I think it is pretty clear that the USA now has four political parties now. First, we have the RINO, Republican in Name Only, wing of the current Republican Party. Next, we have the so called “Trump wing,” of the current Republican Party. The current Democratic Party has also split into two separate groups. The first being the nearly extinct, perhaps they should be put on the endangered species list, of what used to called a “Centrist Democrat.” Like I said, they are pretty much gone by now. They have been impaled on “identity politics,” and the race baiting, bigotry now infesting what is called the DNC. The second wing of the DNC is the hard left, socialist, Marxist best understood as “Berniebots.” The Berniebots  have never forgotten, much less forgiven, the DNC for stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders and giving it to Hellary the Shrew. As such, the fundamental divide is between Berniebots and Clintonistas, although even the Clintonistas loathe Hillary the Shrew now. The current leadership of the DNC, Pelosi, and her now primary eliminated number two represent everything the Berniebots hate about the DNC.

Here in the USA we have this two political party fantasy that is constantly dredged up and presented as a choice between two separate political views. Sorry, but the only political party is the uni party. The uni party has one group the Democrats that wants to go full socialist/Marxist mode as fast as possible, like taking a freeway,  and one group, the Republicans that wants to go full Socialist/Marxist mode a little slower. It is the difference between going 80 mph on a four lane highway, or going 50 miles an hour on a back round. In both cases the USA will end up a Marxist dictatorship, with the only difference being how fast we become on. We still have Mussolini’s famous description of fascism as the merger of the government and the corporations. Well, we live in an oligarchy, with a merged, fascist government/corporate modus operandi. If you don’t believe me, then look at the recent merger activity, like with Disney and Fox, or ATT and Time Warner. It is a fact that six corporations now control essentially all media here in the USA. After the  two mergers, it will likely be four corporations. Given the fact that one of the heiress’ to the Seagram’s media empire was just indicted for child molestation, you can see the pedophiles are increasing their control of the matrix.

I realize some of you believe this Q nonsense because you want to believe America isn’t a corrupt, venal, fascist, oligarchy, run by people who like to rape little children and steal everything not nailed down. Sorry, but the USA is a corrupt, venal, fascist, oligarchy, run by people who like to rape children and steal everything not nailed down. Trump isn’t going to change that either. At best, Trump may be able to get a Supreme Court conservative majority, or one that provides oral service to their corporate masters, and Trump has at least revealed the slime under the rock, but that is about it. After 18 months, multiple “investigations,” the fact that nobody has been indicted, much less tried and convicted, for any of the multiple felonies pretty much says it all. The Deep State has simply outlasted us deplorables. Trump, well he gave it his best shot and came up short.

My personal advice is you should kick back and enjoy the collapse of our dysfunctional, increasingly violent, and even more increasingly deranged US society. It is going to be a wild ride, of that I have now doubt. Unfortunately, we are now in the early phases of Civil War Two. You can believe that or not. Whether you believe that or not, the level of political violence will only increase. You can trust me on that. Since I live in Portland, Oregon I am well aware of the raw hatred and venom the leftists feel for people who read my blog. Any time I want to commit suicide, all I have to do is wear a MAGA hat and then walk around downtown Portland. I would measure my life expectancy in nano-seconds.

Amigos,  I am telling you we are living in a truly amazing time period. The reason being we are like some Roman watching the barbarians ride up to the gates of Rome in 409 AD.  Only in the case of the USA, the barbarians are no longer outside the city walls, because they are inside the city walls. Further, we have not only barbarians inside our gates, like the Muslim terrorists, and the M-13 illegal psychos, but we have ourselves too. Like the man said, the enemy is us. Yep, we are our own barbarians now. I suggest, as you enjoy what may be the final warm summer once the Grand Solar Minimum starts to kick in, you ponder all I have written.

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  1. And the power elite control all wings of the uni party, playing one side against the other to stoke animosity, hatred and ultimately civil war in this country.

    This is all Hegelian dialectic.Trump is a puppet and the fall guy, the one designated to collapse America on his watch so they can shift blame onto his supporters.

    It isn’t immigrants who those detention camps are really made for.


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