Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has now unleashed forces that will not be contained. The third Infitata is now underway. It will likely simmer along for the next two or three years. It will involve rioting, chaos, mob violence in nearly all Islamic nations. Further, the cover of the Infitata will be used by various Islamic countries, like Iran, and various Islamic groups, like HAMAS, Hezzbollah, and the PLO as a cover for proxy wars in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, among other places. We now have  a situation where the various Islamic militant groups are going to start providing military weapons to Muslims engaged in the Infitata.

We will also start to see a ramp up by ISIS on a global scale, including CONUS. I will remind my blog readers that both recent terror attacks in New York City were claimed by ISIS. Further, despite the FBI coverup in Las Vegas, ISIS also claimed the shooting at the concert. I don’t think the Texas church shooter had any ISIS connection, mostly because sometimes crazy is just crazy. Still, ISIS has made multiple threats to kill Christians, at church services, during this Christmas season.

We saw the first of this ISIS Christmas terror scenario in Pakistan a few hours ago. Fortunately, the actual carrying out of the attack was worse than the planning and preparation for it. Still, 8 people are dead and, like the Subway tunnel attack in New York City, we are again saved by the technical incompetence of the terrorists. The link is  below.


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Attack On Methodist Church In Pakistan

Photo of Jonah Bennett

Jonah Bennett
National Security/Politics Reporter

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for an attack on a Methodist church Sunday in Pakistan, that left at least eight people dead and 30 others injured.

Two suicide bombers attacked the church on Sunday in Quetta, Pakistan, and following the assault, ISIS’ official news agency claimed responsibility, but did not elaborate with any additional details, The New York Times reports.

The two bombers were stopped right at the doors of the church, then one detonated his vest and the other died in a firefight with a security guard. Had the men entered the sanctuary of the church, the number of casualties could have numbered in the hundreds, as there were about 400 churchgoers in attendance. Two other attackers fled the scene.

Pakistan authorities were quick to condemn the attack.

“Attack of terrorists on Zarghoon road church in Quetta is condemned,” said Mohammad Faisal, spokesman for the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Pakistan’s resolve against terrorism cannot be deterred by these cowardly acts.”

And yet, not everyone is convinced that Pakistani authorities are fully committed to protecting Christians.

“Law enforcement agencies have badly failed in protecting common citizens, and minorities in particular,” Shamaun Alfred Gill, a Christian political activist in Pakistan, told The New York Times.

“December is a month of Christian religious rituals,” Gill said. “We had demanded the government beef up security for churches all over the country. But they have failed to do so.”

Pakistan officials have refused to admit that ISIS exists on any level.

Christians comprise about two percent of Pakistan’s population.

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Today’s failed terror attack at the Port Authority in New York City, further undermines the reason for Muslims to even be living in the USA of 2017. We are certainly crowded enough to not need several million potential Muslim terrorists. We need to start the process of sending all these people back to whatever third world cesspool they originally came from. Instead, we import them by the hundreds of thousands, give them a free ride in terms of government benefits, don’t even bother to vet them, and then wonder why some of them kill us. At times, I think the USA is simply too stupid, in terms of the general population, the media, and the government, to make it through the next decade or two. Seriously, a nation with such incredibly stupid policies, and which fails to change those policies, even when those policies lead to American citizens being murdered, well that society simply doesn’t deserve to live.

The links are here. Again, we get much better coverage from British sources than we do from American mainstream fake news media.

Pictured curled up in failure: Brooklyn-based Bangladeshi cab driver, 27, in a suicide vest who caused rush-hour panic in Manhattan when his ‘revenge’ pipe bomb exploded too early

  • A pipe bomb prematurely went off in an underground tunnel linking the Times Square subway station and the Port Authority bus terminal Monday morning around 7:20am
  • Police have taken one man into custody, who was wearing the homemade explosive  
  • The suspect has been identified as unmarried 27-year-old Bangladeshi national Akayed Ullah, who has been living in the U.S. for seven years  
  • Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the suspect ‘supposedly was setting the device off in the name of ISIS’ and that it was ‘definitely a terrorist attack, definitely intended’
  • CNN reports that the bomb detonated prematurely and that if it had gone off as intended the damage could have been catastrophic 
  • Ullah is speaking to investigators at the hospital, and says he carried out the attack as revenge for recent actions by Israelis against Muslim Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
  • He also revealed that he made the device at his job at an electrical company, after learning how to put it together on the internet
  • The FBI has been swarming multiple addresses connected to Ullah in the New York City area 
  • The FDNY says three other people reported to local hospitals for minor injuries
  • The incident happened just days after President Trump sparked demonstrations across the world by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city 
  • One of the largest demonstrations took place in Muslim-majority Bangladesh

Here are some of my thoughts posted elsewhere.

Doc1, I’m not sure relying on the technical incompetence of potential terrorists is a valid “anti-terror policy.” Gang, we dodged the 155mm artillery shell here, big time.

He was in a tunnel at a major transit hub, during the morning rush hour. If he had either boarded a train and detonated in a confined space, or he had a full explosion in the tunnel, it would have been like the Russian subway bombing, where dozens were killed or wounded.

He has claimed he did it for ISIS and directly in response to the Jerusalem situation.
He was just unable to execute. He was just unable to create a functional bomb that would explode on cue, do what it is designed to do. He was another “shoe” bomber, like that clown trying to light his shoes on fire with matches in the airplane bathroom.

I take no comfort from the fact this attack mostly failed, because the implications of it are staggering. Yet again, another Muslim immigrant managed to make a bomb, detonate that bomb, penetrate our security and the only, repeat only, reason 500 people aren’t dead is he lacked the technical competence to build it correctly.

The amateur hour will soon be over when the “real” terrorists, the people who have been making explosive bombs for DECADES start to deploy.

This attack just shows the great leap between some guy who decides to be a “terrorist,” and the guy who has the training, supplies and competence to execute it. For one thing, this is the SECOND terror attack in New York City by “terrorists” using the low tech version, plowing a car into people, and setting off a half assed “pipe bomb,” and a poorly built suicide bomb. Again, if the pipe bomb hadn’t detonated first, we would have had a mass casualty event, in a major New York City transit hub.

While it is better that we didn’t have an actual, killed 500 people, event, it is also true that the entire transit grid in New York City is now in chaos, two weeks before Christmas, and with a massive economic, psychological and political impact.

You know, Doc1 this is like Letters From Iwo Jima, where the Jap kid goes out to empty the piss pot and the 8 inch cruiser shell lands next to him, and doesn’t explode. While stuff like that really does happen, gang, we shouln’t count on it.

The point of an explosion is to detonate it in a closed space, like a train, or a plane, or a subway tunnel. This is a near miss and again shows why we need to vet these people. The pro Muslim crowd is losing all credibility, even in a liberal cess pool like New York City. The thing that indicates the liberals are terrified of a backlash is how fast they went to the terror/ISIS meme, and they made to attempt to hide it was a terror attack. The usual “workplace violence” shick won’t work any more and even morons like Blasio know it. That ain’t much, but it is something.

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As I predicted in earlier posts, the Islamic world is now exploding in violence, from Kashmir in the East, to Pakistan, Afghanistan, the West Bank, Gaza, Indonesia, the USA and Europe. The scope and scale of the violent response to Trump’s Jerusalem decision makes this truly a global event. We will have a violent Christmas, especially in Bethlehem.

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The links are here.

WATCH: Palestinian protesters face off against Israeli troops in Bethlehem

December 9, 2017 11:58

Israeli security forces confronted Palestinian protesters angered over the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Palestinian protesters in the city of Bethlehem are currently demonstrating against the recent US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. The protesters are facing off against Israeli soldiers determined to prevent the rallies from escalating into riots.

Similar protests have taken place in around 20 flashpoints across Jerusalem, the West Bank and along the Israel-Gaza border.

The Saturday protests follow similar clashes in the West Bank that took place on Friday between Israeli security forces and Palestinian demonstrators angered by the recent decision by US President Donald Trump to move the American capital to Jerusalem. Earlier on Saturday, a social media account supportive of Hamas claimed Israeli security forces had fired rubber bullets and used tear gas against protestors.

Israel airstrikes, Gaza rockets amid tensions over Jerusalem


UPDATE #2 12-8-2017 0800 PST. The second day of rioting has already started after near total chaos on the West Bank and Gaza on the 7th. The  link to the Sun Article is here. The time difference is about 10 hours from PST to Jerusalem.  We have over 250 people injured on the West Bank alone so far, and things haven’t even really started yet.


Jerusalem riots spread globally as terror group Hamas promises ‘day of rage’ over Trump over embassy move

Donald Trump sparked protests after announcing the US would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel


Palestinians protest Trump move on Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (AP) — Hundreds of Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli troops across the West Bank on Thursday while demonstrators in Gaza burned posters of President Donald Trump over his widely denounced decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The leader of the Hamas militant group, which runs Gaza, called for a new armed uprising in a widespread show of anger, as the demonstrators torched American and Israeli flags.

In the West Bank, crowds of protesters set tires on fire and hurled stones at Israeli troops. In Bethlehem, troops fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse a crowd, in clashes that could cloud the upcoming Christmas celebrations in the town of Jesus’ birth. In Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian government, protesters set tires on fire, sending a thick plume of black smoke over the city.

After yesterday’s blog post, the situation in the Middle East has already spiraled into violence. This is no surprise to anybody keeping track of the Islamic response to Trump’s Jerusalem decision. However, the violence of Thursday will, in my opinion, be dwarfed by the violence unleashed after 1.5 BILLION Muslims pour out of their mosques Friday night, 12-8-2017.  Here are some thoughts from my timebomb post.……he-s-worried…very-worried.

The Friday Mosque services in the Middle East are going to be flashpoint for several reasons.

One. The Muslim authorities will have had two or three days to prepare. It will be one giant flash mob, stirred up by the Immam/s speaking in their sermons.

Two. It will be all Muslims, some 1.5 billion of them, who will be focused on Jerusalem.

Three. The violence is planned, trained for and will be “spontaneous,” in the same sense the Benghazi attacks were due to that video and they stormed the consulate.

Four. The USA is right now deploying multiple FAST, fleet armed security teams, a 40 person strong marine unit to enhance selected embassies, etc, to the Middle East. The US doesn’t do that, unless they expect the embassies to be stormed by howling mobs.

Five. All of the various Muslim groups are now on the same page, with the same tactics and the same goals.

Six. It is unknown how Hezzbollah, Hamas, ISIS and Al Qaida will react to this opportunity to unleash a new Infitata.

Seven. If Little Fat Boy takes the opportunity to do another missile test, or detonate a nuke warhead, who knows where this will all go.

Nowski, the BLM types have made tactical alliances with various Militant Islam groups, which is a much under reported story here in CONUS. I fully expect to see Mosque riots in both Europe and the USA.

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I honestly don’t know where to begin my blog entry today. Seriously, the number and threat of what has happened in the last twenty four hours is mind boggling. Using the “start at the beginning,” model, I shall begin. Obviously, Trump’s statement he is formally accepting Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and has begun the process of moving our embassy there, is a defining event for our time. The Bible paraphrase goes “I shall make Jerusalem a rock for them, and I shall break them upon it.” We are seeing that fulfilled before our very eyes today.

The links are here.


Next, we have the Islamic reaction to Trump’s decision. Here is the link.


On the other side of the world, specifically Tokyo, Japan we have mass drills now underway against the threat of a North Korean nuclear attack on Japan. The link is here.

Millions in Tokyo to take part in North Korean nuclear attack exercise.…uclear-attack/

The threat is very real’: Millions in Tokyo to take part in North Korean nuclear attack exercise.

Julian Ryall, in tokyo
5 DECEMBER 2017 • 6:17AM
Millions of residents of Tokyo are to take part in evacuation drills simulating a North Korean nuclear attack on the Japanese capital.

The national and city governments are to carry out a series of exercises between January and March to prepare for a potential attack on Tokyo, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported, the first time that a major Japanese city will have carried out responses to a simulated attack.

Here is a link to the ongoing fire disaster near Ventura, California, made famous by the rock group, America song’s “Ventura Highway,” from my youth. Well, Ventura is burning, and the highway is a place of fire, smoke and terror. The link is here.

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I can’t say a lack of material to write about is going to be a problem for this blog any time in the near future. We have the ongoing situation with North Korea. The link is here to a story about the US possibly pulling out all military dependents from South Korea. If this is true, and the neo con warmonger Lindsay Graham thinks it is a good idea, it should correctly be viewed as an imminent war warning for the Korean Peninsula.

The link is here.…-idUSKBN1DX0OU

Pentagon should move U.S. dependents out of South Korea due to North Korean threat: senator

drum beats

NorthKoreaRealTime‏ @BuckTurgidson79
1h1 hour ago

Pentagon should move U.S. dependents out of South Korea due to North Korean threat: senator

posted for fair use and discussion…-idUSKBN1DX0OU

December 3, 2017 / 11:10 AM / Updated 2 hours ago
Pentagon should move U.S. dependents out of South Korea due to North Korean threat: senator

Reuters Staff

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday urged the Pentagon to start moving U.S. military dependents, such as spouses and children, out of South Korea, saying conflict with North Korea is getting close.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks with reporters as he arrives for meeting about the Republican Tax Reform package on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., November 9, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

“It’s crazy to send spouses and children to South Korea given the provocation of North Korea,” Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“So I want them (the Pentagon) to stop sending dependents and I think it’s now time to start moving American dependents out of South Korea,” Graham said. The United States has 28,500 troops in South Korea as a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War.

On Wednesday, North Korea tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that can fly over 13,000 km (8,080 miles), placing Washington within target range, South Korea said on Friday.

Graham said this development showed conflict is approaching.

“We’re getting close to military conflict because North Korea is marching toward marrying up the technology of an ICBM with a nuclear weapon on top that can not only get to America, but deliver the weapon. We’re running out of time,” Graham told CBS.

The Pentagon referred questions to the Pacific command, which was not immediately available for comment.

White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster told “Fox News Sunday” that President Donald Trump is prepared to take action against North Korea but is working to convince China, Russia and other nations to use more economic pressure to help curb its nuclear ambitions.

“The president’s going to take care of it by, if we have to, doing more ourselves. But what we want to do is convince others, it is in their interest to do more,” McMaster said.

The Trump administration has repeatedly said all options are on the table in dealing with North Korea’s ballistic and nuclear weapons programs, including military ones, but that it still prefers a diplomatic option.

Next, we have this story from the Iranian News Agency FARS saying that Active Duty Russian troops/advisors fired on the Israeli Missiles targeting Damascus, Syria.

The link is here.


Russian Air Defense Units Deployed in Syria Intercept Israeli Missile

The Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news network quoted a well-informed Russian source as disclosing that the Pantsir-S1 combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile system that is supervised by the Russian military experts in Syrian intercepted one of the Israeli missiles in al-Kaswa regin in the Southern countryside of Damascus on Friday mid-night.

Al-Mayadeen further added that Israel hit Syria’s under-construction military installation and the Syrian Army’s ammunition deports by two Ariha-1 missiles.

Local sources confirmed on Saturday that the Syrian army’s air defense units fired at least four missiles at an Israeli fighter jet after the Tel Aviv forces’ missiles hit a region in Western Damascus, adding that the Damascus air defense could intercept some of the incoming missiles.

The sources said that the Syrian military’s anti-aircraft missiles were fired from the Mezzeh Airbase in rural Damascus in the early hours of Saturday.

The sources added that an Israeli fighter jet was flying at a low altitude over Lebanon’s Baalbek region near Syria’s border when the Syrian missiles were launched.

They added that a number of Israeli missiles were fired toward the 1st Division ammo depot in the Western countryside of Damascus, adding that the Syrian Air Defense managed to intercept some of the missiles before hitting their designated targets.

However, some of the missiles hit their intended target, causing loud explosions near the towns of Kesweh and Sahnaya, the sources further added.

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ENDLESS DEBT 11-30-2017

Franklin advised us to “be neither a lender or a borrower.” I think the two fatal mistakes our founding fathers made in writing the US Constitution, were the failure to require a balanced budget, and the failure to impose term limits on elected officials. I suspect this was due to their belief in the natural dignity of man. Whether they really didn’t think men would abuse the power of the purse, or whether they didn’t understand human nature means people will feather their own nest, I don’t know. What I do know is if they had read Polyibus, the ancient writer who described the fall of the Athenian Republic, which they may have, they would have realized the point at which elected officials realize they can take money from one group, and give it to another, in order to gain political power, is when the political collapse starts. Lenin’s famous quote that “Capitalism will spend itself to death,” reflects the fatal flaw of Democracy; namely, the creation of an urban mob, dependent on the state, and giving power to those politicians who provide benefits to said mob. This is the current state of the American Republic: the cycle of benefits for the mob, enacted by politicians in return for even more political power, is well entrenched in 2017.

I think I will call this “macro economics,” because it reflects the government view of things with large scale benefit programs solely designed to enrich, and empower, the political class. Soaking the rich is an accurate term to describe this. What is called “microeconomics” refers to individual economic actions in my opinion. This refers to individual decisions to go into debt in order to maintain a personal lifestyle of living beyond your means. This is also widespread in the American Republic of 2017. Franklin would be laughed at today if he went on a talk show and said people should live within their means, and they should only spend what they make. They should also save some of their money, which his making that statement would result in hysterical laughter from the studio audience. At any rate, the self discipline required to either save, or live within your budget, is sadly lacking in America these days.

The link below indicates fiscal prudence on the individual level is just not something the American people do these days. The entire economic system is designed to get people into debt, keep them in debt, and suck them dry of all assets for the benefit of the elites. I am talking about the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve, which is neither a federal agency, or a reserve agency. The sold purpose of the Federal Reserve is to loot the public and private wealth of the American people to enrich the ten private banks that make billions on the interest payments the US government pays for its own money. The US Constitution actually defines money as it is listed in it.

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US Household Debt Is Rising 60% Faster Than Wages, And One Rating Agency Is Worried

Tyler Durden's picture

In a report released today by DBRS titled “Consumer debt and debt burden”, the rating agency which is best known for keep Italian debt eligible for ECB monetization at the peak of the European banking crisis, looks at the latest Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit issued by the NY Fed (discussed here previously) which showed that consumer debt for the third quarter of 2017 was approximately $12.96 trillion, representing an increase of $116 billion over the second quarter of 2017. The debt level for the first three quarters of 2017 has continued to increase above the previous record debt level which was established in the third quarter of 2008 as shown in Exhibit 1 below.

DBRS also highlights that not only did total debt levels increase, but their composition changed as highlighted in Exhibit 2 below.

The good news: total mortgage debt has decreased since 2008, to $8.743 trillion from $9.29 trillion, but as of the third quarter of 2017, still accounts for 67.5% of overall consumer debt.

The bad news: since 2008, the growth in total debt has been attributable to the auto loan and student loan sectors. Auto loan debt has increased by 50% since 2008, to slightly over $1.2 trillion from approximately $800 billion. The most dramatic growth rate, as Zero Hedge readers know well, has been in student loan debt which has grown by 122% since 2008, to $1.357 trillion from $611 billion.

But a bigger concern flagged by DBRS is that the growth in consumer debt is raising concerns when viewed in the context of the existing wage stagnation hampering the current economic environment. The rating agency cites a paper published in October 2017 by the Harvard Business Review which stated that the inflation-adjusted hourly wage has grown by only 0.2% per year since the mid-1970s and labor’s share of income has decreased to its current level of 57% from 65%.

Meanwhile, in the second quarter of 2017, wages were only 5.7% higher than they were a decade earlier. In comparison, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York/Equifax data shows that consumer debt growth over the same period was 9.3%.

In other words, the purchasing power of US households has been largely a function of rapidly rising debt, which over the past decade has risen 60% faster than wages.

There is another concern: while overall delinquency rates have stabilized in recent years, the one stubborn outlier remains student debt, where 90+ day delinquencies have risen to more than 10%.

This is a problem because as Bloomberg’s Lisa Abramowicz writes, considering that GOP tax overhaul may eliminate tax deductions on interest on student loans, this debt load could become even more onerous.