The July 30th Disaster

If it was any thicker I would need a snorkel, as it is a gas mask will do. The farce known as the imploded American Republic is now entering the final phase of clinical raving lunacy.

The first tidal wave of doom will be the rental eviction ban expiring. This will create zillions, an accurate number of people being dumped I think, losing a place to live, and owing back rent along with destroyed credit. Credit rating of 100 anybody? Landlords will also get screwed, while the banks buy up all the distressed property.

Next, the federales debt limit expires. The big debt bomb will wait till September 30th, and the end of the fiscal year. July will be a tactical economic nuke and September an ICBM. Speaking of which Vlad the Impaler is building two more Doomsday command planes. China is building more nuclear launch silos not to miss out.

48 years ago I joined the US Army and went to Baumholder, Germany. Enjoy your summer. They despise us. They plan to murder us. Walk in the Holy Spirit and remember we fight not only flesh and blood, but rulers, authorities, princes of this dark world, and the spiritual beings known as demons. I find it truly ironic, even though I am Vietnam era, I saw no combat. The last 18 months I have engaged in unrestricted spiritual warfare against the prince of Portland and his demonic troops, who are as real in the supernational as I am in the flesh.

Fast and pray against the demons that now control the USA. Put your trust in Jesus and not any man, including Trump. He won, but that no longer matters. Military attacks on conus by china, russia, or iran are inevitable. Prepare.