And so it begins. This is a classic “Lone Wolf” style attack. This will be the first of many to come. I expect copycat killers within the next week at the latest.

It is a fact that Militant Islam is in fact Islamic, Muslim and adheres to the values of the Koran. I agree they pervert the Koran’s values, especially regarding suicide. Still, the turning point in the USA will be after we see wave after wave of lethal attacks ALL DONE BY MEMBERS OF THE ISLAMIC FAITH. We will no longer care when this happens in the near future.

I find two things very strange about Islam. The first is the creation of a subset of Militant Islam who really do pine for the 7th century, with all its primitive culture, values and attitudes. The second is the larger group of non militant Islam doesn’t realize that they are in a civil war with Militant Islam, and will be held accountable for Militant Islam’s barbarism, brutality and viciousness by ALL THE REST OF US.

While not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims. Terrorists are defined by religious fanaticism, the willingness to die in the attack; finally, the use of terror as a military method. Militant Islam not only wishes to kill us, but also to terrorize us in the process. Militant Islam uses terror the same way the Luftwaffe used sirens on their Stuka Dive Bombers. The death came from the dropped bombs, but the terror came from the wind powered siren wailing away as the plane dived to blow you up.

This will not matter for much longer. Secular Muslims do not realize, yet, that they will be held fully accountable for ALL outrages Militant Islam engages in. The Liberal, PC mindset and people who indirectly support Militant Islam, under the rubric of diversity, political correctness and freedom of religion, also do not realize, yet, that they will also be held fully accountable for Militant Islam.

Muslims use our laid back American culture and lifestyle against us. They use freedom of religion to impose their perverted religion on a decadent US society. They use our freedom against us. They use our tolerance against us. They use our legal system against us. They use our media against us.

It is a simple fact the liberal PC crowd who blindly support Muslims, either secular or Militant, will be the FIRST ONES TO DIE ASSUMING SHARIA LAW, OR THE CALIPHATE, IS IMPOSED UPON THE USA.

Fortunately, there are still enough well armed, American Constitutional Republic loving, patriots, rednecks and non PC types, to eventually, after things have gotten bad enough, which is what it will take, to utterly crush both Militant Islam and their foolish PC liberal enablers and naive supporters.

It is the true irony of the USA and its people to be at war without realizing it. Militant Islam has somehow managed to lull Americans, especially the uber liberal crowd, into the feeling we are not in danger from a Militant Islam that despises us, will kill us on sight and also seeks to impose their version of Islam on the rest of the secular world.

If you get nothing else out of this post, get this: Militant Islam is trying to create a theocratic government under the direct rule of their Allah. This means they will not tolerate ANY secular, democratic political system at all. If you want to understand what their political vision is, you need look no farther than Iran for the Shia militants, or Saudi Arabia for the Sunni militants. It is their vision to turn the USA into Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. If you do not get this is what their “Caliphate” is all about, or understand this is the goal of their “Sharia Law,” then you won’t understand their goals. Militant Islam believes the end justifies the means. They will do anything, with NO moral or ethical values at all, to create the Caliphate, and impose Sharia Law on the infidels.

Militant Islam is not coming to the USA. Militant Islam is already well established here. The lone wolf style attacks are nearly impossible to prevent. We will find out that our enemies have no qualms about using brutality and terror against us.