In the “Two Towers” movie, which was the best of the three Lord of the Rings movies, in my opinion, there is a scene between Aragorn and Theoden, King of Rohan,  where they are arguing about what to do as the forces of Sauron mass for an invasion of Gondor. Aragorn says, “Open war is upon you, whether you like it or not.” And so I say to you all, my loyal blog readers, open Civil War is now upon the USA, and ESPECIALLY DOWNTOWN PORTLAND WHERE I LIVE. You may have whatever illusions you wish to, where you live, and whatever you plan to do in these dark times. Still, the Rubicon has now been crossed with the brazen murder of that incredibly naive Trumpster. I mean, what did those naive, MAGA hat wearing yahoos think was going to happen when they came sauntering into downtown Portland, my turf, an area OWNED BY BLM AND ANTIFA. Did they seriously think these Marxist SCUM WOULDN’T WASTE THEM. Seriously? The only reason I have lived through the last three months is a mixture of cunning, situational awareness, and the ability to unleash deadly, lethal force if I need to. It also helps that I haven’t been outside my apartment after 6pm since March. If you do stupid things, with stupid people, in stupid places, you will regret it. The place where he was murdered was about 4 blocks away from where I live now. In fact, I have stood on the exact same spot where he was shot as recently as a week ago. You take antifa, blm seriously, like I have, or YOU WILL DIE A STUPID DEATH. CIVIL WAR TWO IS NOT COMING: IT IS HERE!

So here is the situation in downtown Portland, related to the complete collapse of the social order.
One: The Feckless political leadership. Worthless Wheeler, Medusa, and both the city council and Multnomah county council openly followed policies that let a Trump supporter get murdered as a result. Trump, well the Trump, Brown and Wheeler battle has little direct impact on daily life here in Sodom and Gommarah on the Willamette. The Antifa blm types are strutting around now, a smirk on their face, or a cheetah up in the tree licking its chops are a kill. Well now, they have made a a fatal mistake of not realizing the kind of blowback they have now unleashed. Trump won’t send in the tanks, and Brown and Wheeler won’t ask for them, so we are in kind of a stalemate where the armed militias are pondering what they will do. And it has put the fear of God in the blm and antifa types that they now consider 5,000 pissed off MAGA hat wearing “redneck types,” are going to come back into downtown Portland, only this time they will have AR-15’s and 1000 rounds and be looking to shoot anything that looks like blm or antifa, and they really all do look alike, they see. And you better F#%%% believe that the people living here are pondering that, despite what brown and the rest think they are TERRIFIED of a MAGA hat wearing invasion that leaves 2,000 blm types rotting on the streets.

That is the context, here in downdown as the collapse of the social order plays out to its inevitable end.

Now in terms of my personal situation, well lets just say anybody who can has left the general area, especially downtown. I did laundry today so I can’t say what is really going on. All the construction workers are still around. For whatever reason they are still building the new Ritz hotel, as if anybody will ever stay in it. This is what I mean by this thin layer of “normal” smoothed over a social order in chaos. The normal level of crazy, not related to blm antifa has also doubled, plus the homeless types are coming in like the Danes into England in 900 AD. :vik:

I now carry two revolvers on me, with a total of 60 rounds, in speed strips, speed loaders and in the loaded revolvers. I am about as ready as I can be under the circumstances. I rate the city of Portland as in a state of civil war every night, with the outbreak of violence, on a nightly basis, as inevitable.

This has already ended in blood and fire, gang.

You should expect my situation to spread to every major urban city here in CONUS, as early as Labor Day, and certainly no later than the election on November 3rd, WHICH I NO LONGER EXPECT TO HAPPEN IN AN ORDERLY FASHION.

And no matter what these Marxist fools want in Portland, the National Guard, or even RA combat troops will be driving around Portland, also as early as Labor Day, or no later than Halloween, in my opinion.

Lock and load. Keep your powder, although that doesn’t really apply anymore, dry. Expect the unexpected. Assume anything, can happen anywhere, to anybody, and at any time The US Republic has had a good run of 244 years. It is now over. It will collapse, as soon as the end of 2020 into blood, fire, death and chaos. I will see you all on the other side. Take care.


It hasn’t taken long for the BLM and Antifa movements to first merge, then explode, and finally, to begin the civil war that will destroy them. The French Revolution had Robspiere murder Dannon. Stalin killed off Trotsky, and Hitler whacked Rohm and his Brown Shirts, which is a fate these want a be Marxist Revolutionaries should keep in mind. The fundamental crisis of Liberalism was on display last night in Portland, out on 106th Ave, where the Antifa types ran hog wild. I didn’t say BLM types, since they have been submerged in Antifa, and that is the core of the problem for the Left. The left is now in an internal civil war, between the Marxist True Believers in Antifa and the old guard, like Wheeler, and like the senior citizen they punked last night. The global angst over the old lady being squashed by the Antifa thug is misplaced. She was no innocent, not with a BLM flag there. No she was the original revolutionary who stayed around too long, and the liberal who didn’t know how to get out of the way of the new Marxist, Maoist Cultural Revolutionaries, the new breed, the younger breed now. The breed that prefers violence, endorses it, loves it and doesn’t hesitate to use it against the unfortunate lady who didn’t get the memo.

Mayor Worthless Wheeler and his ilk and generation of mostly white, mostly older so called “liberals” have no place in the New Marxist Order, which is what I shall call it from now on, not the New World Order, but the New Marxist Order. There is a difference you realize. The original liberals really don’t know what to do with the beast they have created. This Marxist Monster which shows no restraint, has no moral compass, and no concern for what its elders think. Further, the ends justifies the means for this lot of neo barbarians, who are, after all, the children of our loins, and the product of our schools, values, and entire system. They are, again, what we have made them, or allowed others to make them. Out of one group of arrested adults, some 30 of them, I saw that 18 of them were teachers, or involved in shaping young people. This is part of the plan, long undertaken by the globalists, the vile ones, the true Marxists, and the true power mad demons. And for that we are not only responsible, but for that we shall surely pay. We took prayer out of the schools and let the demons in to subvert decades of young people. Young people who now openly burn the Bible, and the American flag, and engage in deviant behavior of ferocity, ruthlessness, contempt, hatred and the kind of savage and casual barbarism you have to see, which I have up close, to believe. And no, watching a video doesn’t give you the true flavor of the chaos. You have to live here, for over two decades, watch them riot in 2000, and 2004, and 2008, and 2016 and now 2020. A little goes a long way, but I assure this crowd of barbarians are the perfected weapon, trained and disciplined, and now aimed at our entire society, and with the single goal of destroying America, and replacing it with a Marxist Dictatorship along historical lines.

They will hold nothing back at all now.
Why should they at this point? They have crushed the feeble, appeaser class of all levels of leadership in Oregon. They chased the pathetic Worthless Wheeler back into the City Hall where he narrowly avoided being beaten senseless, or have his security detail open fire. Medusa, proved her clown status after calling all LEO’s in Portland and Multnomah County arsonists, terrorists, and thugs, and then saying “Oopps, sorry, didn’t mean it.” Whether she is forced out or not doesn’t matter, she is despised by all but here radical fruitcake followers now. Governor Brown has no idea what is happening. Senator Wyden, the one that sounds like Daffy Duck on helium, and the other US Senator, Jeff Merkley, who, well he just isn’t very smart. We have AG Rosenbaum, who lets Portland burn to the ground, while she files lawsuits, ones she looses, that protest rioters are not being treated nicely. My congressman, Earl Blumenhauer, who has confirmed my long standing believe that anybody who wears a bow tie is a fool and should be sent to a mental asylum. The barbarians pushed, the system first fell back, and now is in a state of general collapse. The China Virus is merely additional chaos to be dealt with. As to what will happen in Portland now, well not much. It will be the same ole, same ole. Trump will do nothing, and why shouldn’t he just let both Portland and Seattle ooze into the quicksand, soon to be like Ozmandias, Shelley’s statue buried in the sand, oh wait, the New Marxists hate statues, except for Lenin maybe. I am waiting for the shoe, or in this case, the grenade, to drop before I see what is happening. I will wait till the November election, or Christmas, which should be a fascinating experience of dodging Marxist planted IED’s in the malls. Oh yeah, we ain’t seen nothing yet, maybe some UN Peacekeepers by Thanksgiving? Take your wildest idea, from your wildest imagination, and then triple it, and then, you might have some idea of what life will be like in four months.