First, welcome to the several thousand of you who took the time to view this blog from Mr. Qs, one Steve Quayle’s, website. Steve and I go waaaaay back, well over a decade in fact. I will be reposting some of the essays I wrote at the Q files that were apparently lost when the servers did shameful things. Personally, Doomer Doug, who really does think and refer to himself in the third person, thinks one of the best uses for a 12 gauge shotgun is to fire it at a balky computer. If Doomer Doug won’t tolerate insolence from the US government, why do people think a defective computer will fare any better?

In my post listing the three things police will do in response to the terror attack on the two New York City police officers being shot dead, I said one of them would be a collapse of law enforcement. The link below is the first “official” indication my prediction is starting to happen.

I also said that “if,” repeat if the kind of terror/ambush shootings/attacks become an ongoing, much less a widespread phenomenon, you will see the rise of the death squad in the USA. I will remind everybody the death squad, while not invented in South America, were certainly perfected there. This next link shows, in my opinion, the start of an armed military style campaign to bully the system into a state of failure.

Doomer Doug remembers listening to the late William F. Buckley on his television show in the late 1960s. One comment he made about Vietnam still sticks in my increasingly decaying brain. He commented that the USA would be like Vietnam, this was in 1967, if the decade’s long campaign of murder, kidnapping, and terror directed towards the entire local power structure was executed in the USA. Well, gang, guess what. We are now seeing the use of the exact same tactics Marxists have used to come to power in multiple countries.

I am telling you all quite plainly one thing. We are now dealing with a well planned out, based on historical Marxist models for the overthrow of a state. The Marxists have done this before. The Marxists have now targeted the United States for the FINAL PHASE related to the creation, using a wide range of tactics, including mass violence, of a Marxist dictatorship.

I will tell you quite plainly the same battle and political tactics are now being used to discredit the political, economic, and military systems in the USA. We can expect the murder of local, state, and federal law enforcement as part of an ongoing military campaign to collapse the social order in the USA. We are at war, so you had better get used to ongoing, mass demonstrations, fully combined with a military style offensive against selected system targets.

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What we are seeing in the United States right now is nothing less than a concerted Marxist campaign to subvert our entire social order. This Marxist campaign is first led and directed by the traitor Obama, fully supported by Eric Holder, Valarie Jarret, as well as the two race baiting lapdogs Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The sole purpose of all comments made by the above clowns relating to race relations in the USA has been to trigger a race and class based civil war.

Obama really does think in classic Marxist agitator style. The man is a Marxist; the man thinks like a Marxist; the man acts like a Marxist. The whole point of Obama’s two terms is to install a Marxist dictatorship along the lines of Chile’s Salvador Allende in 1973. The Marxists learned their lessons from the Chilean military and its counter coup. The Obamabot savage attack on conservative political thought; the use of the IRS to crush conservative groups, as well as the ongoing, absolute media control of the “hope and change” mantra show Marxists can indeed be taught new tricks. The ongoing purge of the military by Obama, as well as the definite attempts to create Obama’s version of “The Hitler Youth” show what Obama is really up to. After all, you really didn’t think our very strange First Lady is really interested in school nutrition did you? No, Michelle Obama is most definitely trying to get school children sucked into her “vision.” If you bother to study history, like Doomer Doug does, this Marxist campaign just leaps out at you.

The massive chaos in the USA right now is intentional, deliberate and part of an military level campaign with the simple goal of ending modern America. If you do not get that, dear blog reader, then you are going to be crushed as the chaos increases in 2015. The chaos filling the news media today: the storming of malls, the transport disruption efforts, along with the so called “peaceful demonstrations” are not going away. They are going to become a permanent fixture of American life as 2015 starts. This mass effort is part of a targeted effort to disrupt American life in order to get “racial justice.” It is directly tied into Marxist efforts to subvert capitalism, disrupt daily life, as well as trigger Militant Islamic efforts to pay back the “Great Satan.”

Ferguson has unleashed the genie from the bottle. The genie will not be stuffed back inside as these types of incidents will become commonplace in 2015. In fact, they are now part of the newly created, chaotic atmosphere giving free reign to the hatred and contempt minorities really feel towards their “white oppressors,” and its “corrupt, unjust, racist, system at all levels.” I consider these social disruption level attacks to be “lone wolf” style attacks now openly plotted on social media. They represent long standing frustration, a strong sense of entitlement; finally, the kind of brutal violence the minority and anarchy groups are capable of.

We should get used to this ongoing campaign of social anarchy. It is now permanently loosely linked to vague goals of “getting social justice,” or “no justice and no peace actions.” This style of direct action may very well turn into unrestricted military style attacks like the two dead police in New York City. If so, we will see a directed military response, either “officially,” or in unsanctioned death squads going after any groups thought to be behind the attacks. Everybody pretty much hates everybody else in the USA of late 2014; everybody pretty much will do whatever they think they need to do to get “justice.” We are also dealing with one simple fact. The USA is the first nation in history where the people are well armed enough to take out the political system if they care to.

We are, in my opinion, in the most explosive situation in the USA since the spring of 1861 and the armed militia mobilizing for the southern attack on Fort Sumpter. We have seen three examples of armed militia mobilizing in the last few weeks. The first was a lone wolf attack on the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas resulting in the individual being shot dead by a Texas Ranger. The second armed militia mobilization was in Ferguson, Missouri with the Oath Keepers. The local police and Missouri National Guard disarmed them at the orders of the powers that be. If the Oath Keepers had refused to be disarmed, Civil War Two would have started. The third example was in Olympia, Washington where several thousand armed militia showed up and openly stated, guns in hand, they would not comply with the new gun control law. Again, if the powers that be had made any attempt to disarm the assembled people, Civil War Two would have broken out. Bottom line is we are one firefight away from Civil War Two.

The specific cause for these armed militia mobilizations, which I fully expect to increase as 2015 lurches along, is the tyrant Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional illegal immigration executive order. The left doesn’t understand this action is seen as an act of treason by Obama. We are not dealing with a political difference here at all. We now have the armed militias taking the position Obama, our elected President, has committed an act of treason subject to being impeached by the Republicans. If the Republicans fail to impeach Obama in 2015, which they almost certainly will do, or not do,  we set the stage for the Second American Civil War, or Civil War Two based on Mr. Chittum’s book. If you think Doomer Doug is full of it, I suggest you step back and take a hard look at the situation.

I will tell you quite plainly one thing.  35 million American military veterans in the armed militia once swore an oath to defend the American constitution from all “enemies foreign and domestic.” Tens of millions more patriots, and true populist conservatives, believe Obama is a tyrant. They will take direct action to resist what is viewed as a Marxist coup and dictatorship. The context of the so called, at least by the media and the corporate Republican wing, “political differences,” is one where one side considers the elected political class as traitors, while the political elite views the conservatives as political dissidents needing to be exterminated like cockroaches. Doomer Doug is saying this will end in blood and fire. The armed militias are not backing down, which will become clear as we careen into 2015. Obama the Marxist tyrant certainly isn’t backing down either in his arrogance and tyranny. The armed militia mobilizations will continue as a direct response to Obama’s treason and coup attempt related to his illegal immigration efforts. And finally, we are now in the early phases of a shooting war with Putin and Russia. The fact Russia just declared NATO to be the prime military threat to Russia is worth noting.

Damn, Obama the Tyrant is going to trigger Civil War Two at home, as well as World War Three with Russia overseas.

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We are now in the phase in New York City where the cops are going to do several things.

First, any police person who can retire with 20 or 30 years, i.e. a pension, in the next 6 months will start to do so. This will degrade the entire force as many of the most experienced officers get out of dodge.
Second, they will either ignore criminal acts completely, or use massive and overwhelming force and firepower to deal with it. You now have a situation in New York City where you will either get NO police response at all, or 15 cars, with 20 to 30 officers carrying machine guns. There will be NOTHING IN BETWEEN IN TERMS OF SYSTEM RESPONSE.

The result of that will be the total collapse of policing in certain sections of New York City where mostly minority people live. If I were a gang banger, I would be drooling at the large amount of crime I can now commit with utter impunity in Brooklyn etc.

Finally, NYPD is not longer going to #$$% around at all. If they THINK you pose a potential threat to them THEY WILL SHOOT YOU SIXTY TIMES WITH AN M-16. Further, they may very well unleash death squads, yes death squads, and start to take out selected targets at will. If you look at South America, it was the unrestricted attacks and murder of police and military types in Columbia, Argentina, Chile etc that led to active police and military units forming armed, extra judicial strike groups who started murdering at will the “enemy.”

Sharpton should seriously fear for his life at this point, in my opinion.


There will no doubt be continued and ongoing attacks on Police in the USA. The real story will be the increasing attacks by either the armed militia or the police on the dissidents of their choice.

The USA is now, in my opinion, facing multiple military and terror threats, both domestic and foreign, at the same time. Everybody from North Korea, China and Russia, to Militant Islam; Marxist true believers is after us.

We face a combined domestic threat from armed Marxists, minority bigots, as well as populist based armed “right wing” militias, further complicated by police who may go rogue and start to deal with people like Sharpton using “extreme measures.” We are right on the edge of total Revolution here.

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My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url


The issue of torture is a complex one in my opinion.

The basic issue in the war, yes the war, between militant Islam and the West is there are two sets of rules in play. The West seems to think you can use the legal system, complete with legal rights and protections granted to US citizens, when dealing with non citizens, hell bent on killing western people.

The issue with torture is not only what you do to the people you are torturing, but what happens to the people doing the torture. Further, any society that takes the high road on torture will find itself at a significant disadvantage when dealing with amoral opportunists and religious fanatics. Militant Islam will win if the West fails to defend itself, or even worse decides it will allow our enemy a free pass. It is a fact that Militant Islam uses what they see as our major weak spots against us; namely, our legal system, our secular society and culture, as well as our freedom.

Bush is the result of long term elite inbreeding and honestly really isn’t that intelligent. He was a useful puppet and nothing more. It says it all that our Imperial Cretin in Chief Obama, he of the hope and change mantra uses drone strikes and torture more than Bush ever did.

We will have to decide, as a society, whether waterboarding a known terrorist is worse than allowing a school bus full of kids to be blown up by a suicide bomber.

Personally, I am willing to do whatever it takes to crush an entity like ISIS that beheads five year old kids.

The German philosopher said it best: “If you stare into the abyss long enough, it will stare back at you.”

We face the same situation combat vets have always faced. If you do what is needed to live through the situation, you will damaged and scarred for life, but if you do not, you will be dead.

One of the reasons I despise Militant Islam is they are going to force the West to do things that will not be good for us in the long term. The thing is if we don’t crush Militant Islam THERE WILL BE NO LONG TERM.

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My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url