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It is increasingly clear to Doomer Doug what we have in our Imperial Cretin in Chief is a very rare mixture of arrogance, incompetence and self centered ego. Obama is engaging in a systematic effort to create an American Emperor, complete with all the edicts designed to redesign the American Republic into his MARXIST version of racial, multicultural paradise.

Obama has over the last month or so asserted a broad range of IMPERIAL RIGHTS DUE TO ROYALTY AND A MONARCH/KING/EMPEROR TYPE OF GOVERNMENT. Obama has repeatedly asserted he has the right to do this, or to do that COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT OF AMERICAN REPUBLIC CONSTITUTIONAL POWER AND AUTHORITY.

We are now coming to the same point the German people were in the spring of 1933.This was after Hitler was elected and began the process, the actual imposition of a fascist state. The question is what will the American people do now that Obama is openly proclaiming himself both God and Caesar? The question is what will the remnants of the American citizen solider do in the face of Obama installing fascism in the USA?

This Obama as God syndrome is going to only end in one of three ways. The first is the political system holds together long enough for Obama to be IMPEACHED FOR TREASON. The second is our newly proclaimed Imperial Cretin and MARXIST DICTATOR is able to implement his policies. The third is a powerful populist response comes from the armed militias. This may  possibly trigger armed help from parts of the Roman Legion colonial military we have created under the Total Force Concept since 1973. I was in the US Army back in 1974 when there was much talk of Nixon launching a coup to remain in power. I will plainly tell any active duty military reading this the domestic enemy clause of your enlistment oath is now fully activated.  Obama is forcing a choice among our military unseen since the American Civil War. Freedom or Tyranny is what is now at stake,


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We have elected, in Obama, a clinically insane Marxist dictator. You can always count on a Marxist thug to act like a Marxist thug. Obama has totally misread the mood of the country. Obama has completely failed to understand he has created, for the first time since 1860, a populist based, armed militia in the USA.

Gang, the man really does think he is an Imperial Dictator. Obama is going to push as hard as he can, as fast as he can. He really doesn’t care at this point what the result is.

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Doomer Doug is online now I think Ferguson is an economic/class issue. I think it is a race/ethnic group issue. I think it is a liberal/conservative political issue. I also think it will be reduced to one solely based on race. I see a lot of white liberal types marching with the blacks in Ferguson. I also see the open contempt the blacks have for them. This is not like the 1960 era civil rights march full of Jews from New York, a bunch of liberal church leaders etc.

     We are now 50 years from that whole era. It is clear the total failure of all liberal race policies from LBJ onward are now bearing fruit. The liberal race policies worked in the sense they have sucked off the black middle class and physically removed them from the urban cesspools where poor blacks now live. It is also clear welfare policies have destroyed Black males and turned them into drug dealers, pimps or other losers. The liberal policy has destroyed the Black nuclear family, at least in the urban cesspools, and led to single mother households that GUARANTEE TEENAGE BLACK MALES WILL JOIN GANGS FOR SOCIAL SUPPORT.

The single greatest difference between the black middle class,  and the black urban mob, is the fact middle class families still have a husband/father intact.

Ferguson is going to prove, finally and with complete certainty, the black urban mob DESPISES ALL WHITES FOR MANY DIFFERENT REASONS. It will finally convince the radical, left wing whites that they are not wanted, not respected and are seen as either suckers, chumps or fools.

Ferguson is eventually going to come down to RACE. The liberal whites are going to find out what the actor Eric Bana said in “Black Hawk Down,” “ONCE THE SHOOTING STARTS, ALL THIS POLITICAL STUFF GOES OUT THE WINDOW.”

The black urban mob now “demonstrating/rioting” in Ferguson has attacked white supporters several times. The thing Ferguson is going to do is finish off the notion of white guilt. White guilt is already fading now that Obama got elected. It will hard for the usual liberal white crowd to keep singing Kumbaya, and chanting “can’t we all get along,” when they are openly attacked by the criminal, black thug urban mob.

Ferguson is a good thing in the sense that the racial preference blinders are finally coming off for most whites in the USA. Yes Virgina, there really is a black urban mob, full of criminals, thugs, bullies; racist bigots who will KILL ANY WHITE PERSON THEY COME INTO CONTACT WITH IF THEY THINK THEY CAN GET SOMETHING FOR DOING SO, AND CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.

It is a brutal judgement that after 50 years of racial set asides, affirmative action, racial preferences etc that the black urban mob is still a bunch of violent losers who think life owes them something, for nothing. Yep, Al Sharpton isn’t going to like what the white race in America concludes about blacks if there is widespread anarchy, rioting and violence in Ferguson. The truth about race relations in the modern USA is this. After 50 years of targeted racial bigotry, against whites and in favor of “protected class minorities and sexual groups” the final result has been to INCREASE RACISM at all levels of American Society. Obama and Eric Holder are racist bigots who have done more to cause racial tension to increase due to their race baiting political style.

     If Ferguson burns, it will be because 50 years of reverse racism has now created an entire class of young blacks who think they are owed everything by everybody else.

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I am becoming slightly more optimistic regarding the potential for a global pandemic, especially in the USA and Europe. Ebola is spread by what Sterling Hayden, the actor in “Dr. Strangelove” called “precious bodily fluids.” Precious bodily fluids include blood, feces, vomit, saliva, tears, sweat; semen coming into DIRECT AND CLOSE CONTACT with a person. I have now concluded Ebola is “easier to get in Africa” than in the USA and Europe for several reasons.

      First, the cultural practices of burial, washing the corpse and coming into direct contact with body fluids is not, repeat IS NOT, a factor in the USA and Europe.

Second, the level of physical infrastructure, in terms of public sanitation, toilets, fresh water, garbage pickup etc, is far more advanced than in Africa in general. We simply do not have a situation in the USA like in West Point, Liberia. West Point has TWO toilets for 75,000 people. The number of people living in a dwelling is fewer than in Africa. The rooms are bigger, cleaner, and you are not dealing with filthy, infected towels, bedding and linen.

Third, although the initial reaction to Duncan by the hospital staff was dismal, plus the two nurses got infected, still our hospitals are cleaner, better supplied; the people are better trained than in Africa.

Finally, well Doomer Doug is genetically incapable of being a “Polly.” LOL Still, I just don’t see the cultural conditions and practices, medical and public health problems being the same in Europe and the USA. This doesn’t mean that the USA will avoid Ebola, or in the third world cesspool areas of some of our major cities we will no get some Ebola cases.

I am just not seeing millions of Americans getting infected with Ebola. The conditions, cultural practices, medical problems make Ebola worse in West Africa. The Marxist in Chief continued failure to stop infected Africans from openly flying in will make matters worse, at least until OBAMA GETS IMPEACHED. The impeachment of Obama is now very much in play in early 2015 in my opinion. Ebola will be public enough in the USA, and cause enough anger that the LIBERAL EXTREME OPEN BORDER GROUPS ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES soon.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for West Africa in particular is grim. It is now clear to me we are dealing with a Black Death level event in Africa. Ebola has now spread to Mali among other countries. There is a separate Ebola epidemic in the DRC, cases being reported from Sudan, South Africa among others. The situation in both Liberia and Sierra Leone is creating a failed state under Black Death of 1348 to 1352 status. Doomer Doug sees multiple millions dead in Africa in the months and years ahead.

Ebola has medical, economic, political, cultural, and economic consequences. For one thing, the price of candy in the USA has gone up 15 percent for Halloween due to harvest issues in West Africa. Africa is road kill at this point in my opinion.

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My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url