I believe what we are dealing with regarding Islam is an internal civil war. The first phase of this civil war is between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims. The Shia are about 15 percent of total Muslims, with the Sunni being the other 85 percent. The Shia are mostly concentrated in Iran, certain Gulf States like Bahrain, and scattered here and there all over the earth. The Sunnis are mostly concentrated in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Jordan, Egypt, North Africa and certain other countries. The major difference between them relates to the succession crisis after the death of the Prophet Mohammed. The Shia wanted a direct transfer to certain family members, and the Sunni wanted it transferred to the political class. They have been fighting each other over this for some 1300 years. They have both cherry picked the Koran to support their positions. We are dealing with Islam, both Sunni and Shia, and we are dealing with Militant Islam, both Shia and Sunni. Hezzbollah-Army of God is Shia. ISIS, seeking to restore the Islamic Caliphate, is Sunni. Al Qaeda is also Sunni. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are Shia. Islam is engaged in an internal civil war between Shia and Sunni, as well as an internal civil war between various factions inside both Shia and Sunni. For example, the Sunni Al Qaida is fighting the Sunni Isis.

The next issue in this civil war is a difference of opinion relating to the meaning, the true meaning of Jihad, or Holy War. Some Muslims think this defines an internal, spiritual war. Militant Islam thinks it refers to an external, physical, not spiritual, war against Infidels, whether they be secular Muslims, Shia versus Sunni, or Al Qaeda versus ISIS. The other issue is the absolute requirement that all Muslims, Shia or Sunni, have to support Sharia Law. I will say it plainly: it is the duty of every Muslim: secular, Shia, or Sunni to support Sharia law in any country they live it. Bluntly put, it is a religious requirement for all Muslims to impose Sharia law on any society they find themselves living in. Islam is a belief system that requires adherents to subvert and control any society they live in. As such, the true difference between secular Muslims, ie those who aren’t actively killing people, and Militant Islam, whether it is Sunni or Shia, is only a difference of opinion on tactics and the level of violence they are willing to use. One branch wants to “breed us out,” while another wants to kill us directly.

We saw today in Fresno, California yet another example of Militant Islam in action. The link is here.

I am telling my blog readers that this kind of attack, whether the so-called “lone wolf,” or a small group inspired by Sunni, or Shia religious ideology, or linked to the feuding sub-groups like ISIS, or Al Qaeda, or Shia groups, is the new normal. It should be plain to see that basic religious ideology of Islam, whether it is Shia or Sunni, and whether it is Al Qaeda or ISIS, REQUIRES THE USE OF VIOLENCE TO BRING ABOUT THE ISLAMIC CALIPHATE AND THE IMPOSITION OF SHARIA LAW ON ALL SOCIETIES. Further, the Islamic religion is not able to respect alternative religions, or is Sharia Law able to respect Western secular law, or culture, or values under any circumstances. The only issue is the time frame for the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate, or the time frame for establishing Sharia Law. Militant Islam wants to do it faster, using violence as a tool; so called Secular Islam wants to do it with less violence and over a longer time frame.

I have known Muslims over the years. Most of them are non-violent, moral and ethical people. However, even these Muslims believe in Sharia Law, and the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate. They are just not willing to put on a suicide vest and murder Infidels to do it. The only choice the West has is a fast death from violence, or a slow death from the imposition of Islamic culture and Sharia law.

The Fresno attack, just like the many other Militant Islam attacks in Berlin, Germany, Nice, France, Orlando, Florida, and Stockholm, Sweden show we are at war with a ruthless, violent enemy. This enemy is now engaging in unrestricted warfare against us. As we lurch through the next few years, you should remember that single fact; namely, WE ARE AT WAR WITH MILITANT ISLAM.

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In case people haven’t noticed things are lining up nicely regarding North Korea. Granted, we made it through the weekend, at least so far, without a nuclear war breaking out. However, I think we now have the worst possible situation on the Korean peninsula. We have Kim Jong, their resident psychopath, actually doing a live fire missile test in order to really piss off the rest of the world. Kim Jong did a missile test, despite being told not to. The fact it failed means we get hit with a one/two punch. Little Fat Boy pisses off the USA, Japan, South Korea and China because he did fire off a missile. In addition, Little Fat Boy is likely enraged because the missile blew up. Besides shooting any Nuclear Scientists or Generals handy, he is going to want to do another missile launch, or explode a warhead inside one of his many tunnels. Like I said, the situation has gotten worse, even though that seems impossible.

We need to clearly understand that in Kim Jong we are dealing with a man who is simply not rational in the accepted meaning of the term. Little Fat Boy has taken out Generals who feel asleep during one of his meetings and had him shot to death using a 40mm anti-aircraft gun. This is the level of mental derangement we are dealing with in terms of whether Little Fat Boy will really launch a first strike on Japan, or South Korea or Guam. The answer is yes he will.

Further, we are now lining up the three lemons, much like those on the one-armed bandits in Los Vegas. The first one is the prime time for any military action will be between April 24th and April 28th. It is called the “Dark of the Moon” and refers to maximum use of our clear military superiority with night vision devises. The American military “owns the night.” The second lemon is the Carl Vinson Task Force will be in theater around April 26th and able to begin offensive military action. The third lemon is the April 28th expiration of the budget agreement combined with a potential government shutdown. Obviously, we can be sure the Pentagon won’t be shut down, but the potential for economic and budget chaos is also a factor.

The bottom line is we are now entering a period of global instability centered on the Korean peninsula. The Korean peninsula is now in full political chaos in South Korea from the impeachment of the South Korean President, the current acting one, along with the election of a new one soon. North Korea, well I will repeat North Korea is currently led by a certified psychopath who is quite willing to kill as many people as he can if he is attacked. We have the newly converted neo-con warmonger Trump, along with his pet neo-con warmongers McMasters, McCain and a long list of others.

At any rate, while I am pleased I didn’t have a North Korean ICBM detonate 1,000 feet above Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, the situation on the Korean peninsula is even worse than it was 72 hours ago. I am convinced that Little Fat Boy will either do another missile launch, or detonate a nuclear warhead underground. After that, as they say, there will be a military response. The military response may come from China, or the USA, or Russia, or South Korea and Japan, or we may even see a repeat of the original Korean war with a UN endorsed military action.

The world is now in chaos, from the ongoing riots in South America, to the usual Middle East chaos in Syria and Yemen, and to a global debt based economic system withering away. Carpe Diem, amigos. Seize the Day and live each day like it could be your last: BECAUSE IT COULD BE.

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Well, it’s been fun writing this blog here at the end of all things. It has been quite a ride. Still, events are now in motion that have turned loose the dogs of war. They are now freely roaming the Korean Peninsula, slobbering, barking, howling in frustration at being restrained from starting World War Three. I remember that king of woo, Major Ed Dames, from the old Art Bell show in the 1990’s with his “remote viewing.” I listened to him say one time that World War Three would begin with North Korea detonating a nuclear device in a tunnel. Well, gang guess what Kim Jong the raving lunatic is likely to do today? Um, detonate a nuke in a tunnel. The time link is here.

Further, we now have Vlad the Impaler openly deploying advanced defensive weaponry on the Russian and North Korea border. Well, Vlad the Impaler, ie Putin, does nothing without reason, or planning, or in service to his long term goals. If Vlad is moving combat forces to his North Korean border, he is doing so because he sees a threat of an North Korean missile launch on Vladivostok.

Next, we have the fact North Korea refused to meet with the Chinese diplomat. We also have indications the USA is indeed prepared to send some cruise missiles Kim Jong’s way.

The links are here.…-nuclear-test/…-idUSKBN17E2CT

China says North Korea tension has to be stopped from reaching ‘irreversible’ stage…ea_111180.html

Beijing Warns a ‘Storm is About to Break’ as Tensions Mount Over North Korea

We are on the brink here in so many ways. Trump, well Trump is in full neo-con warmonger mode. He apparently believes China will ignore its long term strategic goals and allow the USA to essentially take over the Korean Peninsula. Well, that isn’t going to happen, which means a Chinese invasion of North Korea. And that will result in a spasm of mass violence from the dying Kim Jong, unless he hasn’t shot enough Generals and they whack him fast. We shall see, but unless there is an outbreak of sanity in North Korea by Kim Jong, which ain’t going to happen, he is going to do a missile test today, the 105th birthday of Granddaddy psycho, and the USA, or China is going to kick some Kim Jong ass, and Kim Jong is going to pull the pin on the nuclear grenade. After that, to quote the French King: “Apres moi, les deluge, or After me, the deluge.

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I also considered myself more of a Never Hellary the Shrew voter than a Trump voter. I knew during the campaign Trump had some serious negative issues. Still, I felt, like most deplorables did, Trump was our best; in fact, our only choice to restore the American Constitutional Republic. Trump has done some good, much mediocre and some very bad. Trump has now clearly fallen under the sway of the New York City, globalist cabal led by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, along with a horde of Goldman Sachs weasels, neo-con warmongers, and swamp dwellers. As I always felt the potential for a Trump sell out was there, I am not surprised Trump has started the sell out process rapidly. Perhaps he is being advised he needs to be more “Presidential,” or has fallen into the RINO “party unity” trap: I really don’t know. The results are clear to see. Below is a link to an article that brutally highlights Trump’s deception, along with his increasingly unstable actions. Today was the same day that saw Jeff Sessions do the kind of things I voted Trump in to do. Sessions is going to go after the criminal illegals who have left a trail of violent crime, death and chaos behind them. Trump has Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and thus fulfilled one of the major reasons I voted for him. Unfortunately, Trump has also bombed Syria based on flawed intelligence from agencies that despise his populist leanings. Trump has been weighed. Trump has been found wanting. Trump will take us all down as he goes mainstream and abandons the populist ideology that got him elected in the first place. I say this more in sorrow than anger, but say it I will. Trump has played us for chumps. Trump has pretty much abandoned promises he made to the deploreables. He, along with his new globalist cabal buddies, apparently think he is now beyond peasant support. The Kansas election result, a six point win, when the last margins were 31 percent for the previous incumbents, and 27 percent for Trump, show otherwise. The millions of people who believed Trump, and came out to vote, for the first time in many cases, will not vote in 2018 or 2020. Why should they?

THE LINK BELOW SPELLS OUT STILL MORE TRUMP TREACHERY.  I have highlighted some of it. It is best read at the link.

Trump Flips On Five Core Key Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours

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HERE WE GO! 4-11-2017

The impossible is now possible. The unthinkable is now being thought of. The “America First,” and “Make America Great Again, POTUS has now turned into a neo-con warmonger rogue. Trump has now fallen under the sway of the Jared Kushner neo-con, globalist faction that seeks war above all. Damn the lot of them, damn them all I say. Trump’s campaign promises are falling away like dandruff. Whatever we thought he promised, we were wrong. You know you are in trouble when warhawks like McCain, Graham, and even Schummer, Peloski and the vile witch Hellary Clinton are now singing in Trump’s choir. The facts are clear. We are on the road to war.

The links below are just a few indicating that dismal reality.

Tillerson issues ultimatum to Russia after meeting with top diplomats at G7 summit

North Korea warns of nuclear strike if provoked as US warships approach

U.S. Navy strike group to move towards Korean peninsula – U.S. official

Is Trump Enlisting in the War Party?


My main reason for my displeasure with POTUS Trump is he accepted flawed intelligence, and took a dangerous action based on that flawed intelligence. Trump ignored credible, accurate data that indicated the “chemical weapon attack” was the result of a Al Nustra/Al Qaida owned warehouse/munitions depot full of Sarin Nerve Gas. This depot was then bombed by the Syrian Air Force and the gas released when the bombs contained it vented to atmosphere. In other words, Assad had nothing to do with it, other than bombing a warehouse full of toxic nerve gas. This is nothing new either. Wag the Dog is a great movie of biting, dark humor with Dustin Hoffman’s brilliant performance shining brightly.

The link below gives a more detailed explanation of what really happened, as in the Russians were correct when they said this was an accident of war.

Former CIA Officer: “The Intelligence Confirms The Russian Account On Syria”

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I had such high hopes for Trump. He was, if not our national savior, at least the POTUS who appoint the right judges to the Supreme Court, avoid foreign entanglements, secure our borders, and finally deal with Militant Islam. Instead, we get a New York City punk, loudmouthed, ego driven, arrogant and who has a certain problem with telling the truth. Yes, I was sucked in by the Trump mystique. Yes, I allowed myself to believe that finally, just maybe, there was a chance for the kind of national restoration the USA truly needs. Further, although I always had issues with Trump, I held my nose and voted for him. I felt he would avoid the neo-con warmongering of Obama and Hellary the Witch. I felt he would not be trapped, like some writhing mastodon in the Los Angeles La Brea Tar Pits, by the so-called Deep State. Well, Trump has and that is all there is to it.

The links to the stories are nearly endless. Putin fires up his rhetoric. Putin to deploy more air defense systems to Syria. Putin points out the Syrian air strike merely caused a rebel nerve gas factory to explode and kill people. It was the rebel forces who routinely use chemical weapons in Syria. The Syrian government gave up, under United Nations mandate, all their chemical weapons several years ago. It is the classic act of the neo con warmongering globalist types to use pictures of dead children in such a cynical manner. Trump’s clown of a UN Ambassador, Nickey Hailey, proved her neo con worth with her ranting, raving and foaming at the mouth performance using photos of dead kids as props. The Deep State is proving that it has now won. Trump has either made a deal, or he has been hoodwinked by his staff. At any rate, it becomes clear that Trump was always a liar and a fraud. Trump has given us good theater for the last few months, but in the end the Deep State wins again. Trump’s venom filled Jared Kushner, along with his meet in secret with Planned Parenthood, wife Ivanka have sealed the family cabal quite nicely. I could say more, but what is the point?

Face it, my blog readers: WE WERE PLAYED BY TRUMP THE SCAM ARTIST! Trump scammed us, manipulated us, fooled us, and has now betrayed and abandoned us. I didn’t vote for a Hellary the Witch neo con warmonger part two administration. I didn’t vote for Goldman Sachs to form a Kushner based cabal of Zionist thugs. I didn’t vote for Trump to launch 60 cruise missiles, with ZERO evidence Assad junior gassed those people, in an illegal, unconstitutional attack on a nation we are not at war with. Of course, “most” of the neo cons in DC, be they RINOS , or Democrats are now jumping around with joy in their hearts now that Trump has sold out his populist supporters. You know Trump made a deal when the whore press is now singing his praises. Trump has now lost significant support among the Independents, populists and first time voters, the so-called “deplorable” group, who put him in office. Trump is so out of touch he may feel he no longer needs us. The liberals and RINOS loathe Trump. And now his populist based election supporters, like me, are dumping Trump for the lying fraud he is. Who will be left, POTUS? You are on your own now. I just hope Trump hasn’t started World War Three with his lunatic attacks in Syria. Hell, Hellary the Witch was quoted as saying we should attack Syrian air bases a few hours before Trump betrayed us. Yep, the new boss is the same as the old boss, indeed.

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