The level of chaos in the world today is truly amazing. For those of us who have been around a few decades, what is accepted as normal now would have been in our youth considered insanity. The whole slow cooking the frog syndrome in my opinion. The New World Order is like a Python swallowing some large rodent. They year by year, and decade by decade, gradually restrict freedom. You don’t notice it much on a year to year basis, but if you compare where the USA was in 1970 to today the creeping fascist state becomes clear.

I am dealing with two defining events in human history. One is the Fukushima reactor issue that is now 2 years old. It is something we will be dealing with for the next 100,000 years. Human history, as defined by writing, only goes back 6,000 years. We know all three reactors melted down the first 72 hours, even if it took TEPCO six months to admit it. We know there is a massive release of toxic radiation into the air, water and ground in Japan. We know the criminal actions by Japan’s government in burning radioactive debris in incinerators meant that all of Japan is now damaged. The Pacific Ocean food chain is now heavily contaminated by the billions of gallons of radioactive water TEPCO has pumped into the ocean. We know there is a burning mass of fuel rods outside of the containment vessel. Fukushima is not contained. It is not controlled. It is an ongoing environmental disaster that will redefine the human experience on planet Earth for thousands of years into the future. We have added a new way to date time. We now have before Fukushima and after Fukushima.

Next, we have the open seizure by the globalist elite of depositor funds in bank accounts in Cyprus. This is also a defining economic event. Nobody with an IQ above 9 will now keep any more money in their bank accounts than needed to pay current bills. This change in attitude will redefine the global economic system from credit to cash, barter and precious metals. There is no global economic system if there is no debt, no credit and no banking system. The EU has killed all that in Cyprus.

The world has gone mad.


Doomer Doug has to admire the chutzpah of the EU authorities in arbitrarily seizing between seven and ten percent of bank deposits in Cyprus. Every single person who has a banking account in any Cyprus bank just lost money. The insolence of government is never to be underestimated.

Unfortunately for the governments, everybody with a brain will now reduce their exposure to potential governmental rape and pillage of their bank accounts. Anybody who has more than $1000 dollars in their bank accounts is a moron. If they have even $500 after Tuesday, Europe has a bank holiday on Monday, they are even bigger morons.

The other interesting thing is a lot of Russian Mafia drug money is cleansed by Cyprus banks. If EU leaders start dying in the next few days, it will be from Russian Mafia hit men taking revenge. And finally, this unilateral asset looting is coming to the USA soon enough. The effort to privatize Social Security so the Wall Street Whores could loot it failed under Bush junior. Obama will soon turn to looting IRA accounts to finance his Marxist terror agenda.

I will post on Fukushima soon. Human life on planet Earth is now officially over IMHO. Stories like Cyprus are now little more than filler. Economics doesn’t matter now that the entire planet is being radiated by Fukushima.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Granted, he exterminated the original Celtic culture and replaced it with Roman fascism, but hey, it isn’t like the Roman Catholic Church is anything other than rehashed paganism.


I have to wonder at the level of basic intelligence of our elected leaders in relation to the hysteria over sequestering. The last time I checked the total yearly federal budget was in the $4 TRILLION dollar range. The total sequestered is $85 BILLION. The cuts total a little over 2% of the yearly budget. The amount of hysteria would indicate the summary execution of people on Social Security over age 80 has now started!
The total federal debt is now well over $16 TRILLION. The total liabilities of the Federal Government is now over $200 TRILLION. This includes several hundred billion worth of Federal Reserve IOU notes for future Social Security payments. The unified budget act of 1965 includes Social Security payroll taxes into the general fund. The Social Security “surplus” is spent every year.
The idea our political leaders, or the voting public, have the stomach to actually cut current federal spending enough to stop going into debt, much less pay it off is delusional.
The sequester battle is the first skirmish of the debt war and austerity battles. The debt will not be repaid. The political will to do so doesn’t exist. Several hundred thousand people marched in Portugal against austerity measures. The same type of austerity measures that Obama will now have to impose to avoid a currency collapse.
Do not be deceived by the stock market highs. The fundamental reality of the US economy is dismal. It has been dismal for several years now.
There is no pot of gold at the end of the US fiscal rainbow. The pot is full of another substance commonly found in a pasture where large bulls frolic!

We live in interesting times indeed. I will write about the second anniversary of Fukishima in the near future. The political and economic games are rendered meaningless in the context of global radiation.