One thing you can say about the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is he certainly has a theatrical streak a mile wide. He has now taken things to an entirely new level of lunacy. Erdogan has just stated that he doesn’t feel the need to comply with any court decision related to the release of the 300 jailed people. He doesn’t respect the court decision. He doesn’t feel the need to follow it, or even accept that is binding. The stunning arrogance of his comments is beyond the pale. We have the Prime Minister of Turkey stating openly he is now beyond the law. He feels no restrictions at all in his behavior, much less his policies. He has, to use the term the opposition is now using, staged a coup. Erdogan is now a dictator in Turkey. He feels no restraint from the rule of law, doesn’t accept judicial rulings, and shows open contempt for court decisions he doesn’t agree with. The only US comparison I can come up with is if Obama stated openly he refused to accept a Supreme Court decision.

The upshot of all this is simple. Erdogan is now beyond the rule of law in Turkey. He feels he can do anything he wants to. He clearly is ignoring the elected legislative branch. He is clearly ignoring the judicial branch. He is now placed himself as not only a tyrant, but as a tyrant seeking to restore the historical Ottoman Empire. The only other world leader who comes near his level of rank craziness is North Korea’s leader.

We have this link from TASS about Turkey’s ongoing support for ISIS.


The link below states Russian opinion about Turkey’s real intentions.


This link from the Kurdish website claims Turkey bombed ISIS around Aleppo.


The new tyrant Erdogan didn’t waste any time in cracking down on the Kurds inside of Turkey.



https://www.rt.com/news/333874-nine-…lations-syria/ 9 violations of Syrian ceasefire in 24 hours – Russian monitors Published time: 28 Feb, 2016 12:28 Edited time: 28 Feb, 2016 14:31 In the Raqqa province, a group of some 100 fighters crossed into Syria from Turkey. The group later joined forces with other militants and attacked the Kurdish town of Tell Abyad. The 250-strong group was supported by artillery fire from the Turkish territory, a fact that Russia said the US should explain. The Kurdish YPG militia fended off the attack, the report said. In Latakia province, fighters of the Al Nusra Front terrorist group, which is not included into the ceasefire deal, fired mortar shells at a local militia force, which returned fire.



Erdogan is setting up a situation which is lurching totally out of control. He is not holding back at all. Where all this will end up I honestly don’t know. I will say given Erdogan’s behavior up to this point, and his open declaration of dictatorship, things are not looking good.


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The UN statement the Syrian Cease Fire is holding is one of wishful thinking in my view. It is certainly not backed up by any possible supporting evidence. The Russian Air Force stand down didn’t last long at all. They are now bombing near Aleppo with their customary vigor. ISIS just launched an attack on Baghdad that apparently caught the Shia government in Iraq off guard. Damascus is being shelled daily. ISIS used Turkish territory to launch 15 separate attacks on the Kurds inside of Syria. As far as I can tell, the amount of land in Syria not engaged in combat is small, as is the number of rebels not fighting at the moment.

Turkey has been revealed to be openly supporting ISIS. Turkey has allowed ISIS to use its territory to launch attacks inside of Syria. They have provided access to Turkish territory to move oil to Turkish ports, and allowed ISIS to use the money generated from oil sales to fund its war in both Syria and Iraq. Turkey is a member of NATO. Turkey has been working to prevent an effective military campaign against ISIS. This military campaign is the stated goal of both the US and NATO, and yet, Turkey flaunts its treason with no shame. Erdogan is, at least in my view, increasing behaving like a lunatic. His fetish to restore the historical Ottoman Empire is a sign of the man’s increasing lunacy. Erdogan is no longer on the same page with NATO, much less the same paragraph.

AT any rate, actions have consequences, and stupid behavior results in pain. Turkey has chosen a path of deceit, treachery and lies that will result in a wider Middle Eastern War in my view. Erdogan has rolled the dice.

The Kurds have just announced they intend to launch an offensive inside of Turkey; openly calling for a Kurdish uprising inside of Turkey. The link is here.


PKK commander warns of “Kurdish uprising” as clashes continue in Turkey

By Rudaw 12 hours ago

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— A senior commander of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has warned Ankara of continued violence in the country’s Kurdish southeast, saying “grave consequences” would follow for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) if clashes persisted.   Duran Kalkan who is also a prominent member of the PKK’s military council said the guerrillas would soon take part in what he described as “the Kurdish spring” in Turkey.   “The guerrillas have not participated in the clashes but this spring will become the Kurdish uprising,” Kalkan was quoted by PKK media outlets Thursday in reference to the ongoing armed standoff in Turkey’s Kurdish cities.   PKK has repeatedly accused the Turkish government of waging an indiscriminate war against the civilian population in Kurdish areas although Ankara has said it is currently clashing with the armed members of the PKK inside the Kurdish cities.   The army has said it killed over 900 guerrillas since fighting broke out after a two-year ceasefire collapsed last July.   PKK, however, rejects the death toll announced by Ankara and says over 150 civilians have been killed in the attacks, a claim also largely supported by international rights groups which have slammed the government for human rights breaches.   Kalkan said PKK had already warned Ankara that if the military operation continued, there would be “a wider response by the public.”   “We have warned them that the Kurdish youths will organize new resistance groups and fight the army,” Kalkan said.   Cizire and several Kurdish towns and cities have been under round the clock siege and curfew over the past months with most civilians without running water and adequate electricity.   Shocking images were circulating on social media earlier in February of dead bodies of children who were placed in iceboxes as families apparently waited for proper funerals after curfews had been lifted.   The Turkish government announced on February 11 it had lifted parts of the curfews in Kurdish cities including in Cizire Botan.

The massacre in that Kurdish city is now being revealed.


corpses discovered under rubble in Turkey’s Cizire

By RÛDAW 4 hours ago

The link to the ISIS attack in Iraq is here.


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Like I predicted, the so called “Syrian Cease Fire,” has unleashed a firestorm of violence. It is true that certain areas of Syria are now, more or less, quiet with no fighting. It is also true we now have a free for all between ISIS and pretty much everybody else. ISIS apparently studied the Vietnam War and unleashed a Tet style surprise attack within hours of the cease fire start at 0001 Saturday, the 27th of February. The fact they used Turkish territory to attack Kurdish controlled villages inside of Syria means Turkish support for ISIS, which has been proven by Russia, is clear for all to see. ISIS launched a staggering 15 independent attacks on the Kurds all along the Syrian and Turkish border. This scale of attacks triggered multiple airstrikes by US F-16’s and A-10 Warthog ground attack planes. It also triggered intense fighting all along the border. The result of that free for all has led to a large Turkish response, including 16 Turkish F-16’s flying combat air patrol all along the border. It is amazing that we haven’t seen air to air combat between US warplanes and Turkish jets.

The farce of a cease fire, which never included either ISIS or Al Qaida, has resulted in an increase in violence. ISIS and Al Qaida have responded to it by unleashing a tidal wave of attacks all along the border. ISIS also is active in the area around the Russian air base. This led to multiple Russian sorties to attack them. The Russians have now grounded their planes and have left the US Air Force free to attack both ISIS and Al Qaida with impunity. At any rate, any feeble thought the cease fire would reduce violence in Syria has been shown to be delusional. The cease fire has allowed the concentration of air strikes on ISIS and Al Qaida. This is because the other 97 groups have signed on in order to strengthen their forces. Of course, the cease fire prohibits this resupply effort, which means we can expect combat between the Assad alliance and the 97 groups to start soon. We are looking at what in computer terms would be called a reboot. It is naïve to think all sides aren’t using the cease fire to increase their combat effectiveness.

We also know the Saudis have been sending fighter jets to the NATO airbase. We know the Saudi military exercise called Northern Thunder is going full blast. The numbers involved, like the claim they have deployed 20,000 tanks, sounds delusional in my view. Whether they have actually deployed 20,000 tanks or not, the exercise still represents a massive military force poised to invade Syria through Iraq, or provide support for the 600,000 man Turkish military to invade Syria.

One of the things   people should keep in mind is we are dealing with 1 to 2 MILLLION military people either fully mobilized for Northern Thunder, or actually fighting in Syria. Given that kind of concentrated firepower now openly deployed in the entire region, all it will take is one spark.

I am now fully convinced that in the case of Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan we have loose cannon. Erdogan just allowed ISIS fighters to freely move inside of Turkey and then directly attack the Kurds inside of Syria. This level of open support for ISIS by Turkey is very dangerous in my view. We have a little over two weeks to the Ides of March. What the situation will be by then is still unclear. I will note one thing: Turkey and Saudi Arabia have now deployed the types and amounts of military assets that make a Syrian invasion plausible. I think Turkey may have given up on getting any NATO support. If they have, then Erdogan may be coming to the conclusion he must do it alone. Again, Turkey under Erdogan will never allow a functional Kurdish state to be created on its border. It will also crush any internal Kurdish attempt to set up a Kurdish state inside of Turkey. The Kurds have also apparently begun a general terror campaign inside of Turkey in response to the massacre of Kurds in that village. The massacre of the Kurdish civilians, who were reputedly burnt alive by Turkish soldiers, will further inflame the situation. The impact of this level of hatred between the Kurds and Turkey means that whatever the Russians, Americans or NATO decide, passions on the ground will keep the violence going strong.

Finally, we have the Assad alliance closing in on Aleppo. We also have what amounts to an ongoing general offense by the Assad alliance to take as much of Syria as they can. ISIS and Al Qaida will resist any such efforts as best they can. We can be sure the violence will only increase.

This link from Iran’s Fars News, and yes it is biased, shows what I am talking about


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The Russians have a proverb that says the more you kick at a compost pile the more it smells. Syria is the compost pile, and it is starting to smell even worse. I never had any doubt ISIS was going to go down hard, fighting to the last man, and doing as much damage as it could. ISIS, as it likes to do, creates situations that result in unexpected things happening. In the battle for the Syrian city of Khanser, both Hezbollah and Iran just had senior level commanders killed. Further, ISIS just managed to enrage both Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, as well as Hezbollah Special Forces. The results of that are going to be spectacular in my view.

The so called cease fire, which Vladimir Putin just said, for the last time, does not cover either ISIS or Al Qaida. A map showing the actual areas and groups covered by the cease fire is circulating online. Let’s just say out of the total land mass of Syria the area covered is somewhere between minimal and non-existent. Now that ISIS has waved the red flag in front of the Iranian, Hezbollah and Russian bull, it is reasonable to assume the Russian Air Force is going to pay the ISIS troops around Khanser a visit. The MIG’s will drop presents, bombs and missiles, and they will light off 30 mm fireworks no doubt. ISIS is now going to get a fast lesson in the kind of hurt Putin can put on people who annoy him.

The Syrian ceasefire is scheduled to take effect at midnight Syrian time February 27th, 2016. Syria is eight hours ahead of me, so that would be 4 on Saturday afternoon Pacific Standard Time. I don’t even have to put on my magician’s costume to tell you nothing will change in Syria. Given the tiny area covered by the cease fire, when compared with the other 95 percent of Syria, I can assure you combat operations will not only not stop, they will likely increase.

My view, which I share with Torah Tips over at timebomb.2000, is the true goal of the ceasefire is a reset, or in computer terms a reboot. I read with some bemusement the cease fire claims various groups can’t use it to resupply. Sheesh, I mean of course they will resupply. The whole point of the cease fire is to allow the Russian Air Force to increase the tempo of sorties, and focus them on the two groups they want to. It is not surprising we can expect a massive wave of air strikes on both ISIS and Al Qaida. The reason is the Russian Air Force will now have a free hand to do so. They will redeploy resources from the other 100 groups they have been bombing, down to just two.

The Russians have also been complaining that John Kerry’s Plan B represents a certain lack of faith in the cease fire. Gee, Obama and NATO are already writing the cease fire off and moving towards a buffer zone, or a no fly zone or whatever other idiotic idea they can think of. Erdogan has said multiple times he will continue to attack the Kurds since he thinks they are terrorists; therefore, are open season for his military.

We have seen a drone/missile shot down. We have reports of Turkish Air Force jets cruising around the area that has the Russian Air Base. We have further deployments of Saudi Air Force jets to the NATO airbase. Now, given all of that, exactly what is expected to change by Sunday? Turkey won’t stop. Iran, Syria, the Kurds, and Russia won’t stop. ISIS and Al Qaida won’t stop. WE have a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control. The cease fire will do nothing to stop the ongoing violence in my view. It may even increase it as the Russian Air Force and ISIS go head to head. We can expect both Hezbollah and Iran to go after ISIS with the kind of passion they are well known for. The government’s telling their citizens to leave Lebanon tells me something is going to happen in Lebanon also. I’m not sure what, but at this point anything is possible.
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If anybody had any delusions the so called “Syrian Cease Fire,” was anything of the sort, today pretty much entombed any such delusions. I said that the Assad Alliance would move mountains to regain control of the supply route into Aleppo. They have now seized, or mostly seized, since it is hard to tell until the last ISIS sniper is dead, the town and hills. They still have some work to do on the actual supply road, but should be done by Saturday. I will also point out the definition of a “terrorist “is somewhat vague. The Assad Alliance has one view, while the Turks have another. Come Sunday morning, the Turks will still be shelling the Kurds inside of Syria, and the Russians will still be bombing both ISIS and Al Qaida,

Further, the Kurds, who can be forgiven for being annoyed at being shelled for over a week now, have promised an early start to the “Kurdish Spring.” The Kurdish Spring is the annual spring offensive by the Kurds inside of Turkey against Erdogan’s government and military. The fact one Turkish soldier was just killed in South East Turkey tells me it has already begun. When you add the arms cache just discovered near Ankara, well the pot is simmering. In fact, when I look at the “big picture,” I see the following. The Assad Alliance is continuing the ongoing military offensive against ISIS and Al Qaida with no reason to stop on Saturday. The Turks have taken the kinds of actions, as well as deployed the types and amounts of military assets directly on the Syrian border, that tell me they are looking for a quick strike into Syria to crush the Kurds. I think it will be just like the one they did to save that Turkish shrine a few months ago. The Turks have entered Syria and cleared an Olive tree orchard in order to create a free fire zone. They have sent mobile APC mounted Stinger anti-aircraft missile to the Syrian border. They have already deployed an 18,000 man division there. They have also just sent in mobile radar jamming systems. I look at all of the above and I can only conclude Turkey and its increasingly isolated, cut off and, in my view, delusional leader Erdogan are planning a “surgical strike” on Kurdish positions threatening the Turkish border with Syria.

One of the things I try to do here on my blog “Doomism,” is keep track of all the many parts; especially, how they fit together. Here is what I see happening over the next few days/weeks. The siren’s call for a “buffer zone,” complete with 30,000 US military, which is a variant of the “no fly zone,” may be the most lunatic idea Kerry, Obama, and Biden have ever come up with. The Assad Alliance will never allow the creation of any such zone on its border, nor will it ever accept the deployment of Turkish troops, NATO troops, or especially American troops. If any attempt to do that is made, well just KABOOM! I will also sadly note Donald Trump, apparently under the spell of that neo-con warmonger Sarah Palin, has stated he supports such a zone. Trump is good on domestic issues; unfortunately, he seems to be trapped by the fascist, neo con wing of the Republican Party.

The final straw is the EU, the European Union, statement they are unilaterally imposing an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia. The impact of that is going to be to enrage the House of Saud. The House of Saud will correctly assume the fact the EU is imposing an arms embargo on the Sunni House of Saud, and not on the Shia in Iran to be taking sides against the Sunni Muslims.

I think, and I have to tell my blog readers plainly, all of this is happening so rapidly, and on so many levels, even my blog comments are being overwhelmed.

I see a train of events headed towards a derailment of immense violence. I see people and nations make bad decisions that will lead to disaster. And finally, I see the prospect of a general war breaking out in Syria between the Assad Alliance, the Turkish military under Erdogan the Lunatic, and dragging in pretty much everybody else. I realize people will just say I am being negative. They will say the events aren’t as bad as they look, or the situation as dire as I paint it. Well, you get to think what you want, blog reader, but I will just say unless you are seeing something I am not; we are headed towards the abyss.

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I have to say watching the RINO types, Republicans in name only, go into hysterics, whine and wail, and exhibit symptoms of a seizure over Donald Trump has given me much pleasure. I find the vision of American Oligarchs foaming at the mouth as the long suffering populist masses spurn the anointed Jeb Bush, and show the contempt the elite really deserves to be refreshing. I will also say the original American Oligarch plan to have a 1992 repeat, with Jeb representing the Bush Crime Cabal, and that scheming, twisted, manipulative witch Hellary representing the Clinton Crime Cabal, has now crashed and burned. The arrogance of the American Elite in such a brazen effort to crush what is left of the American Middle Class is disgusting.

Now that Trump stomped the corporate Republicans running against him in Nevada, with 46 percent of the vote, and now that he has solid leads in 8 of the remaining 12 states, the smell of fear is everywhere. I do not consider myself to be a conservative at all. I consider myself to be a secular populist. Trump disturbed me when he started cavorting with the likes of neo-con warmongers like Sarah Palin, and religious fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell, but I forgive him. Trump is going to win because people like me are going to vote for him. The reason I am going to vote for him is he is the ONLY candidate dealing with illegal immigration, the Militant Islam threat inside of the USA, and willing to not only say so, but do something about the problems. Trump is the kind of person who says what he means, and means what he says. For all the liberals claiming they will leave the USA if Trump gets elected, all I can say is don’t let the door hit you on your butt on your way out.

The situation in the Middle East continues to resemble what would happen if the Three Stooges were running the world. Actually, the Three Stooges, the New World Order version, are running the world! The link below confirms something I have had my four eyes on for some time. Putin is a broad thinker on so many levels. He is capable of widespread actions, based on a deep analysis of all political, economic, military and diplomatic aspects of what is now going on. Putin plays what has been called, “The Great Game,” very well indeed. The Great Game goes back for centuries and reflects the various efforts to seize both power and territory in the Middle East. Putin’s moves on the Crimea were also part of the Great Game, as are his military deployments to Armenia. Armenia shares a border with Turkey, and Turkey is a NATO member.

The link is from Forbes Magazine, which is about as New World Order as you can get in my view. The information is valuable in the sense it gives a coherent view of the totality of Putin’s moves. My blog readers will realize that I have been talking about Russian deployments along the entire Eastern European borders, all the way from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Ukraine. Putin’s moves against Georgia, and his open deployment to Armenia, must be viewed in the broad sweep of “The Great Game.” Putin’s moves in the Ukraine and Syria are also part of the plan.


The events now going on in Syria must also be viewed in a larger context than just what is going on there. We are setting the stage for a conflict that will drag NATO in, kicking and screaming no doubt, into a direct conflict with Russia. Putin is clearly gambling he can have it all in Syria, the Ukraine, Armenia and the Crimean Peninsula, without actually getting into a shooting war with NATO. I am not sure he is factoring in either Turkey or Syria, much less NATO and the US, into his political and diplomatic equation.

Putin may pull it off, or he may drag us all into a regional war of intense chaos. Putin has also clearly made the judgment, correct in my view, NATO, the EU, Obama, Biden, and Kerry are not up to the task. It is this judgment of his which may doom us all to another cycle of mindless violence. I hope not, but I am no longer sure of that. Erdogan is a wild card in the truest sense of the word.
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I have so much to write about today it is overwhelming. This blog, now called Doomism, had nearly 2,000 people view it yesterday. Most of them came from my mentor Steve Quayle’s webpage, and most of them came from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. I have never cared for the name United Kingdom since it sounds like somebody has died and gone to heaven. Anyway, I also had views from over 30 other countries, which makes this truly an international blog. I won’t deny many of those countries had between one to four viewers, but I will, or at least my writer’s ego will, take what I can get.


The so called Syrian Cease Fire planned to take effect this Saturday is somewhere between a farce and a fantasy. Putin’s speech was funny in a morbid, black humor kind of way, especially since he said it with a straight face. Any ceasefire agreement that leaves out two of the major combatants, ISIS and Al Qaida, allows unrestricted combat by all other combatants, and makes no effort to deny any of this, is not a ceasefire. The objective military reality in Syria is those forces supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia are getting their rear ends kicked up to the level of their shoulder. In response to that, Turkey has been engaged in active combat operations for the last week or so. I may not have had my morning coffee yet, but even I can see that a ceasefire that has Turkey still shelling the Kurds, and the Kurds still fighting ISIS, and Syria, and Iran, and Hezzbollah still fighting, along with Russia bombing the crap out of everybody they don’t like, well, you can see my point! My blog readers can rest assured that on Monday we will see frantic diplomats, making even more frantic press releases that the violence hasn’t stopped in Syria. The only thing that will interest me is they will say all this with straight faces, and like the cease fire was ever intended to be a cease fire.


Next, we come to the “do they, or don’t they, “nuclear question for Saudi Arabia. I have to say even Doomer Doug was a bit on the stunned side yesterday. Having slept on the matter, I have come to several conclusions about the video. The original source was a Saudi “political analyst” giving an interview played on Russian television. The so called analyst has ties to Saudi Arabian intelligence agencies, moves in the highest circles of the House of Saud and the government. So, he is not some fruitcake, spewing nonsense for the entertainment of fools. He is a senior level Saudi who gives plausible deniability if needed. He also gives a level of credibility that I find interesting. We have this man who, in the course of an interview, calmly states that Saudi Arabia has had two nuclear weapons for the last two years. He is telling, again this is Russian television, about this in the context of Putin making direct threats to use tactical nukes against any advancing Turkish forces. He makes this statement, or warning, in a calm, sober minded way. He does not go North Korea on us. He does not start foaming at the mouth, howling at the top of his lungs about “Lakes of Fire,” or any other theatrical manure North Korea likes to throw out.


What we have here, in my opinion, is the House of Saud telling Russia to back off. The House of Saud is telling Putin that any use of nuclear weapons against its Turkish ally will result in the use of nuclear weapons, at least two, by Saudi Arabia. Further, the House of Saud did this in such a way that they can, if Putin openly responded to the Saudi threat, by shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Oh, yes that guy. You see he escaped from the mental institution, so thanks for hunting him down for us.” The fact they have not done that, or even responded to what I would think, especially if it wasn’t true, with a press release carried all over the world. Saudi Arabia hasn’t done that at all. I went to their Embassy home web page and found nothing about any nukes. I did find a statement, dated the 12th, where a senior level Saudi General said that sending ground troops into Syria was “irreversible.” In the context of that statement from 10 days ago, you can see how casually throwing out you have nukes fits the plan.


I see absolutely no reason at all to think this Saudi gentleman doesn’t know what he is talking about, or more importantly, been given clearance to make these kind of public states on such a sensitive issue. Let me be blunt here: the idea a Saudi citizen would wake up, go to an interview and then casually say that Saudi Arabia has nukes, and then make a direct threat to both Russia and Iran. Um, Saudi Arabia has the death penalty. Saudi Arabia recently displayed the corpse, openly displayed, of one of the people they executed. So, this tells me there is no way this guy did this without clearance from the highest levels of both the House of Saud and the Saudi Arabian government. The fact he hasn’t been arrested, with news cameras rolling, followed by a very fast trial, with an even faster public execution, tells me my instincts are correct.




You may believe that if you want, or deny it if you want to. You may think I need to up my psych meds, or even decrease the dosage. One thing you do not get to is ignore the very plain, very clear, and very blunt message from the House of Saud that they not only have nuclear weapons, but they intend to use them against either Iran or Russia if they have to. Obviously, the implications for Israel are even more profound.


In the few minutes since I made this post, an event of so stunning a nature, and so profound an implication for the entire Middle East has been made. I have no idea who this gentleman is, nor do I “know” if the information is accurate. I will only say that if this is true, and if Saudi Arabia really does have two nuclear weapons, then the game has changed in the Middle East.

The link is here, although I can’t guarantee it will work.



The cease fire announced by Russia and the US is a prime example of looking like you are doing something, without actually doing anything. Given the on the ground reality in Syria today, I am less than enthused about the benefits of this diplomatic effort.

I greet all the international readers of this blog. I do keep track of the daily views, along with the map display showing where viewers come from. Some of the nations, besides the USA and Canada, include Brazil, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. Of course, those may be government officials keeping track of particularly insolent infidels! At any rate, I am pleased to see this blog is starting to develop an international flavor.



Sigh, this so called “cease fire,” leaves out both ISIS and the several more militant Al Qaida groups. Further, I find it hard to believe the Syrians, the Kurds and the Russians are not going to recover the now cut off supply route to Aleppo. It is also unlikely the Kurds will give up a single foot the border area they now control. It is also likely they will use the remaining 4 to 5 days to further secure the pocket containing the rebels. And finally, it assumes Turkey will stop shelling the advancing Kurds and Syrian Army unit as they continue to advance towards the Turkish Syrian border. Other than that, I see no problems with it. <G> On the other hand, it will allow the Kurds, Syria and Russian to claim victory. It will further isolate Erdogan and Turkey. He will be faced with a choice between total acceptance of a Kurdish state on his border with both Iraq and Syria. He will be faced with a military victory that leaves him unable to do much about it, except either continues artillery shelling, launch air strikes inside of Syria, or invade with masses of armor and mechanized infantry. It will also give Russia all the excuse it needs to begin bombing or shelling the Turkish artillery parks. I am still thinking Erdogan is not going to accept any of that. The assumption he will not invade without NATO support is not one I am prepared to make. It will also be a matter of the Kurds now in Syria and Iraq providing logistical support for the nearly one quarter of the total Turkish population, i.e. the Kurds now living in South east Turkey. IN FACT ALL THIS CEASE FIRE MAY REALLY DO IS SHIFT THE WAR FROM INSIDE OF SYRIA TO INSIDE OF TURKEY. At which point. NATO again comes into play as Turkey will be facing internal subversion, aided and abetted by both Russia and the Kurds.



Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at www.doomerdoug.wordpress.com My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/267340 It is also at the following url http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007BRLFYU









I am more or less satisfied with the look of my blog now. I may change the color again to highlight the comment, tag and category section.


I have come to think Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan is a crafty fox who has now stumbled upon the Russian bear. If Turkey really does invade Syria, Turkey will endure the fate of the trapper who tangled with a Mama Grizzly bear in the movie called, “The Revenant.” I did a review of that movie several essays ago in case anybody is interested.

I have also found a Kurdish news site that is giving an account of what is now going on in Syria and Iraq from a Kurdish viewpoint. Of course, it is slanted, but the trick is to filter out the slant and find the gold nuggets in the pan. The news they are reporting is grim to put it bluntly. First, Turkey is continuing its unrestricted 155 mm artillery fire into Kurdish positions in Syria. As I noted earlier, Assad junior, who I have come to be impressed by, outflanked Turkey by including the Kurdish forces, now cruising towards the Turkish border, directly into the Syrian Army. The level of political moxy, ruthless cunning, and shrewd diplomatic instincts displayed here is brilliant. Turkey is now shelling Syrian Army units, and not just Kurdish ones. This takes things to the next level, and gives Assad and Putin justification for counter battery artillery fire. They can turn Turkish artillery pieces into burnt metal using a self-defense explanation. Of course, the Kurds are now saying they aren’t a part of the Syrian Army, but who cares at this point?

The links are here. http://rudaw.net/english

Further, Saudi Arabia is now engaged in the kind of very dangerous game playing that has often led to war. It is unclear, and since I am not an Arabic scholar I don’t know, whether Saudi Arabia actually has deployed man pads to the so called “moderate Rebels now fighting Assad,” or whether they are asking for permission to do so from the USA and NATO. One thing I can guarantee you is this. If the Syrian rebels begin to directly engage the Russian Air Force, and especially if they really do shoot down a Russian plane, well they will find out why it is not a good idea to piss of Mr. Putin. The jury is still out on any man pad, shoulder fired anti- aircraft missiles, really being in the hands of the rebels. Like almost everything now going on in both Syria and Iraq, we will know after the fact.

It is also becoming quite clear the general military advance to close the final pocket held by the anti-Assad Rebels in entering the final phase. Turkey will shortly be faced with the total control of its entire Syrian and Iraqi border by, depending on who you ask, either Kurdish forces, or Kurdish forces that are now officially part of the Syrian Army. Erdogan will only have the option to invade Syria, or sit back and enjoy the total ruin of everything both Turkey and Saudi Arabia have tried to gain in Syria for the last several years. My view is people expecting Erdogan to act in a rational, sober minded way don’t quite get the man. Erdogan is rolling the dice, and has shown precious little give, in dealing with Russia, or Assad, or NATO, or even our increasingly feckless Obama. I can also assure you that both our friends and especially our enemies have noted Obama and Kerry are totally out of their depth here. Kerry and Obama are like a Pacific Salmon that a Grizzly bear has just pulled out of a stream. They haven’t quite got their heads ripped off, but you know it is coming.

In other news, the Clinton crime cabal has managed to steal the nomination from the totally naïve Bernie Sanders. It really is like stealing candy from a baby. Hellary Clinton is surely a foul example of a human being by any standard you want to use. The only hope for America now is that scheming, arrogant, manipulative Witch suffers career ending damage from her concussion. Trump, well the man is stomping the RINO, Republican in name only crowd with gleeful abandon. The more “they” attack him; the stronger he gets. I think Trump will not only get the Republican nomination, but he will be the next President of the United States. The entertainment value of watching the liberals and RINO types foam at the mouth, wail, gnash their teeth and bang their heads on the wall has been a high point of my life these last few weeks. It just doesn’t get any better for me than watching the corrupt American oligarchs whining like a two year being told he can’t pull the tail of a German Shepard.


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Obviously, I have changed the look of my wordpress blog here. It is a new theme called Editor that reflects my desire for a newspaper look. The title Doomer Doug is a little too big to fit, so I am working on that. I have also decided to type up my blog posts using Microsoft Word. I will then copy them to the blog and post them that way. This allows me to choose the right font: Times New Roman size 14, as well as spell check. Anyway, just a quick note to keep you up to date on blog changes. Now some of you may wonder why I am  saying a political fix may have been reached in Syria. The answer is simple: “they” really are quite terrified about a nuclear exchange between Turkey and Russia. They are so afraid of that “they” are willing to beat Turkey and Saudi Arabia into mush to avoid that. We shall see if Turkey is so out of control the plan “they”have come up with fails. We will know by the Ides of March one way or the other.


The deal is being made as I write this. I wonder if it will work. If it does not, we will see Yom Kippur Two. If it does we will buy some more time. The deal, such as it is, will be as follows. In return for Turkey and Saudi Arabia accepting a Kurdish State covering the entire Turkish border with both Syria and Iraq, Russia won’t destroy them. That is the deal Putin is offering in a sort of reverse Cuban Missile Crisis deal, along with a heavy dose of cynical humor.

Why you ask would Turkey or Saudi Arabia possibly take such a deal? First, I am not sure they will. I am only sure that is what is now being offered by Russia and her allies. Over at timebomb.2000 one of the posters commented that he works close enough to Tyson Corners to see the inbound helicopters. He said that he saw 16 helicopters Friday. I wondered what the implications of what I called a “16 helicopter day,” would be. I think I know the answer to that now.

Syria has just announced that the Kurdish military forces are now part of the Syrian Army. This is a huge dot, because it means the Kurds are no longer acting as some sort of Kurdish Army in Syria. This single statement makes the idea of a Kurdish State all along the Turkish border with both Syria and Iraq acceptable. The reason it will be acceptable is it will be part of a Syrian Federation. This Syrian Federation will be acceptable to Russia, the Kurds, Iran and Iraq. It will be acceptable to NATO, the EU, and the USA since it will prevent open warfare between Turkey, a NATO member, and Russia which is a superpower.

I think this is the political deal that will be announced over the next few days/weeks. I do not think either Turkey or Saudi Arabia will like it at all. The only issue is whether they can be beaten senseless and forced to accept it. I submit this deal is what the so called “best and brightest” have come up with. I don’t guarantee it will be accepted by Turkey, much less work. Nor do I guarantee we won’t have a regional war by March 15th. I do think “they” are in hysterics, seriously concerned about a nuclear exchange between Turkey and Russia.

It is clearly a sign of the mental and moral weakness of the West that this is the best they can do. Still, the way “they” think is as long as it doesn’t happen on my watch then I don’t care.

We may have dodged the bullet on this Syrian situation, assuming Turkey and Saudi Arabia can be beaten into submission and accept this. I am also thinking the level of mental anguish, fear, rage and the desire for revenge may be so great that the grand deal mentioned above will crash and burn. I mean that in the literal sense by the way.

I have my apocalyptic e book for sale on Amazon Kindle. The url is
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