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Doomer Doug has to hand it to our Marxist Obama in how he has played his hand since the election. Obama has used his veto threat to gut any potential Republican opposition to pretty much anything he proposes. Obama got a free pass on his use of the illegal, unconstitutional execuive order process to effectively create a permanent Democratic majority. This new majority will be based on hordes of illegals collecting government benefits.
After all, it was the ancient Greek writer Polybius who commented that Athens really fell once the politicians figured out they could take from one class of voters. They then gave the looted resources to another class in order to guarantee their own political power. American politicians, the Democratic version, have decided to buy off the incoming waves of illegals to make them vote Democrat forever. The Republican version is to loot the middle class in favor of the Wall Street, corporate, and banking elites.
Obama, a very cunning, ruthless Marxist has taken all this to the next level in my opinion. Obama is now creating a permanent Democratic political majority soley based on two things. The first is giving non citizens American citizenship via his amnesty program. The second is to then secure their political support using government benefits. You really didn’t actually think Obama’s new “two years of free communinty college education program,” was for native born Americans? It is part of a tidal wave of “government stuff,” Obama is planning to use to bribe illegals. The new Obama budget is seven percent higher for this reason alone.
Obama, in an even more cunning move, has moved in for the final kill phase of the American Republic. The Marxist female nominee to replace Eric Holder is even worse, as hard as that is to believe, than Holder was. The reason is Obama is now unleashing a one/two punch. The first punch is the illegals. The second punch is the use of Sharia Law to put the final nail in the US coffin. You also didn’t think the “visit” by the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House was a fluke? Obama nominating the multicultural wizard Mz. Lynch is also part of a the final phase of his Marxist dictatorship. The fact Obama is going to use Muslim Sharia Law, with Mz. Lynch riding shotgun, literally I might add, is the final phase. The reason Obama nominated Ms. Lynch is she is going to use the full power of the Justice Department to beat any city, country, or state, that dares to object to the creation of an alternative legal system in the USA to hamburger.
I make it a point to tell the truth in my blog entries. I am telling you all one thing right now. We are going to see over the course of 2015, if we don’t get a rising of the armed militas, the creation of Obama’s brownshirts, the deliberate creation of a new “protected class” of refugees, illegal immigrants grovelling at the feet of Obama and the Democrats. Finally, we are going to see the imposition of Sharia Law under the full protection of Ms. Lynch and the US Department of Justice. I will also add the “homosexual agenda” is now in full swing also. The bottom line is the final tidal wave of chaos is now fully in play.
In summary, the creation of a intensely loyal Democratic base of refugees and illegals to Obama personally. The second thing is the imposition of Sharia Law. The third will be the heavy use of the triad of freedom’s doom as I like to call them will come into full combat mode. Hate thought will be hunted down and exterminated. Hate speech will be brutally crushed. This is what the new “Net Neutrality Laws” are really about. And finally, hate crimes will be used to crush anything Obama and the PC crowd want to.
The “Republican opposition” will do nothing to stop Ms. Lynch from being confirmed. They will do nothing to seal our borders at all. They will do nothing to stop Sharia Law from being imposed in the USA. They will do nothing to defend freedom at all. Here are a few links related to our Marxist Ms. Lynch
Here is a link showing why Sharia Law is now on the table in the USA after the White House meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood

Doomer Doug was scheduled to appear with Rick at trunews last week. I am unsure exactly what happened to that interview. It is entirely possible, as hard as this is to believe, they found Doomer Doug to much to handle. It has happened before. LOL
At any rate, I will continue to write here at my blog. If any of you find any value here, feel free to either buy my ebooks, or click on the about setion and send some donation money to my wepay account.

My gut is telling me a lot of stuff is starting to happen here in 2015. I think a starting gun was fired on January 1st, 2015.




Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url


The magnitude of the political fallout from Israel’s airstrike on the Hezzbollah convoy in Southern Lebanon has now reached critical mass. Israel has now set in play a decisive military/political victory for Iran and Hezzbollah. Israel’s airstrike is now a game-changer for the entire Middle East. Here is my take on what this means for the rest of the world.

It is clear to Doomer Doug an Iranian policy going back to 2008 is now entering the final phase. The following link talks about the deployment of missiles to Eritrea by Iran.

Iran has now used its proxy group, the Shia Houthi tribesmen from Northern Yemen, to depose the US backed leadership. The Houthi compose one third of Yemen’s total population. The rest are Sunni Muslims who back the terror group called Al Quadea of the Arabian Peninsula. They are responsible for the 2001 attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 US sailors. They are responsible for the Paris attacks that killed the 12 people. Iran has now taken over effective control of Yemen, using their proxy group to oust the US backed president, and set the stage for a wide ranging effort to crush Saudi Arabia.

Western leaders, looking for a rapid and highly public relations worthy “anti-terror attack political payback,” will be courted by the Shia Houthi to use drones to kill off their Sunni opposition in Yemen. Iran will allow the extermination of the Sunni terror group in Yemen to cleanse it for the Shia. Sunnis will either be fled or dead once this happens. Iran will then use the wide open ports in Yemen to ship in all the weapons it wants for phase two of this long planned operation. Iran will send war material into the Eastern Areas of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the other Gulf States with significant Shia minorities. Shia is only a majority religion in Iran. It has enough of a minority, if well armed, to create chaos in both the Gulf States and Eastern Saudi Arabia. Iran will put into the danger zone virtually ALL oil producing, refining, and shipping infrastructure in the entire Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabian area. Iran can use local Shia to launch terror attacks which will result in a disruption of the critical oil flow to Japan and the West.

Iran will have plausible denial ability. Iran will have isolated bases in Yemen to launch attacks. Further, Iran is going for total domination of ALL potential oil export routes. Iran has long had the ability to launch anti-ship missiles in the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian bases in Eritrea give it the ability to seal the entrance to the Red Sea/Suez Canal from the West. Iran now has the ability, as soon as it ships the missiles and launchers into Yemen’s ports, to launch from the East. Iran now has, or will soon have, the complete ability to seal both the Strait of Hormuz and the Red Sea entrance to the Suez Canal.

The goal of all this is several fold, in my opinion.

First: Iran seeks to take down the Saudi Arabian Royal Family in order to gain control of the sacred sites.

Second: Iran seeks to make it impossible for anybody, Israel, Europe, NATO, or the USA, to attack it when it announces it really does have nuclear weapons. Iran will simply state, in the event of any type of attack on Iran, it will seal the Strait of Hormuz. It will also seal the Red Sea entrance, from Yemen and Eritrea, to the Suez Canal.

Three: Iran may very well be planning to make a public announcement it really does have nuclear weapons.

Four: Iran is seriously angry at the death of its people in Israel’s airstrike.

Five: Iran is opening a new southern front against Israel. This new front will prevent Israel from using the Suez Canal, especially for the Dolphin Class submarines Israel got from Germany. Yemen will make a very effective logistics hub for HAMAS in the Gaza strip. It will also work well for Shia based militias in Eastern Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

Six: Iran will move to the next level. Iran will be a credible military threat, even without nuclear weapons, and able to unleash massive economic chaos with a few missile launches. Iran can blame any missile attacks on the Sunnis. Iran can  make shipping insurance rates go so high no tanker will go through the Suez Canal, much less into the Persian Gulf.

All of this has happened within 48 hours of Israel killing that Revolutionary Guard General in the airstrike. IRAN IS NOW CLEARLY MOVING ON A WAR FOOTING AND TAKING DECISIVE ACTION IN PURSUIT OF IRANIAN MILITARY GOALS. The fact they are doing this at the same time as Obama’s so called peace effort is underway pretty much says all that needs to be said.

If you are looking for more detail on Yemen click this link:

The following link is to an AP news story on the total collapse of Yemen’s government at the hands of Iranian backed Houthi Shia tribesmen. It is posted under fair use doctrine.
Jan 22, 5:16 PM EST

Yemen’s US-backed president quits; country could split apart

Associated Press
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Yemen’s US-backed president quits; country could split apart

Questions, answers on Yemen as rebels, president strike deal

Yemeni Shiite rebels take base, guard president’s home

Yemen’s al-Qaida claims Paris attack, vows more violence

Paris gunman told Yemeni he lived with ‘underwear bomber’

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SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen’s U.S.-backed president quit Thursday under pressure from rebels holding him captive in his home, severely complicating American efforts to combat al-Qaida’s powerful local franchise and raising fears that the Arab world’s poorest country will fracture into mini-states.

Presidential officials said Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi submitted his resignation to parliament rather than make further concessions to Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, who control the capital and are widely believed to be backed by Iran.

The prime minister and his cabinet also stepped down, making a thinly veiled reference to the Houthis’ push at gunpoint for a greater share of power. Houthis deployed their fighters around parliament, which is due to discuss the situation on Sunday.

Yemeni law dictates that the parliament speaker – Yahia al-Rai, a close ally of former autocratic ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh – will now assume the presidency. Saleh still wields considerable power and is widely believed to be allied with the Houthis.

There were conflicting reports suggesting that authorities in Aden, the capital of southern region of Yemen, would no longer submit to the central government’s authority. Even before the Houthis’ recent ascendance, a powerful movement in southern Yemen was demanding autonomy or a return to the full independence the region enjoyed before 1990. Southerners outrightly reject rule by the Houthis, whose power base is in the north. The Houthis are Zaydis, a Shiite minority that makes up about a third of Yemen’s population.

Concerns were also mounting about an economic collapse. Two-thirds of Yemen’s population are already in need of humanitarian aid, according to reported U.N. figures. Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia, which has long been Yemen’s economic lifeline, cut most of its financial aid to Yemen after the Houthis seized the capital in September. The Houthis deny receiving any Iranian support.

The Houthis’ recent encroachments on Sunni areas have also fanned fears of a sectarian conflict that could fuel support for al-Qaida, a Sunni movement that has links to some of the country’s tribes and is at war with both the Shiites and Hadi’s forces. U.S. officials say the developments are already undermining military and intelligence operations against al-Qaida’s Yemen-based affiliate, which made its reach felt in this month’s deadly Paris attacks.

Hadi’s resignation comes four months after President Barack Obama cited Yemen as a terrorism success story in a September speech outlining his strategy against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, which involves targeted U.S. strikes on militants with the cooperation of a friendly ground force. Obama called it an approach “that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.”

In Washington on Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the U.S. was still trying to sort out what was happening on the ground and had made no decisions yet regarding embassy staffing.

The resignations mark the collapse of an internationally backed transition that compelled Saleh, who ruled for three decades, to resign in 2012 following months of Arab Spring protests.

Hadi’s rule was deeply undermined by Saleh loyalists who retained posts in state institutions and the security apparatus. Last year the U.N. Security Council imposed targeted sanctions on Saleh and two top Houthi leaders, accusing them of obstructing the political transition.

Despite widespread fears, some observers said Thursday’s resignation of the elected president could encourage Yemenis to take to the streets just as they did in 2011 in against Saleh.

“The coming hours will be decisive for Yemen for decades to come. Either they will usher in a new path, new openings, or we say our death prayers,” said Yemeni writer Farea Al-Muslimi.

Shortly after Hadi’s resignation, the Supreme Security Committee, the top security body in Aden, the capital of the south, issued orders to all military bases, security bodies and popular committees composed of armed civilians to be on a state of alert and take orders only from Aden central command.

It was not immediately clear how much mandate the security authorities have over the southern region, and analysts predicted that internal conflict among southern secessionist leaders would probably delay action toward a split with the north.

The greater threat, they said, is fragmentation of other regions.

“We are not talking here about split of north and south, but the fracture of the state to small pieces where each tribal region disintegrates,” said Al-Muslimi.

Hadi’s resignation came despite efforts by U.N. envoy Jamal Benomar to implement a deal reached Wednesday to resolve the crisis.

“We reached a deadlock,” Hadi said, according to a copy of his letter of resignation obtained by The Associated Press. “We found out that we are unable to achieve the goal, for which we bear a lot of pain and disappointment.”

Presidential adviser Sultan al-Atawani told AP that the Houthis refused to withdraw from the presidential palace, the republican palace where the prime minister lives or from the president’s house. They also refused to release a top aide to Hadi whose abduction earlier this week set the violence in motion.

Military officials close to the president said the Houthis also pressured Hadi to deliver a televised speech to calm the streets. They said the Houthis also demanded appointments in his own office, the Defense Ministry and provincial capitals. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Shortly before Hadi’s resignation, Prime Minister Khaled Bahah submitted his own resignation, saying he feared “being dragged into an abyss of unconstructive policies based on no law.”

Three ministers of his cabinet told AP that they were subjected to heavy pressures from Houthi gunmen who visited them in their homes with list of names of people they want to appoint in their ministries. They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information.

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  • Iran is making some moves in direct response to Israel killing their Revolutionary Guard General in the Lebanon convoy attack the other day. If you understand how the Shia/Sunni game is being played Iran just attacked Saudi Arabia using a proxy in Yemen.

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    One key development has been lost in the normal chaos of the Middle East the last few days. The Iranian backed tribal group, the Houthi, has now gained effective control of Yemen’s capital, and now poses a direct threat to the faltering, US backed government.
    The results of that will be open warfare between the Sunni and Shia in Yemen. It will also have the additional effect of linking the Shia in Yemen with the Shia living in Eastern Saudi Arabia. This will likely cause even more chaos in Saudi Arabia itself. The recent border attack on Saudi Arabia has also been lost in the ongoing chaos.

    Yemen is where the USS Cole was attacked prior to 9-11-2001.
    Yemen is where multiple attacks in Africa, Europe and the USA have been planned.
    Yemen is now in play between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.

    )Shiite Houthi rebels overtook the presidential palace in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, on Tuesday, marking what a government minister called “the completion of a coup.”

    “The President has no control,” Minister of Information Nadia Sakkaf told CNN as clashes raged.

    President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi was thought to be in his private residence at the time — not in the palace. There were reports of clashes near the residence.

    And the Prime Minister’s residence was under attack from the street, Sakkaf said.

    The regime still controlled the city of Aden, and it closed the port of Aden as well as roads leading into and out of Sanaa, according to Yemeni state TV, which is controlled by the government.

    Power vacuum could benefit terrorist group AQAP

    The global stakes are high. Yemen is home to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, the terror network linked to such attacks as the recent slaughter at French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. AQAP also tried to blow up a plane landing in Detroit in 2009.

    The battle against AQAP has helped make Yemen’s government a U.S. ally in the fight against al Qaeda. A power vacuum often benefits terrorist groups.

    The Yemeni government has been grappling with pressure not only from the Sunni Muslim AQAP but also from Houthi militants, Shiite Muslims who have long felt marginalized in the majority Sunni country.

    Seven things to know about Yemen

    Houthi leader: Conspiracy links Yemen to Charlie Hebdo attack

    “We are the victims of corruption and false promises,” Houthi rebel leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi said in a televised address on a network controlled by Houthis and based in Beirut, Lebanon. “The government did not respect the peace and partnership deal from September. We are trying to bring some legitimacy to the government.”

    He complained of economic struggles and poverty.

    Al-Houthi also said there is an international conspiracy to link Yemen to the attacks in Paris.

    “Yemeni people have two options — to move against the foreign agendas, or stand against them firmly since they seek to spread chaos in Yemen. This is why we moved with the Yemeni people though many powers inside and outside Yemen are angered. But the Yemeni people are with us and understand our goals,” he said.

    AQAP claimed responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack, and U.S. investigators have worked on the assumption that attacker Said Kouachi met the late American terrorist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki at some point in Yemen and received orders from AQAP, a U.S. official told CNN.
    Houthi men wearing army uniforms stand guard on a street leading to the presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen, on Wednesday, January 21. After two days of turmoil and talk of a coup, an official says the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels have reached a tentative agreement aimed at defusing the country's political crisis.

    Tuesday’s developments came a day after heavy fighting between government forces and Houthis left nine people dead and 67 others injured, Yemen’s Health Ministry said, before the sides agreed to a ceasefire.

    Gunfire could be heard sporadically across Sanaa on Tuesday.

    U.S. Embassy vehicle comes under fire

    Unknown assailants fired shots Monday night at a U.S. Embassy vehicle in Sanaa, the U.S. Embassy said Tuesday.

    The shooters fired first into the air and then turned the guns on the vehicle, the embassy said. The vehicle carried U.S. diplomatic personnel and was at a checkpoint near the embassy at the time. No injuries were reported.

    The embassy is known to use SUVs that are recognizable as U.S. government vehicles.

    Two U.S. Navy warships moved into new positions in the Red Sea late Monday to be ready to evacuate Americans from the embassy if needed, a U.S. official with direct knowledge of the planning told CNN.

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on “all sides to immediately cease all hostilities, exercise maximum restraint, and take the necessary steps to restore full authority to the legitimate government institutions.”

    Members of the U.N. Security Council were briefed by the U.N. special adviser on Yemen, Jamal Benomar, and later issued a statement expressing their concern about the crisis.

    They stressed that Hadi is the country’s “legitimate authority.”

    “The members of the Security Council emphasized that all parties and political actors in Yemen must stand with President Hadi, Prime Minister Bahah, and Yemen’s Cabinet to keep the country on track to stability and security,” the statement read.

    Prolonged turmoil

    Houthis swept into the capital last year, sparking battles that left more than 300 dead in a month. In September, they signed a ceasefire deal with the government, and Houthis have since installed themselves in key positions in the government and financial institutions.

    But tensions flared again last weekend as Houthis said they abducted presidential Chief of Staff Ahmed bin Mubarak in Sanaa on Saturday. Osama Sari, senior media adviser to the Houthi movement in Yemen, said Houthis detained bin Mubarak because the President wanted to introduce a new constitution without the Houthis’ approval.

    CNN’s Jason Hanna, Mohammed Tawfeeq, Salim Essaid and Susannah Cullinane contributed to this report.

    Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
    My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url
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    Greetings, Doug: Thanks for posting this. Between the economic chaos and our own personal struggles it is easy to ignore the subtleties
    of the Great Game which seems to has shifted into the next highest gear. Take care. BREWER

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    Iran is moving to do several things, Brewer.

    One is to control the Strait of Hormuz and seal off Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf oil suppliers.

    Two is to control the Suez Canal, Yemen, Eritrea/Somalia and cut off Israel from the east.

    Three is to cause Saudi Arabia to collapse using a combination of proxy Shia tribal members in Yemen, plus the Shia in eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the other Gulf states.

    Brewer, once the Shia Houthi get control of Yemen they will have SEAPORT into which Iran can pour weapons into Yemen. From Yemen they can go into Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, the Gaza Strip etc.

    Iran is making some major moves here in my opinion, and is taking advantage of Obama’s rather delusional peace offensive.

    Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
    My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url


Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url

I have come to the conclusion, in my sixty-one years of life, the leadership classes, in business, politics, media, education, are clinical psychopaths/sociopaths. I define the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath as this. The clinical sociopath has an on/off switch, much like a light switch in your wall. The clinical psychopath has no such switch and, in the terms Criminal Minds uses is devolved into chaos. Clinical psychopaths do not/will not last in public society for long because they can’t cover up their insanity. The reason sociopaths do so well is they can cover up their actions and deceive, manipulate, and use other people.

I will also tell my blog readers I have personal experience with a clinical psychopath. His name is Sebastian Shaw. He is serving 3 life sentences for three murders. He is also serving over 100 additional years for the one victim who survived the attack, and has been named the “prime suspect” in the murder of a fourteen year old girl in California. He is now in Salem, Oregon where he will rot until he dies. I will tell you plainly, although I suspected he was “off,” I had no idea the violence he was capable of. I assure you, that if you ever work with a clinical psychopath, you may very well have no idea of what you are dealing with until it is too late.

The reason things are the way they are, right now on planet Earth, is the “system” is geared to rewarding Sociopathic behavior beneficial only to the ruling class. If you reward certain types of behavior, you will get that kind of behavior. If you take a hard, sober-minded look at what is actually going on right now; by that I mean the types of behavior engaged in by the powers that be, you will come to the conclusion the world has gone mad. The reason the world has gone mad is simple; the global elite is making decisions that are clinically insane. It is only by viewing what “they” are doing, and not what “they” are saying, you realize just how much behavior now going on is “bonkers.” The things “they” are now doing are not sustainable, not rational, and will not endure. “They” are milking the system, looting and pillaging as if there is no future BECAUSE TO THE CLINICAL SOCIOPATHS RULING OUR PLANET THERE REALLY IS NO FUTURE.

We are now led by a global elite in the same mindset as the SS officers in late April of 1945 in Berlin. They are very much in the “let the people die with the elite,” mindset. It is a fact Adolph Hitler gave orders, fortunately ignored, for the Berlin subway system to be flooded in a final “end of the Third Reich” orgy of death. If that order had been obeyed, up to 5 million Berliners would have been killed. I am telling you this is what “they” have planned for “us.”

The link below is a good description of what I am talking about. My only difference is I think he confuses psychopathic behavior with sociopathic behavior. Obama et al are not psychopaths in the clinical meaning of the word, like Manson for instance. Obama is a sociopath in my opinion. True psychopaths, like Stalin, or Hitler, or Pol Pot in Cambodia are few and far between, don’t last very long, with the exception of Stalin, and go down in blood and fire in a spectacular fashion.

Here are a few selected parts of it.

You see, most of us “normal people” are able to contain our dark sides; being more ‘good’ than we are ‘bad’. Then there is another group of people who are generally more bad than good, yet not totally evil either. Those are the people we talk about as, “He’s a real such and such, but he does have a good side to him.” These types can still be salvaged, or at least contained.

Then there is the true psychopath; a heartless, soulless, shameless devil who will smile in your face, charm you and flatter you as he (or she) sticks the knife in your back. He is often charismatic, likable and energetic. He lies effortlessly. He will draw anyone into his orbit that can serve to further his ambitions, or fuel his ego with “narcissistic supply”. He manipulates. He cheats. He sucks the lifeblood out of you and then, when you are no longer of any value to him, he will discard you like a used up lemon.

To achieve his nefarious ends, the narcissistic psychopath will play every emotional card in his manipulative arsenal; alternating between outbursts of anger and verbal abuse, empty flattery, fake sympathy for others, false pity for himself, fake smiling or laughing, fake crying, fake humility, false charity and fake piety.


Now a single psychopath in a position of power is bad enough, but when they federate together, the exponential evil can secretly overwhelm entire nations. After all, what is a conspiracy but a group of psychopaths coming together to do evil. Indeed, conspiratorial activity is standard operating  procedure for The League of Unjust Psychopaths currently misruling the West.

In his excellent piece, Why Elites And Psychopaths Are Useless To Society, Brandon Smith explains:

“The problem is humanity is not only hardwired with a dark side; we are also hardwired with a conscience — at least, most of us are. All people are born with a shared moral compass that is often expressed in various religious works throughout the ages. It is a universal voice, or guide, that we can choose to listen to or to ignore. Organized psychopaths have struggled with the existence of this inborn compass for centuries.

You see, our consciences pose a threat to The League of Unjust Psychopaths. So it’s not enough for them to rise to the top an to do evil; they must also corrupt the people, especially the children. A degenerate public will never rise up in righteous indignation against their evil oppressors. How can they if they can no longer even define evil, let alone recognize it? The day will come when the psychopaths become the majority of the public.

Samuel Adams summed it best:  “it is always observable,  that those who are combined to destroy the People’s Liberties, practice every Art to poison their Morals.” 

America, we have an infestation problem! 


I have written several times one of the key tactics, historical, well documented tactics, Marxists use is to create discord, and social anarchy, based on class and race baiting. Our Marxist cretin in chief, Obama, along with his lackeys: Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and my personal favorite,  Mr. race baiting, kill all whites Nation of Islam leader “Calypso Louie,”  have now created what I am calling the Obamafata. Rush Limbaugh came up with Calypso Louie, by the way.

If you don’t understand we are dealing with the Marxist definition of an “Infantata,” you don’t understand what Ferguson, New York City “black justice” demonstrations were all about. The “hands up, don’t shoot,” movement isn’t going away; it will increase in number of incidents, the violence of incidents, and the planned disruption of daily life in this here corporate oligarchy called the USA circa 2015. If you were under the illusion you can go back to watching your World Wide Wrestling Matches on your 55 inch HD Television, well Doomer Doug hates to shake and rattle your consumer utopia. We are now facing in the USA what Israel faced with the so called Palestinian “Infantata.” DOOMER DOUG THINKS HE WILL CALL THE DOMESTIC US VERSION OF THIS THE OBAMAFATA. The OBAMAFATA is the sustained, ongoing Marxist campaign, led by Obama in person, among other “black leaders,” to destroy the “white oppressive system,” “create racial justice,’ and use a campaign of violence, intimidation, and bullying  to do it. It is here now, and will continue to get worse as the weather improves.

The following is a repost from along with my comments on it.

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We can be absolutely certain the whore media, the PC crowd, et al will follow the usual policy of denying this is a TERROR ATTACK AND HATE CRIME. Yep, just ask yourself the Doomer Doug question: What would the “system/media/PC response be if a large group of white people had surrounded a car with several black people in it, opened the door, and SUMMARILY EXECUTED ONE OF THE INNOCENT BLACKS IN THE CAR? Gee, mainstream, national/international coverage about “white racism” etc.


Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e-book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url

imaginative is offline keep your eye on the ball

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“outside the box”

Black males execute random white college student in St. Louis, MO

Bobby Christman, was slaughtered in front of a downtown St. Louis museum. Black males shot him at random.

Three black males surrounded a carload of white people in Downtown St. Louis. One of them opened the car door and shot Bobby Christman in the head. He died shortly after. Then one of the perps engaged in a gun battle with police.

The St. Louis media is desperately trying to downplay the terrorist attack as “a botched robbery attempt.”

Bobby Christman, a 19-year-old college student, was shot in the head while sitting in the front passenger seat of the car. Two other people were in the car. A 17-year-old white male and a 19-year-old white female.

St. Louis was the scene of a gruesome racially motivated lynching murder on November 30th. Zemir Begic was attacked by a group of black teenagers who were yelling “kill the white people.” They smashed his face in with a hammer, killing him.

Then, just three days later, a group of black males stormed a bar full of older white patrons. The bar had a reputation for being a hangout for current and retired police. A elderly white female was shot in the head execution style and killed. Then the perps shot and wounded several other white victims.

Some of the recent Black on White murders in Missouri (St. Louis murders are in bold). As you can see, the victims of random black on white hate crimes are really piling up.

12/28/14 – Nicholas R. Preuitt, 28, was shot and killed by a black male in a parking garage in Kansas City, MO.

12/2/14 – Diana Lawrence, 63, was shot execution style by three black males in a bar. St. Louis, MO. They also wounded three other white victims. Suspects have been charged.

11/30/14 – Zemir Begic, 32, was killed in by a group of black males wielding hammers and yelling “kill the white people.” St. Louis, MO. The same perps also attacked others.

10/31/14 – Nathan Lavin, 34, was shot and killed by a black male in St. Louis, MO. The perp also shot his two dogs.

9/2/14 – A black male kills five white people in a spree shooting in Kansas City, MO. The same suspect is accused of murdering two white teenagers in 1998.

George Taylor, 80
Ann Taylor, 86
Susan Choucroun, 69
Lorene Hurst, 88
Darrel Hurst, 63

6/4/14 – Laura Bachman, 24, was beaten to death in her St. Louis, MO home. Her black boyfriend was charged.

3/1/14 – Nicholas Kapusniak, 20, was shot by a black male in downtown St. Louis, MO.…n-st-louis-mo/


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I am starting to think I have lived too long, seen too much, and experienced more than any person should have. What is the Kipling quote about “dropping down rung by rung; we saw too much when we were too young?” For those of you who think all this is “over there,” I have some bad news for you: it is here, and it has been “here” for quite some time. It is clear, to me at least, that which I have written about since 1998, seen coming, line after line of chaos troops, marching in order, weapons drawn ready for action, is now upon us. It is upon us in the New Black Panther Party arming for revolution against “white oppression.” It is upon us in the rise of the populist based, Tea Party armed militias now mobilizing to begin armed resistance to the treason of both our Marxist Obama, along with his Republican toad bonerhead. It is upon us in the Chinese invasion of South America. It is upon us in the ongoing illegal hordes openly pouring over our borders. It is upon us in the squalor, filth, amoral opportunism, lack of integrity in what passes for popular culture, civic life, and the endless lies, deceptions, and deceit now common at all levels of this late stage American Republic. There is a Gaelic word, gloaming, that describes the period between twilight and the actual onset of darkness. We are now in that final moment between twilight and complete darkness.

My personal opinion is there are right now on Planet Earth more people who get it than ever before. I also think there are more people who don’t get it than ever before. It is entirely possible this is due to the fact there are now over 7 billion people alive on Planet Earth. At this point in time I really don’t have much to say to the so-called DGI, don’t get it, types. If you haven’t figured out you are now in fact living in the final stages of the American Republic, I will not waste what little time is left. The common mantra we are living in the final days of the Roman Empire, and now careening into the Dark Ages is not historically correct. I would say we are near the final days of the 100 year Roman Civil War. This began with the murder of the populist Grachhi brothers for raising the kind of solutions to the concentration of wealth Rome started to deal with after the final conquest of Carthage. It ended with Caesar Augustus, Octavian, the nephew of the murdered Julius Caesar, founding the Imperial line that died out in 70 AD along with the psychopath Nero.

The point I am making is simple. The United States is not a collapsing Empire, like Rome was in 476 AD. The USA is a collapsing Republic, like Rome was in 30 BC, with Obama now creating the template for the kind of Marxist dictator “they” plan to create on a global basis. The fact “they” are mixing corporate fascism in the economic sphere,  Marxist political policies, and now openly mixing  social policies allowing all types of moral squalor is what I find so fascinating about the USA in 2015. I don’t think there is any historical example at all with the combination of mass illegal immigration, corporate oligarchy lusting after greed, fully combined with Marxist ideology based on class warfare, race baiting, and social anarchy. Here in the final stages of the American Republic, we add in the kind of moral squalor described by the Roman Juvenal in “Satyricon” for good measure. I agree with Tacitus in his comment that “Nero so corrupted Rome it was impossible for civic and political life to be restored.” The American Republic is gone into the ether; we shall not see it again in our lifetimes.

The ides of January, 2015 will be remembered as the time Militant Islam hacked the US military and openly issued threats of murder, rape, and mayhem to the spouses, children, and presumably pets, of active duty military people now fighting ISIS overseas. The brazenness of this shows just how pathetic the final days of the American Republic truly are. Lock and Load, blog readers, for two things are now absolutely certain here in America. The first is the total, complete, and utter failure of the people now running the USA in every sense of the word. You are now totally, completely on your own. The war on dissident thought by our Marxist masters, and their Republican lackeys, will now go into full force. The second thing is we are now going to see, in the kind of way the powers that be will be unable to cover up, direct attacks by Militant Islam in the USA. Be prepared for this, at all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual. We are now naked, betrayed, and abandoned; we are now naked to our enemies.

The American Republic is now collapsing in fire and anarchy. It will be replaced either with a Militant Islam Caliphate, or a Marxist dictatorship. Patriots will be hounded to death by the rise of the Imperial State in whatever form it chooses to take. This is not coming; this is now here.