Due to my dire financial situation, I am dropping my DSL Internet connection effective August 1, 2013.
Having been trashed over at for my views on the Zimmerman case, this means I will not be posting anymore. I have had a good run at timebomb going back some 15 years. I have noticed there is a liberal group think, as well as a conservative group think. The company line applies to both ends of the political spectrum. At any rate, Doomer Doug is an independent, populist with a streak of anarchy. It is time to retire the Doomer Doug moniker I think.

If you remove race and politics and view the Zimmerman case from a private security angle, several things become clear. The first one is Zimmerman just cost the neighborhood watch group he was with a one million dollar settlement. I assure you that every single insurance company in the USA that provides liability insurance for any private security company or neighborhood watch group has called them already. They will tell them to give detailed documentation related to the training of all their employees. They will expect this by the end of August, or the insurance companies will cancel their insurance.

The other thing is either Zimmerman used good security procedure or he did not. Doomer Doug thinks he did not. Doomer Doug thinks this means that Zimmerman is guilty of negligent manslaughter. For this view he has been called a troll, etc over at timebomb. So be it.

Zimmerman observed and reported Mr. Martin. This is standard security procedure. Zimmerman then ignored the advice of the 911 dispatcher and exited the car. Some timebomb posters think this is no big deal. The reason the neighborhood watch just paid out one million dollars is they understand it was negligent for Zimmerman to do that. Zimmerman went into an uncontrolled situation, and he had no idea of how things would happen. Zimmerman had no backup when he did this. Zimmerman escalated the situation to lethal force and did not use a flashlight, a taser, mace, or baton before he used his weapon.
Doomer Doug looks at all that and sees an incompetent, poorly trained officer who ignored advice and caused the death of Mr. Martin.
Doomer Doug realizes that he will get trashed for this opinion. So what?
The final impact of the Zimmerman case will relate to the new regulations imposed on private security companies and neighborhood watch groups in the USA. The arming of neighborhood watch will be restricted. The insurance companies will demand proof of training. The government will demand enhanced background checks and possibly psych evaluations. Doomer Doug can’t imagine Mr. Siwa’s group the Guardian Angels behaving like this. Assuming the insurance companies and the government allow neighbor hood watch groups to continue, they will be much more heavily regulated than prior to Mr. Zimmerman’s incompetence. At any rate, to appease the political aspects you may rest assured private security and neighborhood watch groups will be under intense government scrutiny for a long time.
The way private security works is you get a screwup like Zimmerman and then you get new regulations from the government to deal with it. It is entirely possible that no neighbor hood watch group will be allowed to have armed officers. The insurance companies may refuse to offer insurance and that will be the end of the matter.
I bid you all a fond farewell. It has been a wild ride since 1998. I do not think the present trends can continue much longer. If nothing else, Fukushima is going to render our human DNA into who knows what. In that context, Zimmerman, Syria and even our Marxist thugs Obama and Eric Holder pale into nothingness.
We can also be sure that Holder and Obama will exploit the Zimmerman case as much as they can.
Zimmerman is a fool. Nuff said.
Zimmerman is no hero. Zimmerman is no poster boy for the self defense crowd. Zimmerman was a fool who created a situation that resulted in a death that didn’t need to happen. Apparently many people don’t seem to think that is important.

BLOG ISSUES 7-5-2013

This blog has not generated either the financial support or viewing numbers I feel it should. I am going to give it a rest and see what happens.

Besides, there is not much point commenting on what even the most ignorant Sheeple can see is going on. The level of global chaos in the last 90 days is truly amazing. I intend to enjoy summer and imbibe as much Fukushima radiation as I can.

Again, the defining event for the human species is the ongoing radiation releases from Fukushima. The large amount of lethal radiation going into the air and ocean is spreading all over the globe. It will mutate human life over the next 10,000 years or so. 2 plus years into this ecological disaster we are seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of human disease, contamination of the global food chain and permanent damage to our planet’s ecosystem.

All else, military, political and economic pales into nothing compared to the radiation damage the human species has inflicted upon Earth and our DNA. The ability of the powers that be to suppress the truth is another example of why the human species deserves what is happening. TEPCO has no idea what to do about Fukushima. By burning the radioactive debris, they have started the process of making Japan uninhabitable for centuries to come.

The law of threefold return means you get three times the result of the original action. We have now begun the several thousand year process of turning Earth into a radioactive wasteland.

Take care. There is no future. There is only the ongoing destruction of this beautiful planet that we have plundered and now radiated.