superior weapons the Russians have developed since Putin came into power. Putin has been in power, on and off, still in total control, since Yeltsin, way back around 2000. Russia has been engaged in a massive military buildup for nearly 20 years. They have created first rate fighter jets, first rate battle tanks, first rate submarines, and first rate munitions with ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY OVER ANYTHING THE USA OR THE EU HAS.

Yep, the EU has no effective military at all. It will take them five to ten years to deal with that. The cuts are too deep, have happened over the last two decades, and will require hundreds of billions of dollars to reverse. The EU made a political decision to fund social programs. The chart showing the entire military budget for Germany is $60 billion shows what I am talking about.

The EU has no teeth, much less fangs.




REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape…a-step-closer/

REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape

by Donna Rachel Edmunds and Raheem Kassam20 Apr 20161171


I just did some more research. Russia has 16,000 tanks. Germany has 400. German has ONE DIVISION OF Tanks. RUSSIA HAS FORTY. Russia spent around $90 Billion on defense, at 4.4 percent of her economy. Germany spent 1.4 percent at 48 billion.

Germany is now in the final phase of reducing her combat brigades from 17 to 12. They may have reversed that due to the Ukraine situation.

Again, the EU is a military joke. One of the reasons Putin is laughing at both the EU and the USA is he has a massive military superiority. By the way, the last US tank was removed from Germany in April of 2013.



Here we see the war in Syria continues unabated despite the so called cease fire.

Israel claims Russia fired on one of its jets over Syria.

This link shows the Russian Pacific fleet is now openly challenging US naval superiority in the Pacific Ocean. This is in addition to China’s naval buildup.

Submarine defense: Russian subs posing Pacific threat to US Navy

Military & Defense

 March 18, 13:28 UTC+3 
Ahead of Submariner Day marked on March 19 in Russia, TASS reviews Russian submarines that cause the US Navy’s greatest concern in the Pacific region


And finally, we have multiple news stories on the large scale military operations now underway in Syria.

Field Commander: Syrian Army to Kick Off Massive Operations in Aleppo Soon


I had this sent to me in an email the other day by my 95 year old dad.



The key point here is the last two years in a row have been near perfect harvests globally. In spite of this, we are going to have to draw down global cereal reserves to meet global food needs. When, not if, we have any level of cereal grain production issues, we will rapidly see distortions in the markets. The distortions will be based on price increases. People will pay more for food, assuming they can still get it. It will be, as it always is, the poor and the weak who will suffer. However, the time will come when food will be so short money won’t be enough. After all, money can’t buy food that hasn’t been harvested.

The source of this article, FARS News, the Iranian propaganda website, indicates that the American corporate media continues to ignore stories of decisive impact on people’s lives. Famine is coming. You may count on it.

FAO: World Cereal Production in 2016 Sets to 2521 mln Tons

TEHRAN (FNA)- World cereal production in 2016 is set to amount to 2 521 million tons, just 0.2 percent off last year’s large output and the third-highest global performance on record, according to FAO’s first forecast for the new season, released on Wednesday.

The small decline in 2016/17 world cereal production portended by FAO would largely result from a lower worldwide wheat production, which is now expected to amount to 712.7 million tons, some 20 million tons less than in 2015.

According to a press release published by the FAO Representation in Iran, the decline mostly reflects smaller plantings in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, both affected by dry weather.

Global output of coarse grains is projected at 1 313 million tons, up about 11 million tons from 2015, with expected increases in maize production more than offsetting declines for barley and sorghum.

Maize output is seen growing by 1.1 percent to 1 014 million tons, driven by recovering yields in the European Union and expanding plantings in the United States. At the same time, maize production is expected to fall in Southern Africa and Brazil, due to drought and adverse growing conditions associated with El Niño.

World rice production is predicted to recover with a return to normal weather conditions in northern-hemisphere Asia, where erratic rains have affected planting activity for the past two seasons. Global output, although impacted by unattractive prices, is predicted to rise 1.0 percent to 495 million tons.

International trade in cereals in 2016/17, however, is poised to decline for the second consecutive season – by 1.4 percent to 365 million tons – due to ample stockpiles and modest demand growth in many importing countries.

Global cereal utilization in 2016/17 is foreseen to grow only modestly, rising by around 1.0 percent to 2 547 million tons, according to very preliminary new estimates.

As utilization is anticipated to exceed production, cereal reserves would need to be drawn down to fill the gap. FAO’s first forecast for world cereal stocks at the close of seasons ending in 2017 points to a likely 3.9 percent annual decline to 611 million tons. However, the resulting world cereal stock-to-utilization ratio would still approach 23 percent, well above the historical low of 20.5 percent registered in the 2007/2008 season.

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I think we are now living in historic times in terms of the American political system. Trump really has changed things.


Look, I think the ongoing venom between Trump and Cruz and Kasich and Rubio means the above scenario, where Rubio, or Kasich, or Governor Walker become Trump’s Vice President,  ain’t going to happen. However, Trump is going to have to make some kind of “unity” moves in order to prevent the total collapse of the RINO WHORE party after the convention. Especially after Colorado, I am not seeing many warm and fuzzy attitudes between Trump and Cruz supporters. I am becoming increasingly convinced Trump will be cheated out of the nomination. At that point, the survival of the current RINO WHORE Republican Party is very much in question. Trump has latched on to a preexisting movement. He did not create the populist tidal wave he is currently riding. It had its roots in the original, pre Koch brothers, pre Sarah Palin neo con love fest. It expanded into the leftist Occupy movement and now has morphed into the Trump movement. The movement may be delayed by the shenanigans of the RINO WHORE elite. It will not be stopped. It is now beyond even Donald Trump. Whatever happens now in terms of the nomination, the political system has been fundamentally and permanently changed. The survival of the RINO WHORE Republican Party is not a factor in tens of millions of current populist grassroots Republican Party members. We are beyond the two party system now. I will say it again: the final result of all this will be the creation of a FOUR PARTY POLITICAL SYSTEM. We will have all the Berniebots going hard left to the Green Party. We will have the Clinton corporate Democratic Party. We will have the current corporate RINO WHORE Republican Party. Finally, we will have “something else,” rising out of the ashes of the RINO WHORE Republican Party. It will be a merger of the populist based Tea Party, the Constitution Party, and the Libertarians and maybe even the Reform Party.
The RINO elite have apparently decided it is needed to destroy the current Republican Party in order to “save it from Trump.”

The key question is exactly where all the TENS OF MILLIONS OF REPUBLICAN VOTERS WHO SUPPORT TRUMP WILL END UP. I say plainly it will not be in the current RINO WHORE version. They will either take over the RINO party, or create a new one, or go to any of the already existing third parties.

Trump is historic in his political impact in 2016. Whatever happens, he has changed the game, redefined the political debate and opened the floodgates for civil discourse on illegal immigration, fair/free trade, Middle Eastern policies, support of NATO and military spending. The gates are open now and they will not be shut again.

I take the long view. The toothpaste is out of the tube, gang. The horse has left the barn. The elite seem to think if they kick Trump out, all will return to normal in the RINO party. This may be the single most delusional political belief in American history.

Here is the Url of some of the many essays I wrote over at gold-eagle from 1998 to 2007.
My e book “Day of the Dogs” is now on SmashWords. The Url is here

The Url of my Amazon Kindle e books is here for the USA

The Url for my e books at amazon United Kingdom is here.

The e books are Day of the Dogs, Strike Destroyer, and Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy.

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Lawyer who represented the ‘DC Madam’ releases names of 174 groups – including the FBI, IRS and State Department – that ‘used escort service between 2000 and 2006’, but he still can’t reveal the individual clients

  • Montgomery Blair Sibley listed entities that he says used Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s services 
  • Among those named were Lockheed Martin and PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • He said he obtained the information from a subpoena of phone numbers
  • They are believed to be contained in Palfrey’s black book of clients
  • She left the book in Sibley’s possession before she killed herself in 2008
  • Despite naming the companies, Sibley still cannot name individuals  

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The pressure to release all the NAMES on the phone list is becoming unstoppable. Ted Cruz’s name is on that list, blog readers. The fact Mr. Cruz is reduced to stealing delegates from Donald Trump shows just how venal a human being Ted Cruz is. I have said the current incarnation of the RINO WHORE Republican Party is finished whether Trump wins the nomination or not.

Here is a link to Lou Dobbs trashing the Stepford Wives Republican National Committee Drone sent to explain why denying one million Republican voters in Colorado is okay.


Cruz supporters need to realize the RINO Whore Republican Party is fading away before their very eyes. It may be, through a combination of open corruption; the usual Cruz sleaze and lies, Cruz gets the Republican nomination. I think that is a distinct possibility. However, be careful what you wish for. My view is we are watching the death knell of BOTH CURRENT MAINSTREAM POLITICAL PARTIES. The final result of the 2016 election cycle will be THE END OF THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES AS THEY EXISTED IN JANUARY OF 2016.

Bernie Sanders is going to get cheated out of the Democratic nomination. THIS IS CLEARLY WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN; IT IS A DONE DEAL. Bernie Sanders, along with his supporters, will either meekly accept the Hellary Witch CHEATING BERNIE OUT OF THE NOMINATION, OR THEY WILL NOT. My personal opinion is that Bernie’s supporters will not accept that. They will, at a minimum raise hell at the convention. They will also, in my view, openly defect and move to the Green Party, which will become a very credible political party once MILLIONS OF BERNIE SUPPORTERS join it.

Next, we have the RINO WHORE ELITE AND SLEAZY CRUZ stealing the nomination from Trump. Again, the convention will be chaos. IT WILL MEAN THE TELEVISED COLLAPSE OF THE RINO WHORE REPUBLICAN PARTY THIS SUMMER. The result will be one quarter, one third; up to one half, of ALL CURRENT REPUBLICAN VOTERS WILL DEFECT TO THIRD PARTIES. They will either not vote for Cruz, or vote for Trump, or vote Libertarian or Constitution Party.

Trump has permanently changed things whether Cruz the sleaze ball wins or not. We are now in a situation where the Bernie supporters will not stomach the physical presence of the Hellary supporters. We are now in the situation where Cruz supporters can’t stand being in the presence of Trump supporters and vice versa. It is Ron Paul convention games all over again. THE FINAL RESULT WILL MEAN THE END OF THE RINO PARTY.

The Republicans are going to lose the Presidency, the US Senate and the US House because up to one half of the Republicans, the ones who have been voting in Senators and Representatives, won’t vote Republican in 2016. It is a fact one year from now the USA will be a four party system. It is a fact we will have a resurgent Green/Progressive Party filled with enraged Bernie Sanders supporters. They will not forgive Hellary the Witch, her Super delegate minions, and the Democratic Party elite. Hellary Clinton is setting up a convention where the Super delegates, and the Party elite will brazenly ignore the popular choice of Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has won seven of the last eight primaries. Hellary has cheated him out of most of those delegates. Her attempt to act like a peasant by using the New York City transit system failed miserably. She looked like George Bush senior when he tried to use a checkout stand back in 1992. Bernie Sanders is the popular choice to be the Democratic Presidential nominee. It doesn’t matter. Hellary the Witch controls the party system and will do whatever it takes to get the party nomination. The fact she will permanently shatter the current Democratic Party means nothing to her. I will tell all my foreign blog readers they should prepare for a different USA by this time in 2017.

I will also tell them the same internal civil war is now going on in the current RINO WHORE Republican Party. The venom level means both sides can’t stand each other, nor will they work together in the general election. The Bernie Sander crowd loathes Hellary and her party flunkies. The Cruz people loathe the Trump supporters, almost as much as Trump supporters loathe Cruz and the RINO Party flunkies. Once all the dust settles, the divide will be permanent.

Here is a link to the ongoing RINO civil war in Colorado.…ry?id=38278953

Here is a link where Trump’s main guy calls Cruz a Nazi.…estapo-n553721

It is also a fact that any conversation that degrades to the point where somebody is called a Nazi is over. The level of venom between Trump and Cruz is astounding. The idea both men are members of the same political party is delusional. There is absolutely no way for either Cruz or Trump to support each other after this level of rancor. Cruz may win the nomination, but he can’t expect any support from Trump or his supporters. It is also likely Trump will not get any support from the RINO types, Cruz or Kasich or their supporters. For all intents and purposes the RINO party is finished. It is all over except for the final civil war at the convention.


Here is the Url of some of the many essays I wrote over at gold-eagle from 1998 to 2007.
My e book “Day of the Dogs” is now on SmashWords. The Url is here

The Url of my Amazon Kindle e books is here for the USA

The Url for my e books at amazon United Kingdom is here.

The e books are Day of the Dogs, Strike Destroyer, and Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy.

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We are now living in a time of revelation and judgment. I am not sure if the system can be saved at this point in American history. The corruption is too deep, ingrained and much more toxic than it has ever been in American history. The entire global political, economic and cultural system is full of rot and decay. The leadership is venal, dishonest, and amoral and doesn’t even bother to hide this anymore.

We saw the first pulling back of the curtain with the documents released by Edward Snowden a few years ago. He showed the reality of the corporate American dictatorship. He showed us the merger of the government and the corporations which is called fascism. He showed us the NSA to be evil tyrants dedicated to the national security state with freedom for none, and money and power for the elite. Snowden was called a traitor and a spy for doing this. He is a hero in my book. He has struck a blow to restore freedom in this fascist police state we now call the USA. The revelations of Snowden show the US Federal government routinely ignores any restrictions on illegal search and seizure. The NSA illegally monitors all citizen communications under the guise of protecting us. They use the Patriot Act like a hammer to document any activity they judge as dissident.

As bad as the NSA is, it is the offshore banking accounts that fund the fascist beast. It is from these secret bank accounts that the elite funds its treason, and imposes its will on the sheeple. The hack of the Panama law firm used to set up hundreds of thousands of these off shore accounts, is a bright light of freedom glaring down on the cockroaches we call our global elite. The hack of 11.5 million files shows a systematic, well planned, well executed and funded system for imposing global fascism. The thousands of individual elite members now revealed merely confirm what I have long suspected. The elite think they are beyond our laws. The elite think they are better than the rest of us. The elite think they should rule the people they view as objects to be exploited.

I can understand the terror surging through elite circles now that their corrupt system has been revealed. The first results are already starting.

The link here shows the people in Iceland want their corrupt Prime Minister out of office. He had a bank account set up by this Panama Bank used to hide funds. It is called tax evasion. It is called tax fraud. It is like the vicious lady, one Leona Helmsley, proclaimed back in the 1980’s: “taxes are for the little people.”

Thousands of people are gathering in Reykjavik’s Austurvöllur square in front of the parliament building to vent their anger over the previously discussed revelations involving Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and the Panama Papers. As a reminder, various local politicians have already asked for his resignation which he has refused to grant. Additionally, as Iceland Monitor writes, the PM’s words in an interview today that “It’s not like everyone is going to attend the protest,” seems to have sparked further fury.

Many shops and restaurants have put up signs that they will be closed for the duration of the protest.

Police chief at the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, Ásgeir Þór Ásgeirsson expects large crowds and says that the preparations are ” standard”. “We hope that the public will cooperate with us and show enough respect towards the police as not to throw things at us or to somehow make us the target of the protest.”