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The e books are Day of the Dogs, Strike Destroyer, and Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy.

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    1. I read Lord of the Flies in high school over 40 years ago. The manipulation of children either started with the Roman Catholic Jesuits, the Communists, or the famous Hitler Youth depending on how you sort out the time frame. It is a fact the kids today are different than we were, I was, even 40 years ago. This is due, in my opinion, to the physical and biological adaptations the human brain is making in response to the overwhelming mass of audio/visual input from movies, television, computers etc. Young people today process information completely differently than I did growing up. In fact, it is also now true that the thinking part, the moral value judgment part of the human brain is being bypassed by video and audio information which is processed differently than reading it off a page. Still, in a decade or less WE WILL ALL BE BORG WITH IMPLANTS! Something to look forward too, for sure.


      1. Hello Friend,

        You are right about the enemies bit, Do some research on Judaism, Bolshivism, Communism and you have your eyes opened even more.


      2. Lord of the Flies, Beezlebub, Obama……It manifests in many ways. ‘Twas the devil’s trick to make most not believe in him, so present day man scoffs at his existence to the peril of us all. First radio, then TV, them computer internet, now the smart phone. All weaponized devices masquerading as conveniences(and now necessities). Seems to me the controllers never needed a physical implant for mass control. The comm devices ARE those implants that create the Borg society. Modern ago-go folk are seen saluting a hiel Hitler with their iphones, rather than lend assistance to those accosted by violence or trauma. People are losing the grip on reality, favoring social network platforms like Facebook and You Tube for their reality. Watch how you cannot separate anyone from their iphone. They throw a Borg fit. The iphone syndrome is like Stockholm Syndrome, as they defend their attacker to the death. They applaud the cell towers of death that are constructed daily to destroy us all. Pretty amazing, but very sad.

    1. LOL, man that takes me waaaaaaay back. I think I started writing at gold-eagle.com in 1998 or so. I stopped around 2006 or 7 due to the fact the CHEAPSKATE refused to pay me anything for my essays, even though he told me I was HIS TOP WRITER IN TERMS OF HITS on my essays. Yep, it is hard to make money on the Internet. I do list my e books for sale here, but that is more of a hobby at this point. I even set up a go fund site and made $50, yes $50. It is a good thing I am now on Social Security or I would soon be living under a bridge. Of course, we are coming to a decisive critical mass here in the USA within the next 18 months or so in my view. Glad to hear from an old fan!


  1. I think I read somewhere that NATO has told Turkey that if they invade Syria they’re on their own. If that’s a fact, how long will it be before NATO “falls to pieces” as patsy Cline would sing. Then the US would be on it’s own not having it’s favorite chew toy as back up to creating chaos for Israel in the Middle East.


  2. The Hundred Year War Against the Cows
    Maybe the Donald is actually going to drain the swamp in DC of cocaine and pedophiles..?? Many believed Obama’s words 8 years ago, as well. The cows are so easily fooled like Lucy holding the football, so Charlie Brown can kick it? At 63 the only truth, thus far, has been the last line from The Who’s 1971 hit-Won’t get fooled again…….”Meet the new boss……Same as the old boss”.
    The globalist ranchers know full well that cows only have two speeds a) Grazing and b) Stampede
    As long as there is food in the trough and the electricity is on they are content to graze. Now we can go back to sleep and watch the same agenda 21 continue as before. The spraying from above will not be stopped. The water will continue to be jacked with chemicals, and the food will become less and less nourishing. They will eventually change our DNA to GNA, courtesy of the massive aluminum sprayed daily(and nightly) ….and remember…Get your vaccines!
    The truth is not a fun thing to learn. It drives most cows crazy. The cows have forgotten they have horns, and it is easier just believing the ranchers that there is nothing out beyond the pen fence, so have plenty to eat, watch TV, and go shopping…..then go back to sleep.


  3. Read your stuff in the ITBO time (in the before ” …” – you’re a smart guy). Like I said in the other comment section – we had coffee downtown Portland once. Lost track of you and just saw your address here on another comment elsewhere. Glad you are still around. m1919a2


    1. Many people disappear from Portland. The population is so transient that few even notice. It’s all in the name-PORTland, a portal to another dimension.


  4. Thanks for the reblogs. I’ve been recovering from brain and neck surgery and havent been able to post for awhile. Best regards, Christina


  5. I’m rather new to your site. Glad I found you and, low and behold, you’re an Oregonian, too! I live in Brookings. Born in Portland 1950. Mt. Tabor Grade School, Washington HS (does THAT date me or what?!), PSU. Web feet. Sadly, Portland is no longer the town I grew up in. And, now with this hoopla at the Capitol this week, I’m wondering how long we should stay here…please keep up the commentary!
    Lynne Smith


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