The Neo-Cons are Back, with War not far behind them. 1-29-2021

Well, it sure didn’t take long for Bideypoop to let the Obama era neo con warmongers, along with a heavy dose of Bush era neo con warmongers, loose and starting to do mischief. In fact, it took exactly one week.

The link is below.

I am making several points here.

One is Russia considers, for all historical time frames, the Crimea to be a Russian occupation zone.

Two Russia considers the entire Black Sea to be their bathtub and will not tolerate American or NATO bs in what they consider an INNER DEFENSE ZONE.

Three is at the same time this Crimean, Black Sea :poop: is going on China executes a FREAKING COMBAT ATTACK DRILL ON OUR CARRIER GROUP.

Four: The US military is now going to be gutted and PC’d into a lump of crap like it was under Obama.

Five. Never interfere with an enemy when he his screwing up. So, China and Russia, will combat prep the EMP nukes, and just watch our Chief of Naval Operations drool over transgenders on combat ships, and destroy the careers of naval combat vets about an AK-47 plaque.

so here we are. China and Russia pushed us and made their statement. And now they will sit back, both of them, and watch Bideypoop destroy the US military, over an unspecified time frame, say at least one to three years, or whenever they judge the pc disease has rendered our military useless.


Here we will have economic collapse, military collapse, and social anarchy and THEN THEY WILL MOVE. KAPUT! You do realize this isn’t rocket science we are dealing with. the domestic Marxists have made no effort to hide their agenda, and neither have China or Russia either.

the only thing I find personally confusing is why our domestic Marxist traitors think both the Russians and the Chinese won’t kill them when they make their move? Are our domestic traitors so ignorant they don’t realize what inbound Marxists do once they take over a country? They kill off anybody who helped them do it, just ask Trotsky.

Bideypoop will move at flank speed, but China and Russia are on their own agenda and time frame.

Sheesh, I think I may rewatch the 2012 Red Dawn version. Nowhere near as good as the 1982 version, but even in 2012 China was able to get the bad guys changed from Chinese to North Korean. It is called clout, and China has apparently owned us for decades now, since 1980 at least.

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Russia Deploys Crimea Missile System As Three US Warships Enter Black Sea

Tyler Durden's PhotoBY TYLER DURDENSATURDAY, JAN 30, 2021 – 9:55

On Thursday a guided-missile destroyer, the USS Porter, was the third American naval vessel to have entered the Black Sea over the past week, with the other two – the USS Donald Cook and USNS Laramie – having been there since Sunday. It’s a significant build-up coming a mere week after Joe Biden entered the White House.

“The US Navy has three warships operating in the Black Sea, stepping up its presence in the region after a drop in overall NATO maritime activity there last year,” Stars and Stripes reports late this week. “The destroyer USS Porter began its transit into the sea Thursday in support of NATO efforts, joining two other Navy vessels conducting operations in the strategic waterway, the Naples, Italy-based 6th Fleet said.”Prior file image of USS Porter (DDG-78), via USNI

While a beefed up US warship presence in the Black Sea is nothing new, given that as Stars and Stripes has noted the US Navy spent over 80 days in the Black Sea last year, Russia has certainly taken notice.

As Russia’s state-backed TASS news describes, the defense ministry on the same day deployed a mobile coastal defense anti-ship system in Crimea.

A mobile coastal defense anti-ship system Bastion has carried out a march to a deployment site in Crimea within the framework of an exercise being held against the backdrop of the US destroyer Donald Cook’s visit to the Black Sea, the Black Sea Fleet’s information support office said on Thursday.

Crucially the Russian military press release noted that the mobile systems are armed with anti-ship missiles, and are currently prepping for joint drills with Russia Black Sea frigates. “Combat crews arrived in the designated area, readied the systems for combat and carried out preparations for virtual fire,” the TASS report continued.

Despite a bright spot in US-Russian relations coming this week with each side’s negotiators firming up an agreed upon 5-year extension of the landmark New Start strategic nuclear weapons reduction treaty, the White House has still made clear this week it intends to keep up significant pressure on Russia.

Here’s the former commanding general of US Army Europe hailing Biden’s actions to get tough with Russia over Ukrainian sovereignty


Yes! Presence of US Navy adds in the Black Sea illustrates President Biden’s commitment to NATO and underlines what he told President Putin…Ukrainian sovereignty is a priority.

Navy sends three ships into Black Sea as Russia takes notice— Ben Hodges (@general_ben) January 29, 2021

And further on Friday national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that things are going to be “difficult” with Russia. “On Russia, you know, President Biden takes a clear eyed hard edit practical approach to this relationship. It is going to be challenging and difficult because Russia poses threats across multiple dimensions and part of our inheritance,” Sullivan said.

“We will have to be able to impose costs and consequences for Russia’s aggressive behavior and threats to the United States and our allies and at the same time be able to have credible serious clear-eyed negations with them on hard strategic stability issues,” he added.

…So get ready for four years of Democrat-led “Russia, Russia, Russia!” foreign policy talking points and escalation, if this week is any sign of things to come.

General Austin and Trump’s Genocide 1-21-2021

I fully expect to be taken offline here on WordPress, especially after this blog entry. People have criticized me for being too negative, and predicting millions of dead Americans now that Trump has betrayed us into the hands of Marxist monsters and traitors. Well, so be it. This will be a blow by blow of what the Marxist terrorists now in charge of our government, all agencies etc, and what they plan to do to patriots and who will do it, and why they will do it.

First, General Austin is a black General that Biden is putting in as one of two Pentagon leaders, with a mandate to “investigate and purge, my word not theirs, so called “white racism.” General Austin is in fact a BLACK RACIST AND BIGOT who will go full bore Joe McCarthy, he was the one who went after the Communists in the early 1950’s, before being destroyed. Further, Bideypoop wants this monster in so bad that he is getting the same waiver to Austin that General Mattis got. It seems there is a ban on retired generals taking this job unless they have been out of the military for seven years.

Austin has not, nor was Mattis, but no problem the Deep State, which knows ALL senior level military officers, and security leaders, etc etc are TRAITORS who are bought and paid for by the Deep State, and their oath to the US Constitution is null and void, and I mean all of them Mattis, Colin Powell, Kelley, and every single one of the entire Pentagon civilian and military leadership since I joined the US Army back in July of 1973.

I was the second VOLAR unit and my combat veteran officers and sergeants told me the score. The same score just told by Brennan, the former CIA leader. Isolate your enemies, target them, destroy them, just like Obama did in 208 to 2012. Here are a few links that indicate this.

A list of various urls related to General Austin

It is especially insane to claim General Austin will restore “civilian control of the military and Pentagon,” when he is in fact a retired military general, who had to have a waiver to do so. Further, General Austin is being put in there by the enemies of our Republic, and our military for the sole purpose of purging it from “white racists,” and we know that means all whites in the military. He will remove them, or shoot them or whatever his Deep State Masters want to happen. In the case of the military it is open warfare on military officers who are not willing to engage in the reign of terror Bidenpoop and General Austin and the deep state are now implementing at “the speed of laser light,” as the TRAITOR BRENNAN puts it,

The link is below. General Austin, the Black racist and bigot will begin the loyalty checks, the political purges, and do the dirty work to destroy the US military for the long planned invasion from our foreign enemies.

John Brennan Says Biden Admin. ‘Moving in Laser-Like Fashion’ against Pro-Trump ‘Insurgency’

Tobias HoonhoutThu, January 21, 2021, 7:20 AM

In an apparent reference to the pro-Trump mob that rioted at the Capitol, former CIA director John Brennan said Wednesday that the Biden administration is “moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas.”

Brennan went on to describe what he believed was “an unholy alliance” involving “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.”

“Unfortunately, I think there has been this momentum that has been generated as the result of unfortunately the demagogic rhetoric of people that just departed government, but also those who continue in the halls of Congress,” he continued.

So here is why this blog entry will vanish shortly. I really do suggest you save it to your hard drive, or better yet print it out hard copy. I assure you what I write next will be considered TREASON.

One: General Austin will hunt down, besides any white people in the military because he is both a racist and a bigot. He will be point man in Brennan’s REIGN OF TERROR hunting down and either throwing in jail, or just shooting the rather long list of bideypoops new enemies. I thought including the Libertarians indicates mental illness on both Brennan’s and Austin’s case, but we are dealing with Swamp Creatures who are chosen for their loyalty and brutality. The fact they aren’t that smart is secondary to our Deep State Demon Possessed leadership.

Two: Austin’s orders are to purge the military of all whites, replace them with minorities, criminal gangs, like the bloods, the crips and the REAL shock troops of the Austin’s “new military,” the M-13 Gangs. The VAST HORDE of illegals about to pour over our borders, of however many it takes of the 12 to 20 million being given a “path to citizenship,” to replace the honest and competent white military.

People say I am crazy when I tell them that the US Army in particular will become one composed of gang members, assorted psychos, all armed to the teeth, say a Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle with a 25mm Bushmaster chain gun on top. And THIS is what is going to come after Patriots when Harris is in charge. And Trump, now preening down in Florida has enabled this future massacre of Patriots by the other half of the USA that despises us. The Marxists will not stop short of killing us down to the last baby. And so, I tell you plainly that while Dr. Steven Turley talks about Trump as President in 2024, or the Republicans retaking the House in 2022, well just stop it.

The Marxists will have their BLM Army, full of gangsters, and Antifa who will rape your daughters and wives, and machine you as you shoot your AR-15 at them. And all because Trump, well it doesn’t matter at this point. Few will understand, much less believe anything I have written today. The normalcy bias will kill them. The deer in the headlight syndrome will also kill them. And Brennan, and Austin, and all the rest of them will do this out in the open since they will understand that nobody in the Patriot movement can accept, even after WACO, and Ruby Ridge etc etc that are implementing the massacre of the ENTIRE PATRIOT MOVEMENT.

Prepare as best you can, which is prayer in the spirit. We face an evil straight from the pit of hell. I have warned you. Nobody will come to save you as General Austin purges the military, gives it into the hands of raping criminals.

It Won’t Be Long Now 1-20-2021

     It was the first Roman Emperor, Octavian, Julius Caesar’s Nephew, later called Caesar Augustus, who said he “liked the Treason, but despised the Traitor,” which is something the Chinese Communists will remind the truly staggering number of American Traitors involved in the “election” we just had.

In fact, our entire system, SCOTUS, The US Senate, The US House, the Media, the Military, the education system, all proved to be stuffed to the gills with Traitors and moral cowards, not that it matters much at this point.

I will call our new POTUS, Bideypoop, along with his pet #$%% whatever she is. And Bideypoop is signing 17 Executive orders today that essentially reverse the last 4 years.

I know I am not in Kansas anymore when I look at just a few of them: like the one that makes it okay for a school boy, who really thinks he is a girl, but actually a biological boy, to go into a girl’s school bathroom. If you are confused, that is the one set up for biological girls. And Bideypoop thinks that is so important he does it within hours of being sworn in. Priorities indeed.

Besides that, Bideypoop has now appointed the Pennsylvania transgender government official to his cabinet, whose previous claim to fame was giving advice on how to engage in sex orgies in a covid environment. Like I said, we got a priorities problem here in DC, or Sodom on the Potomac to me.

Further, he appointed an educational official who thinks white kids “murder the spirits” of black kids when they go to school together. I mean even my mental capacities are overwhelmed by this kind of stuff.

It is also Bideypoop who is trying to appoint a black general, Austin something, who wants to “purge the Pentagon,” of all white racists, who, like Joe McCarthy said of Communists, are hiding in the nooks in crannies. And our BIGOTED, RACIST, FOOL of a black general, has disarmed the troops in DC since he thinks they will shoot Bideypoop.

Well, I have some personal experience with that kind of thing, being in the US Army back in August of 1974 with all the Nixon stuff. And yes, I can verify that all formations in the summer of 1974 were devoid of troops with actual bullets for the M-16’s. Here we go again.

I will focus on economics today, since I think Bideypoop and his pet whatever, will crash and burn both first and the most in the economic sphere.  You see, Bideypoop, and his minions, are copying the Imperial Roman model, just like the US military has been since 1973 and my tour as a VOLAR soldier. The bottom line is Roman Emperors learned, like in the first nanosecond of their rule, they better put a “donative,” ie a BRIBE into the hands of the Praetorian Guard, or else, as in DOA status is imminent.

And Bideypoop, in his semi lucid moments, or his handlers, Susan Rice, Harris, or whomever is pulling the puppet strings, are just naming that bribe a “stimulus,” of some $1.9 TRILLION FIAT, FEDERAL RESERVE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT MONEY. Oh, say full faith and credit three times fast without breaking into hysterical laughter. Inflation anybody?

Anyway, this $2 TRILLION will raise the total Federal debt, not the budget deficit, to $30 Trillion. No snide comments about the 200 plus trillion out there either.

So as this Federal Reserve moolah, emerges from the printer machine, two points. The first is the foreigners know the game is rigged, and won’t play any more, and second, Bideypoop is now trapped, along with his fellow raving economic lunatics, into Universal Basic Income, of endless stimulus payments, and/or permanent eviction and rental, and mortgage protection, or as Doomer Doug here likes to call it: The Permanent destruction of the land lord class.

Really, I think it was Martin Friedman who said ” Next to carpetbombing,” like my World War Two B-17 bomber pilot Dad used to do to German cities,”  rent control, which is REALLY what Bideypoop is doing to American landlords. Illegal Taking, who cares about that? So, Bideypoop has now extended the rent/mortgage eviction bans to SEPTEMBER OF 2021, which means landlords have not been paid for some 18 months now. This is combined with utilities non payment, etc.

When you add all of that up, it means the budget debates in DC, along with the printing of the money, and the spending of the money, and all of that kind of stuff, between BideyPoop, and AOC, and the RINOS, etc will resemble a Rooster Fight where BOTH of the Roosters are on Meth. Yeah, it is called something else, but I ain’t saying THAT word, it starts with a C by the way. I do have some standards, not many I can’t deny but some.

We have now created what the Romans called “an urban mob.” And this “urban mob,” although not all of them live in urban areas, are now addicted to “free moolah.” And you better $%^^^^^^^ believe they will  get very, very upset if the government moolah, which is now endlessly coming out of the print button at the Federal Reserve basement. Who knows, maybe Bideypoop is on the cot next to the Federal Reserve Printing Machine. I found the fact the US Military presumably combat forward deployed some 25,000 troops and they slept on the concrete floor. I know how hard a concrete floor is by the way. Morons everywhere I look these days.

It won’t take long, maybe less than six months for the whole lot of our esteemed leadership, the RINOS, the Marxist Democrats, like AOC, and the Squad, and the ancient Democrats, like Piglosi and Slummer to realize they don’t have any more money, and have run out of money, at which point their terror at the insurrection and storming of the Capitol, which were no such thing, will happen for real this time. It will be racially acceptable since the stormers this time will be minorities from DC and Baltimore I think.

As for Doomer Doug, here in the cesspool of the Universe, Portland, Oregon, I got no skin in the game anymore. I will just watch, with the kind of morbid deranged black humor as AOC, and Piglosi and the whole lot of them turn into a Rooster fight with lots of meth around. I mean, “We who are about to die, Salute You.”

Civil War Two has started 1-9-2021

Trump has betrayed us into terror and tyranny. He has handed over the fully functional government mechanisms that will kill tens of millions of us over the next several years, a.k.a. Deagle’s famous 2025 kill zones.

Trump could have done a lot of things after the Deep State stole the election from him and overthrew the American Republic. Whether it was an extreme case of normalcy bias, moral cowardice, or some kind of deal to save him from the wrath of the Marxists, I honestly don’t know, nor does it really matter at this point in the game.

On January 20th, EVIL will be in complete control of the USA, once Biden is sworn in. After that, it will simply be a matter of how fast they kill us patriots off, which will be pretty damn fast in my view. It also doesn’t matter whether you agree with me on that, or not.

We are looking at Obama on steroids, complete with death squads that will be a mixture of Cambodia’s Pol Pot, he is the one who killed off 25% of Cambodia’s population in the 1970’s, and Peru’s Shining Path, and they were the one that despised technology.

What I have personally dealt with here in Portland, Oregon since May, is coming to your town and city. Nor will your fortified rural villa save any of my reader’s dissident rear ends. Biden’s Military Generals, Mattis, Kelly etc won’t hesitate to order the troops that should have been under Trump’s command to send an Apache Helicopter to put a Hellfire missile through your front door. Again, I don’t care what anybody thinks.

All of the stuff I have been writing about for decades now is inbound at high velocity starting on January 20th, 2021. And all the hate I have seen up front, personal will now be vented, unchecked, no bounds, toxic, vicious, brutal and directed at Patriots will now be the new normal. Again, Trump has handed over the legal system, Soros funded AG’s, the Military, raping and butchering thugs, now all concentrated by Biden and Harris into “Patriot removal squads.” The FBI and the IRS weaponized like Obama did. This is ALL on Trump for bailing when the going got tough

We are the American Generation that lost our Republic. The Republic is dead. Long live the American Republic! I saw a sig line back in 1999 related to Y2K: “The amount of violence needed to create a civilization, pales into nothingness compared to the amount of violence released during the collapse of a civilization.” I assure all my blog readers, at least until I run afoul of the so called “Internet Night of the Long Knives,” version 2, we will find out how true the above statement is. We will find out how deep the deep state truly is, damn near bottomless as far as I can tell. We will find out, and do give Trump credit for being God’s, ie Jesus’s instrument for exposing all the deep state fecal material, and squirmy things underneath the rock. Further, one half of the total US Population now loathes and despises this vile country, land of the pervert, and home of the corrupt. As far as I can tell we will be handed over, in the spiritual terms, to our enemies, much like God raised up thorns to torment Solomon when he abandoned God in the Old Testament.

I wish I had a more positive message to give you: I do not; the reason being we are now, because Trump, likely to prevent violence, which is now hysterically funny, given the fact our Marxist Scum will now begin to kill us in job lots. All Trump has done is leave us at the mercy of the deep state elite, its military, its tax agencies, its media, its educational, that’s the one that lets boys, who think they are girls, go into a girls bathroom, in our schools. Amazing.

In my spiritual prayers God is telling me two things viz a viz the new normal that starts on January 20th, 2021. The first being the Protection of the Holy Spirit that America has been protected by, while being reduced over my 67 years, has now been eliminated. We will, in both a figurative and literal sense now be totally open to our enemies, like Iran for example, or the drug cartels that will have full control of our defunded cities by this summer.

And the second thing God is telling me is don’t bother praying for America any more. Nor should you expect anything other, here in CONUS, than disaster after disaster and the open curses of God on ALL ASPECTS of this here United States of America. Personally, I am, and all Patriots are covered, but the other half of these demon controlled morons are going to be handed over to the logical results of their ideology, behavior, values and actions. The rest of the world well knows what Biden and Harris are. Like me, they find Trump’s moral cowardice in handing over 100 million or so deplorables to be hunted down and murdered both as incomprehensible and disgraceful as I do. Again, enjoy the next 11 days or so. I also assure you our Marxist thugs will be so fast off the mark to kill us all you will see is burn marks on the highway.

I trusted Trump. I supported him. I believed in him. But it is over. Kaput. What I have seen, and we all have seen is the total and complete failure of every single institution we have in the USA. SCOTUS and all the courts betrayed both us and Trump. The media showed their treason, as did the social media, and the educational system, and while Trump engaged in actions that a reasonable person would conclude would lead to military intervention to save the American Republic and stop the steal, in the end, like most of Trump it was all bluster, and a great farting in the wind. Never has one man said so much, that meant so little, and deceived so many. At least, and this is personally satisfying, the whole Q farce has been outed. Yes, Virginia, there are indeed those 40,000 sealed indictments. Q just missed the fact they are for Trump administration members, and supporters. Trump gave Biden the full FBI director Wray at his service to begin the mass arrests, the midnight raids, and given the vast number of Marxist scum biden has, unlike Trump, been able to place in the government, it will barely take biden the first 100 days to have arrested 100,000, likely executed for treason, Trump supporters. By the end of the first 100 days, biden will have expelled the 6 US Senators who voted against certification, and the 1 billion dollar Dominion lawsuit will be used to crush anybody who had anything to with opposition to the steal by biden. The mass executions will come later, not much later, but at least they will get anybody stupid enough to do so to turn in the their AR-15’s “for the children.” This isn’t rocket science, my blog readers, since we know what Marxist butchers do when they come to power. And Trump, New York City con artist that he is, has handed we deplorables, and I include myself, naked and essentially defenseless over to our enemies. And yeah, I’m talking about this new FBI “White Christian nationalist” meme that will be the death of as many Patriots as they can get. Just look at the drivel coming out of the “coup” at DC on the sixth. I mean they control the media, and the one half that supports biden will swallow it whole. We are the Jewish Rats in the famous Nazi film. They hate us. They despise us, and the will kill us, especially with Trump having been nice enough to increase the legal methods of murdering us. Yep, I am beyond Trump now. Whatever drivel he is putting out now is approaching farce and folly. Oh well, he gave us four years to prepare, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Take care my readers. I doubt I will be writing again. I can see what is headed my way, and your way. Trust in God.

Quit being afraid of Death.

Get right with God.

Prepare for War.

Adios, and remember we fight not only flesh and blood, but the rulers, authorities and powers in the heavenly realms and the evil they truly are. As for me, death has no sting, especially since today, the 9th, is my 67th birthday. I would have preferred my retirement wasn’t dominated by the blood and fire I see in my near future. I regret that I didn’t understand the full extent of the treason America was infected with. I regret that Trump proved to be a real dud, and has delivered all of us into death or slavery. Each of us will now face decisions and choices, and we will have to make them as best we can, using the information we have, and accept that we now have NO good choices left at all. I have made my choice. And when the time comes I will fulfill it, and execute it, and what will happen will happen. I expect “they” will scrub the internet of all my work once the purge really gets going, so if you want to I suggest you print out any of my essays, at gold, here on wordpress, and also at the other Q, the one that speaks truth, Steve Quayle, and not lies like Q anon.

Death comes to us all in times like these. It is not a matter of whether you die, for they will indeed hunt you down and kill you. It is more a matter of how well you die. nuff said.