Here in the USA, we spend our money to see the new James Bond, three hour movie with fictional evil doers, bad guys, leaping motorcycles etc etc etc. Over in Red China, they go to a three hour movie that rewrites the Korean War era “Battle of the Chosin Reservoir,” into a Chinese Military Victory, a massacre of US forces, all paid for by the Chinese Communist Party, and IMHO setting the optics for the invasion of Taiwan and the expansion of Chinese Communist Barbarian power further into the Pacific. Regarding the issue of China invading Taiwan, well the signs of that are everywhere. The biggest one, again IMHO, is the fact Xi the Merciless just pissed away some $200 million dollars on his Korean War masterpiece to prime his young men for WAR WITH THE USA OVER TAIWAN.

The real Red chinese troops weren’t any where near as well supplied as the ones in the movie, plus they died in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Bare feet in the snow, poor to no winter clothing, lack of ammo etc etc

Xi is a lying pig but he is getting his hordes stirred up to slaughter the USA.


And finally, well here is some actual proof about the lethal vaccine for your perusal.

Too many people are dying and it’s starting to worry the demographers – Rintrah (archive.org)