Weimar Republic Portland Style 6-29-20

What a view Doomer Doug has here as the American Empire implodes under this Marxist insurgency. Sieg Heil, or perhaps Sieg Comrade Stalin is more fitting. Yep, I have been ducking since February 24th, and taking some pictures here in this Sodom on the Willamette River.

Here are a few, of the many, many pictures I have taken over the last month or so. Of course, I have to figure out how to transfer all of them from my Samsung Cell Phone, to my Google account, and then to my laptop, and then to my files and yada, yada, yada.

The first picture is “horde” randomly marching around downtown. They aren’t really going any where, nor are they really planning to do anything, since, for them, it is merely the motion. At any rate, all the chaos, damage and anarchy comes later, say between 11pm and 2am. Yep, many is the night/early morning is Doomer Doug seranaded by the sound of Police bullhorns, flashbangs, teargas, firecrackers, that sound more like dynamite to me, exploding as the antifa horde stormtroops all over the place.

The next picture shows a burnt out car from the first day of the mass violence, looting and beatings, May 30th I think. The total damage in Portland is said to be $23 million, of which $4.5 million is physical damage. Several of the stores looted were right around the block from me. Fortunately, I had purchased my new bestie bud, Mr. Mossberg, a 20 gauge, pump shotgun that I plan to use for any attitude adjustment needed in my immediate area by then.

The third picture shows the corner of the Federal Building, at the corner of Salmon and 3rd Ave, that has been defaced. I have many, more. This particular picture is the one that has Built in 1997 in the Administration of William Jefferson Clinton. Further, it has a Thomas Jefferson quote, now smothered under an endless amount of the F word, kill, kill, kill. The quote talks about the boisterous sea of freedom, etc etc. Not for this lot of ignorant, barbarians to be impressed with an ode to free speech.

The final picture shows what the busiest ATM in Oregon looks like after it has been liberated. Again, it is functional now, although from time to time, it is covered up again to presumably protect people who need money from accessing the ATM. Long live the Revolution. I will, from time to time, as I figure out this photo transfer thing, keep you informed of the ongoing collapse of this here social order.

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