There is a Latin phrase that means “who benefits?” The bank robber John Dillinger said that he robbed banks since “that was where the money was.”

If you look at the plane shootdown with cold, clear logic, and remove the emotional factor, you are left with only one question. The question is who benefits most from the fact that plane was shot down? It is certainly not Russia or Putin. Putin is being hammered in the western press as a demon and monster. It is certainly not the Russian militia who are also being painted with a broad brush by the western media. Aside from the technical issue of whether the militia had the military ability to take down a cruising plane at 33,000 feet, which they DID NOT HAVE, you have the issue of exactly who benefited most from the chaos unleashed by the plane shootdown.

The answer to that is simple. It is the Kiev government under Porky the warmonger. Porky not only had the military ability to take down a plane at 33,000 feet, HE HAD THE POLITICAL REASON TO DO SO. It is a simple fact that in the western media and government induced hysteria it is Kiev that gains. It is Kiev that struts around talking about war crimes, Russian and Russian militia demons and monsters. It is Kiev that whines they now need DIRECT EU and NATO MILITARY ASSISTANCE. Further, the hysteria gives Kiev the ability to make such demands.

Kiev is the only party that gains from the plane shootdown. They are one of the two that had the ability to shoot down that plane. Kiev has openly murdered hundreds of ethnic Russians by unrestricted artillery fire, unrestricted bombing runs, and even burnt 40 people to death in Odessa.

Kiev had the ability to shoot down that plane. Kiev had the motive to do so. Kiev had the best reason to shoot down that plane.

We are now going to the full war phase in the Ukraine. Kiev has decided in the face of a complete military defeat and rout in the eastern Ukraine to up the ante beyond a sane level. Kiev has apparently decided that if they go down, they are going to take everybody down with them. Kiev’s NAZI clones are going to force Russia into a full blown war, and then they are going to demand NATO military assistance. Yep, we are looking at a World War One, Sarejevo scenario with Russia and Ukraine. Warmongering morons like McCain are only adding fuel to the fire that will burn us all to ashes.

Kiev shot that plane down in an example of the kind of cynical, amoral, political opportunism common to European ethnic hatred for centuries.