And life goes on. 2-24-2020

It is always nice to be wanted, which means I actually do read comments, respond to them, ignore them, or throw them in the famous File 13. I have just bought a Lenovo computer, as in like 2 hours ago, and am now joyfully interfacing with Microsoft, Lenovo a Chinese company now at ground zero in Bejing, China, as in virus outbreak China. Ergo, I will comment on the other looming disaster, not that a potential repeat of the 1918 Spanish flu, or the Black Death, isn’t enough. Still, you may find my computer adventure at Office Depot to be about the other shoe dropping. Yep, we are about to get utterly crushed, ground up into tiny pieces, or turned into a slushy cost wise. You need to understand that Doomer Doug caught the tail end of the President’s Day sale, like the 17th. This means I got the no disaster, no factory shutdown, and no workers refusing to show up for work price of $399, along with a quoted price of $49 for an additional 8 MB memory, from 8 to 16. The $399 was the price last week, and today the computer price, it’s a Idea pad L340 series laptop by the way, is $529. Further, the additional 8 MB of memory went from Office Depot doing it for $49, to Lenovo doing it for $131, and finally, the price of the two year warranty last week was two years for $69, and now it is two years for $139. I warned you all to buy anything you need from China back then. Well, now it is too late. The price has gone up. For the math challenged, my computer, 8 additional memory and two year warranty that cost $517 last week, now cost $799. Yep, the memory goes from $49 to $131, and the computer goes from $399 to $517, and the two year warranty goes from $69, although I paid $89 this afternoon, to $139. The ability for China to make, produce, transport and ship computers has been significantly impacted by the virus. Whatever happens medical wise, hijos and hijas,  we are looking at massive price increases. And I got the next to the last Lenovo Laptop, since the only other one they had, besides mine, was also sold last week, and the ONLY ONE OFFICE DEPOT HAS, at least in the downtown Portland store, is a display model. Yep, guys and gals, now you see why Trump is not only going to impale himself on “Peace in our time,” or have his famous economy detonate in his face. And yes indeed, this is NOT, REPEAT NOT, the time for a mass mob visit to India. Sheesh. Other than that, I’m good and now will return to my Lenovo computer which is clearly engaged in a conspiracy with Microsoft to make the sign in, registration process as OBNOXIOUS as they can. Microsoft does stuff like that, which is why I HATE MICROSOFT, even before Bill baby started dabbling in bio warfare.


I have refrained from writing in my blog since January 25th, for two reasons. The first is I have been prepping my ass off in preparation for dealing with a true global pandemic. The second is I have been steeling myself, hardening my soul, and body and spirit to deal with the level of death I see headed my way. It is a done deal in my view. China’s junior Emperor in Training, the Communist barbarian Li, has now entered, myth, saga, history and memory as a war criminal on a par with Mao Tse Dong, who is credited with killing in zone tens of millions, possibly over 125 MILLION of his citizens, victims, stooges or whatever the unfortunate Chinese are called who had the misfortune to live under the tyrant. However, Mao and Stalin will pale into nothingness when compared with the man, this feckless, power mad, control freak Li, who will be, and now is, directly responsible for setting up the conditions that will end up murdering potentially hundreds of millions of innocents, and using a bio weapon to do it. Yep, in Li we have a monster of unprecedented arrogance, ego mania, and the kind of mental derangement of what G.K. Chesterton called the “evil of the bland,” or the little men who in the kind of non passionate ideology end up murdering more than a psycho like Beria, or Himmler will, in that calm, methodical way they have. So, here is my take today, February 15th, 2020.

I said in my posts over at

that I felt I needed to wait for Valentine’s Day to get a clearer sense of exactly what are now facing, which is nothing less, in my view, of a repeat of the 1918 so called Spanish Flu. Having done so, I am now going to do the best I can to help you deal with it. First, if you can’t shelter in place for one to three months, you are dead. If you can’t defend yourself with guns and ammo, you are dead. If you can’t eat for three months, or drink water for three months, you are dead, and if you can’t give any of the many thugs who will smash your door in, and steal your supplies, or rape your child, YOU ARE DEAD. If you can’t give them a shotgun suppository, it is a medical term by the way, YOU ARE DEAD.

If you have believe, or still believe, the lying, vile scum leadership in China, or the WHO, or even the CDC, YOU ARE DEAD. If you haven’t been prepping your ass off, like Doomer Doug has, the last two to three weeks, YOU ARE DEAD.

Point One: All data coming from the Communist barbarians in China is, and has been, and will continue to be lies. If you believe any of it, you will die. So, you multiply whatever the particular fantasy number the scum in Bejing is spewing for each day by a minimum factor of TEN, and possibly by 100, and maybe even 1,000. Okay, maybe not 1000. Still, the current 1500 dead, is 15,000, and quite easily 150,000 dead. The infected, in China alone, would be 1.5 million at least. Now, I refuse to wrangle with anybody about my numbers. Believe me and live, or not and die: it makes no difference to me. I am becoming a hard man, as I turn 66, and I make no apology  for it. I have never been in combat, although I did serve in the US Army back in the 1970’s. I found that in combat, or a situation like we are in now, which is a bio weapon has been released and we are all under threat, you do what you need to live, and then you, assuming you survive, don’t dwell on it, and move on with your life.

China, well Junior Emperor Li trainee doesn’t matter anymore, neither does how the bio weapon got released, or all the incompetence and corruption involved in any of that level of TRUE EVIL. Yep, we got the stomp on us, and that is all there is to it. So, you follow the famous British World War Two motto: “We shall muddle through.” Of course, the other British Motto, the SAS one: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance,” is a good second choice. We now are in a global pandemic, whatever the whore classes, the politicians, the media, the medical types say. On January 25th, I could avoid saying that, but not today. I tell you all, with steel in my heart and fire in my belly, you better cover your ass or pay the final, ultimate price.

Here is the first link that tells me Africa is about to explode into chaos and anarchy as the virus spreads into country after country, each of them, like South Africa, or the Congo, or Egypt, with its own separate health crisis independent of the CHINA PLAGUE.

Gang, it took a while, but Africa is now in play, disease wise. You might of missed it, with only 338 pages to wander through:ld:, but back on page 330, post 13,178 I told you all that the first CONFIRMED case in Africa was in Egypt, Cairo if I am not mistaken, so the report of the CONFIRMED CASE IN SOUTH AFRICA, IE SWAZILAND, IS REALLY THE 2ND CASE OF CONFIRMED VIRUS IN AFRICA.


We all said that it was strange to not have any confirmed cases in Africa, South America etc, and the general consensus was to just wait, go count all our piles of ammo, and chill out till Africa started exploding in virus cases. And guess what, we now have TWO separate, confirmed virus cases, with each one of them in a separate part of Africa, like Egypt in the far north, and South Africa/Swaziland in the south of Africa.

In the 72 hours or so around Valentine’s Day we have seen MULTIPLE cases of CONFIRMED, no bs like the Deleware report, in Africa, in Hawaii, in London etc. Face it, the powers that be know it is global pandemic time and are doing the how much info do I release to warn people, but without having them urinate in their pants.

I nailed it for this weekend and despite some smirking here, uber doomer, Doomer Doug has doomed on spot on. :eleph:

Yep that is correct my fellow doomers. This Valentine’s Day saw CONFIRMATION of infected people in London, Africa, Hawaii and who knows where else we DON’T KNOW ABOUT YET. It is game over. Global Pandemic in motion. PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE.:sheep:

Here are several links from Natural News telling me just how bad this global pandemic will be.

Even more information showing the dam is burst and the China Plague information is now pouring out unchecked, and nobody even bothers to take the Chinese War Criminal data seriously now.

Official (rigged) Coronavirus Count: 67,100 infected, 1,526 dead
Realistic estimates: 200,000+ infected, 20,000+ dead

 US military activates pandemic response plan; China invokes “wartime” response

HERE IS JUST A SHORT LIST OF THE TIDAL WAVE OF CHINESE BARBARIAN COMMUNIST LIES NOW BEING OPENLY EXPOSED IN THE ALTERNATIVE NEWS MEDIA. The whore, fake news media has lost all credibility and is on the verge of imminent collapse as a news source. The Sheeple will ignore all the political stuff, but when people they know start to get infected, and die and they realize the whores in the media and WHO have lied to them AND THEY HAVE DIED FROM THOSE LIES then the Sheeple will be out looking for blood.

Vietnam imposes first mass quarantine outside of China, 10,000 residents on lockdown
Saturday, February 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: coronavirusglobal emergencylockdownmass quarantinenovel coronavirusoutbreakpandemicquarantineVietnamvirus

CDC says Americans need to get prepared because coronavirus could “gain a foothold” in U.S.
Saturday, February 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: CDCCenters for Disease Control and Preventioncoronavirusdiseasegain a footholdglobal emergencyinfectionnovel coronavirusoutbreakpandemicpreparedpreppingStudyvirusWuhanWuhan coronavirus

Chinese factory employees forced to return to work amid widening coronavirus outbreak, then get QUARANTINED
Saturday, February 15, 2020 by: JD Heyes
Tags: ChinaChinese factoriesChinese government quarantineCollapsecoronavirusfactoriesfactory outputglobal economyglobal productionoutbreakpandemicquarantinespreadsupply chainsupply interruptionvirusWuhan

I won’t add them here, but I have links about the infected woman who ran around London, England in a Uber car share, or the infected man who ran around several islands in Hawaii, before FLYING BACK TO JAPAN. Yep, the global pandemic is here now. Prepare as best as you can, and as FAST AS YOU CAN. The Sheeple are in moooootion, and the Sheeple are moooooving.

I will also add that here in CONUS the highest kill zones, hence my term Killed in Zone, will the Marxist Democrat run cities, with their filth, large homeless populations, and the general chaos that passes for urban life here in the USA. Granted, Doomer Doug lives in downtown Portland, so I will likely die with the whole, filthy, foul smelling, foul mouthed, brain dysfuntional lot of them. Well, that is why God made shotguns, now isn’t it?