For all intents and purposes, the USA is now in the early phases of Civil War Two. The Marxist, Soros funded, media supported, Antifa types are going full bore for a Marxist Revolution. I don’t see how anybody with an IQ above single digits can’t see the level of political violence is totally out of control. I’m talking about death threats to the family members of Federal officials, ie Baron Trump, the family of the FCC head, and the dumping of a dead animal on an official’s front porch. Maxine Walters is in a class all by herself. Finally, well you need to prepare for armed resistance, because you will be killing Antifa types soon enough, because they will be killing you even sooner. The physical violence now coming the left is the last place marker before Civil War Two breaks out, as in dead bodies. Perhaps I am more tuned to this given the ongoing political violence here in downtown Portland.

Here is the link to today’s riots in Downtown Portland, Oregon. The whore media is in fine form with its drivel reporting. It is a fact the antifa types always start the violence against the “right wing groups.” It is a fact that the castrated, political correct Portland Police do nothing when the Antifa types attack the “right wing,” protesters. It is a fact the PPD then arrests any “right wing” protester who defends himself from being attacked. It is Sieg Heil time here in Portland, and the true Nazis are the local police, the local politicians and the local Antifa FASCISTS who use violence as a political tool.

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Portland Police declared an out-of-control protest in downtown Portland a riot Saturday, and ordered everyone to leave the area immediately.

Authorities deployed flash bangs and tear gas as dueling protesters threw fireworks, eggs and other objects at each other.

Police made several probable cause arrests at the riot and seized multiple weapons.


The “Freedom and Courage” rally hosted by the right-wing Patriot Prayer group and its well-known leader, Joey Gibson, gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza before taking to the streets. The group was granted a permit for the march, but police canceled it once violence ensued.

A heavy presence of antifa (antifascist) protesters gathered in the area for a “Defend PDX: Patriot Prayer’s Violence Must End” rally. The protest, hosted by the Rose City Antifa, said “it is very important that antifascists keep up the pressure so that we can stop them once and for all,” in reference to the far-right Patriot Prayer group.

For hours, the two groups mostly yelled at each other, but once the Patriot Prayer members mobilized the situation quickly spiraled into violence.

Joey Gibson, who is currently a U.S. Senate candidate for Washington, made a long speech to his group at Terry Schrunk Plaza before the march. Many Patriot Prayer members wore “Gibson for Senate” T-shirts while singing along to “We Will Rock You” by Queen at the rally.

Members of the Vancouver-based group arrived at Saturday’s event on school buses.

“Courage is the backbone to freedom,” reads the description on the ‘Freedom and Courage’ rally event page. “The nation is EXTREMELY angry about how Portland citizens treated Freedom Loving Americans who marched in the streets of this dangerous city.”

On June 3, the same two groups clashed in downtown Portland at — you guessed it —Terry Schrunk Plaza.

The early June event was labeled by Patriot Prayer as a kind of going away celebration for one of their leaders: Tusitala Toese, also known as “Tiny.”

Four people were arrested at that protest.

A heavy law enforcement presence infiltrated downtown Portland Saturday due to past threats and acts of violence between the two groups. Department of Homeland Security officers were also present at the plaza, as Terry Schrunk is federal property.

Micah Fletcher, the young man who survived a brutal stabbing on a Portland MAX train last year was spotted at Saturday’s antifa protest playing the drums for a brass band. Fletcher has outwardly decried the Patriot Prayer group, of which the stabbing suspect Jeremy Christian associated himself with at a rally one month before the deadly May 2017 incident.

The leaders of Patriot Prayer have said Christian had nothing to do with their organization, lambasting his actions.

After police ordered everyone out of the street Saturday, the Patriot Prayer group returned to Terry Schrunk Plaza, and the antifa group returned to Chapman Square.

Police shut down Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square a short time later, and the Federal Protective Service eventually shut down Terry Schrunk Plaza — forcing the Patriot Prayer event to shutdown.


I think it is pretty clear that the USA now has four political parties now. First, we have the RINO, Republican in Name Only, wing of the current Republican Party. Next, we have the so called “Trump wing,” of the current Republican Party. The current Democratic Party has also split into two separate groups. The first being the nearly extinct, perhaps they should be put on the endangered species list, of what used to called a “Centrist Democrat.” Like I said, they are pretty much gone by now. They have been impaled on “identity politics,” and the race baiting, bigotry now infesting what is called the DNC. The second wing of the DNC is the hard left, socialist, Marxist best understood as “Berniebots.” The Berniebots  have never forgotten, much less forgiven, the DNC for stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders and giving it to Hellary the Shrew. As such, the fundamental divide is between Berniebots and Clintonistas, although even the Clintonistas loathe Hillary the Shrew now. The current leadership of the DNC, Pelosi, and her now primary eliminated number two represent everything the Berniebots hate about the DNC.

Here in the USA we have this two political party fantasy that is constantly dredged up and presented as a choice between two separate political views. Sorry, but the only political party is the uni party. The uni party has one group the Democrats that wants to go full socialist/Marxist mode as fast as possible, like taking a freeway,  and one group, the Republicans that wants to go full Socialist/Marxist mode a little slower. It is the difference between going 80 mph on a four lane highway, or going 50 miles an hour on a back round. In both cases the USA will end up a Marxist dictatorship, with the only difference being how fast we become on. We still have Mussolini’s famous description of fascism as the merger of the government and the corporations. Well, we live in an oligarchy, with a merged, fascist government/corporate modus operandi. If you don’t believe me, then look at the recent merger activity, like with Disney and Fox, or ATT and Time Warner. It is a fact that six corporations now control essentially all media here in the USA. After the  two mergers, it will likely be four corporations. Given the fact that one of the heiress’ to the Seagram’s media empire was just indicted for child molestation, you can see the pedophiles are increasing their control of the matrix.

I realize some of you believe this Q nonsense because you want to believe America isn’t a corrupt, venal, fascist, oligarchy, run by people who like to rape little children and steal everything not nailed down. Sorry, but the USA is a corrupt, venal, fascist, oligarchy, run by people who like to rape children and steal everything not nailed down. Trump isn’t going to change that either. At best, Trump may be able to get a Supreme Court conservative majority, or one that provides oral service to their corporate masters, and Trump has at least revealed the slime under the rock, but that is about it. After 18 months, multiple “investigations,” the fact that nobody has been indicted, much less tried and convicted, for any of the multiple felonies pretty much says it all. The Deep State has simply outlasted us deplorables. Trump, well he gave it his best shot and came up short.

My personal advice is you should kick back and enjoy the collapse of our dysfunctional, increasingly violent, and even more increasingly deranged US society. It is going to be a wild ride, of that I have now doubt. Unfortunately, we are now in the early phases of Civil War Two. You can believe that or not. Whether you believe that or not, the level of political violence will only increase. You can trust me on that. Since I live in Portland, Oregon I am well aware of the raw hatred and venom the leftists feel for people who read my blog. Any time I want to commit suicide, all I have to do is wear a MAGA hat and then walk around downtown Portland. I would measure my life expectancy in nano-seconds.

Amigos,  I am telling you we are living in a truly amazing time period. The reason being we are like some Roman watching the barbarians ride up to the gates of Rome in 409 AD.  Only in the case of the USA, the barbarians are no longer outside the city walls, because they are inside the city walls. Further, we have not only barbarians inside our gates, like the Muslim terrorists, and the M-13 illegal psychos, but we have ourselves too. Like the man said, the enemy is us. Yep, we are our own barbarians now. I suggest, as you enjoy what may be the final warm summer once the Grand Solar Minimum starts to kick in, you ponder all I have written.

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For those of you keeping track of the ongoing “immigration crisis,” you should be aware the Antifa thug types have been demonstrating at the local ICE office for the last several days. The ICE has been closed due to the threat of violence, including threats from the Antifa types to “storm” the ICE office. This all must be viewed in the context of the Wikipedia release of personal information, names, where they live, and family members, of the Federales involved in enforcing immigration law. The bottom line is the level of venom directed at Trump, his family, all of us deplorables, has skyrocketed the last several days. I’m not only talking about the obsolete actor Peter Fonda, the son of Henry Fonda, and his terrorist threat to Baron Trump. If any of us had threatened to attack Obama’s kids, we would have, correctly, been arrested for making a terrorist threat. Given the hypocrisy of our Marxist scum enemies, the media silence is expected. Civil Wars begin, as in the shooting starts, when one side becomes convinced political discourse is useless. We are now at that point.

My sources tell me the Antifa thugs, who have been camping outside the ICE offices, are planing to take it to the next level. In response the Federales are going to respond to any “storming” of the ICE offices, by what I consider to be the armed wing of Antifa. And patriots should have no illusions the armed wing of Antifa is capable, willing, and eager to use physical violence against the family members of ICE employees. Further, for all the left’s “anti-gun” hysteria, make no mistake they are buying weapons and ammo to be used against the “fascists.” Granted, the Antifa thugs definition of what a fascist is, essentially anybody who doesn’t agree with them. Civil War Two is coming, gang. You heard it here first. Make no mistake about the level of physical violence the left is willing to use against “dissidents.”

You should also be aware that despite the recent Supreme Court decision verifying the right of Christian bakers not to bake for gay weddings, the Oregon Supreme Court just issued a decision against the exact same type of case here in Oregon, only reversing the Supreme Court decision. Make no mistake here, the MARXIST JUDGES are now openly defying the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS just ruled against the state of Colorado in the exact same cake case, and the Oregon Supreme Court just ruled in favor of the state of Oregon doing the exact same thing. Now isn’t that a level of Marxist treason and arrogance indicating political and legal collapse. I can make the case the Oregon Supreme Court can now be impeached for treason. Once the Supreme Court rules, the matter is finished and in no way can an individual state Supreme Court rule differently. We are on the edge here.

It is entirely possible the Federales are going to break up the ICE campers with armed Swat Teams. I am not predicting violence. I am pointing out, given the passions here in Oregon, a violent response by the Antifa thugs now shutting down the ICE office is certainly possible, up to, and including, a firefight between armed Federales, and armed Antifa thugs.

I have no respect for the Antifa types. They are thugs, bullies, and common criminals, with a thin veneer of political ideology. They are really bored, white kids, who have no idea of what real life is like, or what the level of violence the Federales are willing to bring down on them. Antifa is now making open, death threats on the family members of law enforcement. I have no idea why Antifa thinks that will not result in a world of hurt, or as I like to say, some real whoop ass being unleashed on them. The Antifa threats to murder the children of Federal Employees are going to result in a serious level of violence being directed back at them. Sorry, you Antfia morons, you don’t get to act like savages and barbarians and not suffer the consequences of such arrogant folly. You can ask ISIS what happens, in a Trump administration, when you go full barbarian mode. The level of hate the left is displaying is going to result a level of backblast on the Antifa types they can’t comprehend. The left has never been in the military, nor have they ever dealt with the kind of intense violence civil wars unleash. The left would be wise to remember the bumper sticker,” The only reason some people aren’t dead, is because other people haven’t killed them yet.” If Antfia, and the left, is seriously considering going after the family members of law enforcement, well they will simply be killed off.

We are on the edge here, gang. I may be listening to gun fire in my downtown apartment, here in the People’s Republic of Portland this weekend. Like they say in Texas, Antifa morons, “If you mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

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In addition to everything else going on right now, in terms of human folly, we are also dealing with natural cycles impacting human life. Here is the link to a live view of the Kilauea crater/caldera. My view is there is now a fifty percent chance of a volcanic eruption at either the expanding crater, or fissure eight forming a volcanic crater.

Here is a link to the latest from Grand Solar Minimum Update for 6-17-2018 with Diamond of Oppenheimer Ranch.

It includes video of the ongoing eruptions in Japan, the new eruption on the Galapagos Islands, and the continuing collapse of the caldera at Kilauea. I will remind everybody that volcanic eruptions spew large amounts of atmospheric aerosols, ie dirt and rock, toxic gases, and other particulate matter high into the stratosphere. Once there, all this “volcanic stuff,” circles the globe, and blocks sunlight. It is the volcanic version of the famous “nuclear winter.” We have multiple, historic examples, like 1816’s “year with no summer,” or Iceland’s volcano eruption of 1783. It was the 1783 Iceland eruption that resulted in several years of crop failures in Europe. The final result of that particular eruption was the French Revolution of 1789. At any rate, to quote GSM, ” it will lead to the collapse of Empires.” We already seeing crop damage, from hail, cold and wind. I highly suggest you add to your food stockpiles.

In my case, although I see what is happening, and have for several decades, well let’s just say, I am going down with the Empire. I will leave with three quotes on death, which is what we all face, some sooner, and some later. Bluntly put, what we called the “mass die off,” way back in the much quainter times of pre Y2K, is soon to start. It may result from this new “Disease X,” and a global pandemic, or it may result from mass starvation from agricultural failure from the now underway Grand Solar Minimum.  It is upon us, to quote Denathor, Steward of Gondor in the Lord of the Rings triology, to Merry Pippin, “Go and die as you see fit.”

The first quote is: The Man Who Knows His Fate Knows No Fear. Lord Kageshita of Japan.

The second quote is: If you fear death, you are already dead.

The third quote is: To Live the Inferior Life is Worthless.

The fourth quote is: If you are not afraid of death, you are in control of life.

I am saying that natural, ecological and solar cycles are now starting to impact daily human life on Planet Earth. I also suggest you prepare yourself for what is now starting to happen, including the spiritual aspects.


First, it looks like the GFS models were way off relating to potential Gulf of Mexico Hurricanes this weekend. I’m glad to be wrong, and have no problem admitting when I am wrong, or quote sources that are wrong. Houston, Texas, enjoy the weekend.

Next, we have the Ebola epidemic in Africa, which is, according to the WHO and CDC had no cases the last three weeks.  According to the official data, the number of cases actually went down from 62 to 55. The three patients fled the hospital, went to the prayer meeting, died a few hours later, and, according to the CDC and WHO not one single infection resulted from that exposure. Again, the official total, as of June 10th, is a total of 55 cases, which is almost exactly the same as the month before. The CDC and WHO would have us believe that not a single new Ebola infection has happened since May 21st, despite the three infected Ebola patients running around the city.

Finally, we have this prime example of Doom porn over at Zerohedge. The use of term “Disease X,” is classic. The threat of “three mutations away from a global pandemic,” is also classic, especially when the article quotes a disease expert in the body of the article saying that is nearly impossible. Obviously, something is going on in China related to the bird flu. Obviously, over 600 people have died, and the disease has a kill rate of 40 percent. A flu that has a 40 percent kill rate is lethal indeed, once you factor in a normal flu with a kill rate under ten percent. Viral and bacterial infections want a low kill rate to help them spread. If a virus of bacteria kills nearly everybody who gets infected, it will die out rapidly. At any rate, both the link, and my thoughts about it are below.


We are always about one infected person, and one plane ride away from a global pandemic. It looks like the latest version of the bird flu is now loose in China. A flu that has a 40 percent kill rate, is a very dangerous one. The usual kill rate for flu is below ten percent. If this one makes the “three mutations,” the article talks about, then Katy bar the doors.

Disease experts have long feared what is called the “China soup.” The soup being farms, water, ducks/chickens, bird feces, and a billion people or more. When you mix that all up, you end up with bird flu.

the link is here. Now this story is prime doom porn, when you read the fine print. Disease X is a masterstroke of doom porn.…00s-dead-china

‘DISEASE X’: New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills 40% Of Those Who Contract, 100s Dead In China
Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
by Tyler Durden
Fri, 06/15/2018 – 20:25

A “new” strain of deadly bird flu dubbed “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO) has killed hundreds of people in China, and is just three mutations away from becoming transmissible between humans, according to experts.

The strain, H7N9, circulates in poultry and has killed 623 people out of 1,625 infected in China – a mortality rate of 38.3%. While first identified in China in 2013, H7N9 has recently emerged as a serious threat seemingly overnight.

rofessor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for the UK, told The Telegraph that H7N9 could cause a global outbreak.

“[H7N9] is an example of another virus which has proven its ability to transmit from birds to humans,” said Van-Tam, who added “It’s possible that it could be the cause of the next pandemic.”

The WHO says N7N9 is “an unusually dangerous virus for humans,” and “one of the most lethal influenza viruses that we’ve seen so far”

H7N9 viruses have several features typically associated with human influenza viruses and therefore possess pandemic potential and need to be monitored closely,” said Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Researchers led by James Paulson of the Scripps Research Institute in California have been studying the mutations which could potentially occur in H7N9’s genome to allow for human-to-human infection.

The team’s findings, published in the journal PLoS Pathogens on Thursday, showed that in laboratory tests, mutations in three amino acids made the virus more able to bind to human cells — suggesting these changes are key to making the virus more dangerous to people. -Japan Times

That said, the mutations would need to occur relatively close to each other to become more virulent, which has a low probability of happening according to Fiona Culley, an expert in respiratory immunology at Imperial College London.

“Some of the individual mutations have been seen naturally … these combinations of mutations have not,” and added: “The chances of all three occurring together is relatively low.”

Wenday Barclay, a virologist and flu specialist also at Imperial College says the study’s findings reinforce the need to keep the H7N9 bird flu under close surveillance.

“These studies keep H7N9 virus high on the list of viruses we should be concerned about,” she said. “The more people infected, the higher the chance that the lethal combination of mutations could occur.”

According to the CDC, Human infections with bird flu viruses can happen when enough virus gets into a person’s eyes, nose or mouth, or is inhaled. This can happen when virus is in the air (in droplets or possibly dust) and a person breathes it in, or when a person touches something that has virus on it then touches their mouth, eyes or nose.

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If you go to the link listed below, you will see a circular wind pattern starting to form up off the Texas Gulf Coast. Although neither the NHS, or Tropical Tidbits, is showing this, the wind flow charts are.

The link to the wind flow charts is here.;-96.5;4&l=temperature-2m&t=20180617/03

The link to the NHS and Tropical Tidbits are here.

If people need to be motivated to start preparing for a potential hurricane in Texas next weekend, view the following pictures. This is what your local grocery store may look like next weekend if you live in Houston, Texas. empty-shelves 1-2016 6.jpgempty-shelves 1-2016 3.jpg



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Here is a link showing the potential for a Category Two hurricane to hit Saturday June 16th, or Sunday, 11am June 17th in the Houston, Texas, general area, much like Harvey did recently.

He shows the wind flows and says it is based on three weather models.

Models show a CAT 3 landfall on Texas coast next weekend – BIG heads-up!

June 9, 2018: Three separate forecast models are showing a CAT 3 Hurricane landfall next weekend somewhere along the Texas coast. Forecasts CAN and will change but be ready in case. Heads up!

Here are two links also.…123.338,45.346

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url