Before I begin you should take a look at this British media source link. I have found censored stories in the USA have a way of showing up in Britain.

Family of slain Oregon militiaman claim he was shot in the BACK with his hands up and posed no threat

  • Robert LaVoy Finicum’s family claims that he was shot dead unjustly during an FBI traffic stop on the Oregon militia on Tuesday
  • The relatives of Finicum said they were not accepting at face value the FBI’s statement that the 54-year-old rancher from Arizona had been armed
  • The FBI released a video on Thursday that they claim shows Finicum  reaching for his weapon before he was shot dead
  • Ammon Bundy and 11 others have been arrested but no one has been released on bond
  • Four militiamen remain on the reserve – they have been named and include a married couple 

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The Rubicon River, which is really more of a stream than a river like the Columbia, figures large in our shared Western Cultural history. It is this river/stream that Julius Caesar crossed in open defiance of the Roman Senate. By doing so, he started the final phase of the Roman civil war. It lasted 100 years, roughly from 130 BC, to Augustus winning the Battle of Actium in 29 BC. Henceforth, the term “crossing the Rubicon” has meant taking a final, decisive action that can’t be undone.

The armed militia deployed to Burns, Oregon, in support of the two now jailed ranchers, certainly made some very serious errors in my judgment. They should have left when the men they supported voluntarily went to jail. They should have been more media savvy and not fallen into the Marxist media portrayal of them as not too smart, racist, fools who confused their man parts with AR-15 rifles. For that, the paid with one life, and multiple arrests. For all the incessant Marxist Media portrayal of the armed militia as a bunch of racists, the reality is the militia movement is not a monolithic one. The militia has many separate factions, all with agendas of their own.

What the FBI has now done, with the brazen murder of an innocent man, is give the entire militia movement a credible martyr. Further, the fascist faction of the FBI, which is only one of the three FBI factions I wrote about in my last essay,  is with malice aforethought pouring lighter fluid on the burning fire. For that alone, they are fools indeed.

I have watched the “crisis” unfold up here in the People’s Marxist Republic of Multnomah County and Oregon. It has not been a pretty sight on so many levels. The reason I use the crossing the Rubicon metaphor, is not in relation to what the armed militia and the various FBI, or government agencies think of each other. I would say that ship has sailed years ago. In the context of Ruby Ridge, Waco and now Burns, there is no give on either side. The FBI and government regard all militia members as part of the increasingly widespread “vast right wing conspiracy,” or “domestic terrorists.” The militia at this point regards all levels of government, federal, state, county, and city as guilty until proven innocent of treason. Like I said, nobody is backing off at this point, as the brazen murder shows. The fact it was an Oregon State Patrol Trooper who did the dirty deed, merely indicates how state and local police forces are now in fact military units openly deployed in political dissident crushing mode. When the fecal material finally hits the fan, local and state police will be viewed as legitimate military targets by the militia. The reality of that is why, if and when we do actually go hot, the coming armed conflict will reflect the casual brutality common to all civil and revolutionary wars.

The particular reason I am saying the Rubicon has now been crossed relates to the internal divide between the armed militia and the general sheeple population. I have to say the level of venom, open contempt and hatred shown by many of the Marxist liberals towards the militia members has been astounding to me. I am talking not just about the public statements, by the horde of Democratic elected officials, fully dripping venom in their news conferences, much less our Bi-sexual farce of a governor Kate Brown. Oh no, blog readers, to get the full passion and scope of the kind of hatred I am talking about, you have to have read the letters to the editor section over the last few weeks. To put it mildly, the liberals are foaming at the mouth over the militia. I am also talking about the hate spewed speech coming from the Indians of all people. They should know better than anybody else what an insolent Federal government, armed to the teeth, will do to keep control.

The very same liberal and Marxist people I interact with every day here in downtown Portland are showing little indication of the “cant’ we all get along,” motif they spew on a daily basis. The very same Marxist morons who tolerate a level of badf behavior from the horde of pot smoking, criminal drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill loonies now overwhelming downtown Portland, are quite willing to massacre any militia member they can get their paws on. Like I have said, you just have to read the venom, posing as intelligent thought, the Oregonian letters to the editor section.

The Rubicon that has now been crossed is not between the Militia and the government. The Rubicon that has now been crossed is between the armed militias and the sheeple, especially the Marxist branch of the liberals. I will tell you plainly one of the final things that will happen prior to the outbreak of armed rebellion is the demonization of the ones leading the potential rebellion. We can check that one off, since the kind of vicious hatred coming from the left towards the militia movement is a precursor to concentration camps. I have studied history. The iron clad lesson of history is, as the author Mann put it, “People who burn books, eventually burn people.” We have seen, especially in the last seven years of Obama’s Marxist dictatorship, the linkage of hate thought, hate speech and hate action, into a kind of demonization process at all levels of American society. It was only a matter of time before the same people who despise our historical American values decided they needed to empower the government to deal with the “domestic terrorists.” And so that is what the sheeple, the liberal sheeple have done. The main point I am making about the murder is “the sheeple” have now given cart blanche to the “powers that be” to murder any militia member they want to, anywhere they want to, anytime they want to, and for any reason they want to. This is the Rubicon I am talking about here.

I will remind you all that we are in a pre-revolutionary phase in my opinion. If Obama was anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is, or even as smart as his Marxist supporters in the media think he is, he would pardon the original two ranchers as fast as he could. Obama will not do that because he is now trapped by his own ideology. I remember my neighbor, who was the local leader of the unfairly dismissed John Birch Society, telling me over forty years ago that “You could always expect a communist to act like a communist.” He was right in 1970 and he is right today. The main reason we are going to, if the Texas governor fails in his attempt to deal with Federal insolence with a political effort based on state’s rights, get a revolution is Obama can’t really help himself. I will also remind my blog readers the actual start of the American Revolution was in the spring of 1775, and not July of 1776. It was the British attempt to seize personal and militia weapons that started the American Revolution.

I think Obama will make the same mistake the British made. I fully expect the result will be the same. Granted, the recent Supreme Court decision will enable local, city, county and states to move on gun control. It won’t matter either way. The armed militias, in the context of all the government abuse over the last twenty five years at least, will know the score.

It is a simple fact that the insolent elites never know when to back off, much less stop. The elite is not stupid, but they are surely ignorant. They are blind. They are evil. The result will be not what they expect, much less be able to control. “They” have shown us in Burns they are quite willing to openly murder us. The liberal sheeple have also now shown us they fully support such violence. What neither of the two groups understand, much less comprehend the long term results of is this: what are “they” going to do when the armed militias start to shoot back. Obama doesn’t quite get, even now, the Rubicon has been crossed all the times it needed to be. The Sheeple have spoken, and God help them when the armed militias respond to the increasing tyranny of Obama and his liberal supporters.


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The FBI has learned nothing from Ruby Ridge, Waco, and now Burns. I think the final days of the Imperial Obama Marxist Tyranny are going to be interesting to put it mildly. For one thing, Obama is now effectively meaningless as he lurches through his final year in office. On the global stage, with both Russia and China, he is held to be a clown fumbling his way in the darkness. Inside the USA, he is castrated politically and stumbling around trying to look Presidential. Since he has never looked functional, much less Presidential, at any point in the last seven years, I see no reason to expect a miracle. What is truly disturbing to me is the simple fact his administration is coming apart at the seams on a daily basis.

For one thing, it is clear his domestic law enforcement agencies, the FBI and Homeland Security, have now fractured into at least three separate factions. Obama’s intelligence agencies, along with his increasingly dysfunctional military are also starting to show signs of late stage Imperial chaos. All of the above are now preparing for the post Obama time period, and making moves to prevent themselves from being held accountable for their actions, non actions and general effectiveness in the war on terror among other things.

The FBI in particular has now splintered into three separate factions in these final days of the Obama administration. The first faction is the pro Obama one, compliant with AG Lynch and her PC based ideology. This is the one that openly, brazenly murdered the militia member in Oregon. The fascist FBI faction pulled the car over and simply shot him dead. The militia group was on its way to a peaceful public meeting, and was no threat to anybody. The fascist, pro Obama FBI group just decided Obama, and Oregon’s bisexual Democratic Governor, needed a quick resolution and whacked the guy. This is the same FBI faction that gave us the so called “terror attack,” they prevented. It will soon come out the FBI gave the guy the gun and the silencer. It is a fact the bomb used in the first World Trade Tower attack, the one in 1993, was mixed by an FBI informant, who apparently couldn’t be bothered to notify anybody of the attack. Bush and Rice claimed ignorance of the second World Trade Tower attack on 9-11-2001. This is interesting since they should have known about the first one. Obviously, if the same target is hit twice, you don’t get to say you had no idea this was coming.

The second FBI faction is the anti Obama group. This is the one going after Hellary Clinton for treason regarding the emails. This is also the group that allowed the press into the apartment of the terror couple in California. They did this to openly and publically humiliate Obama and Lynch, as well as to prevent Obama and Lynch from spinning the terror attack as yet another case of “workplace violence.” Obama said for months the Fort Hood attack by the Muslim officer, the one that murdered 13 US soldiers, was also a case of “work place violence.” At any rate we now have open warfare between the pro and anti Obama FBI factions.

The third FBI faction is the go along to get along faction. They have as their goal to prevent the kind of institutional damage caused to the FBI from any potential scandal. They are motivated by the desire to stay out of jail, get their pensions, and keep the hounds of legal accountability off of their bodies. In this, they represent a long standing tradition in the FBI of covering up misdeeds. Misdeeds that go all the way back to the 1960 era spying operations. They have the most difficult job as they try to stay out of the line of fire between the other two factions now engaged in a firefight of stunning intensity.

Homeland Security, as well as the CIA and the Pentagon, are also being dragged into the crumbling aftermath of Obama’s final year in office. One thing will happen above all others; namely, the institutions of the FBI, Homeland Security, the CIA and Pentagon, will be protected at all costs. It is also clear the level of infighting is increasing. The final result of all that may very well be a level of chaotic actions that render all of the above agencies unable to fulfill their primary missions. The result of that will be Militant Islam, Russia and China among others, will play the game and take advantage of the situation.

Readers of my blog should have no illusions the game has changed due to the FBI murder of that militia member. Yes, they should have pulled out when the two ranchers voluntarily went to jail. And yes, they played into the local Oregon hysteria, fanned by the media to a fever pitch. Still, now that blood has been shed, the results will not be pretty. Oregon is now, for all intents and purposes, a one party liberal and Marxist dictatorship. The Oregon house and senate are held by a large majority of Democrats, with the purest of Marxist true believers firmly in charge. All elective offices are held by Democrats. The Marxists are now engaged in a broad ranging attempt to remake Oregon into a nanny state to be admired. From so called “climate change,” to gun control, to homosexual rights, the witch hunt is well underway. Political dissidents in Oregon, and by that I mean hetrosexuals, conservatives, populists, gun owners, as well as any other groups that don’t fit into the PC based, multi-cultural paradise of the Marxists now running Oregon, are now open season for all state agencies. It will only get worse up here, but that is the future Obama, Clinton and AG Lynch have planned for the rest of us peons.

  Make no mistake here, for the bell is now tolling for thee. Obama, et al, has now shown the fist underneath the Political Correct glove. It is like the Star Trek Federation’s Borg, “Assimilate or Die.”
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In a sea of chaos, another flare gun has now gone off indicating we are in the end of an era. Abe Vigoda, the genius character of Fish on the 1970’s era sitcom called “Barney Miller,” has died. Well, I was in the US Army during 1974 etc. so I never did see the shows on American television. I did watch them recently on DVD and was astounded at the level of quality writing, the brilliant acting, as well as the way the sitcom pretty much captured the mindset of the mid to late 1970’s. Abe Vigoda also had a short lived television show after Barney Miller. RIP, Fish. The link is here.…ad-94-36528884

In the “Hellary can’t get no respect,” category we have what I am now calling the pile on factor. Piling on is a football term where, even though the ball carrier has been tackled, everybody jumps on him anyway. Hellary, as evil, whining, scheming, manipulative, female dog as ever existed in American politics, is now getting piled on by pretty much everybody at this point.

Hellary has a coughing fit, which has nothing to do with any serious health issues at all. Still, she is in play, much the way somebody bleeding into the sea is, so the sharks are closing in. Her coughing fit unleashes a tidal wave of health speculation. The reason is the starter flag has been dropped and everybody can now speculate on her health. The link is here. Read more at…U6v2qbLhAD3.99

Hellary is also being smothered under a layer of “will she, or won’t she be indicted over the email by the FBI,” speculations. In fact, as we head into the final days before the Iowa primaries, Hillary Rodham Clinton is now TOXIC at all level of politics. Her basic health level for even being President is being called into serious question. She is under threat of being indicted as a traitor leaking sensitive information. Finally, she has all the baggage going back over 25 years to 1992 from the first two terms of Bill Clinton. I think the conventional wisdom that she will emerge as the Democratic Party Presidential nomination is simply wrong now. Granted, in both the case of Jeb Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the process was expected by “them” to be more of a divine anointing than an actual election. Still, I am saying she is gone, even if she “wins” in Iowa. Mr. Sanders is the one firing the base up, not Hellary. Mr. Sanders is the one with the passion, not Hellary.

We also have the usual acts of brutality and rape in Europe by the Muslim hordes. This time they took over the main Stockholm, that is in the refugee haven of Sweden, train station and behaved, well they behaved like the animals many Muslims really are. If you take a look at what is really going on in Europe, as well as the response by the people of Europe, versus their globalist leadership, it is clear the several comments by the military leaders are not hot air. In particular, the comments about Merkel “fleeing to South America,” or the comments by Sweden’s military leader, indicate things are moving in Europe at the popular and military level very fast indeed. The link is here. 4 Sweden’s Army Chief Warns Of WORLD WAR 3 Inside Europe ‘Within a Few Years’

And finally, here is a link to the real explanation of why the system is so corrupt, the politicians so venal, and the government so incompetent at all levels. THE USA IS NOW A FULLY FUNCTIONAL OLIGARCHY AT ALL LEVELS OF SOCIETY. The link is here to show how the banks really do run everything, the politicians et al really have been bought off at all levels.

How 37 Banks Became 4 In Just 2 Decades, All In One Astonishing Chart…nishing-chart/

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I have my apocalyptic e book for sale on Amazon Kindle. The url is
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Lost in all the chaos of the first month of 2016, Iran has very shrewdly thrown three strike balls as our feckless cretin in chief Obama. The first strike was when Iranian Revolutionary Guard warships casually sauntered up to within 1,500 yards of the US Navy’s Aircraft Carrier Truman. They then even more casually combat launched missiles pointed in the other direction. It was the naval version of a dog urinating on a fire hydrant.

The second strike was when Iran, in what I will call an act of piracy, kidnapped ten US Sailors, paraded them around in a dog and pony show, openly humiliated them, made Obama look like even more of a fool than he is; finally, reduced our blow dried Secretary of State Kerry to a status of being an errand boy.

The third strike is ongoing and refers to Iran flooding the oil market to collapse prices, restore its revenue, and get back at Saudi Arabia for a reasons too numerous to mention here on my blog.

I will note that the West in general, and the US under the Obama, Kerry version of the Three Stooges took absolutely no action in response to any of these three strikes. Kerry’s whining to Iran about how well they treated our captive sailors was, in my view, an example of just how low Obama will go. At any rate, we can be sure Iran won’t stop now. Why should they, when they are getting everything they want, cash, sanctions lifted, public apologies, in effect, from Kerry and unchecked ability to make nuclear bombs. Yep, Iran is on a roll now.

   It is unclear how the various factions inside of Iran view all this butt licking by the USA towards them. It will certainly embolden the Revolutionary Guard true believers. It will also certainly lead to a more direct approach to crushing both ISIS and the Saudi led Sunni military group.

Putin’s military and economic alliance with Iran is looking shrewder by the day. We can be sure the USA is going to get sucked into the Middle East one way or another. You would think after two decisive military defeats in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the US would get the message and stay out. Iran has “won” the war in Iraq by creating a “Greater Iran” composed of a zone from Basra in the south, to Baghdad in the center/north. The only effective opposition to the Shia based Iranian sphere of influence is the Kurds. The same Kurds the USA has routinely betrayed several times since 1975.

Iran, along with the Chinese, has now won the war in Afghanistan. What is now vaguely called “Western Afghanistan” is really an Iranian Sphere of Influence. Again, the Chinese are picking up the economic cookies with their copper mine, and Iran is picking up a large chunk of the former Afghanistan. India is also exerting a decisive effect on the dismal place called Afghanistan.


Gang, Iran is going to destroy the global oil producing nations to attain it political and economic goals. You can be sure of that.


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Well, this Palin endorsement is going to make me reconsider Mr. Trump. Palin is a neo-con, warmongering $%%, with a fascist streak, to put it mildly. It was Palin and the Koch brothers who co-opted, and turned the Tea Party movement from a broad based populist movement into a neo con fascist warmongering one. Nope, this is a BIG NEGATIVE FOR ME. I am a populist, and not one of those damn neo con fascists that infest the RINO party. I am not impressed with Trump over this at all. It means he is going to give us more endless war. Sorry, but this is going to seriously damage Trump with the more independent and non religious fanatic crowd.

The point I am trying to make is this. There really are a large group of what I would call secular populists. Now when Trump was talking about dealing with the tidal wave of illegals pouring over the border, I am with him. When he is talking about dealing with Militant Islam here in the USA, I am with him. I am unsure why people are so pro Palin. She represents the neo con, warmongering wing of the corporate Republican Parry. It is clear to me we are going to get a choice between a third Clinton term, and a third Bush term. The exact same RINO types, McCain etc. still can’t admit we have suffered decisive military defeats in both Iraq and Afghanistan. So why would I support a neo con like Palin?

After all, it was Palin and the Koch brothers who castrated the legitimate populist Tea Party and turned it into a clone wing of the Republican Party. Sorry folks, but Trump just lost a lot of independent voters who will wonder if he is going to bomb Iran, or invade the Ukraine. Again, I am focused on the domestic USA issues, and have no interest in the endless neo con wars Bush started, along with his neo con buddies like Palin, Kristol, Cheney et al.

Yep, it is entirely possible to be populist and not want the fascist, security, warmongering government we ended up with Bush junior. Hellary is laughing her evil ass right now because she now sees she can frame the election as the third term of Bush junior. Bush is still very unpopular even 7 years later. Trump just played into the hands of the Democrats.

My basic political position is one of a populist based ideology that despises the global and domestic elites, wants the “peons” to make the decisions about their own lives in all areas. The fundamental battle is between populists who want to live free, and elites that want to restore the Middle Ages and the Feudal System. Into that mix, an imperial agenda of global corporate slave states, and increasingly insolent and abusive US federal government don’t fit into my world view. And now Trump has marched straight ahead into the very worst of the neo con errors and misjudgments.

Finally, in the Doomer Doug wants to get away from all this lunacy here on Earth, we have the provocative report from Scientific American relating to a possible Galactic exit strategy. Since the distance is measured in light years, and a light year is 600 Trillion miles, if my math is correct, it will take a while to get there. We should file this away just in case Doomer Doug is correct about Fukushima’s radiation turning us all into H.G. Well’s Morlocks in his great book, “The Time Machine.”

3 Strong Evidence Suggests a Super Earth Lies beyond Pluto

For links see article source…..
Posted for fair use…..…beyond-pluto1/



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Here is a link to a new level of 12 Gauge Shotgun combat effectiveness, along with my comments about it.


 Both of these loads will be available for purchase on OATH web site by the end of January 2016.…kly+Newsletter  

     I fully expect a wave of local laws, at the city, county and state level banning these “assault rounds,” “cop killers,” etc etc Gang, the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the right of LOCAL GOVERNMENT ENTITIES, AT THE CITY, COUNTY AND STATE LEVELS, to ban “assault rifles,” has open up a TIDAL WAVE of locally based anti-gun, anti-ammo, gun violence taxes etc etc.

Seattle just implemented a “gun violence tax,” that charges every single person who buys ammo a certain amount per ammo box. It is now WIDE OPEN SEASON for any liberal city to ban certain types of weapons that are not PC, like assault rifles. For all of you who thought the Heller decision really meant anything, you see why it was a FRAUD AND FARCE from day one. No, it is not possible for a city to “ban” handguns. They may force the last gun dealer out of town, like both DC and San Francisco did. They have bully, harass gun owners with waves of fees, restrictions etc etc and be able to do that. They may impose massive tax increases, fee increases etc.




   One of the members of my favorite band,  “The Eagles,” has died at age 67. Glen Frey has gone to the great concert hall in the sky.

     The Eagles WERE the 1970’s music era with their California, laid back, drug using, partying lifestyle. You have to see the Eagles in the context of the Don Juan mescaline induced spiritual journey, the decay in California as it became clear the dream was being overwhelmed. Further, they did such good music that they NAILED the current cultural mood exactly. My personal favorite of their albums was their second, and least commercially successful “Desperado” with “Doolin Dalton” and the theme of a young gunfighter in the 1880s.

And yes, somebody said this stuff happens in clusters of three. Alan Rickman, David Bowie and now Glen Frey. I just watched a DVD they did about the Eagles including interviews. I think back in 1977, when Hotel California came out to such massive acclaim, they sort of fell into a drug/booze and ego trap. Hotel California was about the Eagles as much as it was about California. For those of us who came of age in the 1970s’, I turned 21 in 1975 while still overseas in the US Army, the Eagles were the definitive music source, the definitive cultural marker of what people in the US were thinking from 1972 to 1980. Bowie was also a cultural marker for most of the 70s too. Frey was only 5 years older than I am, so that is freaking me out also!!!

If any of you are inclined to doubt Hellary Clinton is under siege by “them,” however you define “them,” you have to note the ongoing DAILY LEAKING OF NEGATIVE INFO ABOUT HER. I’m sorry, you do not get the level of information, the amount of information, and especially, the negative impact of the information unless somebody wants Hillary Clinton gone. Personally, I think the “she has a concussion” stories were a subtle suggestion for her to retire quietly. If you think of of a Mafia GodFather getting a ticket to go visit Sicily, you get the idea. Hillary Clinton has clearly not got the message to go into the sunset quietly. Well, things are now going to get interesting.

The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe continues to unfold on a daily basis.

The decision of Austria to seal its own borders is the functional end to the European Union. I have no doubt it will flop around for a while, like a fish on the floor of a boat, but the EU is now kaput. Many of the former Warsaw Pact and Eastern European nations, like Poland, Romania, Hungary and the former Czechoslovakia won’t be far behind Austria. Germany, France, as well as Sweden, Finland will also join the strong border stampede. Merkel will be left with her mouth open watching her political coalition collapse.




My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url

The Democratic Debate highlighted exactly why Hellary is roadkill, Bernie Sanders is not going be nominated, much less elected. The other guy is no longer even a factor at this point. It is all Donald Trump in my view. The powers that be have made a severe error in deciding Trump isn’t going to be elected.

This link here explains why.

Many ‘lost’ voters say they have found their candidate in Trump

This is the RINO’s worst nightmare happening now before their eyes. The reason Trump is going to win is his voters are outside the sandbox and he has made the pie BIGGER. The RINO types are basing everything they think will happen on the assumption the pie size will stay the same. It won’t.

If Hellary Clinton wasn’t such an evil woman, I might be able to pity her somewhat. She is now undergoing the political death of 1000 cuts. She is reduced to saying, “The FBI hasn’t interviewed me yet.” If that isn’t an open admission they plan to do just that in the near future I have no idea what is. Further, the Democratic Party is facing a very real crisis if she is not their nominee. If they go with Sanders, or O’Malley they will be crushed by Trump in the general election. It will be worse than Nixon and McGovern in 1972 if that is even possible.

Iran has now proved that crime pays with Obama. If you shoot missiles less than 1500 yards from an American Aircraft Carrier, as well as kidnap 10 American sailors, abuse them, parade them around in a quick version of a dog and pony show, you can expect Obama to pay you 1.7 Billion dollars. Of course, we are told the money isn’t a ransom. I won’t even comment on that idiotic statement. Kerry, well Kerry shows us again there is nothing underneath his blow dried hair.

Europe continues to suffer a cultural crisis directly related to the mass takeover by Militant Islam and its rape squads. Merkel seems to think it is all just a big cultural misunderstanding. We know how Islam treats its own women. Why are we surprised when they openly abuse, attack and rape foreign women they think are whores? Europe is going to sort itself out one way or another.

Finally, I have not actually gone to see the movie “Revenant” yet. It got 12 Oscar nominations over nearly every category, so it is definitely on my to do list. I will let you know what I think about it.  Now that I have home Internet access again my viewing of library DVD disks has gone to nearly zero. It is just so much fun to roam around the world wide web seeking out even more lunacy, farce and folly. The things I do for you!


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Alan Rickman, the British actor who mostly played villains has died of cancer. He does so on the heels of David Bowie. Rickman played the crazed Australian rancher who hired Tom Selleck to come and shoot Dingo Dogs. It turned out he wanted him to shoot the Aboriginal people he wanted to get rid of. Now, that friends is a real bad guy. My personal favorite was his scene in the first Die Hard movie. He plays a terrorist who calmly walks up to the security desk, making small talk about what suits Yasser Arafat is wearing, and then just shoots the gurard sitting at the lobby desk. Man, I worked private security, much of it sitting at skyscrapper lobby desks like that one. I still remember that scene nearly 20 years later. I will miss him.

Next, we have still more in the ongoing “grind Hellary Clinton into Mush,” operation now well underway here in the USA. This link tells us that one of Hellary Clinton’s core support group of women is actually leaning towards Bernie Sanders.

It also turns out the like daughter like both parents  in Chelsea Clinton’s case. After having, how shall I say this, sucked up vast amounts of money as a so called journalist, she is now the designated attack dog for Hellary. The attack dog style has been around in politics for a long time. Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon’s corrupt Vice President used to run around spewing venom with every speech. Of course, he ended up getting caught accepting bribes back when I was in US Army Advanced Individual Training down in San Antonio back in October of 1973. This was roughly the time the Yom Kippur war started and I thought I was going to end up on a C-130 transport headed towards Israel.

Chelsea Clinton is stepping onto the 2016 battlefield against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a shift that some Democrats are interpreting as a sign of trouble for her mother’s presidential campaign.

We have the strange situation where the Clinton campaign is now saying Chelsea has gone “rogue.” I absolutely can’t make this farce up, gang.


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Today is the first day of my personal Internet liberation! I now have a DSL account and can actually sit in my apartment, go online in peace, and not deal with either Multnomah County Library dysfunctional computers, or the even more dysfunctional transients that use them. Yep, it is really nice to be able to go online in the comfort of my own apartment!

I have been commenting the last several days that the “big boys” have apparently decided that they no longer want Hellary as the Democratic Party nominee. I think it is a tidal wave impact from the multiple scandals she has been dealing with now reaching a level “they” are no longer willing to tolerate.

Here is one link that shows the media is now out for the Clinton’s blood.

– – Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Live by Bubba, die by Bubba.

Something has shifted when it comes to the treatment and perception of the Clintons, and it threatens their joint political ambitions like nothing before it.

I will also note that the brazen act of piracy by Iran in seizing ten US sailors and holding them for the fast version of the usual dog and pony show clearly was timed to openly humiliate Obama during his State of the Union address. Yep, I am seeing a lot of pretty open contempt towards Obama from multiple sectors right now. While many of them are from Obama’s own government,  he is getting dissed by foreign leaders almost daily.

Here is a link showing just what Iran’s Revolutionary Guards really think of the US military.

Suffice it to say, the only thing missing was 1979’s blindfolded parade held for Jimmy Carter’s benefit. Obama is certainly doing his best Jimmy Carter imitation.

This link tells me Iran isn’t too impressed with the US Senate or Congress either.

Iran also forced an “apology” out of the US captives.

The Latest: Iran state TV broadcasts US sailors ‘apology’

12:30 a.m.

Iranian state TV has rerun a video clip of one of the held U.S. sailors apologizing for the intrusion into Iranian territorial waters.

In the footage, filmed before the sailors were released on Wednesday, the sailor says: “It was a mistake. That was our fault and we apologize for our mistake.”

The sailor is not identified by name in the clip but the TV interviewer says he is the “commander” of the group seized by the Iranians. He is then asked if the sailors’ GPS had alerted them about the intrusion, to which he replies, “I believe so.”

The U.S. Central Command later said the “video appears to be authentic but we cannot speak to the conditions of the situation or what the crew was experiencing at the time.”

     All in all, we have a well timed open insult, timed to overwhelm Obama’s State of the Union speech. It was also designed to cause maximum global humiliation of both Obama and the US Navy.

This concludes the Doomer Doug “decline of the USA,” blog entry for today.


ODDS AND ENDS 1-12-2016

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First,  my blog readers will not be surprised that Iran is now in full  mess with Obama mode. You will not be surprised my statements that they are going all out, will brook no fecal material, and are not going to back off have proved correct again. We should also realize Iran has a non Islamic history going back to 500 BC. Iran is the Empire that was ruled by Cyrus, Xerxes and Darius. It is the empire that attacked Greece twice. It is the empire that stretched from Sinai to Pakistan, from the Indian Ocean to the Onzx River in Central Russia. It is an empire that was well advanced in law, culture and human rights. Cyrus banned slavery. Cyrus has wall murals showing his “conquered” people as friends, being led by hand into his presence. Exactly where this idea Iran is full of cretins, with no sense of Iranian and Persian history, is beyond me. After Alexander the Great crushed Persia, and in an act of Greek barbarism burned several cities of unmatched beauty to the ground, the second Iranian Empire called the Parthians smacked Imperial Rome around. The Parthians captured three Roman Emperors, killed one, put a second on display in the palace,  and in general pushed Rome out of Mesopotamia around 25o AD.

They were followed by a resurgent Persian Empire based on their fire religion that again recreated most of the original Persian Empire under Cyrus. This empire finally converted to Islam, was shattered by the Arabs pouring out of the Arabian Peninsula, and eventually formed the Shia branch of Islam. This is the one that hates the Sunni Muslims, like Saudi Arabia and ISIS, and has now pretty much declared war on the USA.

I knew the total failure of our Cretin in Chief Obama to deal with an offensive missile launch, 1500 yards from a US Aircraft carrier would embolden Iran. Well, duh!

We now have a second hostage crisis with Iran. If Iran decides to not release the captives, we will have a bona fide crisis. Of course, Iran may settle for a dog and pony show and be satisfied with humiliating the USA. Gee, Iran has just stolen the thunder of Obama’s “State of the Farce Speech.” The US Navy is claiming the small boats and engine problems, but I call BS. If you are a crew in hostile waters, even under the gutted Obama US Navy, you would think you would at least make sure you could make it back to your ship. Oh, well Obama strikes again.

The link is here.

Next, we have example number 62 of exactly why Obama the fool has been a disaster for the USA. Obama insults our allies, panders to our enemies and makes both China and Russia increasingly brazen. The following link merely confirms the ongoing Chinese economic and military offensive to effectively take over Africa. When George Clooney whines about Darfur in the Sudan, he fails to mention the planes killing are made in China, flown by Chinese trained pilots; all to get at the oil Sudan has.

Here is the link to the end of US power in Africa.


If you read the Terry Brooks fantasy book series about Elves, Magic Trees, and hordes of really bad creatures trying to kill off both men and elves, then this link may be of use to you. Granted, I am not sure what MTV will do with the book, but we shall see. I enjoyed all of them at least.