ON GUN CONTROL 12-23-2012


It is difficult to write about the ongoing shootings at schools, malls and other places this Christmas season. I do not understand people who murder other people in cold blood. I do not want to understand people who do this. What I want is for the situation to be dealt with. I do not see that happening any time soon.

The reasons for this ongoing violence are complex. One of them relates to the total collapse of the US mental health system. The other one relates to the culture of violence within our society today. Teenagers are now exposed to violent movies, video games and a popular culture which worships mindless violence. If we are serious about reducing gun violence, we must deal with drugs, mental illness, and violent video games and movies. Gun control is like swatting individual insects. You must drain the swamp first.

My first suggestion is an absolute age ban of 21 for all violent video games and movies. People wonder why 20-year-old young men go on shooting rampages. The reason is they have been going to horror movies pandering to mindless violence for several years. The reason is they play violent video games on a routine basis. Hollyweird and the game producers will say with a straight face there is no connection between horror films, violent video games and gun violence. This is a self-serving lie to maintain their healthy profits off of these products. In direct response to the Newton shootings, I would impose an X-21 rating on all violent video games and horror movies. Nobody under the age of 21 would be allowed to see horror movies, or play these violent computer games.

The second thing I would do is actually do something about the mentally ill people among us. The shooters who do these massacres have always left a trail of mental illness signs along the way. The system usually ignores these signs until the bullets are flying. It is a matter of funding more than anything else.

The third thing I would do is deal with the violence causing drugs always involved in these shootings. The Clackamas Town Center shooter was a user of methamphetamine. The Newton shooter was also on drugs as far as I can tell. A robust national effort to deal with the types of drugs involved in violence will bear results in dealing with these ticking time bombs living among us.
Finally, all the effort regarding more gun control laws is pathetic. Newton is in a state that has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the USA. If gun control laws actually reduced criminal acts, then they would have done so several decades ago. Gun control laws have no impact on criminal behavior for the simple reasons criminals don’t care about potential penalties for using a weapon in a crime. They are criminals after all! My only thought about this would be for what I call the “Oregon plan.” I would trade a national two-week waiting period, with the closing of the so-called private sale loophole, for a national concealed carry permit. This means that any US citizen could get a state concealed weapon permit that would be valid in all 50 states. They would have a background check, as well as take a gun safety course and prove the ability to use the handgun safely. I have no problem with this at all. We are now living in 2013, and not 1780, or 1870, and our gun laws need to reflect that. I do not think it is a bad thing to know that people who get a concealed weapon permit, or own personal weapons, are not drug users, mentally ill, or criminals. I do think we need to create a national concealed weapon permit system that will allow citizens to be armed everywhere they go. Society has collapsed to the point we need to be armed for self-protection at all times.

More gun control will have no impact on violent criminal acts. We are going to have to create a situation where the armed crazies are dealt with before they start shooting people. We are going to have to create a situation where when they do start shooting a concealed weapon permit holder takes them down. The only rational response to Newton is to arm teachers in every single school in the USA. We will have to go armed to the mall; we will have to go armed to the movie theater as well. This is the kind of society America has now become.


THE HOBBIT 12-14-2012
The good news is Doomer Doug didn’t experience any vertigo while watching the 2D version of “The Hobbit.” The bad news is Doomer Doug has some issues with this movie. The first is The Hobbit is a rather bloated movie. Doomer Doug has the feeling Peter Jackson could have made one fantastic movie out of the Hobbit; he could have made two very good movies out of the material. Unfortunately, the suits in Hollywood, or New Zealand, know a cash cow when they see one. The Hobbit was easily thirty minutes too long, too bloated, and too tedious. The first half hour could easily be called “Animal House” with Dwarves, Wizard and Hobbit. I am not saying these scenes of food fights, dwarf and Hobbit bonding didn’t have their moments. My point is there were way too many moments of this.

If Jackson intends to add an extra thirty minutes to each of his three planned movies, well you have one movie right there. After having sat through seven, count them, seven movie previews, and then waiting, waiting, waiting for the action to start, the Hobbit must be seen as a slow starting movie. The other thing I didn’t like was a certain flavor of “didn’t we see this in the LOTR trilogy?” Let’s just say that at several points in the movie Jackson repeated scenes from the first movie series.

However, once the Hobbit got in gear it lived up to its name. It is, eventually, fast paced, exciting, very violent and continues the LOTR series orc hacking. At times the Hobbit feels like a reunion movie with all the cameo shots of the LOTR characters. My final opinion is I could have waited to see this on DVD. At least then I could have avoided seven movie previews, as well as the first 30 minutes of food fights, male bantering, and dwarves doing dishes. Doomer Doug thinks the length of the movies will prevent them from being the cultural event the Lord of the Rings series was. I also think movie ticket sales will fade fairly fast. The Hobbit is a long movie. It is tedious, bloated and quite honestly, boring in the beginning. I kept thinking when does it start?

The Hobbit is a perfect example of what happens when finances overwhelm artistic considerations. Doomer Doug does not recommend this movie. If you see it in a theater, you should be aware of the issues I talked about above. However, I think most non hard core LOTR fans can easily wait till it comes out on DVD. After you put it in the DVD player, hit the fast forward until you see Bilbo running away from the Shire. This is a good thirty minutes into the film by the way.


This is an essay that first appeared on Stevequayle.com before the election of our Marxist Dictator Obama. My prediction for a civil war to start within 18 months was wrong then. Given the secession movement now under way, it merely looks like I was a bit premature in 2008. Homeland Security agrees with me since they are buying multiple billions of rounds of ammo in preparation for murdering dissident patriots. The only reason Homeland Security needs multiple billions of shells is they plan to murder patriots.

Here is the essay. Remember it was written in November of 2008 and before the election. In particular, note the hate trilogy I mentioned: hate thought, hate speech and hate “crime.”

by Doug McIntosh 11-5-08

It is now necessary to destroy the United States in order to resurrect America; the reason for that is the New World Order has destroyed America to create the banking oligarchy called the United States. The extent of that banking oligarchy is now apparent; first, with the so called bailout, and second, with the coronation of our very own Marxist demagogue. Athens had Alcibades, who led them to disaster in Sicily during the War with Sparta in 415BC. Rome had its scheming generals in the final years of its Republic; now, the NWO vultures feasting on the rotting corpse of the American Republic have unleashed their own version called Barack Obama. The result will be the same as for both Athens and Rome: namely, the final disaster.

I will now dispense with the usual first objection to this line of reasoning. I will no doubt be lectured by some to “respect the office, if not the man.” How quaint such sentiments are as the stench of the murdered American Republic wafts through the countryside. So, let me be clear here: I respect neither. The office of the President died with the Republic on October 3rd, 2008. The oath breakers in both the Senate and House murdered it. The $700 billion bailout, which now has swelled to $2.6 TRILLION, and includes tens of billions of bonuses for Wall Street Executives, was the fell deed. Gee, what a surprise the bailout isn’t $700 Billion and includes bonuses. It is enough to make one, to use a word our new messiah, with a small m, Obama has solemnly warned us against being, cynical. Now, why would anyone be cynical about the NWO whores running Ubangastan?

Since the office of the president is dead, and since the demagogue holding it, Barack Obama, is a Marxist traitor don’t expect any respect from me. Ubanga, which is my official name for Barack Obama, will get only the contempt he deserves from me. The Ubangabots, my name for his remote controlled, glazed eyed, legions of cult followers will also get no respect from me. They are the enemy. We are at war now. They intend to declare my belief system illegal and then they intend to kill me if I object. Well, I object and the killing time is not far off. While I watched the pathetic, pandering whining of the old man McCain in his “concession speech” the thought hit me that McCain was really conceding the last vestiges of freedom, truth and justice. No doubt the NWO whore McCain will work closely with our new demagogue Ubanga. So what?

Without dwelling too long on Ubanga our new messiah, I do think the British writer Melanie Phillips described him best when she wrote in the “Spectator: You have to pinch yourself- a Marxist radical who has all his life been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded by, politically promoted and supported a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists, and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently, it is considered impolite to say so.” If there is a better description of what the American people have just done, I can’t find it.

As to what the results of all this will be, here is another blog entry from “Chris: Interesting! If King Obama gets into office( a.k.a. Marxist traitor) It will energize the right to be organized, ruthless and driven to draw millions to their cause. Indeed, after all who are the gun owners: most big and small business owners, the military and veterans; Christians. I’d say if this country does turn Marxist, I have no doubt a new civil war will start between big government and the people they try to silence. Dark days ahead indeed if a Marxist takes office.”

Well, a Marxist has taken office and dark days are indeed ahead. I will spend time in the brief amount we have left, before the Marxist agenda is implemented, and the armed response begins to that agenda, in explaining what I think is going on. My personal opinion is the Marxists will move quickly to pass the free speech muzzling trio of hate thought, hate speech and hate crime. We have seen in France Brigot Bardot fined for “anti muslim statements.” We have seen what is happening in England, Canada and Australia regarding “hate speech.” This will happen in the USA as early as February 2009. It will happen in tandem with the second phase of the NWO economic collapse to get Ubanga and his “New Deal” going. I said last month that the point of the whole stock market collapse was to get Ubanga elected. I was spot on. In 77 days, at Ubanga’s coronation, the second phase will begin. You have about 90 days to prepare for the civil war which will break out in the next 3 to 18 months. The military “homeland defense” deployments are martial law and dissident suppression tactics. They are designed to intimidate and bully domestic freedom fighters. I am neither intimidated or bullied. I am a walking dead man, as will become clear when the reign of Ubanga terror starts early next year. Marxists always use terror as a state instrument: always. Ubanga will not be the first Marxist dictator to unleash a reign of terror against a populace: Stalin against the Ukrainian Kulaks; Mao against the landowners come to mind. The single difference is these Marxist reign of terrors were against unarmed people. The Founding Fathers in their wisdom have at least guaranteed all these Imperial Legionnaires running around on homeland security duty will get the fight of their lives. I do not say Patriots will win. I do say we will try. And then most of us will die. So be it. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Ubanga and his bots are going to find that out soon enough. Enjoy your final Christmas. There will be no Happy New Year for 2009. When Ubanga makes his Marxist move to ban dissident speech and behavior, let each person make their own decision as to what that means. Let the spark be lit and freedom be restored.


Doomer Doug is reminded of World War One. After the murder of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarejevo the big European powers began a sequence of general mobilizations. Once all these were done they took on a life of their own and you got a war. In the last 45 days we have seen the following.
1. Israel and Hamas go at each other tooth and nail.
2. Syria begins a general mobilization of its missile forces and begins to load a small amount of Sarin gas into dispersal mode.
3. Iran announces it has biologically tipped missile warheads aimed at Israel.
4. Turkey and NATO deploy Patriot missiles on the Syrian Turkish border.
5. Egypt descends into chaos when Morsi makes a power play to make himself Pharaoh.
6. The US Senate passes a resolution to invade Syria under certain conditions.
7. North Korea begins the process of a launch test for a missile capable of hitting the US West coast.
8. China and Japan get into it over some islands nobody heard of before last month.
9. The US deploys significant naval and marine combat forces into the eastern Mediterranean off the Syrian coast.
10. Russia deploys significant naval and marine combat forces off the coast of Gaza. Russia then makes a port call at a Syrian port for the first time in years.
12. In the context of the 12-21 Mayan prophecy this is all very disturbing news indeed.

The world is now on what can only be called a war footing. The situation in Syria is now so unstable that the combat use of sarin gas cannot be ruled out. this use could literally happen at any time in the next few days/weeks.

If it gets any deeper, Doomer Doug is going to need a snorkel

Other than that, have yourself a merry little Christmas. Oh wait, we don’t call it Christmas anymore do we?