Doomer Doug saw the original “Red Dawn” way back in 1984 in a theater. Doomer Doug has just returned from watching the modern “remake” at the Regal Cinema in downtown Portland. The idea Regal would show the movie “Red Dawn” in downtown Portland is bemusing to put it mildly. If the people in Portland were any bluer, they would be Smurfs At any rate, Doomer Doug had a private showing of “Red Dawn” in a small screen, 60 seat theater. Doomer Doug was the only person watching the 12.10 pm matinee showing.

Doomer Doug thinks if people go to see “Red Dawn” expecting a remake of the original they will not like it. However, if they go with the idea the new version is an interpretation of the 1984 classic, they will like it. I liked the new version. I am somewhat surprised I did, but I really did. There are several points we need to get out of the way up front. This is not the 1984 version. It lacks the chemistry between Charlie Sheen and Patrick Swaze. It lacks the political atmosphere of John Milnus’ version. It also lacks the jocks with guns fighting the Ruskies background the 1984 version had. Again, if you can get past that, this movie has some things going for it.

You also have to suspend belief and accept two basic ideas related to this version. The first is the EMP, electro magnetic pulse, renders the USA helpless against the invaders. I think this is credible. The second is you need to understand the main bad guys, the North Koreans, are there for PC reasons. The movie does show Russian Spenstaz troops. The movie implies the Russians have conquered the US east coast. It also implies that North Korea has gotten help from “others.” The others are not named, but you realize they are hinting at Chinese help. Of course, the Chinese were the original bad guys. They threatened to ban MGM from the Chinese market if that wasn’t changed.

Bottom line, if you can get past all that the new version has some appeal. Doomer Doug found the action sequences to be superior in this version to the 1984 one. Doomer Doug found the new version to be much darker, realistic, and more in tune with life in 2013. I do not think the chemistry between the two brothers was anywhere near the level of the original. They came across as a bit whiny to Doomer Doug. On the other hand, the depiction of actual insurgent combat was very well done. In particular, several of the performances by the supporting actors regarding the true costs of combat were very nicely done. I also felt the movie got the combat mostly correct. It got the training correct. And finally, I think it portrayed the sacrifice these ‘Wolverines” made much better than the original movie. There were several scenes, for instance where the Wolverine with the RFID chip makes a fatal decision, that were very well done.

I paid $8.50 to see this movie. I avoided the usual crowd situation since Doomer Doug had his own private screening. Doomer Doug also thought Hollyweird avoided the usual PC, anti American drivel common to the movies it makes. Red Dawn is a very patriotic movie. It does not despise the US military. It does not despise the concepts of honor, sacrifice or patriotism. It is a very rare Hollyweird movie in that one fact alone.

Doomer Doug will suggest people see the new version of “Red Dawn.” As long as you realize it is a new version set in the context of modern America, you will like it.

THE POT BOILS 11-26-2012

Doomer Doug is going to get a headache if the Mideast keeps going on like this.

First, we have the surprise resignation of Barak from politics. Hamas is claiming he is going because they kicked his rear end in Operation Desert Pillar, but I think not. He is going to provide Bibi a better chance to avoid getting his butt kicked in the January elections. Many in Israel correctly view the cease fire as a sell out; further, they intend to hold Bibi accountable.

Next, we have the ongoing saga of Iran’s missile resupply ship running around. It is scheduled to dock in Sudan on November 30th. Israel may intend to attack it there. Iran may offload the long range missiles and either keep them in Sudan, or try to smuggle them into Gaza. Doomer Doug will note the effort to rebuild the tunnel smuggling network is going full steam. Doomer Doug will also note that last night a massive attack was unleashed on the Egyptians at the Gaza border city. Information is scarce, but it looks like the Egyptians got creamed. Now that Obama has deployed US Special Forces into the Sinai you can start to see exactly what is going to happen. The next attack will be on a US fire base.

Moving along, we come to Egyptian President Morsi’s theatrical production of “I really want to be a Pharaoh.” Doomer Doug thinks Yul Brynner did it much better than Morsi, but to each his own. Egypt is now sliding into chaos. It will be resolved when the military intervenes to prevent civil war. Hellary Clinton is looking even more foolish than she usually does with her gushing praise of Morsi during the cease fire.

And finally, we have the ongoing deployment of anti aircraft missiles on the Turkish border with Syria. We are assured, but Doomer Doug being a cynic doesn’t believe this, they are not for the purpose of creating a no fly zone in Syria. Doomer Doug thinks of several bridges that are for sale in certain countries. Of course the deployment is for that exact purpose.

Now that the militant Islamic terrorists who make up the majority of the so called Free Syrian Army are starting to get some serious weaponry, from France among others, Syria is moving into the end game. The USA now has one entire Marine assault group off the Syrian coast. The Russians have one full combat group from the Black Sea fleet off the Gaza coast. Syria’s Assad junior is now pulling back into Damascus for his last stand.

Doomer Doug will speak plainly. Syria’s Assad Junior will absolutely go down fighting. He will not surrender. He will not go into exile. If the FSA, along with its western backers, pushes Assad Junior into a final corner, HE WILL COME OUT SWINGING.

For those of you who actually believed this Gaza cease fire really meant anything, well, think about it. We have now hit the pause button on the Mideast, end of the world, video player. The song will resume soon enough. The various players are in the process of resupply, logistical support and giving pep talks to each other.

The game is afoot.
Doomer Doug will make one final comment related to the sudden surge in Egyptian seizures of inbound Gaza/Hamas weaponry. Doomer Doug will slyly note that all the missiles seized so far have been the Grad ones. The Grad missile is the 22 Long Rifle of Hama’s missile/rocket inventory. Further, the first seizure actually didn’t arrest anybody. It seems they had all fled into the desert before the trucks were grabbed. Doomer Doug, again being a cynic, smells a public relations ploy. Until Egyptian police/military really do capture the truck driver, as well as a truck full of Iranian Fajr long range missiles, Doomer Doug ain’t biting!

Doomer Doug has a well established BS meter. The BS meter is swinging wildly on this one. Israel doesn’t trust the Egyptians to keep Iranian missiles out of Gaza. Examples like these stunts show why that is so.


Debka file is reporting the reason Bibi agreed to the cease fire with Hamas is Obama personally guaranteed the deployment of US combat troops into the Sinai. US Special Forces will then attempt to interdict the ongoing Iranian/Hamas missile resupply line. This is a line that starts in Iran, goes by ship to the Sudan, and finally up through Egypt and over the Sinai Peninsula. The final step is the tunnels into Gaza.

Doomer Doug will merely note that obama has just undertaken a direct combat role against Iran, or at least their proxies. The US forces will now directly engage in combat armed proxies of Iran in the Sinai Peninsula. We can also expect the whole of the Sinai, with its thousands, yes thousands, or armed militants to go after our forces. We will be sending in relatively light military units, with fuzzy rules of engagement, minimal logistic support and facing a hostile environment full of armed militants. We can now expect Iran to respond. Obama has without any type of approval from the people or elected officials just entered into a war with Iran that will dwarf both Iraq and Afghanistan. Few people have even noticed, much less cared.

The true disaster of the cease fire is now clearly revealed. The cease fire now draws the USA military into direct armed conflict with Iran to do what Egypt should do. Of course, Israel doesn’t trust Egypt to stop the missile flow; therefore, obama has just committed the US to a war with Iran. The Iran war has been going on for some time now, but it will go hot in the Sinai Peninsula.

Iran will respond in many different ways. Iran has a whole range of asymetrical options available to them. Iran can increase the level of chaos in the following countries: Yemen, the gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, and Africa almost anywhere.

Iran can launch global terror attacks against the USA both at home and overseas.

Iran realizes we are preparing to take out Syria in the immediate future. Iran realizes we have now declared war on them. They will respond to that soon enough.
It is amazing to Doomer Doug that the day before Thanksgiving Obama commits the USA to an open ended, blank check and endless military deployment to the Sinai Peninsula. It is there Doomer Doug would remind readers that several Egyptian and US bases have already been attacked in recent weeks.
The war with Iran is now fast tracked. It will either begin in Syria or the Sinai Peninsula. Hezzbollah will now become involved fully armed with 100,000 rockets and missiles.

Obama, Hellary, and Bibi may have thought they bought enough time with the cease fire to get us through the holidays. It is clear now to Doomer Doug that the sly and devious Bibi got what he was really after; namely, a direct combat deployment of active duty troops into the Sinai. The arab world, or at least the Sunnis, will go along with this since they hate the Shia Iran.
The USA doesn’t seem to get George Washington’s warning about avoiding entangling alliances. We are now fully committed to providing troops to actively defend Israel. Amazing. Doomer Doug will also not the USA is spending tens of millions of dollars to build a sophisticated border sensor system at Gaza. Obama and his pro illegal traitors can’t find a nickel to secure our southern border with Mexico against illegals and the middle eastern terrorists pouring over it. You ask how Iran will execute terror attacks inside the USA? The answer is they will use the hundreds of agents they sent over the southern border the last few years.

Border security really does matter, but we will soon be reminded of that. It is said the US troops will deploy within 48 hours of this blog post. After that, the deluge.

Israel’s Decisive Military and Political Defeat 11-21-12

Israel had three political and military objectives in Gaza. Israel has failed in all three of them.
The first was to stop, not suspend, but to stop HAMAS incoming rocket fire. They have failed to do this since missiles are still falling on Israel after the so called cease fire took effect. Bibi may be waiting for HAMAS to keep sending missiles in, or keep blowing up Tel Aviv transit vehicles before he moves in. It is cynical, but may be what Obama and Hellary demand for full support of a ground invasion.

The second goal was to eliminate HAMAS’ ability to locally produce long range missiles and also Iran’s ability to import long range missiles into Gaza. Israel has failed to do that also, but it will take some time to see that.

The third goal was to weaken HAMAS. Israel has done that, but at the cost of elevating Islamic Jihad, a bought and paid for Iranian proxy. We shall see how that works out. Israel is now faced with another Hezzbollah on its southern border. HAMAS will strut around, they are already doing so, claiming they defeated Israel, just like Hezzbollah did in 2006. This is a big political failure for Bibi. He may be bailed out by HAMAS showering Israel with even more missiles, or he may not.

The sum total is the cease fire represents the total failure of Israel to achieve any of its stated military and political goals for Operation Pillar. Hamas has won in the political sphere, as Egypt did also. Hamas still has plenty of missiles on hand. Hamas will now, assuming they are smart enough to resist the impulse to keep shelling Israel, import shiploads of the latest long range Iranian missiles with impunity. Does anybody think the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt will stop missile resupply for Gaza? Doomer Doug doesn’t.

Hamas will now import hundreds/thousands of the newest Iranian missiles while Israel watches Egypt do nothing. The next time around, and there will be a next time, will see salvos of 200 missiles at Tel Aviv, and not two or three. The missiles will have heavier payloads, 200 kilograms of explosive, versus 175. They will have better targeting systems as well. Does anybody doubt Iran has had cyber technicians mapping out every missile strike in Tel Aviv for the next battle. Doomer doug remembers the John Wayne movie “Green Berets” where the VC walked around the firebase marking them for incoming mortar rounds. Bibi has just assured that the next missile wave will not land in a lot of open fields like this wave did.

The comments above reflect the opinion of many in Israel. Bibi was under a lot of pressure from Hellary and Obama no doubt. He caved into it, or perhaps he is gambling that HAMAS won’t be able to stop the missiles into Israel. If that is the case, then he will be able to justify a ground incursion needed to destroy the missile factories, launch sites, and stockpiles. It is a big gamble, and if, repeat if, HAMAS, Islamic Jihad and Iran are patient enough, they can win big.

We are at a rest break for the moment. Doomer Doug does not assume the cease fire will hold. If it does, Israel will have suffered the worst military and political defeat in its history.


This blog entry is part of a campaign to bring attention to some Amazon computer issues that are impacting writers who publish their e books on Amazon Kindle Select. I am one of those writers, and I have seen my sales collapse since September. In September, Amazon did several things which overwhelmed their cheap computer system and caused e book sales to be under reported.

Amazon added both India and Japan to their sales areas. The USA and Europe combined come to 600 million people. India has 1.2 Billion people. Japan has 125 million people. Obviously, Amazon botched the effort and overwhelmed their modest computer system. In addition, Amazon added another level of complexity by introducing the Kindle Fire platform. The total effect of all this was to make their ability to accurately account for e book sales dysfunctional.

Amazon has made matters worse by denying their is a problem. Amazon also had their “buy now” fail to work for the big six publishers. It is my opinion that Amazon has serious computer issues, both hardware, software, as well as competence issues with their computer staff. Amazon has most likely outsourced their IT department to India. Anyone who has dealt with Indian call centers for customer service issues understands what I am talking about.

Doomer Doug is proud to join the many Amazon writers who are being harmed by Amazon’s incompetence. I think the final result of all this will be many writers pull their e books from Kindle Select and publish elsewhere. I doubt Amazon thinks much of us so called independent writers, but that is a mistake in my opinion.

While there is talk of a class action lawsuit, that will take years and the lawyers will get most of the money. However, I have filed a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General’s office for all the good that will do.

This under reporting of author e book sales has been called Kindlegate and is starting to attract some media attention. Further, Amazon is dealing with the European Union on issues related to tax evasion, or possibly tax fraud for their European operations. All in all, Amazon and Jeff Bezos are not having a good last three months.

Doomer Doug would ask Jeff Bezos one question. “Why haven’t you acknowledged your computer system is under counting author e book sales?” “Why don’t you care about the financial harm and stress you are causing people?”

Doomer Doug expects no answer from Mr. Bezos. We are little people, and Jeff doesn’t care about little people.

ISRAEL IS GOING IN! 11-16-2012

Well gang, the fecal material is about to fly between Israel and Gaza. Unfortunately, we are now looking at a regional Middle Eastern War. I am writing this post at 2pm PST.

Several new developments have happened since my post yesterday. It is now around midnight November 16th in Israel. In less than six hours it will be dawn, and Israel may very well start ground combat operations into Gaza. Israel may wait for the additional 75,000 called up reserves to deploy, or they may not. By the way, Israel has mobilized, 30,000, plus 16,000, and now 75,000 for a total of 121,000 combat troops. In addition, Israel has its entire 600,000 strong IDF at full combat alert. We are looking at the full 600 plane air force, the full navy deployed off the Gaza coast, as well as hundreds of tanks, self-propelled howitzers and infantry APC vehicles. Israel has the military forces it will need to invade Gaza anytime it wants to.

The other key issue for Doomer Doug is the missile attacks on Jerusalem, as well as the missile attacks from Egyptian controlled Sinai Peninsula. There are also credible reports of Syria’s Assad Junior attacking rebel forces in the Golan Heights area. Besides all that, Hezzbollah is likely taking military preparation steps as well. Iran also just moved several thousand centrifuges to a new underground location in preparation for an air attack. To top all of that off, a rabbi being interviewed by the BBC was caught off mike saying it is “all about Iran.” Well, yes it is.

Doomer Doug thinks what is going on now between Gaza and Israel must be viewed in a wider military context. To be perfectly blunt about it, Israel is securing its southern border in preparation for a first strike into Iran. You can shell from the sea all you want; you can bomb from the air all you want, but if you are SERIOUS about taking out HAMAS missile launch ability you have to send in armor and infantry to kill the crews and blow up the infrastructure. It really all does come down to infantry. It has always come down to infantry when you want to do the job correctly.

At this point the world situation is in a fundamental and extremely grave situation. There is no way Israel will tolerate missile attacks on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Tel Aviv has nearly one half of Israel’s total population. Jerusalem has symbolic importance that cannot be overestimated. No gang, Doomer Doug is seeing the IDF going into Gaza as soon as six hours from now, but certainly in the next few days, with the emphasis on few. There is no way Israel can tolerate ongoing, massive missile strikes on its people and territory. The continual incoming HAMAS missile fire will not be allowed to continue without Israel dealing with it. It is a fact that when Israel invades Gaza to deal with the incoming missile fire it will set off a #$$%%storm of violence. The vapor has been building up in the sealed room for a long time now. It will only take one spark, and Israel going into Gaza will be that spark.

Egypt and the rest of the Arab world will get involved. Iran and Hezzbollah, and possibly Assad Junior will get involved. It is clear to Doomer Doug we are on the edge now.

If you have any final preps to do, Doomer Doug suggests you do them today. Right after Doomer Doug finishes this blog post he is going to head out and buy some extra prep items. It is that close gang.

Considering my Internet handle is Doomer Doug it is to be expected people will think I am crying Wolf, So be it. I do not think any reasonable person can, upon a sober reflection of what is happening right now in Israel think we are not about to go tumbling over the waterfall. We shall see, but I have to tell you, unless you are seeing something I am not, I think war is imminent in the Mid East. Take care.

HERE WE GO AGAIN! 11-15-12

Doomer Doug was in the US Army back in October of 1973 when the Yom Kippur War happened. The result is Doomer Doug has always focused on the Middle East and its chaos.
HAMAS, or a subgroup of them, has now launched long range Iranian missiles at Tel Aviv and killed three people. Israel must now rethink its entire defense posture because what they thought the threat from HAMAS was, isn’t. Tel Aviv is now subject to missile attack from both the north and south or West Bank.
Israel has mobilized 30,000 Reserve troops and is massing them on the Gaza border. Egypt is recalling diplomats and saying they will send combat troops into the Sinai area near Gaza. They may very do that if, or when, Israel launches a ground offensive in the very urban Gaza Strip.
How bad all this gets will depend on who gets involved and why IMHO. Hezzbollah in southern Lebanon can fire missiles into Israel any time it wants to. Iran is on the fringes playing its own game. Syria is also a factor if Assad junior sees a chance to take the heat off of his regime. Syria means Turkey; Turkey means NATO; NATO means Russia will get involved.
At this point it is too soon to know what will happen in the next 24 hours. Doomer Doug will be looking for three things: One is does Israel launch a ground assault with the 30,000 Reserve troops it just mobilized? Two is what does Egypt do in response to a ground invasion of Gaza. Three is what does Hezzbollah do in response to any of the above.
Doomer Doug also understands that Jordan, as well as the West Bank, are having riots in response to Israel’s air raid into Gaza etc. This is just more gasoline on the fire IMHO.
We are on the edge here IMHO. The Mayan 12-21-12 prophecy is looking to be more interesting the closer we get to December 21st.
Keep your eyes on this one people. It has the potential to set off a regional war in the entire middle east. My opinion is Israel will send ground troops into Gaza. After that, like the French King said, “Apres Moi, les deluge.” After me, the deluge.




            I was asked recently by a reader my opinion on what the US economy would do now that our Marxist thug Obama is still in command. Socrates said to “define your terms” in any discussion. Economics is the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The kleptocracy, called the USA, will slide further into open incorporated dictatorship under Obama. One of the thing’s Doomer Doug finds so interesting about King Obama the First is his mixture of Marxist social ideology with the shared fascism of the kleptocrats running the USA these days. At any rate, the average US worker, living paycheck to paycheck, is in for a rude surprise starting in January of 2013.

The first will be the restoration of the Social Security payroll tax to its usual levels. Obama decided to cut it by 2.5% for both workers and employers as part of his stimulus program.  My rate as self-employed will go from 13.3% to 15.65% or something. All employees in the USA will have a 2.5% reduction in take home pay solely from this. All employers will have an increase in costs in the same amount as their employees.  Check one reduces take-home pay by 2.5% for each worker.

Doomer Doug has been bemused by the Democrat rhetoric on the “Bush tax cut for the wealthy.” The reason for that is one of the major impacts of those cuts was to reduce the federal income tax rate on income earned between $10,000 and $25,000. One-half of all American workers make less than $18,000 a year. One-quarter of them make less than $36,000 a year. The next level is $72,000, and that is followed by $120,000. The fact that the vast majority of American workers make less than $3000 a month, or $36,000 a year, is lost on the Democratic Party.  What will happen when Obama fails to renew these tax rates is simple: it will mean a massive tax increase at the lowest-income levels of American workers. Obama in his zeal is going to crush the laboring poor. Obama’s Marxist goal is to crush the working poor, as well as the middle class, by shifting benefits to people dependent on the government for benefits. Obama is creating his own version of the ancient Roman mob, in my humble opinion.

The current federal income tax rate on income between $10,000 and $25,000 is 10%. Under Obama, that rate will climb to 15%, and that my blog reader is a 50% increase.  The $1500 tax payment will now have an additional $750 tacked on by the name of Obama’s Marxist ideology.  The total will be $2250 and not the Bush tax rate of 10% and $1500. Check for an additional 5% reduction in take-home pay for the average American worker in 2013. The total is now 7.5%

Of course, you have to have a job in order to have any take-home pay to tax with either Social Security or the IRS.  Well, gang, one of the immediate impacts of Obama’s Marxist takeover of the American health care system relates to that exact point.  The entire class of business people, who are not in fact part of the corporate fascist network, called small business has made it very clear what it thinks of Obama care. They have done so by cutting some/many of their workers to part time status of 30 hours a week. The reason they have done that is to opt out of the system by not having full time workers subject to Obama care. Obama care is going to cause a mass shifting of American workers into the part-time worker category.  Few business people will accept the cost of paying for a full-time worker and his health costs under Obama care. Nor will they pay the $2000 fine for not paying for full-time worker health care. Instead, they will leave the system completely and cut worker hours.

One of the interesting results of that very could well be Obama becomes even more punitive and vicious in his Marxist hysteria at people daring to opt out on HIM. We shall see.

All American workers will see a decline in take home paycheck pay of 7.5% from the increase in Social Security and Federal Income tax rates. They will also see their hours cut 25% by employers opting out of Obama’s care.  American workers have already had their hours cut, and millions more will follow them after January 1st 2013, in my humble opinion. If you do the math, this is what you get. 25% added to 7.5% is 32.5%, and that is the potential reduction in paychecks over a one-year period. Granted, things could change, or the uproar could get so bad things could change. Doomer Doug sees no indication the US Senate, the US House, or Obama and his Obamabots are going to renew the Bush tax cuts. The Social Security payroll tax restoration is also a done deal. And finally, now that gutless Boney, the US House Republican leader, has caved on Obama care, Obama care will unleash its chaos.

Obviously, if the amounts I listed above come to pass, you can kiss the US economy good-bye for the foreseeable future. There are certainly other issues related to this, the federal deficit among other things, but that will require a separate essay I think.

In summary, the total increased tax burden in 2013 for the average American worker will increase by 7.5%. In addition, there will be massive numbers of workers forced into part time status courtesy of our Marxist thug Obama and his state medical system.  And finally, there will no doubt be a large number of states, city, and county tax increases involved too. In my personal case, Doomer Doug is looking at a $35 a year poll/art tax, as well as increases in phone, electric, and Internet excise taxes.  Basic items, like food, power, energy, and rent are also going up. Food hasn’t so much gone up in price, as it has gone down in size. The price stays the same, but the size shrinks.  This is the true nature of food inflation in the modern USA.

Obama care is going to be the single worst case of economic harm in the history of the USA. Never have so many, been impacted so badly; for so little gain. One can, as I do, make the case for intelligent health care reform. However, Obama care is not that argument. It is unfortunate the Marxist thug is going to inflict so much pain, and on so many people to prove that point.



By Doug McIntosh

     This essay was written on March 14th of 2002. It was originally published over at I am posting it on my blog since I feel it was significant then, and even more pertinent at this moment in time, regarding the current situation in the USA. Again, considering when this was written it helps explain the cultural crisis underway. While the essay predates the ongoing creation of a Marxist dictatorship under the Obama administration, it certainly predicts that effort. Considering it was written in 2002, it was prophetic indeed. Both Bush and Obama are creatures of the New World Order; as such, they are implementing most of the same policies. There is only one political party in the USA: it is the Republocrats.  It feeds at the NWO trough. Obama stole the election. Nobody seems to care about that treason.


     A house divided against itself cannot stand; therefore, the United States of America has already fallen. It has fallen because America has been replaced by the United States. It has fallen because the American Republic has been replaced with the United States Empire. And it is the United States Empire that the rest of the world despises, and will eventually destroy. It’s a long story from the American Revolution in 1776, to the Corporate Police State called the United States of America in 2002. A multigenerational effort has been successful in perverting and capturing the American Republic and turning it into an empire. Partly, the people’s apathy has allowed a international elite to do this; partly, the all encompassing elite has simply done what they wanted, bribing or killing anyone who got in their way. A series of specific economic, political, military, educational, and cultural policies have essentially replaced America’s Constitutional Republic with imperial policies. Understand this simple fact and the current situation comes into clear focus.


     Take economics, for instance: American citizens believe in the constitutional definition of sound money, i.e. precious metals, with Congress controlling the monetary policy. Citizens of the United States believe in a central bank, fiat money; deficit spending. Congress is reduced to a lap dog. Obviously, the American Republic, in terms of economics, doesn’t exist. It has been replaced by the United States Empire with its globalist, elitist, aristocratic banking infrastructure. The economic policies of the American Republic: excise taxes, no national debt, except in time of declared war, and congressional control of issuing money no longer exist. Hence, why all the talk of the American Republic? It’s a delusion used by the corporate oligarchy to maintain control of an ignorant populace.


     What about the political policies of the American Republic versus those of the United States Empire? The American Republic’s foreign policy was based on moral principles that in turn led to specific policies. George Washington’s sound advice to avoid foreign entanglements was the centerpiece of American foreign policy for generations. The American Republic had no standing, professional army to encourage imperial pretensions. The American Republic had no income tax to fund a large central government with global entanglements. The American Republic had no central bank to finance deficit spending and bypass limited federal powers. The American Revolution was fought against the idea of monarchy, aristocracy, and oligarchy. However, we now find the American Empire supports client monarchs around the world. The American Empire has used tax laws to create an internal aristocracy of leading families (Bush, DuPont, Kennedy et al). It allowed economic policy to be set by a Federal Reserve with banker owners. No, the current American policies are  of the United States Empire, and not of the historical American Republic.


    Often the refrain is heard in the United States about, “Why do they hate us?” The implication is we are just honest Americans being attacked by evil people. The reality is innocent Americans are being murdered for the corrupt policies of the United States Empire. The rest of the world despises the United States, while remaining quite in love with both Americans and America. People like you and me, but not the Imperial institutions arrogantly crushing the rest of the world. By and large, the American Republic has ceased to exist, and our leaders are not Americans at all. Our leaders are from the United States Empire, and they plan, execute, and enforce the policies of the United States, not America. It’s this reality that has led to America’s current state of chaos and war. What we have in America today is global, imperial elite, and their home-grown  lackeys, ruling a nation they have seized through deceit, control through cunning; manipulate for their own benefit-just as they do everywhere else on the planet. Bluntly put, America is like a submarine that has been hijacked. This new crew is incompetent and will be the death of us all: United States Empire citizens and American Republic citizens alike. It gives fresh meaning to the phrase “Ship of fools” doesn’t it?


     Not convinced the rest of the world despises the United States Empire, and will take any action to crush it in the next few years? OK.  I will examine one recent United States Empire foreign policy situation and show why it caused the rest of the world to seethe with hatred towards the US Empire. That’s seething with rage when they are not howling with laughter mind you. Bushocio isn’t the kind of leader to inspire much of anything, as his recent trip to Japan shows. If I were a rich man, which I am not, I would have gambled some money that President Pretzel would do something stupid and cause chaos in the currency markets. I would have won big on that one as the difference between devaluation and deflation shows.


    <Additional note: I see that Obama’s current Asian trip has also been a disaster.  I would say that Bush’s 2002 trip was marginally less destructive than Obama’s current November 2009 one is. Bowing to Japan’s Emperor merely confirms what I wrote back in 2002. Presidents of the historical American Republic don’t bow to foreign monarchs, but Imperial rulers like Obama do>


     Enron shows us the current system is geared to crushing anyone trying to make the first million and protect those who already have the multi billions. A blow is being prepared to strike the United States and destroy its economy. A blow is being prepared to crush the United States Empire and its insolent New World Order pretensions. The rest of the world will not tolerate the United States Empire for much longer I am afraid. However, the 2/3rds of the people who live the state of denial called the United States don’t have a clue. They don’t understand since the leaders, media, and the elite want them ignorant. I tell you the truth, but I am a fringe dweller, and few will hear my warnings until it is too late. So be it: let the blood be on our leader’s hands. Let the innocent blood be on their souls and charged their spiritual account. As for me, death before dishonor.


    The day is coming when the world’s people rise  up, cut off Uncle Sam’s head- use it for a hood ornament- and then use the hole for a toilet. If you think, my words are harsh,  you need to understand the world is mobilizing to destroy an empire they regard as arrogant and ruthless. Cause and effect show us that since the United States economic, political, and military hubris knows no limits, the global reaction will also know no limits. Here in America we rely on the whore media and so are usually ignorant of current reality. For instance, less than a month ago President Pretzel set off a firestorm with his “Axis of Evil” description of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Only when Pakistan’s reigning dictator showed up at the White House last week, North Korea’s selling missile technology to Pakistan wasn’t even brought up discussion. Likewise, North Korea selling missile technology to Egypt isn’t on the agenda either. Can’t let anything interfere with real politics now can we? It’s precisely this kind of arrogant, pandering hypocritical Imperial mind game that is going to get people like you, and me killed by people sick of being looted and pillaged by the capitalist rapists. I see no indication the 2/3rd of my brain-dead  countrymen and women realize 2/3rd of the Arabs despise us, much less why. A good hint might have something to do with our military, political and economic support of an out of control Ariel Sharon.


     The United States is collapsing around my ears. Its mixture of politically-correct  lunacy, corporate fascism, media spin control, and economic decay is simply not sustainable for much longer. What the whore media portrays as strength is really weakness. What we are told is wisdom is stupidity. What we are told is economic prosperity is a rigged fraud careening into a black hole of bankruptcy. Anybody noticed the 20% rise of that last year?


< Author’s note: Given the current economic situation in 2009, and the fact these words were written in 2002, it showed I was five years ahead of the curve on the economic collapse of the USA. >


    Alternatively, how about the chemtrails I see almost every day but don’t exist. The reason they don’t exist is not because I don’t see them, but because the system says that I don’t see what I see. Welcome to the United States Police State. We’ve had nearly six months of Air National Guard combat air patrols over our major cities since 9-11-2001. We are told our urban skies are safe while we are being chemtrailed almost daily. Are the pilots blind, or are they being told to shut up? And you think I am full of it? The United States where people talk about reforming the economic system that produced Enron. What fools! Just wait until JP Morgan goes down. Will the Fed and Mr. Magoo bail themselves out? Or will the economic system come crashing down just like our enemies have planned?

    Authors note: < Lehman did come crashing down, as have Washington Mutual, Wachovia, AIG and many others. The FED has used taxpayer money, the so-called  TARP, to hold off the day of economic reckoning for our financial system and the stock market. How much longer they can do so remain to be seen. At any rate, who was talking about the collapse of major banks in 2002 besides me? If anyone else was, I don’t recall reading about it.>


     I believe each of us has a specific destiny. Each human being on this planet has one task to complete before they die and move on to the next phase. I have now completed mine. My destiny was to write this essay and tell my countrymen and countrywomen, Americans and Imperial drones alike; exactly, what was happening and why it is happening. Everyone physically living in the America now called the United States Empire after reading this essay will have a crystal clear understanding of the current reality. The United States Empire is finished. The negative energy back blast coming onto the geographical space occupied by the entity called America/United States Empire is something fierce. Understand why and then be prepared. This is my gift  to you. Use it wisely or foolishly.


     Prepare for chaos or not.

     The choice is yours.

This essay was written a decade ago. It correctly predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the financial crisis of 2008, as well as the rise of the Obamabots. Now that Obama has stolen the 2012 election the collapse of the USA Imperial Empire will begin, in earnest. The federal deficit is currently over Sixteen Trillion dollars. Starting in January of 2013, our Marxist dictator Obama will have no money to be lavish on his drones. The USA Empire has run out of money. The same chaos now engulfing Greece, for instance, over EU imposed austerity measures will start in the United States. Obama can no longer borrow money. The FED may try to print money like it has the last four years, but the savage discipline of the foreign bond owners will curtail that. The day is soon coming when the USA Imperial government will lose the ability to borrow money and print money. It will have to finance four trillion in spending on the back of revenues coming to less than two trillion. It will raid 401 K plans. It will cut all spending except paying off the private banker cartel that owns the Federal Reserve. It will not matter what they do. There is no money. Obama’s urban mob will find out he has no money to buy them off anymore.

This is the future for a USA that has just allowed a Marxist thug to steal a second term. So be it.




The level of open corruption in the USA is truly astounding to me. I feel like a German waking up on January 31st, 1933 with Hitler elected. Prepare for the worst my dear readers. I doubt the Republicans have the cajones to challenge this Obama theft. May God help us all now, for we have crossed the Rubicon.

The Doomer Doug vote fraud list: States Romney would have won if Obama and his Chicago Machine hadn’t stolen them.



Ohio 18 electoral votes vote fraud and illegals


Michigan 16 vote fraud and illegals


Wisconsin 10 vote fraud and illegals


Florida 29 Illegals voting


New Mexico 5 Illegals voting


Nevada 6 Illegals voting


Illinois 20 the dead rise from their graves in Chicago. It was Illinois who gave the 1960 election to JFK and likely killed him in Dallas since RFK was going after the mob


Colorado 9 vote fraud and illegals


Of course, large numbers of illegals voted in California, New York and other states