Trump Allows Military Massacres to Happen Again 12-8-2019

I should warn any Trumpbots about to read this post they should sit down and take a deep breath or two. Trump, or Donald the Mouth, as I am starting to call him, has yet again, and how many flip flops, campaign statements ignored, etc etc is our POTUS up to by now. One of the ones I particularly remember was Trump’s trashing Obama, correctly, for allowing our bases to be “gun free zones,” with predictable results. And so here we are with several people dead, Pearl Harbor and Pensacola security breached, and Trump making even more excuses for allowing a brutal massacre like Obama did.

Oh how we howled like wolves when in 2009 Major Hasan went into Fort Hood and shot dead 13 military people. And Obama got the blame for that one big time. So here we are some TEN YEARS LATER and the same damn thing just happened, not once but twice, it happened on Trump’s watch, and he gets it, smack in the nose. I tell the Trump bots to quit making excuses for this New York City LIBERAL. I hope you all have figured out that the armed militia is going to be mobilizing, likely in Virginia first, and it is likely we have, at best between one year, till November 2020, and eighteen months, July of 2020, before Civil War Two breaks out and we are shooting each other. Trump, well Trump ain’t much at this point, but he is the best we got, especially when compared with the collection of mental ward escapees, certified raving lunatics, Marxist fools, Soros funded race baiting, bigoted, Jew hating knuckleheads that are what the once great party of JFK, is reduced to  running for POTUS against Trump next November. At any rate, this blood is on Trump, and besides sucking up to the terrorist state called Saudi Arabia Trump is going to trigger the Marxist Morons into a great big spasm of mindless violence. As for Doomer Doug, well Doomer Doug is arming up, getting lean and mean, such as a 66 year old Vietnam Era soldier can get, and getting right with God, guns and ammo. Prepare as best you can, but don’t expect Trump to save you, or have much hope at all. For I tell you, hope has left America and will not return I think. Still, let each of us prepare for death as best we can.

The link is here.

Hawkins: Gun-Free Military Installations Make U.S. Troops Sitting Ducks

The December 6, 2019, Naval Air Station Pensacola attack reminded us once more that gun-free policies on military installations make U.S. troops sitting ducks.

Breitbart News reported that a gunman opened fire Friday morning in Pensacola, killing three innocents and causing numerous others to be transported to the hospital for injuries.

The Associated Press reported that the Pensacola gunman was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia, and NBC News reported that the gunman’s name was Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

He used a handgun to carry out his attack.

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Pertinent to news of this horrific firearm-based attack is the fact that Naval Air Station Pensacola is a gun-free zone.

Breitbart News reported the air station’s gun-free status shortly after the attack. The station’s firearm policy, as described by Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, notes:

While federal and state laws differ widely on the subject, regulations pertaining to the registration, transportation, and storage of firearms on Naval Installations in the Mid-Atlantic area of responsibility are clear. According to the instruction, all hands share responsibility for adhering to regulations pertaining to the registration, transportation, and storage of firearms in the AOR.

The policy also points out that “state issued ‘concealed weapons permits’ are not recognized on any Navy installation.”

The firearm policy allows guns to be brought on base after obtaining approval from a commanding officer but notes that such firearms “may only be stored in the installation’s armory.” Moreover, during transport onto the installation, all firearms are to be “unloaded and secured with a trigger lock and ammunition must be carried in the farthest most possible location away from the firearm.”

In other words, men and women who have signed up for years of service to use advanced weaponry–including fully automatic weapons, guided missiles, drones with precision striking capability, and numerous other mechanisms–are forbidden from carrying a handgun on the station for self-defense.

Again, we are not talking about a fully automatic M4, an MP5, or other machine gun or submachine gun. Rather, we are talking about a 9mm handgun for self-defense. They are prohibited from carrying it even if they have a concealed carry permit on top of their military credentials.

The result is that no one can shoot back when an attacker pulls a handgun and begins shooting.

We saw the same thing at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. In that attack, 13 innocents were killed in a firearm-based attack on a military gun-free zone.

We saw it again at Fort Hood on April 2, 2014. In that attack, three innocents were killed in a firearm-based attack on a military gun-free zone.

We saw it on September 16, 2013. In that attack, 12 innocents were killed in a firearm-based attack on D.C.’s Navy Yard.

As with the Fort Hood attacks, the horrific D.C. Navy Yard attack showed that if an attacker could succeed in sneaking his gun onto the premises, he was going to enjoy a period of time where he could shoot and no one could shoot back.

Sadly, we saw such an attack again on July 16, 2015, when a gunman targeted military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing five innocents. CNN reported that the Chattanooga gunman killed four marines and one sailor.

There are other examples that could be cited, but the point is sufficiently made–gun-free military bases create a problem.

We should be praising our men and women in uniform for their commitment to trade years of private life for the public cause of defending liberty. Instead, we stick them on military bases where they are defenseless if the individual next to them pulls a gun and starts to attack.

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Preparing for Civil War Two: Good Advice On Fortifying Your Villa 12-7-2019

It is a sign of how totally corrupt the USA now is, and how pathetic our military truly is, we can’t even prevent a direct attack on Pearl Harbor 79 years after the last one. It is also true that we all howled like wolves when our traitor in chief Obama let the Muslim terrorist Major Hasan shoot up Fort Hood in Texas, because he had disarmed the soldiers and created “gun free zones,” at our military bases. And yet, here we are again, at both Pearl Harbor and Pensacola, with disarmed soldiers being slaughtered. Of course, the usual crowd of Trump supporters, the same ones who trashed Obama for disarming the troops, don’t say a peep about how Trump failed to let them be armed. I mean, Marxist Democratic BS to the left of me, and Trump drivel to the right of me, and AG Barr, the clown, breathlessly announcing he will “indict” 8 government criminals. Well, gang, the IG report doesn’t even cover McCabe, or Brennan, or Comey or Mueller, so we get another layer of BS.

In the context of the above, a strong desire to retreat to your fortified villa, lay down a minefield, and set up some 50 caliber machine guns on auto sweep and shoot, is understandable. And if any of you have the moola to do that, here is some great advice from somebody who knows what they are doing. Beware of Zombies!

5 Bad-ass Perimeter Defense Lessons From A Vietnam Vet

Thank God you made it to your rural bug out location (BOL)! You almost didn’t get out in time before the Police State Metropolis you lived in had their National Guard soldiers shut down all further mass exodus from the quarantined city, with shoot to kill Iraqi War style road blocks on the last exits that weren’t already blocked by panicked mobs and burning piled up car crashes.

You get out of your bug out vehicle (BOV) and kneel down for a moment on the cool green forest ground in a soon to get very hot world, and give solemn thanks that you were granted the presence of mind and discipline to have your BOV ready to rock at a moment’s notice.

You will miss a few of the friends and neighbors you know you’ll never see again, and you’ll feel sorry for those who were trapped in their normalcy bias comfort zone and ignored the ominous but clear warnings. You will pray for them the first chance you get but right now you have another serious problem.

Beware of “Zombiez”!


The Armed Militia Is Alive and Well in 2019 12-4-2019

The Armed Militia Or Why the Marxist Morons Should be Afraid Of Deplorables 12-4-2019

The context of any type of major disaster, natural or manmade, here in CONUS must be the reality of the armed militia, which as the Founding Fathers put it, was made up of all males 17 years old to 55 years old and all the weapons they owned, under the 2nd Amendment.

The thing the Marxist Morons don’t get, or the clowns in Virginia don’t quite understand is, as the following link and story show, the armed militia can take them all out, no problem, and without breaking a sweat. The ATF tells us, yes, the ATF, American citizens own a staggering 423 MILLION PERSONAL WEAPONS, WITH COMBINED WITH 8 PLUS BILLION, YES BILLION, ROUNDS OF AMMO IN 2018 ALONE.  The reality is also that 50 percent of the American people own guns, and roughly 50 percent don’t, which places the Blue Smurfs, trapped in their “gun free zones,” and their Marxist Democrat gun grabbers totally at the mercy of the armed militia, ie the one half that are armed.…of-ammo-a-year

Opinion: Washington Secrets
ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year
by Paul Bedard
| December 04, 2019 09:43 AM

America’s love affair with guns is only getting stronger.

New federal data shows that there are 422.9 million firearms in circulation, or about 1.2 guns for every person in the country.

What’s more, despite years of criticism of modern “assault-style” rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47, there are a record 17.7 million in private hands, proving that it is the most popular gun around.

And last year alone, the arms industry produced 8.1 billion rounds of ammunition.

The figures are from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and were crunched by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry trade group.

“These figures show the industry that America has a strong desire to continue to purchase firearms for lawful purposes,” said Joe Bartozzi, president of the NSSF, in a statement releasing the group’s new report.

“The modern sporting rifle continues to be the most popular centerfire rifle sold in America today and is clearly a commonly owned firearm with more than 17 million in legal private ownership today. The continued popularity of handguns demonstrates a strong interest by Americans to protect themselves and their homes and to participate in the recreational shooting sports,” he said.

Gun shops contacted by Secrets said that they are seeing more and more purchases of semiautomatic weapons such as handguns and AR-15s due to the criticism of those guns by 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

“Sales have definitely been brisk, especially of small, concealable handguns. We also saw a spike in sales of tactical rifles like AR-15s and AK-47s, for which I think we can confidently thank Beto O’Rourke,” said Justin Anderson, the marketing director for Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the country’s biggest retailers.

During his short presidential campaign, O’Rourke called for a ban on the rifles.

Other details from the NSSF report, shared with Secrets:

Of all rifles produced in 2017, 54% were modern sporting rifles.
In 2017, 7,901,218 total firearms were produced and imported. Of those, 4,411,923 were pistols and revolvers, 2,821,945 were rifles, and 667,350 were shotguns.

An interim 2018 estimate showed 7,660,772 total firearms were produced and imported. Of those, 4,277,971 were pistols and revolvers, 2,846,757 were rifles, and 535,994 were shotguns.

Firearms-ammunition manufacturing accounted for nearly 12,000 employees producing more than $4.1 billion in goods shipped in 2017.

An estimated 8.1 billion rounds, of all calibers and gauges, were produced in 2018 for the U.S. market.

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Randy Andy Designated for Wood Chipper to Save House of Winsor 12-2-2019

When I call the various Royal Houses of Europe inbred cretins, I am making a true and accurate statement, as one of the links below shows. Therefore, since we are truly dealing with stupid people, versus dealing with ignorant people, the level of behavior we can expect from Prince Andrew is based on stupidity, which is genetic, and based on DNA, versus ignorance, which is based on a lack of education. At any rate, Prince Andrew honestly doesn’t realize that having sex with 17 year old teenagers is reckless, dangerous, and not morally acceptable, because, well he is an inbred cretin, and that is the kind of thing inbred cretins due.

Prince Andrew could be in more trouble after Virginia Roberts Giuffre interview

A TV interview with Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre set to air Monday could spark further “ramifications” for the disgraced royal, according to a report.

Giuffre is set to appear on “Panorama” at 4 p.m. New York time to talk about her “really scary time” as Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave, during which she alleges he forced her to have sex three times with the Duke of York.

It airs just weeks after the 59-year-old royal’s own BBC sitdown on “Newsnight” ended so badly he was dumped from royal duties.

“If people thought ‘Newsnight’ was a disaster for the Duke, this is really going to put the cat amongst the pigeons,” a source told The Sun of Monday’s special, which has been doubled in length to an hour.

“It is a fantastic program and will cause ramifications.’’

In his own “car crash” interview, Andrew had tried to justify his shameful ties to multimillionaire pedophile Epstein and claimed he had no recollection of meeting Giuffre.

Enlarge ImageVirginia Roberts Giuffre photographed with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001
Virginia Roberts Giuffre photographed with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001

He even suggested the now-infamous photo of him hugging her at close friend Ghislaine Maxwell’s house in London could be a fake.

While his accuser’s interview took place before his disastrous “Newsnight” interview, the royal household is “fearful” about potential bombshells.

His older brother and heir to the throne Prince Charles, 71, reportedly even called a crisis meeting for Andrew to be “completely upfront, open and honest with him” about other potential revelations.

“Everyone is on tenterhooks especially after the backlash to the Duke’s ‘Newsnight’ interview – no one saw the fall-out from that coming, especially the Duke,” a source previously told The Sun.

“It’s fair to say everyone is nervously chewing their lips at Buckingham Palace to see what she will say.”

Now, on top of all that we have this link about Royal inbreeding. It is much more serious than a big jaw.


Centuries of inbreeding among European royals responsible for famous facial deformities seen in historical paintings

Why you really, really need a BOB, Survival Bag in your Car Trunk 11-27-2019

First, a happy Thanksgiving, even if the world has gone mad, and the level of EVIL roaming around is spectacular. Still, one of the things that truly separates conservatives, patriots etc from the Marxist morons, Antifa Thug types and the “entitlement” agenda is that we are “the masters of our own fate,” and take responsibility for, and accountability for the logical consequences for our actions. Waaay back in the whole build up to the Y2K non event I saw somewhere a signature that read, “The Universe Doesn’t Care If You Aren’t Prepared.” Yeah, that is the core belief for all us “domestic terrorists types.” At any rate, check out the links below and ask yourself: “If I had to spend 17 hours in my car, in a blizzard, would I be comfortable, or even would I still be alive?”

Here are some links to tell you what you need to have in your car trunk.


Here is why you need to do this.

Hundreds of drivers are left stranded near the Oregon-California border for 17 HOURS in blizzard as large swathes of the US are paralyzed by ‘bomb cyclone’ and up to 30 inches of snow – canceling flights as 55 million set off for Thanksgiving

  • Two major winter storms are disrupting the travel plans of 55 million Americans setting off for Thanksgiving 
  • A 100-mile stretch of Interstate 5 in northern California was closed in both directions Wednesday 
  • Drivers report being stuck there for 17 hours in blizzard conditions and some spent the night in their vehicles
  • Those living in the western two-thirds of the country have been hit with up to 30 inches of snow fall 
  • Snow is falling fast in southern Minnesota, where 12 inches or more is expected during the busy travel period
  • More than a foot of snow is also forecast in parts of Wisconsin on Wednesday, with schools canceling classes  
  • Thousands were also without power in Missouri on Wednesday morning as high winds whip across the state
  • And forecasters say possible tornadoes struck communities in Mississippi and Louisiana overnight
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC is also under threat because 40-50 mph gusts of wind are forecast 
  • The storm set to batter the Northwest through Wednesday has been labeled ‘historic and unprecedented’ 
  • By the weekend, the intense weather is expected to move toward the East Coast, according to forecasters 

Hundreds of cars were left stranded on Interstate 5 headed north from California into Oregon Wednesday following a major storm that dumped snow and created white-out conditions on both sides of the state borders.

Drivers reported being stuck for 17 or more hours in blizzard conditions and some spent the night in their vehicles as large swathes of the country were paralyzed by a ‘bomb cyclone’ and up to 30 inches of snow.

Stranded cars made it difficult for plows to clear the freeway and it was unclear when the northbound lanes would reopen. I-5 was closed in both directions late Tuesday because of the storm. The southbound lanes are said to have reopened at Ashland, Oregon early Wednesday.

Two major winter storms are disrupting the travel plans of millions of Americans headed to Thanksgiving Day destinations on jam-packed highways and airplanes Wednesday.

Preparing For A Global Pandemic 11-24-2019

It is a sign of our increasingly defective, dismal, collapse of the social order era, that I am linking to a site that gives details about how to save your rear end when, not if, a disease, any disease, Ebola, The Black Death, or a variant of the Swine Flu now raging. It is  one viral mutation away from going airborne vector and doing the 1348 to 1352 AD, killing off one third of Europe’s population before it really gets going. The link is here.

Pandemics: The Country Is NOT Prepared, But You Can Be!

Mac Slavo
November 23rd, 2019

The grim reality of pandemics is that most countries, including the United States, are not prepared for the eventuality. But just because governments are not prepared to protect the public, doesn’t mean you don’t have to be either.

In an article titled The Grim Reality About Pandemics They Don’t Want You To Know: “No Country is Prepared”, the details of how ill-prepared all governments are for such a SHTF situation are revealed.  Scientists say an outbreak of a flu-like illness could sweep across the planet in 36 hours and kill tens of millions due to our constantly-traveling population. But you can be prepared!

In other news, RBG, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, made yet another trip to the hospital. She was presumably pumped full of blood and will soon be reactivated to continue her reign of Marxist Terror. The point of this terror being the destruction of the USA, and the emergence of the evil she has worked for decades to impose upon us. This ancient hag, a modern Witch of Endor if Doomer Doug ever saw one, is trying to hang on as long as possible. Doomer Doug will say out loud that if our Witch of Endor, the sequel actually dies, EVERYTHING that has preceded her death, the coup d ‘etat against Trump, the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings, the DOJ, FBI et al will be as NOTHING to the level of venom, raw hatred that will be unleashed when Trump nominates anybody who doesn’t pass the Marxist TRAITOR Litmus Test for SCOTUS. Just watch, gang it will be Nazi Germany summer of 1932 all over again, with the  Marxists and the Brown Shirts killing each other in street brawls, savage riots, bar fights and a level of violence and political chaos that will trigger Civil War Two within six to eighteen months.

Supreme Court says Ginsburg released from hospital

an hour ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released from a Baltimore hospital where she had been treated for a possible infection.

The 86-year-old Ginsburg has returned to her home in Washington, D.C., and is “doing well,” court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Sunday.

Ginsburg spent two nights at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. She was taken there Friday after experiencing chills and fever.

The court says she received intravenous antibiotics and fluids and that her symptoms abated.

Ginsburg has had four occurrences of cancer, including two in the past year. She had lung cancer surgery in December and received radiation treatment for a tumor on her pancreas in August.

The Three Legs of the Global Pedophile Elite 11-23-2019

If you want to realize what I mean, and who I mean, when I talk about the “Global Pedophile Elite,” this man lays it all out for you. The reason I keep “harping” on the Globalist Pedophile Elite is how you come down on it, and what your views of this global child raping elite are, much less if you actually are a child raping scumbag, will define EVERYTHING ELSE YOU DO. It will define your life, your attitudes, and cultural values so much that you can’t be “tolerant of,” or “culturally accepting,” of raping children and teenagers, like that pimp to the elite, Jeffery Epstein did, or make excuses for the kind of deviant behavior now common worldwide. If you read stories, like I do, where in public libraries, men dressed as women, or men who think they are women engage in so called “story hours,” with young children, and then engage in “Frottage,” which is French and means to rub, ie to get sexual excitement from two clothed people rubbing together until orgasm is reached. And guess what, gang what do you think the “Drag Queen,” story hour, or “transexuals greeting children,” is all about? So here we have public employees, using public facilities to engage in sexual actions between adults and young children, and if you point out the evil this is, you are called “transphobic,” or whatever term is now being used. Well, I have to say that God isn’t pleased, and any society that allows this form of sexual perversion will get smacked down hard. And if you are upset I am being so candid, don’t whine to me when your kid comes home from school and talks about how he, or she, was fondled, rubbed up against, by some guy in a skirt flopping around like a fish on the floor. You have been warned!

The links are here.

What does frottage mean in French?

sexual excitement obtained by rubbing against another person’s clothed body. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. Word origin of ‘frottageFrench, from frotter to rub.

Has power become synonymous with pedophilia?

Sounds like a bizarre question – but if one considers the reality that has emerged over the last decade, this correlation is clearly obvious and frightening.  Reports of crimes such as human trafficking and abuses against children are not new, but the surfacing of the number and extent of powerful entities with global reach and their deep rooted ties to unspeakable horrors against children is becoming clear.

Consider three of the most powerful governmental and religious entities the world has ever seen:

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church with its 1.2 billion followers is a powerful global organization.  For decades, the Catholic Church has been exposed as a cabal of sexual predators.  From Australia to Ireland, from Boston to Argentina, in every major country and in every US State, reports of abuses by Church authorities have come to light.  According to the BBC, “A Church-commissioned report in 2004 said more than 4,000 US Roman Catholic priests had faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years, in cases involving more than 10,000 children – mostly boys.”  And these are just those abuses reported, just the tip of the iceberg.

As if this was not enough evidence alone, the reality that the Church leadership for decades, maybe centuries, covered up such abuses and even protected pedophiles in their ranks by moving them from one parish to another.  Clearly, the Catholic Church was not only aware of such abuses as well as aware of the extent of the problem, but also worked to enable and protect the abusers.

The Islamic Church

Unlike the Catholic Church which hid its abuses, showing at least some level of shame for the evil they were imposing upon the most vulnerable in society, the Islamic Church shows no such concern.  According to the Washington Times, in Pakistan alone 1.9 million children are currently married in the country.  Also, according to CNN, in the Sudan a 1991 Personal Status Law of Muslims allowed children to marry when they reach “maturity,” which by their standards is 10 years old.

The United States Political Establishment

Jeffrey Epstein was recently described by the Daily Beast as a “Billionaire Pedophile” while New York Magazine published an exposé on his private pedophile Island.  This is underscored by the fact that over a decade ago, the New York Post exposed Epstein’s plea deal for soliciting underage prostitutes at his Florida mansion.

Epstein’s arrest clearly put extremely powerful people in the United States in a situation in which they had to murder him.  There is simply no way two federal prison guards fell asleep while a killer walked into his cell and attempted to make his murder look like a suicide.  The only way this happens is if very powerful people in the US federal government sanctioned and allowed it.

Why would the United States federal prison system allow such a murder to occur, and back it with a truly unbelievable story that the guards fell asleep? 

The only answer is that those who perpetrated the crime are so guilty they had to react quickly with little regard to the believability of their story, or their confidence in the power they possess and the American citizens’ naiveté and religious following of their political parties protected them from retaliation.  Either way, the events surrounding the Epstein murder illustrate that to a large degree the American political Establishment is on par with the sick and evil power brokers of the Catholic and Muslim churches.

This Must Stop

This evil is not going to stop until the billions of good and moral people throughout the world stop their blind following of their political leadership and religious organizations.  Clearly, a dollar given to the two major religious organizations in existence today is a dollar given in support of pedophilia.  A dollar given to Establishment politicians or candidates is a dollar given in support of pedophilia.  The evidence since the Epstein murder is overwhelming, as well as the evidence that surrounds the world’s largest religious organizations.

Good people need to wake up and act.