The Final Pope 2-11-2013

I can’t say I am a practicing Roman Catholic anymore. I grew up Roman Catholic, but have long since moved on from it. Still, the first resignation of a pope in 600 years does require some comment. I have long felt the Mayan date of 12-21-2012 was primarily a spiritual issue. I never took the reports of massive damage and the like seriously. I always felt it was more of a statement on a spiritual phase ending. The Vatican statement today certainly supports my belief.
I am known as the guy who repeatedly predicts disaster. I have underestimated the ability of the powers that be to keep all the balls in the air over the years. My basic analysis of the ongoing trends has been correct. The timing has been off due to their ability to control the system and prevent the inevitable chaos. I think the Vatican announcement, in the context of the Mayan date, tells me that power is weakening.

There are extremely powerful spiritual forces being unleashed on planet Earth at this point in time. I think a barrier has been dropped on 12-21-12. I also think that once this barrier is down a lot of things will start to happen. The Vatican announcement today was one of them.

I have no idea of how this will all play out in the short term. I do know the push for global government is reaching a fever pitch. A lot of trends I have been tracking for nearly 40 years now are now coming to a head.
Keep your eyes peeled. Keep your heads down. I see a tsunami of fecal material headed our way. Keep both your snorkel and shotgun handy.