It isn’t like Iran hasn’t provided clear and detailed actions and information that indicate they really are serious about rebuilding the restored Persian Empire. Obviously, it will have a Shia Muslim, Sharia Law aspect.

If you have been reading my posts on Yemen, you are well aware of what Iran is up to. The fact we have a gutless Commander in Chief merely increases the danger. Obama could have responded like President Jefferson and Ford did to an act of Piracy by Iran. Still, our spineless Obama at least felt compelled to send in armed naval escort. Yep, the clock is now ticking.
Inching Toward Conflict: US Navy To Escort Cargo Ships In Persian Gulf; Iran Refuses To Back Down
Tyler Durden’s picture
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/30/2015 19:45 -0400

Stocks took a nasty fall on Tuesday when Al Arabiya erroneously reported that Iran had captured a cargo ship with a crew of Americans on board. It also sent oil surging. Things promptly normalized when it was revealed that the “confiscated” ship was merely one with a Marshall Island flag, at which point its fate was quickly forgotten (it may still be held by Iran, or not). But one thing is certain: both Iran and the US are itching for a provocation, whether a direct one or the far more traditional false flag type.

Earlier today, Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that presence of the 34th fleet of the Iranian Navy in the Gulf of Aden is in accordance with international law to protect Iranian trade vessels against pirates.

Quoted by Iran’s IRNA news agency, Sayyari, who was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony to mark the National Teacher’s Day, said that the Iranian Navy has maintained a continuous presence in the Gulf of Aden, Bab el-Mandeb Strait and western India since 2008 Sayyari

He added that claims that Iranian warships have been warned and that they have left this region are not correct.

The Navy commander reiterated that the Iranian fleet does not enter territorial waters of other countries and is only present in international waters to ensure security for Iranian trade vessels.

Sayyari said that the 34th fleet of the Iranian Navy has also helped other countries in protecting their ships against pirates.

A laughable excuse of course, but no less laughable than the one provided by the US navy offered ten days ago when we learned that a US Navi aircraft carrier and a warship are being dispatched to intercept Iranian weapons shipment to Yemeni rebels.

And, as expected, moments ago there was yet another step up in the Persian Gulf naval escalation when CNN reported that the U.S. Navy will escort U.S.-flagged cargo ships through Strait of Hormuz in wake of Iran seizure this week, a US official says. Specifically, the Navy will henceforth accompany ships on concern that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard may seize them, CNN’s Jim Sciutto says in Twitter post, citing CNN’s Barbara Starr.

As a reminder the Straits of Hormuz is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, one which is transited by 35% of all seaborne traded oil.

This takes place just a day after the Pentagon said that the U.S. would “be able to respond” if necessary to help a Marshall Islands-flagged ship that was diverted, and boarded, a day earlier by Iran — though it remains unclear how far the U.S. Navy might be willing to go if the tense situation escalates.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said a U.S. guided-missile destroyer, the USS Farragut, is in the area and “keeping an eye on things,” and in close enough proximity to the ship that they “will be able to respond if a response is required.”

When pressed on what kind of incident aboard the ship would elicit a U.S. Navy response, he was vague, saying: “These [U.S. military] assets give commanders options.” He said he didn’t know “what the possibilities are,” and the U.S. government is “in discussions with the Marshall Islands on the way ahead.”

It is unclear what happens if either the accompanied cargo ship, or the US Navy warship leaves international waters, and enters Iran territory, which as the Bab el-Mandeb Strait is virtually assured: a strait which as the US Naval update map below shows has become as busy for US traffic as the 405 Freeway during rush hour.


Doomer Doug said Iran was going to make its move. They have now done so. Personally, I think some kind of “deal” was made to get them to turn the Yemen convoy around. It is very clear Iran is now sowing its oats. Whatever our farce of a President Obama intended, Iran is clearly not impressed. I will also add the fact the Iranian Navy fired a shot over the bow of the merchant ship, one that was in international waters I might add, is very significant. Granted, this happened in the Persian Gulf, but the message is clear. Iran is on the move.

I will remind my blog readers the last time this type of event happened was in 1975 under President Ford. Pol Pot and his Cambodian Psychopaths seized a US flagged merchant ship and took the crew to Cambodia. President Ford sent in US Marines to try and get them back. The captives weren’t were the CIA said they were. Eventually they were returned unharmed. I don’t see how Obama can now avoid sending in COMBAT TROOPS WITH FULL NAVAL AND AIR SUPPORT IF IRAN TAKES THE 34 CREW TO IRAN. I will also remind everybody the seizure of a US flagged ship is AN ACT OF WAR. President Jefferson sent in naval and marine forces to deal with the Barbary Pirates seizing American flagged ships. President Ford did the same thing. I have no idea whether our SPINELESS COMMANDER IN CHIEF OBAMA will have the cajones to send in the Marines. Still, this is a clear example of why the US Marines and Navy exist. It is their mission to deal with situations like this.

Yep, gang, we got ourselves a situation here with Iran.

DUBAI (Reuters) – The Iranian navy seized a ship on Tuesday at the request of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization, the English-language service of Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported.

“The ship is a trade vessel and has been seized by the Iranian navy,” said Fars, citing what it called an informed source.

“The ship was seized after a relevant court order was issued for its confiscation,” the source was quoted as saying, referring to differences between the ports organization and the vessel’s owner. It did not identify the owner.

(Reporting by Yara Bayoumy, Writing by William Maclean; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

ONDON (Reuters) – The ship manager for the container vessel boarded by Iranian forces declined to comment on the status of the vessel on Tuesday.

The Pentagon said earlier that the Marshall Islands-flagged Maersk Tigris was boarded by Iranian forces in the Gulf.

The Maersk Tigris is managed by Singapore-based Rickmers Ship Management, which is part of Hamburg-based Rickmers Group. A Rickmers Group spokeswoman declined to comment when contacted by Reuters about the vessel.

A spokesman for the world’s biggest container group Maersk Line said the vessel was on timecharter to Maersk Line, declining further comment.

Ship tracking data on Reuters showed the vessel was bound for Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates, although it was still close to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas at 1530 GMT (1130 ET) on Tuesday. Its previous port was listed as Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

(Reporting by Jonathan Saul; Editing by Janet Lawrence)


We are now seeing in the United States of America the planned destruction of the social order as it now exists. We are now seeing a MARXIST CAMPAIGN OF SOCIAL ANARCHY. The phrase “long, hot summer” comes to mind. As the weather warms we are going to see multiple, planned using social media, riots, demonstrations and general chaos in our cities. This campaign is led by Marxists, both in and out of Obama’s administration. It has the sole goal of unleashing chaos into our daily lives.…fety-live-feed

Baltimore ‘Freddie Gray’ Demonstrations Turn Violent: Police Cars Smashed, Stores Looted, Multiple Arrests – Live Feed
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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/25/2015 22:13 -0400
As the night wears on so tensions are rising further…

Following a a planned demonstration over how police handled the arrest of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore man who suffered a spinal injury at some point after he was detained by police on April 12 and died a week later; hundreds of protesters confronted lines of police. Objects were thrown, stores pillaged, and at least five police cars have been damaged. The Mayor of Baltimore has asked fans to remain inside the ballpark “due to ongoing public safety concerns.” Ferguson 2.0?

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url


Yep, Obama wants a race war; Obama is getting his race war. nuff said

This is from

‘WE WILL KILL!! STRAIGHT UP!!’ – Black protesters take over CNN, curse on-air…-in-baltimore/

The terrible case of Freddie Gray is once again being litigated in the streets instead of the courts, and the anger boiled over into a CNN broadcast when protesters started cursing on air and finished with the threat, “we WILL KILL! Straight up!”

Watch below, there is a lot of explicit language:The “we will kill” comment comes towards the end.

Cant get the video to embed but you can see it on the site

Doomer Doug hits the mark yet again. I said way back when all this Ferguson, “Black Lives Matter” drivel started it was the first phase of a MARXIST REVOLUTION IN THE USA.

Here is what is going to happen .








Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url


Saudi Arabia, having proved air campaigns are never enough to defeat combat experienced infantry yet again, is now going to send in National Guard troops to deal with the Houthi Tribal Militias. Saudi Arabia also declared victory in the air war, even though it has barely dented the advancing Shia. We are also looking at a direct military confrontation between US and the Saudi Arabian naval forces and the inbound Iranian convoys. Convoys that are escorted by destroyers with live weapons I might add.

People who have been following this blog will be neither surprised or unaware of this imminent combat and ground bloodbath. Yep, we got ourselves a situation in Yemen now.

Saudi Arabia Orders Its National Guard To Enter Yemen War
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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/21/2015 12:01 -0400

Over the better part of the past month, the only entities actively involved in the proxy war in Yemen against the local Houthi rebel force have been air force units, mostly under Saudi command as part of Operation “Decisive Storm.” Which probably explains why there has been little if any progress to note in pushing back said rebellion which, armed heavily thanks to the US government, has successfully managed to push the current president into an indefinite exile.

That changed hours ago, when Saudi Arabia’s King Salman ordered the Saudi Arabian National Guard, widely regarded as the kingdom’s best equipped military ground force, to take part in Riyadh’s campaign against Iran-allied Houthi rebels in Yemen.

As Reuters notes, “military operations in the campaign have so far been carried out by the Royal Saudi Air Force and the Royal Saudi Land Forces, which answer to the Defense Ministry. The national guard is a separate military structure run by its own ministry.”

Which means that what has been an airborne war until now is about to become a land war.

But it will hardly stop there: recall that two weeks ago we reported that in a sign of support for the Houthis, Iran had dispatched the 34th fleet of the Iranian Navy has left for the Gulf of Aden and Bab al-Mandab Strait.

And, as we predicted, the US promptly retaliated with a naval dispatch of its own, and as was reported yesterday, “U.S. Navy officials say the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is steaming toward the waters off Yemen and will join other American ships prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi (HOO’-thee) rebels fighting in Yemen.”

That, or other Iran ships just generally in the vicinity.

And with US support in the Red Sea which will soon migrate north toward the true objective of this latest middle east conflict, Syria, one can be certain that Russia will not be far behind.

Especially if, as we are learning today, what was until recently “only” an air war is about to become a land war, likely one with naval reinforcements from all sides.


I have said that Yemen would go critical. I have said that eventually we will see direct US and Iranian combat. Let me be very clear here: any attempt by the US Navy, or the Saudi coalition to try and stop these Iranian ships, much less board them, WILL BE REGARDED AS AN ACT OF WAR BY IRAN.

We are now going to find out exactly how far Iran is willing to go in terms of breaking the Yemen blockade.
Apr 20, 4:06 PM EDT

US warship heads to Yemeni waters; could block Iran weapons

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a stepped-up response to Iranian backing of Shiite rebels in Yemen, the Navy aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, is steaming toward the waters off Yemen to beef up security and join other American ships that are prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels.

The deployment comes after a U.N. Security Council resolution approved last week imposed an arms embargo on the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels. The resolution passed in a 14-0 vote with Russia abstaining.

Navy officials said Monday that the Roosevelt was moving through the Arabian Sea. A massive ship that carries F/A-18 fighter jets, the Roosevelt is seen more of a deterrent and show of force in the region.

The U.S. Navy has been beefing up its presence in the Gulf of Aden and the southern Arabian Sea in response to reports that a convoy of about eight Iranian ships is heading toward Yemen and possibly carrying arms for the Houthis. Navy officials said there are about nine U.S. warships in the region, including cruisers and destroyers carrying teams that can board and search other vessels.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the ship movement on the record.

Saudi Arabia and several of its allies, mainly Gulf Arab countries, have been trying to drive back the rebels, who seized the capital of Sanaa in September and have overrun many other northern provinces with the help of security forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The U.S. supports the Saudi campaign.

Western governments and Sunni Arab countries say the Houthis get their arms from Iran. Tehran and the rebels deny that, although the Islamic Republic has provided political and humanitarian support to the Shiite group.

The U.S. has been providing logistical and intelligence support to the Saudi coalition launching airstrikes against the Houthis. That air campaign is now in its fourth week, and the U.S. has also begun refueling coalition aircraft involved in the conflict.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest would not comment specifically on any Navy movements in Yemeni waters, but said the U.S. has concerns about Iran’s “continued support for the Houthis.

“We have seen evidence that the Iranians are supplying weapons and other armed support to the Houthis in Yemen. That support will only contribute to greater violence in that country. These are exactly the kind of destabilizing activities that we have in mind when we raise concerns about Iran’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East.”

He said “the Iranians are acutely aware of our concerns for their continued support of the Houthis by sending them large shipments of weapons.”

The expanded U.S. Navy activity in the region comes at a sensitive time, as the U.S. and six world powers have reached a framework deal with Iran to control its nuclear program. Since the preliminary deal with reached on April 2, Iran and the U.S. have been disputing the details of the deal. And on Monday, a lawyer for Tehran-based Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian said Tehran had charged Rezaian with espionage and three other crimes. The Obama administration dismisses the charges as “absurd.”

The U.S. Navy generally conducts consensual boardings of ships when needed, including to combat piracy around Africa and the region. So far, however, U.S. naval personnel have not boarded any Iranian vessels since the Yemen conflict began.

Officials said it’s too soon to speculate on what the Navy ships may do as the Iranian convoy approaches, including whether Iran would consent to a boarding request, and what actions the Navy would take if its request was refused.

Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, has been pushed to the brink of collapse by ground fighting and the Saudi-led airstrikes in support of current President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who was forced to flee to Saudi Arabia. Observers say the fighting in the strategic Mideast nation is taking on the appearance of a proxy war between Iran, the Shiite powerhouse backing the Houthis, and Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia.

Associated Press writers Jim Kuhnhenn in Washington and Ahmed al-Haj in Sanaa, Yemen, contributed to this report.

© 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
©2014 The Associated Press.
All rights reserved. Terms under which this site is provided.


It is something strange to be writing about Israel launching on Iran on April 13th. It isn’t Friday the 13th, but it is Monday the 13th.

The reason I am saying this is Russia has now decided to set up S-300 missile batteries to bolster Iranian air defense. The issue is no longer “if” Israel will launch on Iran; the only issue is when and how soon that when is. The total collapse of the so called “Iranian Nuclear Deal” means Iran isn’t holding back at all. I will also note this Russian missile deployment came within two or three days of the nuclear talk collapse. We are in for it now. You heard it hear first.

This GUARANTIES AN ISRAEL STRIKE ON IRAN IN MY OPINION. While the 300 isn’t the “latest or best” Russia has, it will mean heavy losses for any planes Israel sends in.

Israel has three options to take out Iran. The first is flying human pilot planes and dropping bunker busters, or tactical nukes. This would result in the largest number of human killed, wounded, or captured air crew.

The second option is long range missile, cruise missile strikes on Iran. This would result in the fewest dead for Israel.

The third option is for Israel’s submarines to launch nuke tipped cruise missiles from close range off the Iranian coast. This is the safest way to do it.

My view is Israel will use all three methods. They will launch a MASS ATTACK AND LEAVE MULTIPLE SITES IN IRAN SMOKING RUBBLE. After that, total war will break out in the Middle East.

Other than that, gang spring is looking nice! <G>

Eat, drink and be merry; for soon we DIE!

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url

Russia ignores UN sanctions to provide Iran with missile system which could be used to defend missile sites

  • Vladimir Putin gave the go-ahead to supply the S-300 missile equipment
  • Moscow blocked deliveries to Iran in 2010 after the UN imposed sanctions 

Russia yesterday lifted a ban on supplying Iran with an air defence missile system which could be used to protect nuclear sites.

Vladimir Putin gave the go-ahead for the deal, with the defence ministry saying it was ready to supply the S-300 missile equipment ‘promptly’.

The move is likely to anger both the U.S. and Israel at a time of heightened tensions between the world powers and following a landmark deal on nuclear weapons.

Moscow blocked deliveries of the surface to air missiles to Iran in 2010 after the United Nations imposed sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear programme, barring hi-tech weapons sales.

Russia yesterday lifted a ban on supplying Iran with the air defence S-300 missile system (above), which could be used to protect nuclear sites

But the Russian president lifted the ban after Tehran struck an interim deal with Britain and five other countries to curb nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief.

The framework deal, reached this month, intended to significantly restrict Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons, while giving it relief from international sanctions.


  1. Doomer Doug said a while ago it would be impossible to keep the Shia/Sunni JIHAD from spreading inside of Saudi Arabia. And thus it has now come to pass. We are going to get  a regional war in the entire MIDDLE EAST. The House of Saud has opened Pandora’s box and there will be no closing it now.

    Yep, the USA, even under Obama, will now have to get directly involved to prop up the corrupt House of Saud. I expect the Shia to keep pushing inside of Saudi Arabia now. The other thing is Hezzbollah, the Iranian backed military force in Southern Lebanon has now sent combat troops to fight along side the Houthi Tribal Militias in Yemen. It is now a total free-for-all in Yemen.

    Our so called “allies” in the House of Saud have unleashed a tidal wave of economic chaos with their unlimited pumping of oil. They have now also unleashed, as Shakespeare put it, “the hounds of war. Once released, das hunds of kreig in German will not be put back in the kennel.

    We are now looking a spreading so called “proxy war” that is drawing in multiple nations, with separate agendas in the kind of Holy War not seen since the Crusades in 1200 AD. Yep, the USA, even under Obama the Tyrant, is going to get dragged into it in order to prevent the collapse of the House of Saud. We didn’t listen to George Washington and his warning about “foreign entanglements.” The USA is in for it, gang.

    Lebanon-based Shiite movement Hezbollah is engaged in fighting alongside Houthi rebels in Yemen, Al-Mustaqbal newspaper reported on Saturday citing sources.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The report indicated that several Hezbollah fighters were killed in airstrikes led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

    The coalition comprising primarily Gulf countries started bombing positions of Houthi rebels in Yemen on March 25 in response to a request for military assistance from Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

    According to the newspaper sources, Hezbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard were present in Yemen to train the Houthis even before the coalition launched the strikes. The sources maintained that the military experts and fighters of Lebanese nationality entered Yemen’s Saada before the rebels captured large swathes in the country.

    Earlier in the day, media reported that two Iranian officers who allegedly served as military advisers to the Houthi rebels had been kidnapped in the Yemeni port city of Aden. A source at the Iranian Defense Ministry dismissed the reports in an interview with Sputnik, adding that these allegations are attempts of certain countries to prove that Iran is involved in the military operation in Yemen.Yemen has been in turmoil since the Shiite Houthi rebels began quick advances in several locations across the country. In January, Houthis captured presidential palace and key governmental buildings in Sanaa, prompting President Hadi to resign. Later, Hadi rescinded his resignation and fled the country.

    Iran and Hezbollah movement have condemned the airstrike campaign against the Houthis, while US Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier in the week that Iran had been “obviously” providing military assistance to the rebels.…ps-near-najran

    Earlier today we reported that local militiamen in the key Yemeni port city of Aden had captured two Iranian officers suspected of aiding Houthi rebels in the battle to control the city where fighters still loyal to President Hadi are determined to beat back an advance by the Houthis in the wake of a humanitarian crisis and reports that the Shiite militia has its sights set on the local branch of Yemen’s central bank located in the city’s Crater district.

    Now, reports suggest the Houthis are battling Saudi forces near Najran, with some contending the rebels have overtaken a Saudi post which, if true, would appear to mark an escalation in the conflict as it would indicate the Houthis are willing to take the fight to the Saudis on their own turf.

    Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
    My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url

Proxy War Crosses Border?
Houthis Reportedly Clash With Saudi Troops
Near Najran

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/11/2015 15:33 -0400…ps-near-najran

Earlier today we reported that local militiamen in the key Yemeni port city of Aden
had captured two Iranian officers suspected of aiding Houthi rebels in the battle
to control the city where fighters still loyal to President Hadi are determined to beat
back an advance by the Houthis in the wake of a humanitarian crisis and reports
that the Shiite militia has its sights set on the local branch of Yemen’s central bank
located in the city’s Crater district.

Now, reports suggest the Houthis are battling Saudi forces near Najran, with some
suggesting the rebels may have overtaken a Saudi post which, if true, would appear
to mark an escalation in the conflict as it would indicate that the Houthis are willing
to take the fight to the Saudis on their own turf.

#BREAKING: Asiri: clashes reported near the Saudi city of Najran
— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) April 11, 2015

#BREAKING Asiri: Houthi militias are amassing close to
the Saudi-Yemeni border
— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) April 11, 2015

Reports are now coming in that three Saudis have been killed in Houthi shelling.
Via Bloomberg:

Mortar attack by Houthi rebels in Yemen fired into Saudi Arabia
killed 3 Saudi soldiers and injured 2
others, the state-run Saudi Press
Agency reported, citing unidentified official.

Three Saudi soldiers killed in the border city of Najran
by Houthi shelling
— MTV English News (@MTVEnglishNews) April 11, 2015

Confirmed: 1st pics of #Houthis taking #KSA post
after clashes near #Najran #SaudiArabia #OpDecisiveStorm
— Cinzia Bianco (@Cinzia_Bianco) April 11, 2015

Either this represents a rather brash move by the Houthis to demonstrate that
the best defense is indeed a good offense, or perhaps there’s a degree to which
an “offensive” maneuver by the rebels would prove very useful when it comes
to justifying Saudi boots on the ground. Or maybe, as the events that transpired
early Saturday suggest, the Shiite rebels are becoming more confident that their
assumed benefactor may be willing to remove the “proxy” from the term “proxy war.”


This is the end of the beginning in terms of total WAR in the Middle East in my opinion. We now have a total JIHAD going on between the 10 nation Sunni Muslim coalition led by Saudi Arabia against the Shia Iran. There will be no going back now. Iran has played Obama for the fool he really is. Iran wanted a nuke deal that gave it what it wanted. And now that it hasn’t got what it wanted: sanctions dropped, unlimited uranium enrichment for missile warheads to put on its long range missiles, it has nothing to lose at this point. We can now expect a resurgent Iran to hit Sunni Muslims anywhere they can. I have no doubt about that at all.

The news shipping companies have stopped insuring Yemen bound shipping is also the first sign the Yemen crisis is starting to have a global impact. I fully expect any shipping still willing to transit the Suez Canal to be denied shipping insurance soon enough.

The attack on the refugee camp in Syria also takes things to the next level. It will now bring in both Hezzbollah, the PLO and HAMAS as well. ISIS has a real knack for triggering the avalanche with a few well placed rocks. It seems like an eternity ago, but it was the ISIS attack killing 140 Shia in Yemen that triggered every single event in Yemen since then.

I am warning you all we are going to have the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST on fire in the near future. As for Israel, well they are never going to tolerate a nuclear armed Iran under any circumstances. The choices are few. The results are bleak. Prepare for war, gang.

Tehran (AFP) – Iran‘s leaders plunged the hard-won framework accord on their nuclear program into doubt on Thursday, warning they may not sign a final deal and would demand immediate sanctions relief.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei‘s response to last week’s outline deal had been keenly awaited, and came as a blow to supporters of the plan to rein in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

“What has been done so far does not guarantee an agreement, nor its contents, nor even that the negotiations will continue,” said Khamenei, who has the final word on all matters of state.

Separately, but in another setback for the deal, President Hassan Rouhani said Iran would not sign a final agreement unless “all economic sanctions are totally lifted on the same day.”

This drew a rebuke from the United States, one of the six world powers negotiating with Iran on the accord, which warned sanctions relief would be a gradual process once the deal was done.

US State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said: “Sanctions will be suspended in a phased manner upon verification that Iran has met specific commitments under a finalised joint comprehensive plan of action.”

Britain’s Foreign Office backed this position.

“Sanctions will remain in place until the comprehensive deal is agreed and there is IAEA-verified implementation by Iran of its nuclear commitments,” a spokesman said.

– Rapturous response –

On April 2, after months of gruelling negotiations, Tehran and the six powers agreed on the broad outline of a deal to impose tighter controls on Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.

Thousands of Iranians flooded into the streets to welcome the agreement, which they hope will end decades of political and economic isolation, but the Islamic republic’s conservative leadership has been more reserved.

The P5+1 powers and Tehran have given themselves until June to finalise a detailed accord, but Washington has released fact sheets outlining steps it says Tehran has already agreed to take.

This has angered Iran, and drew a fierce response from Khamenei.

In his first comments on the outline, Khamenei said “everything is in the detail; it may be that the other side, which is unfair, wants to limit our country in the details.”

Seeking to dampen domestic public expectations after the rapturous response to the apparent breakthrough, Khamenei said “there is nothing binding. I am neither for nor against.”

Under the outline deal, Iran must slash the number of its nuclear centrifuges in exchange for a suspension of economic sanctions.

Centrifuges enrich uranium to a level at which it can fuel power plants or, at greater levels of purity, form the core of a nuclear bomb.

The outline was seen as a major breakthrough in a 12-year international crisis over Iran’s nuclear programme, which Western powers allege is a quest to build an atomic weapon.

– Sanctions lifted ‘same day’ –

“I have always supported and still support the Iranian negotiating team,” Khamenei said.

“I welcome any agreement that protects the interests and greatness of the nation, but having no agreement is more honourable than an agreement in which the interests and greatness of the nation is damaged.”

And he insisted that retaining a civil nuclear industry is vital for Iran’s future development.

Rouhani’s intervention also appeared likely to slow progress towards a final accord, as the pace at which the sanctions will be lifted is one of the issues that still has to be agreed.

Western governments, which have imposed their own sanctions over and above those adopted by the United Nations, want Iran to return to the international fold only gradually.

Rouhani, speaking on Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day, also said his government remains determined to develop a civil nuclear programme.

The nuclear stand-off is only one of the issues clouding US President Barack Obama’s attempt to thaw the decades-old conflict with Iran.

Tehran stands accused of destabilising its Arab neighbours through sponsoring armed groups like Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Shiite Islamist fighters in Iraq and the Houthi movement in Yemen.

Washington’s top allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are deeply sceptical of any deal that might see warmer contacts between Iran and the United States.


Iran is now openly deploying significant military forces into the Yemen theater of operations. They have Revolutionary Guard trainers and leaders with the Houthi Tribal militias. They have unloaded several hundred tons, at a minimum, of military supplies in Yemen. They have given the Houthis long range ship killer missiles now sited on the two entrance islands to the Red Sea. And now they have deployed their 33rd Flotilla in the kind of direct slap in the face to the USA you have to take notice of. Yep, Iran has gotten all it wanted from Obama’s sell out of a “nuke treaty.” Why shouldn’t they urinate on the fire hydrant and put the Sunni coalition, the USA et al on notice? It isn’t like Obama is going to do anything about the direct threat to the Suez Canal Iran and the Houthi missile crews now pose. If we had a real Commander-in-Chief, versus this slug of a traitor, the US Marines would have stormed the islands as soon as the missiles became operational. The mere fact this didn’t happen means Iran has properly concluded even this level of open provocation will get no response from Obama’s brain dead administration.

The following story at zerohedge lays out Iran’s gutsy move completely. It also talks about the USA now advancing delivery dates of military supplies to Saudi Arabia. The fact this means the USA is now an indirect combatant, in terms of logistical support, in Yemen’s Shia/Sunni JIHAD apparently doesn’t bother our genius leaders in that Sodom on the Potomac, Washington, D.C. Yep, sticking our head in the lion’s mouth on that one.

Iran Enters Hornets Nest: Parks Two Warships Off Yemen Coast Immediately Next To Two US Aircraft Carriers

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While it has been widely reported that the United States has been accelerating its weapons supply to the Saudi-led coalition striking rebels in Yemen as a sign of how foreign powers are deepening their involvement in the conflict, the biggest regional backer of the Houthi rebels, the state of Iran, had been mostly inert. Until this morning, when as AP reports, Iran dispatched a naval destroyer and another vessel Wednesday to waters near Yemen.

According to Iran’s English-language state broadcaster Press TV, the official reason for the mini flotilla is a peacekeeping mission meant to deter piracy. It quoted Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari as saying the ships would be part of an anti-piracy campaign “safeguarding naval routes for vessels in the region.” The real reason has nothing to do with pirates and everything to do with showing that there is another interest party in a conflict that until now has seen unilateral involvement mainly by the Saudi-led and US supported Gulf Arab air campaign targeting the Yemeni rebels, known as Houthis.

As for the topic of US support, speaking a day earlier in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken blamed the violence in Yemen on the Houthis, and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, saying that the U.S. is committed to defending Saudi Arabia.

“We have expedited weapons deliveries, we have increased our intelligence sharing, and we have established a joint coordination and planning cell in the Saudi operations center,” he said in a statement to reporters after meeting with Saudi royals and Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who fled his country amid rebel advances.

Ironically, the U.S. said that the chaos has allowed the local al-Qaida branch, which it considers the world’s most dangerous wing of the group, to make “great gains” on the ground, causing Washington to rethink how it prevents it from launching attacks in the West.

Ironic“, because as reported previously, it was the US’ own hasty departure from the Houthi overrun country that provided $500 millions of dollars in “misplaced” modern weaponry and supplies to these same rebels.

That was the US side of things. Here is Iran’s via Press TV:

The 34th fleet of the Iranian Navy has left for the Gulf of Aden and Bab al-Mandab Strait in line with the country’s policy of safeguarding naval routes for vessels in the region.

The flotilla, which comprises the Bushehr logistic vessel and Alborz destroyer, left Iran’s southern port city of Bandar Abbas on Wednesday, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said on the sidelines of a ceremony to deploy the fleet. 

The Alborz destroyer shown here in a Feb. 21, 2010 file photo.

More from Press TV:

The commander said that the 34th Fleet is sent on a mission “to provide [safety for] Iran’s shipping lines and protect the Islamic Republic of Iran’s interests in the high seas.” Sayyari said that the flotilla also seeks to ensure safety for the vessels against pirates.

The Navy observes international law while conducting its mission in the north of the Indian Sea with full power, the commander stressed.

In recent years, Iran’s Navy has increased its presence in international waters to protect naval routes and provide security for merchant vessels and tankers.

In line with international efforts against piracy, the Iranian Navy has also been conducting patrols in the Gulf of Aden since November 2008 in order to safeguard merchant containers and oil tankers owned or leased by Iran or other countries.

Iran’s Navy has managed to foil several attacks on both Iranian and foreign tankers during its missions in international waters.

As Al-Arabia adds, “Iran has condemned the campaign and called for dialogue. Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of providing military support to the Houthis, a charge the Islamic Republic denies. The Iranian ships will patrol the Gulf of Aden, south of Yemen, and the Red Sea, Sayyari said. The area is one of the world’s most important shipping routes and a gateway between Europe and the Middle East.”

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And now the punchline: as the following Naval update map shows, the two Iran warships will now be located in the immediate vicinity of not only two US aircraft carriers, CVN-71 Teddy Roosevelt and CVN-70 Vinson, but well as the big-deck amphibious warship Iwo Jima which as reported before is providing marine support should the situation demand it.

All of this means the odds of a naval “accident” involving one or more warships in the Red Sea just went up substantially.