I have to admire the way the KGB thug Putin has played both NATO and Obama like a violin. Way back in 1997 I wrote an essay at gold-eagle calling Putin Rasputin. Putin is what he is; he acts like he acts.
Watching the Crimea situation unfold, I am inclined to think as one person put it, “Putin plays chess; Obama plays marbles.” LOL

I think the following things are true as of March 8th, 2014.

First, Putin has won the Crimea game. He is now in full operational control of the Crimea. He set out to achieve certain political and military goals. He has now fulfilled all of them. The Ukrainian military forces that still remain in the Crimea, are cut off, outnumbered and will either surrender or be slaughtered.

Second, the March 16th independence vote will formally annex Crimea to the Russian Federation. THIS IS A DONE DEAL! Putin has won!

Third, NATO, Obama and the government in Kiev, have been shown to be lightweights. Kiev’s government can rant all they want. They can deploy all the mechanized infantry, armor, and anti-aircraft units they want. They will not retake the Crimea. Period.

Fourth, Putin has made a broad ranging move from the Baltic States in the North, to Romania in the south. Putin is redefining the entire Eastern European border with Russia. He is creating a buffer zone and sphere of influence unseen since Stalin. He is forcing Poland etc to suck up to NATO in the vain attempt to resist Putin’s shrewd political games. The forward deployment of NATO jets to Lithuania shows how serious the Baltic States take Putin. Poland is also begging for NATO support. Even Sweden, yes Sweden, has forward deployed combat jets to the Baltic States.

Putin may lick his chops, like a cheetah chewing on a kill up a tree, or he may move into Eastern and Southern Ukraine, areas that are majority Russian speaking and cultural regions. What the West thinks of as “the Ukraine” only includes the far western and central western areas. These areas border Poland and the Slovak Republic. Putin clearly feels he is better off without them.

One final thing is this is not over by any means. It is an ongoing crisis that will play out in stages. Assuming our resident clown Obama, along with his NATO court jesters, are actually stupid enough to forward deploy, into Poland and the Baltic States, anti missile batteries, things could get nasty indeed. Russia will go ape$%^^% if that happens.

One of the major reasons all this is happening is simple. Reagan made guarantees to Gorbachev that NATO would not exploit the collapse of the Warsaw pact and move eastward. This was a cynical lie, and the Russians have every reason to be ticked. NATO has attempted to move into nations that directly border the former Soviet Union, like Georgia and the Ukraine. This is totally unacceptable to ANY Russian government, especially Putin. It is no surprise that the western globalist efforts to create NATO member states in Georgia, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States are seen as direct military threats to Russia.

At any rate, between Fukushima and the Crimea this is going to be an interesting spring. The 3 year anniversary of Fukushima is on March 11th. I am happily drinking radioactive tap water, milk and enjoying any spare hot particles floating around the Pacific Northwest.

I bid you all a fond highly radioactive farewell.