It looks like the antifa types are going to engage in violence at Portland’s Waterfront Park. They are upset the “Patriot Prayer Group,” are demonstrating. The link to a live video of the situation is here. It is the third video near the bottom of the page. Right now, the PPD, which apparently was ordered by our Marxist Mayor and our police chief named Outlaw, yes that really is here name, to no longer stand down and let the Antifa thugs attack Trump’s supporters with impunity. It could be the ongoing chaos upset the business community and any tourists still coming the cesspool Portland now is. The cesspool comment by the head of the Police Union set off a firestorm among the Marxist elite now running Portland. I think there will be violence today, since we have seen violence at all the other demonstrations. Hopefully, we won’t see firefights between the two groups, along with dead corpses on the street.



At any rate, the weather is nice and sunny, with a temperature in the low 80s. It is perfect rioting weather and I expect to see a riot. The police are out in full riot gear, and making megaphone statements ordering people to stay on the sidewalks and not block the streets. The Antifa thugs are on the other side of the street, at least for now. I’m sure they will try and engage the Patriot Prayer group, like they did last time. The result will be violent, physical clashes, arrests and people going to the hospital. It is a “Day of Rage” type of scenario for Antifa. The area where this is happening is about 10 blocks away from where I am writing this. Fortunately, this means I can avoid it. During one of the recent demonstrations the PPD actually declared martial law for a four block area around Pioneer Square. This means I have had the dubious experience of living in a martial law zone. Civil War Two has started. The only real issue is when the firefights will break out, and when the corpses start to fall. Violence is inevitable today. Whether that will include dead demonstrators or not, remains to be seen.

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