The Political Earthquake in Australia 5-18-2019

It looks like the fake news, lying and rigged polls, showed again why the populist revolution is alive and well. The latest populist victory is the results of the Australian election. The Liberal Party, which is really the populist conservative party, and don’t ask me why that is, just crushed the ruling Leftist morons that have essentially destroyed Australia the last few years. I guess the Australian people just got tired of the lies, the refugee caused violence, and the general sense of chaos and anarchy nationwide. I think Trudeau Junior in Canada is next on the chopping block this fall, but we shall see. At any rate, the mutant elite is on the run everywhere now, which might prevent global chaos and anarchy, or trigger a last desperate by our scum elite to take down the entire system on all of our heads. We shall see. The link is below.

THUNDER DOWN UNDER: Far Left Labour Party SUFFERS SHOCKING LOSS in Australia After Holding Several Point Lead in Polls

THUNDER DOWN UNDER: Far Left Labour Party SUFFERS SHOCKING LOSS in Australia After Holding Several Point Lead in Polls

The conservatives (named the Liberal party) in Australia pulled off a stunning upset in the national elections on Saturday.

The Liberal party is leading with 74 seats and the far left Labour party won on 65 seats.

The Labour party was ahead by 8 points in the polls.

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Is Oroville Dam going to collapse? 5-17-2019

I realize I have been posting about the potential for California’s Oroville Dam to collapse several times in the last few days. The reason I am doing this is simple: I rate the threat level high. I am seeing a “critical mass” type of situation evolving quite rapidly. First, it is a fact, based on what happened two years ago, that when the water level reaches 901 feet, the water will flood over the dam top. This will result, again verified by what happened the last time the water level reached 901 feet, in the failure of the emergency spillway, as well as massive stress on the main spillway. The facts speak for themselves.

The failure of the government in California, going back decades, to deal with critical repair and overhaul needs, is why the Oroville Dam is now under threat. What could have been done for 6 million dollars, to repair the main spillway, and another 20 million dollars, to deal with the emergency spillway, has now cost California taxpayers over one billion dollars. Despite this massive amount of money, the dam is still under threat. The water level was at 889 feet, as of May 14th, 2019.

The link below gives the current water level as of yesterday, 5-16-2019. The water level is rising, and now up to 890.45 feet. Further, the rate of inflow is significantly higher than the outflow rate. Inflow is 19,194 feet, versus outflow of 11,728 feet. The bottom line is the lake level is rising, and truly massive amounts of rain are now inbound. The facts speak for themselves.

The the next link indicates a truly massive amount of water is going to inflow Lake Oroville over the next few days. As usual, the information is from the British press, which always seems to be a step ahead of the fake news American press.

California is to be hit with snow and ‘two months of rainfall’ in back-to-back-to-back storms ahead of Memorial Day weekend

  • Western US state could receive ‘150 to 200 per cent’ of month’s rainfall in a week
  • Also predictions of 30 inches of snow in higher areas of the Sierra Nevada
  • Last storm to come through California on Wednesday before Memorial Day 
  • Unseasonal weather system of ‘atmospheric rivers’ – that usually happen in winter – is causing the wet weather
  • Western areas of the United States are expected to receive two months rainfall in a matter of days, according to weather reports.

    The National Weather Service in San Francisco have said California will experience an unseasonal storm system that could bring 150 to 200 per cent of its monthly rainfall to lowers areas.

    It was also reported that higher areas around the Sierra Nevada could receive up to 30 inches of snow in the same amount of time.

  • It is believed to be due to a series of ‘atmospheric rivers’ that are moving over California from the Pacific Ocean, after sucking up water vapor from the ocean.

    Accuweather claim that a block in the jet stream is pushing storms further south onshore, which is keeping the Sierra Nevada and mid-Californian areas wet

  • A block in the jet stream is forcing storms to take a much more southern route onshore of western North America than usual for the middle to latter part of May,’ said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

    ‘The heaviest rain with the storm this weekend is likely to fall on Northern California and along the lower western slopes of the Sierra Nevada

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The USA has spent its money on welfare, war and lining the pockets of the corrupt oligarchy. What we have not done is spend money on upgrading, repairing and overhauling our basic infrastructure: roads, bridges, ports, airports, railroads, and our communication systems. This is why, besides the ongoing fiscal, military, cultural, and general system collapse, the USA is now a third world cesspool in most of our major urban centers. California’s Oroville dam is the poster child for this level of governmental incompetence and corruption. The long running Democrat dictatorship running California had the money to deal with the many safety issues regarding its dams and water systems, but the Marxist fools, Jerry Brown among them, spent the money on bullet trains, illegals getting welfare payments, and assorted other Left wing, fruitcake programs. The result was, in the case of the Oroville Dam, what would have cost under $25 million three years ago, has cost over $1 billion dollars in the last two years. Despite this massive spending, the link below indicates it has been money wasted. We have a military industrial complex that gives us US Navy ships that have to be towed back into port, ie the Zumwalt Class Fleet Destroyer, Aircraft carriers that can’t launch planes, and an F-35 that crashes often. Finally, government wide our basic infrastructure is going third world critical mass. The link is below.

The Moment of Truth for the Oroville Dam-New Data Indicates the Coming Failure

The first rock may be falling for Obama 5-12-2019

First, Happy Mother’s Day to any mothers who read my blog. Look on the bright side, Mom, at least the little brats try to be nice on Mother’s Day.

I have been waiting and waiting, and waiting for any sign the rule of law is about to be restored to the oligarchy now called the USA. So far I have not seen any action that indicates to me the Clinton Crime Cabal will be held accountable for the multiple felonies they have committed over the last several decades. I did place some confidence the famous DOJ Inspector General report would result in the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, and that would lead to what I call “The Great Flushing,” or watching all the Obamabots go down the toilet. Of course, with the Deep State operative Jeff Sessions as AG that didn’t happen. Instead we got the Obamabot Huber, sent to Utah where he hasn’t made a peep since then. Still, our new AG Barr, ie the defender of the FBI’s massacre at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, was apparently sent in to at least look like he was doing something, even if he is Deep State too. Wray, our FBI Deep State clone was sent in to shut down any attempt to hold J Eager Beaver’s National Gestapo accountable for the vast number of crimes they have engaged in since the 1920’s. Yet, as the link below tells us, apparently the decision has been made, at the highest levels of the deep state, to throw some bait fish overboard to take the heat off. The US is far past the ability to reform itself at this point. The evil is so well entrenched at this point in our history, and the corruption so vast, the people so debased, all that is now left to do is for our enemies, of which we have many, to finally take us down. They will do so by replacing our Federal Reserve Fiat Dollar as the global reserve currency, and that will take down our economy, which will finally gut our Military Industrial Complex. Pax Americana is coming to a close.

Still, the link below may indicate we have some more thrashing around to do. I seriously doubt any of the Deep State types engaged in Treason and executing a coup against Trump will ever be held truly accountable, as in jail time, whatever the Deep State operative Q rants and raves.

Top Lawyer For Obama-Era FBI ‘Nervous’ About DOJ Inspector General Investigation

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James Baker, a career government attorney who wound up as the the FBI’s top lawyer (general counsel) in 2014, says he’s ‘nervous‘ about DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s internal investigation into FBI/DOJ conduct surrounding the 2016 US election.

Sitting down at the Brookings Institute with Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes, Baker made clear that he wanted to speak “as openly as I possibly can” about the origin of the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump – “to reassure the American people that it was done for lawful, legitimate reasons, and was apolitical,” reports the Washington Examiner‘s Jerry Dunleavy.

or those keeping track, we’ve gone from “there was no spying,” to “the FBI used an informant on the Trump campaign, just don’t call him a spy,” to “ok there were multiple informants – still not spying.”

And so while Obama-era officials have scrambled to perform damage control ahead of negative potential outcomes, Attorney General William Barr, James Clapper, and the CIA’s former chief of counterintelligence (among others) have concluded that the Obama admin absolutely spied on Donald Trump and his campaign.

Barr, meanwhile, has launched a wide-ranging investigation into FBI conduct during the 2016 election, making him public enemy #1 to the left. Consequently, Democrats are now working overtime to discredit him less than three months after he ‘sailed through‘ his confirmation hearings (on the Kavanaugh scale) due to his distinguished career in Washington. Barr currently sits in contempt of the House Judiciary Committee after refusing to turn over an unredacted version of the Mueller report – despite the fact that not one Democrat has viewed the 98.5% redacted version the DOJ made available to members of Congress. 

After Barr’s “spying” bombshell, former FBI Director James Comey said he had “no idea what the heck he’s (Barr) talking about,” while last week Comey said he thinks Barr has acted “less than honorable,” and has “lost most of his reputation.

And in in what appears to be the latest in an attempt to get ahead of the narrative, James Baker – the Obama/Comey FBI’s top lawyer, sat down with Benjamin Wittes at Brookings to defend the agency’s conduct.

And Baker is nervous

Asked by Wittes “So, how nervous are you about the IG”? in reference to Inspector General Horowitz’s FISA investigation, Baker responded that he’s “always nervous about the IG,” and that “they’re coming in after the fact to look at what we did.

The best Mother’s Day present of all may very well the restoration of the rule of law here in the USA. I’m not sure that is going to happen, but if it doesn’t all of the children giving cards to their mothers today will live all of  their lives in a lawless nation of fools and crooks. I prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

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Trump’s fake economy 5-10-2012

The US Stock market hasn’t been a functional expression of the actual state of the overall US economy since the 1980’s, some 40 years ago. It has been taken over by the PPT, the famous plunge protection team, rigged with injected cash from the vile Federal Reserve, much like a dog eating its own feces, and pumped up by stock buy backs that regularly distort stock prices. So, how is the actual US economy doing? Is the Federal debt going up or down? A quick hint, Trump is running deficits as big as anything that cretin traitor Obama ever did. Yep, all levels of debt here in the USA: government, consumer, and corporate are skyrocketing as the final orgy heads to the edge of the abyss. Much like Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings,” dancing on the edge of the lava pit on Mount Doom, it is only a matter of time before we fall into the lava lake and melt down.

First, consumer credit card debt, in both terms of the amount, and the late payment date, are reaching critical mass. The link below shows the true state of the American consumer, heavily in debt, some 80 percent of them living paycheck to paycheck, and unable to raise $400 for any type of emergency. The other link below indicates just how drugged out the average American really is.

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The Most Medicated Country In The World: 46% Of Americans Have Taken A Pharmaceutical Drug Within The Last 30 Days

If it seems like about half the country is on drugs, that is because it is actually true.  According to a new survey from the National Center for Health Statistics, almost half of all Americans have taken a pharmaceutical drug within the past 30 days, and that officially makes us “the most medicated country in the world”.  And needless to say, those dealing these drugs are becoming exceedingly wealthy at our expense.  The average American spends $1,200 a year on prescription drugs, but of course many Americans spend far more than that and others spend nothing at all.  In recent years there has been a tremendous backlash against the big pharmaceutical corporations, because many of them have become exceedingly greedy.  As you will see below, prices have been raised on 650 different drugs this year alone.  Once they get their claws into you, the pharmaceutical giants want to get every last penny out of you that they possibly can.



The Most Medicated Country In The World: 46% Of Americans Have Taken A Pharmaceutical Drug Within The Last 30 Days

Michael Snyder
May 9th, 2019
The End Of The American Dream


Recession Alert: Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 8-Year Highs

Recession Alert: Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 8-Year Highs

Mac Slavo
May 10th, 2019

When the average everyday American begins to have trouble paying their bills, it’s most often a sign that the economy is not doing that well and we’ve reached that point.  Credit card delinquencies have now reached and 8-year high, with no reprieve in sight.

As Michael Snyder pointed out at The Most Important News, the truth is that you can’t say that we have a booming economy until we have a year when the U.S. economy grows by at least 3 percent, and at this point, we haven’t had that since the middle of the Bush administration. There are all kinds of warning signs and red flags about this manipulated economy, but none are quite as telling as delinquencies.

When people can no longer afford to pay their credit cards or car payments because they have to eat instead, we are staring a recession in the face. In fact, the level of credit card charge-offs has risen to the highest level since 2012., according to American Banker. A charge-off is the amount of debt a company believes they can no longer collect.

Red flags are flying in the credit-card industry after a key gauge of bad debt jumped to the highest level in almost seven years.

The charge-off rate — the percentage of loans companies have decided they’ll never collect — rose to 3.82% in the first three months of 2019, the highest since the second quarter of 2012, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Intelligence. And loans 30 days past due, a harbinger of future write-offs, increased at all seven of the largest U.S. card issuers. –American Banker


Information is released by the powers that be for a reason. Information is covered up by the powers that be for a reason. The mere fact that this post is the fourth one about Ebola means “they” are in full CYA mode. “They” are preparing us for the Ebola outbreak to reach critical mass, and then spread more widely, first in Africa, and then globally. “They” are setting the stage for when they can point to all the violence, the chaos and anarchy and then say, “well we did what we could, but it wasn’t enough.” Yep, Cover Your #%% big time. The link is below.

DRC expands Ebola vaccine campaign as cases mount rapidly

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will expand its use of the experimental Ebola vaccine that more than 110,000 have already received to try to stop an unusually stubborn outbreak of the disease. New vaccination strategies will attempt to reduce the security risks faced by health care workers in the outbreak region, which is home to nearly two dozen rebel groups—some of which have attacked response teams.

There’s also a bit of good news in this bleak situation: A new analysis of the vaccine dose needed to protect people found that the amount can be substantially reduced—by more than half for some people—essentially eliminating a long-standing concern about a potential vaccine shortage.

The changes follow recommendations made today by a group of vaccine experts that advises the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland. The 9-month-old outbreak in the northeastern region of the DRC as of 6 May had sickened 1506 people, 1045 of whom have died. (Only the Ebola outbreak that exploded in West Africa in 2014 had more cases and deaths.) The outbreak has spiked over the past month, with more than 400 new cases in April alone—a doubling from March—which WHO says reflects the recent disruption of the response because of violence.

A preliminary report issued last month by WHO showed the vaccine has been extremely effective in people who received it, and it has become a cornerstone in the effort to contain the outbreak. But so far, response teams have only offered the vaccine to people who came in direct contact with a known case or were a contact of a contact. Vaccinating only these two “rings” of people around cases—as opposed to, say, entire towns or regions—theoretically can stop spread with a limited vaccine campaign. But it hasn’t so far in the DRC. In its report released today, WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization expresses its “grave concern” about the worsening epidemiology and recommends adding a third protective ring: everyone in a community—defined as a village or a neighborhood in a city—where a case occurs, regardless of contact history.

WHO’s Ana Maria Restrepo, who leads the vaccine effort in conjunction with the DRC’s Ministry of Health, says she hopes doing so will also reduce tensions about the shot, which some communities have resisted in part because of confusion about why some were eligible and others were not. Rather than going house to house, Restrepo says, vaccination teams will now work at special sites, protected by security teams, like the health center in an affected village or city neighborhood. This will also simplify the informed consent process by allowing health care workers to educate groups of people, instead of individuals, about the jabs’ risks and benefits. “So instead of using, for example, 15, 20 minutes per person, now you use 15, 20 minutes for 15 people,” she says.

Merck of Kenilworth, New Jersey, makes the vaccine, which contains a harmless vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) engineered to carry a gene for an Ebola virus surface protein. One month ago, Merck said it had shipped 145,000 doses of the vaccine to WHO and had another 195,000 doses in its stockpile. In addition to the DRC, health care workers in neighboring Uganda and South Sudan have been receiving the vaccine in case the virus jumps borders. Merck has applied for regulatory approval of the vaccine, which first proved its worth in a clinical trial staged in Guinea 3 years ago, near the end of West African epidemic.

To Restrepo’s surprise, a recent analysis revealed that WHO, in effect, has “much more vaccine” than it had calculated, she says. As part of the approval process, Merck submitted the vaccine to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which the company optimized to improve its shelf life. FDA found the vials had twice the dose that was given in Guinea, which means the existing stockpile will go twice as far.

With SAGE’s approval, WHO now plans to use an even lower dose for the third ring, extending the vaccine even further. The VSV in the vaccine copies itself, and the Guinean study found that with a dose of 0.5 milliliters, it takes 10 days to properly immunize someone. But studies have shown that a 0.2-milliliter dose will trigger the same level of protective antibodies in 28 days, which WHO thinks is sufficient for people in that third ring.

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The powers that be related to the current Ebola outbreak in the Congo are clearly trying to warn people the situation is spiraling out of control. I have now posted three times about increasing panic/concern the health authorities  are now showing. The mere fact “they” are releasing as much information as they are now doing tells me “they” expect things to get even worse than they are now. I will also note over 500 new cases have been reported, up from 1,000, a few days ago. Ebola is now spreading more rapidly than before.

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The link is below.

DRC warns of new Ebola wave after latest violence