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I live in Portland, Oregon in the USA. I am a free lance writer and have been commenting on politics, economics, and the world situation since 1998 on the Internet.


For those of my blog readers who have wondered why Doomer Doug is showing signs of clinical insanity, I offer the link to the following video by John Paul Watson of Infowars. In it, he shows video of what I deal with on a daily basis. The level of deranged, mental dysfunctional, raving lunacy I deal with every single day has to be seen to be believed. At this point, just click on the link and see for yourselves. One more thing, Portland is not going to change, especially since we just elected a certified MARXIST to the city council. I will warn you the F word is used, along with images that some blog readers may find offensive.


The link below is to a video by Paul Joseph Watson, he is from InfoWars, highlighting exactly what Doomer Doug deals with on a DAILY BASIS. Those of you wondering why Doomer Doug has become a lunatic, can see why in the video. Warning: The F word is used several times, along with people relieving themselves, and assorted other deviant behavior. It is also HYSTERICAL and shows what is really going on in Portland. I am considering renewing my concealed handgun permit, since I let it lapse in 2004.

At any rate, here is the truth.…nd-is-a-hitle/

Paul Joseph Watson- Portland is a $hit*%le

November 28, 2018

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AIN’T IT GRAND 11-14-2018

I can’t say the last week hasn’t been fascinating. It has been amazing to see such brazen, in your face corruption by the Deep State. They not only don’t care; they don’t even mind public exposure. No more “in the closet,” for our Deep State masters. We be corrupt, and we don’t care who knows it. So be it.

I also have no idea if the Deep State will steal all the elections now under threat in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and California right now. Clearly the fruitcake in Arizona, and I’m being charitable in describing that bat poop crazy, pink hatted, MORON known as Simena, or whatever, has stolen her election. The Republican McSally meekly conceded, which tells me she has more RINO in her than conservative. All of that, combined with the aptly named Flake, who has just prevented any further judicial confirmations before the next Senate is seated, shows both cunning and desperation by our globalist masters. But gang, you know what: I DON’T CARE. Nope, I am now moving on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL and the flesh is meaningless. I am not saying we won’t kill ourselves off, but what I am saying is who cares. I am moving in the spirit now, viewing things from a spiritual perspective. When you that, all the drivel that now passes for daily life here on Planet Earth fades into the background.

One example is the famous Stormy, “I screwed Trump,” lawyer just went down for FELONY SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. This happened on the same day the California Bar Association gave him a pass on the ethics complaint filed against him. I mean, seriously, do all my readers understand how happy that makes Doomer Doug? I mean the lethal, deadly open humiliation of the California Bar Association, give the man a pass on an ethics charge, and then see him arrested by police for beating up his wife? Sheesh, this is like throwing a chunk of raw meat to a pack of starving wolves in my book. Yep, the Spirit moves. The Spirit reveals all that is hidden. The Spirit takes what is hidden in the Deep State basement and manifests it on the front lawn. It takes what is kept quiet in the closet and shouts it from the rooftop.

And on that note, I will leave you all to ponder true reality. True reality is God is in charge. True reality is God knows what he doing. True reality is this elite scum is going to burn in hell for their crimes. Be afraid elite scum. Very, very afraid. After all, on judgement day it won’t matter if you are wearing $2000 a pair Italian shoes. This globalist, scum elite, the source of so much pain and anguish, will find themselves with no defense for their evil. The most lethal force in the universe is the prayer of a Christian. Understand that one, true fact, and the universe will open for you like a flower petal.

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Okay, stop the whining and listening to the whore media, fake news, and globalist shills crowing about the “Democrat victory.” Sorry, but the Marxist Democrats just got their butts spanked so hard they are now redder than Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s nose. Yep, I am not backing off on my earlier post at all. Here is why.

Now, I have issues with Trump from time to time, and he drives me nuts sometimes, but his heart, if not his head is in the right place. Trump’s one key promise was he would remake the Federal Judicial system and return it to the historical role. Judges must not make law. The standard modus operandi for the globalists has been to use the courts to get done by judicial fiat what they couldn’t do by legislation. They have used this method to beat patriots over the head for decades now. Well, game over, and that pig won’t fly anymore. The reason being that Trump has just won a decisive, shattering victory in the US Senate. Mitch the Bitch has finally had a fire lit under his RINO ass regarding judicial confirmations. And now Trump has a 54 to 46 Senate majority. Trump can now appoint at will all 135 or so federal judge vacancies. The total judge count is 890, and Trump is going to appoint roughly 150 of them by 2020.

My basic point is stop the whining, the despair and the breast beating. Trump has just redefined American politics for the next two decades at least. Yep, who cares what that wrinkled prune Nancy Pelosi does in the US House. I will remind you the magic number is 2018, and the “Democrat majority,” is 222. Trust me, gang. The Democrats are going to go full anal retentive mode. THEY CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY WILL ARE NOW A HARD LEFT SOCIALIST PARTY. I should know since I live in Oregon which is no a one party Democrat dictatorship, with a Democrat Governor, and super majorities in both the Oregon Senate and House.

Trump is a freaking genius. He has now allowed the Democrats to take control of the House, where they will go full socialist mode, pass all the laws they have long wanted to, and then get crushed in 2020. Further, Trump will use his Senate Majority to castrate the Federal Judiciary of all its Obamabot judges. I mean, I don’t need drugs or booze cuz I’m floating like a kite.

The Democrats can’t help but act like the Marxist morons they are and will seek to implement their extremist agenda. When they do that, Trump will impale them in the 2020 elections. Besides, now that our deep state operative Jeff Sessions is gone, some of the many felons he let off may actually go before grand juries. We shall see?

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Well, Doomer Doug is going to make some predictions about just how bad the Democrats are going to get crushed 72 hours from now. I realize the polling agencies, like the infamous Nate Silver, of 538 polling, have an 85 percent chance of the Democrats taking the US House. Cook Reports is also saying the Democrats are going to pick up 40 House seats. Seriously?

At any rate, I think the Republicans will hold both the House and Senate because of the Caravan INVASION of the US Southern Border. The other reason is the fact that we now know that two of Kavanaugh’s “victims,” were lying frauds, seeking fame and fortune, like Ford’s Go Fund me money. Yep, conservatives are pouring out to vote for those two reasons alone. Granted, the Democrats are up to their Soros funded vote fraud campaign, but the Red Wave is a Tidal wave now.

The House will likely have fewer Republicans, but they will keep the 218 needed for a majority.

The US Senate will be a MASSACRE FOR THE DEMOCRATS. The Red Tide will result in up to SIXTY REPUBLICANS. Yes, I am saying the new Senate will be 59 to 60 Republicans and 38 Democrats, with and Independent, like Bernie Sanders.

Here’s why. The current Senate is 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats. 10 Seats up for election are held by Democrats in states taken by Trump in 2016.

Three Senate seats, North Dakota, Missouri, and West Virginia are now held by Democrats who will lose.

Four more Senate Seats are held by Democrats who are likely to lose. New Jersey, Indiana, Nevada, and Montana.

This is a gain of 7 and results in 57 Republicans in the Senate. The seat in Arizonia, the one held by the RINO Flake is another seat that goes from RINO to Trump supporter. Further, there are also MULTIPLE SEATS now held by Democrats that the Republicans could take if things go well.
Florida is now a Blue State due to the hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rican Socialist refugees from Hurricane Maria.

All told, I’m saying Trump may very well have a 60 seat US Senate Majority to work with. In the US House, Trump will have a bare bones majority of under five, say around 222 or so. Lying Ryan is also gone next term, which is huge.

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The Kavanaugh and Caravan impact

With a handle like Doomer Doug, mental stability isn’t really my thing, gang.

The reason I have changed my mind, Dennis is I keep my eyes on the situation as it evolves and attitudes change. It was clear to me, before the brutal attacks, the lies, on Kavanaugh happened, the base wasn’t fired up. After watching the Marxist Democrats go full anal retentive mode, and combining that with a MILITARY INVASION OF THE USA, FUNDED BY SOROS, AND DESIGNED TO OVERTHROW THE USA, AS IN SEDITION, THE ELECTION CHANGED.

I am now saying we will see a massacre of the Democrats in the US Senate, and Trump keeping control, granted a smaller control of the House.

Yep, the attitudes changed, and so did mine.

The Democrats had the election, Dennis. The would have taken full control of the House, with 40 seats picked up, and picked up a couple of Senate seats.

Now, well now they are relying on voter fraud, corruption, registering ilegals et all, but it won’t be enough.
A month or two ago, Dennis if you had asked me if the Republicans were going to pick up New Jersey, Ohio, North Dakota, Missouri and all the rest of the Democrat seats, plus keep Arizona, Nevada, Texas, etc I would have said no way. Now I think Trump is going to run the table and get them all.


The level of brain dead, over the top idiocy by the Democrats is astounding to me. For those of you who don’t think the Democrats are going to be crushed I offer the following

First, Trump has completely redefined the election as a jobs versus the mob one. This redefinition is FATAL to the democrats outside of the blue states.

Second, the major internet story is that Saturday Night Live Democrat MORON openly dissing a war hero for losing his eye in Afghanistan. So, now does that play into Trump’s Mob versus job meme or not?

Third, Trump has been running around KICKING DEMOCRAT ASS AT HIS RALLIES, WHILE OBAMA HAS BEEN IN FULL WHINY BRAT MODE? Again, who wins that battle?

Forth, every patriot and conservative now fully understands ON THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL THAT THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO KILL HIM OR HER. GAME ON.

It will be a RED TSUNAMI.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are game on for a social collapse starting on Tuesday, November 6th. I assure you all, the riots are coming, one group or the other, for one reason or the other. Whatever the actual election result is, it WILL NOT be accepted by the other side. The Marxist Democrats will use every voting fraud trick they have perfected the last 50 years. They are now openly funded by that vile excuse of a human being known as the Soros crime family, along with the Clinton Crime Cabal, the Bush Crime Cabal, Kissinger and his group of Nazi types. All in all, the level of venom, funding, open sedition, calling for the violent overthrow of the US government, is no longer able to controlled. I”m saying that the basic legitimacy of the US government, by both the “deplorables, and the Marxist scum, funded, aided and directed by George Soros, in acts of violent sedition, is going to take the system down if they don’t take control of the US House. If they do, it is hunter killer teams and death squad on both sides. Yes, I said death squads, gang. The ignorant snowflakes truly have no idea of what waking up the Deplorablke Smaug, he was the dragon in the Hobbit, will mean for them. I mean, gang I get they are useful idiots, brain dead mushheads spewed from our educational system, but really. Do they really think people like me, like us, are not going to go down hard, and take as many as we can with us? What part of, “If you try to kill me, I will kill you, don’t the snowflakes get?”

If you aren’t buying ammo, and preparing for an Antifa thug type to try and kill you, you haven’t been paying attention. As for me, I am arming up, I just bought 25 rounds of Critical Defense 38 Special,  and am prepping for open warfare here in downtown Portland. Do what you want. The American Republic is dead. Fools are in control, and folly is everywhere. The center has failed. Let each reader prepare to die as they see fit here in the waning days of America.


We really are in the late stage of Imperial decline here in the decaying American Republic. Of course, the USA hasn’t been a republic for most of my 64 years. What we really are is a corrupt oligarchy, run by amoral opportunists, seeking to enrich themselves above all else. “They” no longer make any effort to hide the fake news media, or the insolence of the elite, much less make any pretense to rule with justice, wisdom and mercy. We have left that far behind. Now our elite, the politicians, corporate leaders, media shills, religious hypocrites and our entire younger generation of brainwashed, “useful idiots,” have no shame, no honor, no integrity, and no sense of historical perspective.

The farce I have been watching the last few days, ie the Supreme Court nomination process, really is a crossing the Rubicon moment. I see no way we can recover from the chaos and venom now on display. “They” really aren’t like us. “They” really do hate us, and “They” really do mean to launch a coup against Trump, and they really do mean to install their pet globalist stooge, like Jeff Flake, and kill all of us patriots off if we protest. Oh yeah, Patriots can no longer assume their personal safety, ie their very lives, aren’t now under imminent threat of murder and imminent physical threat of violence. You can ask the multiple Republicans who are now being subjected to a level of raw hatred that indicates political compromise is no longer possible. After all, if a Marxist thug wants to kill you, exactly what can your response be, other than to kill them before they kill you.

I have never considered myself a “prophet,” in any sense of the word. I merely observe what is going on, try to figure it out, and then write my opinions about various trends, actions, and statements. Obviously, my view now is the collapse, the final collapse, of the American oligarchy is now imminent. It is imminent because the globalist Federal Reserve has decided to collapse the economy, in service to their masters, by increasing interest rates until they trigger a debt collapse. The rest of the world, Russia, China and India among them, have decided to bypass both the Federal Reserve fiat dollar, and the global SWIFT bank transfer system. The combination of these actions will result in a general collapse of the American fiat dollar, the bank transfer system that enables America’s role as the global reserve currency, and finally, all the political, economic and military power that is based on America’s economic stranglehold. The bottom line is other nations are dumping US Treasury Debt, pricing oil in the Petroyuan among other currencies, and seeking to destroy our military power by destroying the economic underpinnings of our military power.

Trump, I wish him well, but the handwriting is on the wall. I was just watching an anti-ICE demonstration here in downtown Portland yesterday. Actually, it was more of a borderline riot than a demonstration, but that is status quo up here in what the Secret Service calls “Little Beirut.” The saying, “there is nothing certain but death and taxes,” is amended up here in Portland to,” There is nothing certain but death, taxes, and a riot whenever any Republican or conservative comes to visit Portland.” Therefore, I can state that Saturday, when the Supreme Court vacancy is filled, and at this point it is more of a mercy killing than a judicial nomination, the riots are going to start. Further, now that Patriots are seething, and realize the PHYSICAL DANGER THEY ARE NOW IN, they are going to vote on November 6th, 2018, likely keeping Republican control of both the US House and Senate. After that, to quote the French king, “Apres moi, les deluge.” After me, the deluge. All of my blog readers should be prepared for mass chaos, mass violence and the final phase of the farce America now is.


I wish all of you well, but you need to understand it is now game over. Way back in the far quainter pre Y2K collapse scenarios, I remember reading a signature that said, “The level of violence involved in creating a society, pales into nothingness when compared to the violence released when a society collapses.” We are going to find that is true. We will start to find that out in less than 24 hours, and then once the post election riots and chaos starts. Again, do you want to live forever? 🙂

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    Like I said last year, when the Black Death outbreak began on the island of Madagascar off of Africa, we were looking at a multi year outbreak. The Plague Season on Madagascar starts in August and ends in November. The 2017 outbreak ended up, officially, with a total of 2000 cases, and 200 dead. It was then declared over, and life went on.

    Fast forward to September 21, 2018 and here we go again. The second phase of the Black Death has now begun on Madagascar. So far, we are looking at eight cases, with two fatal, ie a 25 percent kill rate. The vector is again airborne, and the geographic spread on Madagascar is even wider than 2017.

    Here is the link to the article.…-new-cases-who

    Black Death pandemic fears return as new outbreak turns FATAL

    THE Black Death plague which ravaged Madagascar last year has returned, leading to fears the disease could become a pandemic.

    A spike in cases lead to more than 200 people dying from the plague disease in 2017.

    Epidemics of both the bubonic and pneumonic plague were brought under control in November last year after 2,000 recorded cases.

    And the World Health Organisation has warned this year’s strain could be even worse.

    But now the hot rainy season has returned to the country, cases of the plague are back

    Health ministry official Mantra Rakotoarivony said: “According to counts undertaken between August 1 and September 13, we recorded eight plague cases.

    “Six of these recovered and two died in their villages.”

    The two deaths were from a pneumonic plague case, and a bubonic plague.

    The first death was recorded in the north of the island in Fiadanana.

    While the second death was reported in Ambalavao, by the Indian Ocean.

    The pneumonic plague can be fatal within a day of becoming infected, while the bubonic form is less dangerous.

    Dr Rakotoarivony labelled it the official start of the plague season on the island.

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