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Giant panda in snowman challenge at Toronto Zoo

21 December 2016 Last updated at 13:22 GMT

Keepers built a snowman for giant panda Da Mao to enjoy at Toronto Zoo.


In 24 days the most decisive political act in the history of the American Republic will happen when Donald Trump is sworn in as POTUS. Despite the increasingly frantic efforts of the snowflakes, like the George Soros funded mall riots over the weekend, or the totally whacked Jill Stein to have DOJ Lynch investigate the 2016 election, we have won. The patriotic forces of truth, freedom, individual accountability and personal responsibility have crushed the Marxist ideology of hatred, racism and bigotry into mush. The Marxist reign of terror by Obama and his Clinton Crime Cabal is over. We had an election. The Marxists lost. Get over it. Once Trump is sworn in, despite any last minute mind games on January 6th, it is game over for the Marxist traitors who have tried to create a dictatorship the last 8 years.


One of the key reasons I voted for Trump, other than the fact he wasn’t Hellary the Shrew<G>, was he will have an unprecedented opportunity to nominate judges who understand the role of judges is to INTERPRET LAW AND NOT TO MAKE IT. Much of the fecal material now floating around the USA comes from “activist judges who make law.” The making of law is a function of the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH EITHER THE US SENATE OR THE US HOUSE. The founding fathers never foresaw a situation where Federal judges would usurp the legislative role and directly make law.

Further, in the kind of unintended consequences category the Democraps, ie Mr. Reid, changed the law to allow simple majority to confirm all judges below the Supreme Court. This means that Donald Trump can nominate 103 Federal judges, out of 856, and have a simple 51 majority, or if Graham and other RINOS mess with him, he can go to a 50/50 tie and have VP Pence cast the deciding vote.

Yep, while people have focused on the Supreme Court, it is the Federal District courts, like the 9th for example, where totally insane decisions are routinely made.

I will say that in my opinion the greatest single thing Trump will do is take back the court system from the liberal, Marxist FRUITCAKES.

The fact that the Democrats made it easier to do that is just icing on the cake.

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AND SO IT BEGINS 12-21-2016

I have long said the USA is on the verge of Civil War Two. The evidence abounds that we are on the edge of total and complete chaos. This chaos will likely be expressed on January 20th, 2017 when Trump is sworn in. Still, despite the weather the process has already begun. Personally, I watched the riots in Portland, with zero system response, nearly two million dollars in damage, with the firm knowledge this was the first stage of the George Soros funded “Purple Revolution,” for the USA.

Here is the link to further confirmation Civil War Two is now in its early phase.

“FREE US OR DIE, CRACKER!… F**K DONALD TRUMP!” – Armed Black Panthers March in Milwaukee (VIDEO)

Armed New Black Panthers marched in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this week in the bitter cold.
The protesters said,

We’re not saying, “We shall overcome” today… We’re saying, “We shall over-GUN!”… F*ck Donald Trump! F*ck Hillary Clinton too, but F*ck Donald Trump!”

Excerpts from their 40-minute march on December 18, 2016.
Video via Badger Pundit:

More on the march here.


I think we all realize things are bad and getting worse. I think we all realize we need to take concrete, definitive steps to prepare for events that are both beyond our control and will impact our daily lives. I classify threats using four criteria. The first is no threat. Obviously, we are way beyond the no threat status. The next level is potential threat. A potential threat is anything that can happen, but may or may not in our lifetime. This would include things like an asteroid impact for example. While it is certainly possible for an asteroid to hit Earth, it isn’t really something you can prepare for, unless you won the lottery and have built a well-supplied bunker deep underground. Clearly, the vast majority of so called survivalists don’t have an underground bunker for them to go to. The third level of threat is a credible threat. A credible threat is a natural or man-made disaster covering a wide range of things. These would include earthquakes, tsunami waves, ice storms, and bio-weapon, chemical or nuclear attacks. They would also include economic collapse, social chaos, civil war or revolution. And finally, there is an actual threat of varying types and intensity. Again, while you can prepare for both a credible and actual threat, most of us are limited in what we can actually do to prepare.

I will tell you what I think you need to do to prepare for potential, credible and actual threats. It is a case of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous “Do what you can, with what you have, and where you are.” The first thing to decide is whether you shelter in place, or go to your “bug out location.” Personally, I am going to stay in downtown Portland for the simple reason I have no place to go, nor can I easily get there even if I did. Since that is the case, I have prepared as best I can to ride out the storm. I use criteria of 3 days, 3 weeks, 30 days and finally, three months. The first 72 hours can be easily be prepared for in terms of food, water, heat and core essentials. The 3 weeks requires a little more effort, but can also be done with a little extra effort. One month and three months are mostly simply adding more materials to get greater depth of preparations.

The adult person needs roughly one gallon of water per day for drinking and food preparation. You need more for flushing toilets and sanitation uses. I personally have four Coleman 5 gallon jugs of water. I also keep several gallons stored in my refrigerator at all times. Assuming you have some kind of warning, you can fill up your bathtub with up to 50 gallons of water. Next you can easily store up to three months of food, already prepared and requiring little cooking. I am talking about things like peanut butter, various jams and jellies, crackers, canned fruit and vegetables etc. Further, I also have both a Propane cook stove and a Propane heater using one pound Propane canisters. Granted, I only have enough for two to three weeks, but that will give me some flexibility to deal with the situation.

I am talking about food, water, heat, cooking and basic survival things. I have also stockpiled things like toilet paper, paper towels, plastic cups, paper plates, bowls and plastic utensils. All of this stuff can be bought a little at a time and stored away for future use. For example, I buy the 15 roll toilet paper pack. I can easily go one year without buying any more toilet paper. I buy them on sale for $10. It is not a matter of spending a fortune all at once. It is a matter of spending small amounts of money on a weekly or monthly basis. There are many lists of things to buy on the Internet that will give you some idea. For example, I bought three boxes of Quaker Oatmeal for around $10 also. They will last for up to 2 years and can be eaten and rotated to keep supplies fresh. You boil some water on your Propane stove, and you add the Oatmeal, some salt and you have a cheap, filling meal.

Recently, there have been several posts on the Internet, including Mr. Rawles comment that we need to “double down” on preps. I find advice like this to be useless for the simple reason the vast majority of survivalists don’t have the current resources to do so. All we can do is perhaps speed up the buying process, but even that is questionable. If we are talking about engaging in reasonable efforts to prepare for credible threats, I think we can do that. However, the idea most of us can prepare for a “collapse of the Roman Empire” scenario is not realistic. I also factor in the spiritual aspect, which is the most important. I will do what I can to prepare for the kinds of things, and the level of things that I am likely to face. Other than that, I am not going to sweat it. Right now the Internet is foaming at the mouth over the looming December 26th, 2016 Gamma Radiation Wave that is inbound from some exploding star many light years away. Well, I am sorry but if it does what some people say it will do, it is simply impossible for me to prepare for it. It will potentially be an ELE, or Extinction Level Event. Nope, I can’t prepare for an ELE. I don’t plan to do so. I don’t plan to worry about an ELE. I will live my live as best I can. I will prepare as best I can. If the December 26th event turns out to kill me, I will die in full spiritual awareness. This is all one can do. This is all one should do. This is all that can be done given the time and resources available to me. I am not a fear-monger, or engaged in doom porn. I think each person can, and should; take reasonable steps, given the time and resources available to them, and then just live. We all have to die sometime, gang. Prepare as best you can, with the abilities and resources you have, and then just enjoy this life we have been given. Finally, I wish you all, my loyal blog readers, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Granted, even if we all aren’t radiated, or earthquaked to death on the 26th, I can’t deny 2017, even if we don’t deal with civil war, or social anarchy, or tsunami waves 300 meters high, will be very interesting between the economy and the Snowflake attacks on POTUS Donald Trump. Well, stuff happens and we deal with it as best we can. I certainly have no intention of allowing any potential, credible or actual threat ruining this Christmas season! Take care, and if we are all dead shortly I have certainly enjoyed the ride over the last few decades!

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The battle for Election 2016 is nearly over. The desperate efforts of the vile and corrupt Democratic Party have failed. The electoral college votes will be certified on December 13th. The electoral college votes will verify and confirm Donald Trump as POTUS on December 19th, 2016. And then the political savior of our American Republic will be sworn in on January 20th, 2017. After that, the Marxist filth now known as the Democratic Party will whine, and bitch, and moan, bang their heads against the wall in the helpless despair only the truly evil can suffer once their plans fail.

If you doubt this, I will point you to what happened when our new Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump, went to the Army Navy game. He was cheered by future US Navy, US Army and US Marine Corps officers. If “it” comes down to “it,” what chance do the Marxist Snowflakes really have of preventing Trump from becoming POTUS and CIC? The answer is none. Trump will simply hold a press conference, assuming the election is stolen from him, with his new Secretary of Defense on one side, and General Flynn on the other. He will simply say to the US military he is now POTUS and CIC and they are to disobey any orders from the Democrats, or Obama, or Hellary the Shrew saying otherwise. At that point, George Soros will be arrested for Treason and the game will be over.

The current incarnation of the Democratic Party apparently hasn’t figured out the military doctrine known as “never reinforce failure.” Despite the total failure of their ideology, tactics, and strategy, the Democrats still don’t get it. They have put the same fools back in charge of the Party. They are seriously going to make a Muslim, who openly supports terrorist groups, as the head of the Democratic Party. They have made it clear they have learned nothing, will not change and will behave in the exact same manner in 2018 as they did in 2016. Well, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing twice and expect a different result. The result was the Democrats lost the White House, the US Senate and House of Representatives, as well as getting crushed at the state level. Doubling down on stupid won’t change the results in 2018. In fact, since 25 Democrat Senators are up in 2018 it is likely the Republicans will either get to 60, by winning 8 new seats, or 66, by winning 14. The slaughter at the state level will be even worse. I am saying they will be reduced to under ten states with any significant Democratic Party presence. At that point, the Democratic Party will go the way of the WHIGS in 1860. While it doesn’t happen very often, political parties can wither away and be replaced.

One more thing about the so called December 26th end of the world. It is expected a wave of radiation will hit Earth from an exploding Nova Star light years away from us. Well, my e-book “Day of the Dogs,” covers what happens when a CME from the Sun sends an EMP pulse. I am not sweating this 12-26 event since there is nothing I can do about it. I intend to enjoy Christmas in this raving lunatic of an American society I find myself in as much as I can. Besides, do you want to live forever? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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I think in the annals of American political history there will be no more despised, loathed and held in utter contempt political hack than Jill Stein. Even her own Green Party realizes she is a scam artist, a proxy for Hellary the Shrew and her Nazi War Criminal backer George Soros. Jill the whore is a greedy, arrogant, smug, Marxist stooge who has failed in her mission to subvert the 2016 election of Donald Trump. She is nothing more than a con artist. She has no morals, or personal integrity and she is going to drive the final stake into the black heart of Marxism in the USA. What Jill didn’t do, or even realize she needed to do, was to accomplish her subversion mission. Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, is quoted as saying he “liked the treason, but despised the traitor.” Well, Jill the whore, you are not only a traitor, but the worst kind of traitor; namely, a FAILED one. If Treason prospers, none dare call it treason, but if it fails the results are fatal for the traitors. Victory has one thousand fathers, but defeat and failure are orphans, Jill. You will be abandoned, left in disgrace, and likely will face criminal charges for your recount farce.

It no longer matters anymore,  Jill the whore. You failed in your attempt to steal Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes from Trump. You have also just failed to steal Michigan’s 16. You lost your case with the Michigan Election Board. You just had your pet Federal Judge reverse his original decision to allow the recount. Does Jill the whore seriously think the Michigan Supreme Court is going to reverse the Michigan State Election board decision to deny the vote recount? Seriously, Jill are you so far out in left field you think that will happen? No matter, I figured out you are a hard left Marxist fruitcake some time ago.


IT’S OVER=> Federal Judge Lifts Order to Recount Michigan Ballots – Effectively Ending Recount Process

Federal judge Judge Mark Goldsmith drops order for vote recount in Michigan, effectively ending the process there.

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The tragic deaths of 36 young people, so far, in the Oakland, California warehouse prove yet again we didn’t learn much from previous fire disasters.

It’s always the same story with these types of fire.

Incompetent city and fire officials.

Corrupt and incompetent building owners and managers.

Dangerous conditions, lack of smoke detectors, chained, locked or hard to find exits.

This all results in a lot of deaths that could have been prevented.

I have to say I can think of five or six nightclub fires that meet all of the above criteria.

While I have some sympathy for the young people who died, I mean really. Didn’t they notice the stairs to the second level were made of freaking wood pallets? Didn’t they notice the vast amount of wood, ie FUEL FOR THE FIRE, or the clutter, the lack of clearly visible fire exits?

Sorry, but people are responsible for a minimum level of situational awareness, and focus on how to live through something like this.

The result will be the building owner is going to get deep fried. The clown who ran the “artist’s space,” is road kill and will spend some serious time in jail. The city of Oakland, well I have a friend who lives in nearby Richmond and he tells me Oakland is a third world cesspool with collapsed government services. The behavior of the fire leaders is evidence of that. The Mayor of Oakland has long been known to be a PC fruitcake. I mean saying this isn’t a criminal matter is just plain ignorant.

Yep, the “system” should have dealt with this a long time ago. When the city inspector team was denied access, they should have called the Oakland police, kicked the door down and executed an “exigent circumstances fire inspection.” The city had to know there were some potentially lethal circumstances in that building.

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I have been watching the ongoing recount farce over the last few weeks with an increasing admiration of how Donald Trump has played Hellary the Shrew, Jill the whore and George Soros. They have been outplayed and reduced to sputtering morons whining in the media, if they bother to make any public comments at all. I believe the true goal of Jill the whore was to so disrupt the election cycle that Wisconsin’s, Michigan’s and Pennsylvania’s electoral votes were not certified on December 13th. The result of that would be they couldn’t be counted on December 19th forcing Trump to have the House of Representatives “elect” him as POTUS. Jill the whore, Hellary the Shrew and Soros obviously thought this would cast aspersions on Trump’s Presidency and render him damaged goods.

Well, as I said earlier, once Jill the whore failed to meet Pennsylvania’s November 21st deadline, it was all over. Jill the whore, wanting to raise more money, continued the farce to no avail. The link below is the final death knell in her TREASON attempt.…mes-lack-funds

Now that Jill the whore has officially withdrawn her court case seeking to force a  recount in Pennsylvania, all 20 Electoral college votes are Trump’s. This means he now has 280, or ten more than he needs at 270. Regardless of what happens in either Michigan or Wisconsin, Donald Trump is now POTUS. And no, “they” aren’t going to steal any electoral votes using the so called “faithless elector.” If any elector pledged to vote for Trump doesn’t do it, they will IMMEDIATELY BE REPLACED BY ONE WHO WILL. The one case of a “faithless elector” in Texas resulted in the man resigning and being replaced by a voter who will vote the result. Really, you should be now accept the reality I call the mainstream press the whore media for a reason; namely, they really are whore. The current hysteria over “faithless electors” is a case in point.

Donald Trump is the President Elect. He will be confirmed on December 13th. He will be confirmed on December 19th when the electors gather at all fifty state capitols and tally the 306 votes he got. And then, the House of Representatives will certify those results and Trump will become POTUS. Trump will be sworn in on January 20th. After that, the purges of the Marxist filth can begin in earnest.

My basic point is Trump gave Hellary a “get out of jail free card,” during his 60 Minutes interview with that creature Leslie Stahl. I won’t deny when I heard Trump call Hellary the Shrew a “good person,” I nearly had a stroke. Trump is a man of the deal. He values both loyalty and competence. When you make a deal with Donald Trump, you better keep to the terms. If you do not, he will come after you with a chainsaw. So, what did Hellary the Shrew do after she had called Donald Trump, conceded, and then agreed to go hide until March. Hellary, using her proxy,  Jill the whore, along with George Soros, began a highly divisive, recount farce solely meant to cheat Trump out of his victory. I can think of no action that would result in enraging Donald Trump more. Seriously, he made a deal with the Clinton Crime Cabal, and they screwed him. The result of that is Hellary essentially tore up her get out of jail free card, and is now fair game. It isn’t really a case of Trump “going after Hellary.” It is more a case of Trump just indicating to his new AG, Jeff Sessions, that the gloves are off. Sessions will also not “do anything.” He will merely inform the five FBI teams investigating the Clinton Foundation to continue with his full support. If you don’t think that Donald Trump has pulled off the gloves, then I will remind you of his comments about how foreign governments should investigate the Clinton Foundation by themselves. Trump is allowing two separate lines of attack, first the FBI, and second, the foreign governments, like Norway which gave them tens of millions of dollars.

Hellary the Shrew really is a stupid, arrogant bitch. She has opened herself up to not only the seething anger of Donald Trump, but the full investigative force of a restored FBI and DOJ with Sessions in charge. Sorry, Hellary, but you have made a political blunder of staggering proportions.

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