The Gathering Storm of Civil War Two 7-30-2019

We are now entering, in my opinion, the most dangerous phase of the American Republic since 1860 and the election of Lincoln. It was that election that led to the first American Civil War. Further, you can follow the process that resulted in Civil War One, from John Brown’s storming of the Harper’s Ferry armory, to the shots fired at Fort Sumpter, and to First Bull Run. Our version of John Brown was the armed attack by the Antifa fruitcake. And now we see calls for direct action on August 17th here in Portland, and now Texas is likely to see armed clashes. The link is below.

July 30, 2019


This Could Turn Into A Bloodbath: Antifa To Converge On Texas Town – With Conservatives As Both Mayor And Governor, And A Very High Military Presence, What Could Go Wrong?

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

ANP and others have documented many of Antifa terrorist attacks against peaceful protesters, patriot prayer groups and free speech rallies, always conducted in cities run by radical liberals that allow the attacks, even when forewarned, and others such as Portland Oregon with politicians and city leaders ordering police to stand down and allow the Antifa groups free reign to terrorize their citizens.

According to an Antia Facebook page, and reports from Independent Journalists that have been reporting on the groups, Antifa is preparing a “Border Resistance Tour,” with one flyer listing dates and places, such as Oakland, Olympia, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Chicago, again, all liberally run cities where they know they can basically get away with their antics with very few arrests.

A description of the event by Journalist Andy Ngo, who recently was attacked by Antifa which resulted in Ngo being hospitalized by a brain bleed, explains that the tour will end up converging in a very unlikely place…… El Paso, Texas.

Ngo alerted readers on July 29, 2019, statingAntifa is leading a ‘Border Resistance’ militancy training tour that will converge on a 10-day siege in El Paso, TX. The promotional image shows border enforcement officers being killed & government property fired bombed. Organizers asking for ‘white comrades’ to pay for others.”

The promotional image Ngo provided shown below:

China is going critical mass 7-29-2019

While all of this stuff is going on here in CONUS, the judgments of God expressed in the tidal wave of natural disasters, and the ongoing social anarchy in all of our major urban cesspools, as well as the savage political atmosphere, it seems that China is now also going down hard. It is the judgment of history that totalitarian dictatorships, which is what China, not Taiwan, truly is, eventually reach the point where what I will call, “The Grand Deal,” crashes and burns. The “deal” the communist barbarians ruling China, after Mao died in 1976, was to trade political fascism for economic growth and a rising standard of living. In all honesty, the communist barbarian rulers of China kept that deal from 1980 to 2017 or so. The savage repression of 1989 was only possible due to the rising economic growth that kept the millions of the newly enriched middle class from joining the political dissidents in the streets. The ongoing chaos in Hong Kong is version two of this, only I view it in the context of the economic collapse of the “China deal,” as well as the historical freedom in Hong Kong, versus the communist barbarian part of China.

The Communist barbarians, under their new Emperor for life, are trying to now fully impose political fascism on a Hong Kong that has been relatively free for decades now, and they are attempting to do so in the context of the failure of the “deal,” and the ongoing collapse of China’s economy. Further, our dictator for life is now openly using Triad criminal thugs to attack citizens engaged in peaceful demonstrations. So, here is what is going to happen now.

First, the students and young people in Hong Kong have no reason at all to back off, much less down, against the fascist police state the Emperor for life is now imposing nationwide. The nature and extent of the fascism now being imposed on all of China’s citizen’s guarantees total chaos and anarchy. The next thing is China’s economy, which has been used to “buy off” the people so they don’t notice how brutal the communist barbarian government truly is, is now collapsing. A long list of reasons for this include Trump’s trade barrier and the end of the Great Western Betrayal of China’s people so Wal Mart, ie China mart, can import vast amounts of cheap Chinese crap. The deal the Western elites made with the Communist Barbarians was to have them buy up our debt, export a tidal wave of crap to us, and gut our middle class to the benefit of the Deep State. When you throw in some Chinese inmates being chopped up for body parts to sell, you realize just how truly corrupt the ENTIRE GLOBAL SYSTEM NOW IS.

The first link below tells me the economic con job for China is now over. It seems, and didn’t we see the total failure of the various rating agencies back in 2008, China’s version of Fitch, Moody and other companies that rate the credit worthiness of assorted Chinese companies and banks, have been, to put it bluntly, NOT TELLING THE REAL TRUTH OF THE STATUS OF UP TO ONE THIRD, YES ONE THIRD, OF ALL CHINESE COMPANIES AND BANKS. You see gang, this is what I call the shotgun suppository in economic terms. The Chinese people are not fools and realize exactly what kind of human trash they have leading them. Further, they have made the deal, assuming they can bail out in time. Sheesh, ain’t I heard that “market timing,” fecal material for decades now.

China’s Second Largest Auditor Accused Of Fabricating Data, Has IPOs Halted

Epstein gets whacked, and Lolita Express Pilot log ordered released by court. 7-27-2019

You can tell when the Deep State is in full panic mode when you see the whore media, fake news reports covering up the truly dismal performance from Muller during his testimony. Given how few people actually watched it, the whore media may even get away with it. What the whore media won’t get away with is covering up the actual pilot logs that show Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express, to Epstein’s so called “orgy island,” some 27 times, and almost certainly engaged in some form of sexual activity with girls under the age of 18, WHICH I CALL CHILD ABUSE AND SUBJECT TO FELONY CHARGES. Oh yeah, now ain’t that going to go KABOOM.

Court Subpoenas Jeffrey Epstein’s Personal Pilots for Flight Logs — Will Show Bill Clinton on 27 Flights, Most with Underage Girls

Presecutors subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s personal pilots who flew the mult-millionaire and his celebrity guests to his private island.
Forbes reported:

 Federal prosecutors subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s personal pilots—who flew Epstein’s celebrity friends around the world—in the hopes they can corroborate the accounts of women who allege Epstein transported them on private planes to facilitate their sexual abuse.

  • Prosecutors might be able to use the pilots’ testimonies to confirm the accounts of Epstein’s accusers, according to the Wall Street Journal. The 66-year-old former financier is charged with two counts of sex trafficking and sex conspiracy, and allegedy ran a sex ring of dozens of underage girls.

  • Multiple women have filed civil lawsuits against Epstein that mentioned the pilots. None of the pilots, however, were named as defendants.

  • From around 1998 to 2002, the women said, Epstein allegedly conspired with his pilots and associates to make sure he avoided law enforcement.

Chaos, More Epstein, and America’s Spirit of Lawlessness7-25-2019

The links are below:

To be lawless is to be contrary to the law or to act without regard to the law. Laws are necessary in a sinful world (1 Timothy 1:9), and those who choose to act lawlessly further sin in the world. The word for “lawlessness” in the Bible is often translated “iniquity.” According to the Bible, the root of all lawlessness is rebellion.

First John 3:4 defines sin as lawlessness: “Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.” To commit sin is to be lawless; that is, the sinner breaks God’s law. In this way, lawlessness is a rejection of God. Satan, who models the ultimate rejection of God, will one day empower the Antichrist, called “the lawless one,” whose rise to power “will be in accordance with how Satan works” (2 Thessalonians 2:9).

We have raised an entire generation of Americans that have no respect for the law, and now we are reaping what we have sown.

Jeffrey Epstein: The True Ugly Face of the Occult Elite

Described as an “asteroid poised to hit the elite world”, the case of Jeffrey Epstein could bring lots of people down. However, this story goes way deeper than most news sources currently let on. Indeed, everything about it is pure occult elite child exploitation.



The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein for child trafficking has explosive potential and (if important information is revealed to the public) could expose the true face of the elite to the world. The list of powerful people linked to Jeffrey Epstein and his infamous “Lolita Express” is as long as it is staggering. Combined with the systematic recruiting and exploitation of minors for the pleasure of powerful people, the case could convince lots of people that “pedogate” is all too real.

Due to the potentially explosive nature of this case, both sides of the political spectrum are already hard at work spinning the story to favor their side. However, this case has absolutely nothing to do with “conservative” and “liberal” and everything to do with the “elite”. From heads of state to members of royal families while not forgetting, celebrities, socialites and CEOs of large companies, members from all branches of the elite gathered to celebrate extreme depravity. But now Epstein is under arrest and the parties stopped. Now, one question remains: Will the entire disgusting truth Epstein’s parties come to light or will the elite cover its tracks while throwing Epstein under the bus?

Weimar Republic, Portland, Oregon riots on August 17th yet again.

For those of you who still don’t think Civil War Two has begun, or that the Antifa Thugs really don’t want to murder you, all I can say is ignorance is not bliss. Portland, Oregon, or as the secret service agents told me when I was chatting with them when Bush junior came to town back in 2004, “Little Beirut,” has long been a bastion of Marxist drivel and liberal fruitcake. Nor has the scale of the violence been an unknown thing over the last twenty five years or so. I can remember eating at the “Festival Italia,” in Pioneer Square back in August of 2004, with tear gas wafting over my Sausage and pasta, as I sat in the square. The difference now is not that there is political violence by Marxist morons, nor is it that the powers that be, the Marxist politicians, and the spineless Portland Police, openly tolerate POLITICAL VIOLENCE. I also have to say that the reason the brazen violence now happening on the streets of downtown Portland is truly a civilization ending event, is because it is targeted violence based on dissident political viewpoints. Now the thing about that is also not a matter of great insight: When a society gets to the point where one group openly attacks another group, and the reason they do that is because of a difference of political opinion, then the collapse of that society is imminent. Further, that collapse will be extremely violent, and result in the creation of an elected fascist state. I have no idea why these Antifa thugs have forgotten the true lesson of the Weimar’s Republic collapse was the ELECTION of Adolph Hitler and his National Social Party. So, when I see the violence all around me, I am thinking not Trump the fascist, but the fascist after Trump.

At any rate, on August 17th, 2019 we are going to go after it all, massive inflows of people of differing political thought, resulting in physical violence, and this time around, in my opinion, the high probability of armed people, clashing violently, and resulting in people being wounded, hurt, and possibly killed. I have long said we will know it is over when the armed militia directly intervenes against either, or both, Antifa and the feckless Portland Police. Now, since I am not suicidal, or don’t realize that if I go down there, I must go hot, and it is likely I will have to shoot an Antifa thug or two, or three. I also came to the conclusion a long time ago that it ends for Doomer Doug in a firefight, and I have no problem with that. I also agree with the late Charles Bronson that one should not fight over BS. To me it isn’t about protecting my rights, it is about whether I am willing to kill an Antifa thug to protect my so called rights. Well, I think I will give Trump some more time, not that I expect much, so I will wait till after the November 2020 election, at which point, since the Marxists will steal the election, and then start my own personal version of Civil War Two.

The link is below. I am saying there is a high probability of a Weimar style street riot with a respectable body count. I would tell any “conservative” going to this rally  that unless they are going armed, and are willing to shoot a police officer, or an antifa thug, they should stay away like I plan to. Antifa isn’t screwing around, nor have they ever, so unless you are willing to do what it takes to protect yourself, then don’t place yourself in a place where you will need to KILL ANTIFA. Antifa is a domestic terror group, and it is a Trump and Barr role to list it as such. When the riots start, it will be the Patriots who get called domestic terrorists. The Patriots are now walking into a media/liberal trap.

Joe Biggs Has ‘Had Enough of These Masked Commie Bastards Attacking Civilians,’ Will Host Anti-Antifa Protest in Portland

Conservative Army veteran Joe Biggs says he has “had enough of these masked Commie bastards attacking civilians” and will be hosting an anti-Antifa protest in Portland, where a journalist was recently attacked by the far-left radicals.

Biggs will be hosting the event with the Proud Boys and says that Three Percenters, Oathkeepers, Patriot Prayer, American Guard and other veterans and current military members will also be present to help keep the peace.

The event is set to take place at 11 a.m. on August 17th at the Waterfront in Portland.

“We the people have had enough of these masked commie bastards running around attacking civilians unchecked. We have mayors sitting back and police allowing antifa to bring weapons to rallies while the rest of us are searched and any form of defense removed. We have elected officials tweeting support for this domestic terrorist organization. It’s sickening and it needs to stop,” Biggs told the Gateway Pundit. “We are a nation of laws. We are also America and America will never be a communist country. Antifa has member’s in big tech, including social media. They use that to deplatform us and for many of us it’s a way of life. It’s time we take a stand and look this filth in the eyes and let them know this is America and we won’t back down to them ever.”

The goal of the event, dubbed the “End Domestic Terrorism Rally,” is to demand that Antifa and the John Brown Gun Club, an armed militant far-left group, be declared domestic terrorist organizations.



Pentagon Child Porn Ring Exposed 7-21-2019

About the time I become convinced things can’t get any stranger, or any more debased, vile and corrupt, I come upon a story that truly indicates just how far gone the USA now is. After all, blog readers, if your military is a stench unto Heaven, and apparently full of large numbers of sexual perverts, then it truly is game over. I also saw a story that indicates the various United Nations so called peacekeeping deployments have resulted in widespread sexual abuse of children, by the UN peacekeepers, deployed to help them. I understand that some of you may not like to read what I am posting, since the view counts are down, but I really don’t care. The defining issue of our time is how we treat children, and who is, and why they are being abused. The USA is going down for the simple reason we have institutionalized child abuse, at the highest levels of our society, and being done by the elite. Here is the link to our child porn riddle Pentagon, or perhaps Pentagram is a better name.

Hundreds Of Pentagon Officials Caught Running Child Porn Network On Official Defense Dept Computers

Trump moves in for the kill on Epstein 7-20-2019

First, I was 15 years old back on July 20th, 1969 and watched the moonlanding live on tv. So, no Los Vegas sound stage drivel for me. The fact we never went back still confuses me, but so be it. Next, Trump is moving in for the kill on Epstein and his perverted cabal of truly evil people. And yes, God himself has said he will KILL people who have sex with children, and this is why those of you who think this will be covered up are simply wrong. It is way beyond the cover up stage at this point. If the government doesn’t release the data, then Anonymous will and that will be that.

Trump is moving in for the final kill. My personal opinion is that Trump, despite being a very annoying man on so many levels as POTUS, is, to put it plainly, on a mission from God, and that mission is to expose the sexual predators in the global, and especially the American elite. Mind you, I didn’t say he was here to “save” America, or “restore,” America, since I no longer think that is possible. The rot is too deep for America to endure anything other than a savage judgment. However, Trump has bought us some time, exposed the filth and corruption in what passes for America’s leadership and this forced every single American to make a response to the ongoing judgement of America. We all know. We are all accountable and we are all subject to that knowledge. The below is a post I made on another forum.

In the greater scheme of things, and in the cycle of how information is released, I don’t agree with those of you who say this will all be covered up. The main thing to realize is there are multiple Deep States, and not just single aspect. You have various aspects of the Deep State now openly engaged in civil war, and that is why this is all going to come out. A certain part of the Deep State wants to take down another aspect of the Deep State, and are going to use this pedophila info to do that.

I have been praying for the last several years that ALL ASPECTS of the elite pedophile rings be exposed, and the whole perverted lot of them get a millstone tied around their neck and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean.

My read on this is the information release is already so widespread that it is now effectively impossible to suppress the true extent of the sexual perversion by the elite against innocent children.

Trump, well God bless, that New York City twitter punk. Trump knows how the game is played and he has taken down his enemies, one by one, sequentially and now he is moving into the end game, where he starts putting heads on the front gates of the White House.

Yep, Trump realizes the Marxist Deep State cabal will steal the election from him, so he is calling in Danger close air strikes, where you go scorched earth. After this is all done, well Trump will be still standing and all the rest of them, who are ALL implicated in the sexual abuse of little children and teenagers will be charred corpses.

I said way back at the beginning Trump was a revolutionary and populist leader, outside the bounds of “normal” politics. Gang, Trump is going to win in 2020, despite massive vote fraud by much of the deep state for the simple reason he is going to tar them with raping children, AND THEY WILL NOT SURVIVE THAT POLITICALLY.

Back in the day, circa 1974, when I was on combat training at a German airbase, they had some Cobra gunships doing hot inbound, live fire fly lows, using the 30mm nose cannons. And yeah, that is what Trump is doing for the pedophiles, 500 feet high, 30 mm blasting away and body parts flying everywhere!

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