Revolution in CONUS, and World War Three Preparations Overseas 1-6-2022

Putin, ie Vlad the Impaler, has correctly figured out that the Soros funded, Hellary, Obama, Rice and what is left of biden’s brain just couldn’t resist launching a “color” revolution in Kazzystan, hoping it won’t turn out like Libya did. Hellary the Shrew just got another lesson in if you do the same thing twice, why expect a different result. The result in kazzystan will be the same as in Libya, only this time the BIG BOYS are playing hardball. Putin will likely use whatever level of military force HE thinks is needed to secure his borders, ALL OF THEM, and the EU, NATO and the clinton cabal really running biden will be able to not lift a finger to stop it, unless they want to launch nukes. And so the first crisis careens along nicely.

The second crisis most resembles a pack of vultures fighting over the rotting corpse of the former American Republic. The demon crats, and yes, Virginia, I really do think the whole lot of what is now called the Democrat Party, is indeed full of demon possessed raving lunatics. By their actions shall ye know them. The first thing the demoncrats are up to is eliminating the filibuster. Once done, they will have taken total control of the entire political process. The rest of the political process will be when they PERMANENTLY RIG the voting process to guarantee permanent demoncrat control. They may add in eliminating the electoral vote to guarantee mob rule.

In fact, the demoncrats are now openly taking about making Trump unable to run for any political office, while they essentially kick out all the Republicans, except possibly leaving RINO Turds, trainees under rapid development, in office, at which point the one half of the USA that voted for Trump will be totally disengaged from the entire system, at all levels, in all ways, and in all results. And the result of that, like Putin’s result will be blood and fire.

It should be clear, well okay the demoncrats really are too stupid to figure this stuff out, or else they are expecting their woke, transexual, elite PC military to bail them out, although I have no idea of why they think that. Still, no conservative will have any stake in the American Republic once the demoncrats take all of these actions. At best, conservatives will give new life to forming several separate and independent new states, breaking off from these raving lunatics now destroying the American Republic to near total destruction.

Of course, the other option, like I have long suspected, is blood and fire commonly called Civil War Two. I don’t know why they call it a civil war, to quote George Carlin: “I don’t know why they call it a Civil War since there is nothing civil about it. And thus the globalist plan will be fully implemented, right down to the last jot and tittle, or minding our P’s and Q’s.

Phase One is complete with the howling mobs of antifa and blm marxist trash having gutted our cities.

Phase Two is now complete with the implementation of the Genocide protocols, and the end of civil, political discourse and the total permanent split of the USA one half demoncrat, and one half patriot/Christian/ so called Republican.

There is nothing to be done for it now, only watch the speed gauge and see how fast the final phase ie the military invasion of CONUS by Russia, China, South America, Iran etc

The American Republic is Dead. We killed it, or allowed it to be killed by this horde of demoncrat scum infesting our nation, or the other half as I like to put it, the non Patriot, Christian, Conservative half. And here I thought the two Red Dawn movies were a likely scenario, they are for part of the globalist plan, but I did not see the mass of TREASON among the entire leadership class of the USA. I should have remembered when evil is honored in the land, the vile strut about like peacocks. The peacocks will be the death of us, and soon now that Putin is willing to take military action to protect his borders, and the demoncrats, well they just made, or will soon make, when they are not killing us off, meaningless as they concentrate all political power in their hands.

Take care. Prepare. We really don’t have much longer now. Even the sheeple can see, not understand, or prepare, but they can see the fraud now.