One wanker too many 10-20-2020

Well, nobody can say the year of our Lord 2020 AD hasn’t been an interesting one. Granted, in the collapse of civilization class of interesting. Now here as the light at the end of the tunnel comes closer, no doubt a freight train, one finds the situation both intolerable and fascinating, again in a collapse of civilization kind of way. At any rate, with two weeks to go to what may very well be the final election in our Constitutional Republic. Did I say Constitutional Republic? What I meant was corrupt oligarchy, sleazy corporate class of child raping maggots, with all the support staff, the media, the educators, the whole perverted, foul lot of them.

What Trump has done, and this is why I put up with his multiple flaws, is he has been a terror to the child rapists, and the human trafficers, and their enablers, like Epstein, Maxwell and the whole lot of them. And because he has done this, I back him to the hilt. Again, I have to make a distinction between the hilts as it were. I’m not one of our elite leaderships types who are trying to BURY the hilt into Trump’s back, oh no, I am one of the the supporters who is backing him to the hilt. A slight distinction perhaps, but an important one in that Sodom and Gomorah on the Potomac River called Washington, D.C. It is our current political reality, late Imperial Empire, only without the castrated Enuchs, that we live in a time of treason, lies, and Marxist insurgency. We are led by child rapists and criminals, and traitors and I am increasingly convinced when TSHTF the kill sanction comes into action. That should wake up some of the fact checkers, as if I cared anymore.

It is clear to me the reason I am still around, and Trump is still around is we are both men of intense passion and hatred of both the widespread treason of our rotting American Republic, and the pervasive child abuse by the elite. Trump is condemned because he is a womanizer, but I say he just likes women and I find no fault in that. I like women too. In fact, I like them so much I have never married, with the reason being I don’t want to mess up some woman’s life, and more importantly, I don’t want her messing up my life. I am also of the firm belief that behind every great man there is a greater women with a baseball bat . So as evil seems to win, I say not. Not for evil not trying hard of enough, but because evil is really incompetent once you get down to where the rubber meets the road. So, I pray for evil child abuse etc to be revealed. And I pray for the failed, corrupt authorities to be revealed in their ignorance and their cover ups, like with the Weiner phone with all “those kind of pictures.” or Hunter Biden the decayed scum of a family full of decayed scum. And yes, the how of the release of Hunter’s laptop is EXACTLY how God would have it released.

The spirit overshadows the flesh and this sequence is how it would be done. There is the flesh; there is the Spirit, and they are both as real as the other, and they both have operating procedures. And having lived here in Portland, the last 40 years, 25 of them downtown, and especially the last 5 months or so, I can attest the Sprit is real, it is operational, and works under a set of guiding principles that are as real as the 5 senses of the flesh. The spirit is based on consciousness and thought, while the flesh is based on “reality,” Well, the spiritual reality is as real as the physical reality. So, as the social order collapses around me, I move in the spirt, with sometime forays into the flesh. And both of them tells me that the tidal wave of violence will begin on both Election Day, and Election Night, 11-3-2020 Now, this is no prophecy since I watched them burn Portland on Election night of 2016 also. Portland has been called Little Beirut by the Secret Service at least since 2000.

I am trying to decide to combat deploy, smirk all you want, on the street in front of my Apartment building, in either the spirit, or the flesh, or both. The flesh will be my Windham Arms AR-15 and 500 62 gm X-TAC 5.56mm green tip, and the spirit will be lethal prayers that have demons screaming and running away. Laugh all you want: I know demons are real, since I see the demon possessed many times a day, and the Dark One is real, since I see his impact everywhere around Portland now. Antifa will come. Antifa, or maybe just a homeless loony, started TEN fires, yes TEN fires two nights ago before the gutted police arrested here. Who knows, maybe our Antifa loving DA did something about it?

I can’t say what will happen here in Portland, although I have a good idea. The skyscrapper on the other side of Morrison boarded up ALL their first floor glass windows this afternoon. They didn’t do that at any point since the rioting started nearly 5 months ago. I had a talk with my apartment manager about whether they will board up some of our lobby entrance. I have over 400 rounds in my P-Mags for my AR-15. I am debating standing outside my apartment lobby front door in the street and shooting antifa thugs in the head if I see any molotov cocktails. I have a little ditty bouncing around my head in response to theirs.

No Trump. No Wall. No USA at all becomes for me: “No Antifa. No BLM. Shoot them till they are all dead. Hell, “they” may send the FBI or a red flag team for that, but “they” should also remember the following.

Shakespeare. Never Tempt a Desperate man

Baltashar Gracian; Never contend with a man who has nothing to lose.

Me thinks antifa, blm and their masters don’t think much of us, or America, or freedom. They will find out soon enough. It will be like Pearl Harbor. Antifa, blm thinks we are weak, and spineless and they will just roll over us. I think not. I think they expect to create fear in us, like those papers they are sending to terrify us with death threats; no, instead they will have the impact Admiral Yamamoto feared: they will enrage us, and fill us with that terrible, terrible resolve Yamamoto correctly feared. I know that is what has happened with me. I am tired of these punks, and our spineless leaders and I am tired of all of it. It may not be over on election night, but it will be the end of the beginning to quote Winston. I am as ready as I will ever be. I kneel to no man, but only to God and Jesus. And as I walk in the spirt through downtown Portland, I sense the wrath of God EVERYWHERE I go now. It seems I am not the only one who has had enough. I will try and make it to my 67th birthday on January 9th, 2020, but you know what? I am not sure either American or moi will make it that long.

The other night I prayed for the death angel that killed all of Egypt’s First Born to roam the city of Portland and leave every single liberal dead by morning. Like I said, I am becoming a mean, brutal man, which is what the times now require. The biggest reason I despise the liberals, and blm and antifa is they have done something I swore I would never let happen. They have released my inner child, and bad things happen when I turn him loose. And because they have forced me to do that, I loathe them endurance really. I never saw combat in Vietnam, but I trained for combat in Vietnam, and I have found out over the last 50 years from time to time, it is like flipping a light switch. It is not because you have done it before: it is because the US Army trained you to do it, and that never goes away. Never. If Antifa and blm were smart, which they are not, they would fear the old, fat, half crazy military vets from long ago, but they don’t and they won’t, and they will regret that. For one thing, I’m going after the training cadre in the back of the crowd and not the useless idiots in the front.