In a sign of just how out of control Syria has the potential to become, Frances UN representative made a statement indicating just how serious the Syrian situation is. The link is below.

France: Syria risks becoming ‘international confrontation’

By Rudaw 2 hours ago

NEW YORK – The conflict in Syria could expand to a “regional and international confrontation,” warned France’s ambassador to the United Nations. 

“Look at the situation in Syria: all the ingredients are present, if we do nothing about it urgently, for a major regional and international confrontation,” Ambassador Francois Delattre said on Wednesday in answer to a question from Rudaw’s Majeed Gly.

Delattre was on his way into a session of the UN Security Council that will discuss a resolution proposing a one-month humanitarian ceasefire in Syria.

The UN requested a ceasefire in order to allow delivery of humanitarian aid to desperate civilian populations after nearly seven years of war in the country that has drawn international actors into its complicated battle field. Russia and Iran are backing Damascus, the US and the global coalition are backing the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to fight ISIS, and Turkey is backing elements within Syrian rebel forces to combat ISIS and the Kurdish forces.

The potential for conflict between the United States and Russia was highlighted when reports emerged of possible Russian casualties in US-led coalition airstrikes on Syrian regime allies in Syria’s eastern Deir ez-Zor province. 

NATO allies Turkey and the United States have verbally sparred over the northern Syrian town of Manbij, where the United States has forces training and assisting its Syrian allies in the war against ISIS – forces that Ankara alleges are a branch of the PKK, a named terror organization.

Last week, an Israeli jet crashed during retaliatory operations in Syria after an Iranian drone allegedly entered Israel’s airspace from Syria.

The threat of confrontation between the various international actors combined with the humanitarian emergency “is enough to call for a strong reaction” and support for the ceasefire, Delattre explained. “We believe that the strategic component of all this is now another source of great emergency and extreme concern for us and also, I guess, for many of my colleagues.”

Asked if Turkey would be obliged to cease its Operation Olive Branch in Afrin if the Security Council passes the resolution, the ambassador from Sweden, which is a co-sponsor of the draft resolution, declined to comment.

Russia said last week that a ceasefire was “not realistic.”

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Turkey’s Erdogan is nothing if not consistent in his lunacy. Like Adolph Hitler, nobody can say that Erdogan hasn’t been very clear about what he is really up to in his “Operation Olive Branch.” The invasion of Syria by Turkey has one single goal. It is to annex most of Northern Syria directly into Turkey. Turkey is now in full Restored Ottoman Empire mode. I’m not sure if the USA, the EU, NATO have twigged to the fact that, in Erdogan, they really do have a Turkish leader that thinks he derives his political mandate from Allah. I wonder if they get the things now driving Erdogan’s policies are Imperial, militaristic ones. Smirk all you want when Erdogan’s claims a bird sent by God anointed him to rule. Smirk, and go back to your Western lifestyle, but understand that whatever “we” think, in Erdogan we have a Turkish leader who dreams of a restored Ottoman Empire, and his role as the Sultan, under Sharia law, of that empire.

Here is a good summary of the current Turkish jihad in Syria.…-of-syria.html

January 30, 2018

By Brandon Turbeville

Turkey has invaded Syria to fight against the Kurds. Turkey is fighting alongside FSA terrorists while the United States, a Turkish ally is fighting alongside Kurdish terrorists. The Syrian military is pushing northwest toward Idlib city and the Russian, Iranian, and Hezbollah forces remain in the country to stabilize the situation and defeat jihadist groups continuing to operate there. The Kurds work with the FSA but the FSA is now working with the Turks. The FSA also works with the United States who in turn works with the Kurds.

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Create the crisis. Exploit the crisis. Create the problem; provide the solution. Yep, standard globalist, New World Order modus operandi now in play. Trump foolishly believed the LIES about Assad junior using nerve gas when Syrian jets blew up a warehouse full of our erstwile “anti-assad allies.” Trump also forgot about the SARIN GAS caught coming over the Turkish border by our allies.

And now, Trump is being lied to yet again by the traitors in the CIA, the neocon warmongers et al. Now Assad junior, for all his faults, is the one guy not raping and murdering Christians in Syria. NO, that is our “allies” doing that.

Let me clear here: Erdogan has unleashed the beast and it will not be restrained now. Putin, Hezzbollah and Iran, and assad junior are not going to tolerate any serious threat to the Syrian state. Erdogan is going to annex NORTHERN SYRIA. And I can’t say whether Putin gets that, or is just applying political analysis to what is a Turkish NATIONALIST, RESTORED OTTOMAN EMPIRE, AND MILITANT ISLAM IDEOLOGY. Most of them, the US, the EU, NATO, and Putin maybe don’t get that we are dealing with a TURKISH JIHAD FOUNDED ON MILITANT ISLAM AND OTTOMAN IMPERIAL DESIRES.

Oh, yeah, ain’t things going to get interesting NOW.



It is hard to believe that the nation of farmers and small businessman, the America of 1776, that created the finest political document, the US Constitution, has fallen so far. As the Bible says, “a generation rose up that knew not these things.” We actually believe there is such a thing as a free lunch. We actually believe we can continue going into debt with no consequences, no limit, and no need to bother paying it off. Well, it’s the debt, stupid. It always has been, and it will always be true. You can’t spend more than you make, either as an individual, or a corporation, or a government. Yet, we not only keep doing this, we revel in it. We also think China will keep buying our Treasury bonds, they won’t, even as they are reduced to fancy toilet paper. The reckoning is due.

I find Trump to be a truly fascinating character. I am more of a never Hellary the Criminal voter, than a pro Trump voter. Still, on balance, Trump has done many good things, many neutral things, and more bad things than I like. Trump’s “economy” is roaring along; yet, the debt still piles up, in terms of both the federal deficit and the total federal debt. The debt was some $20 Trillion dollars when Trump took office, and it hasn’t gone down at all. In fact, even though “they” tell us the ratios have changed, the debt still goes up. The link below explains what is really happening. Trump has added over $500 billion in debt so far. It is estimated by the end of fiscal 2018, Trump will have added another 1 Trillion, to over 21 Trillion. Assuming he gets his 1 Trillion dollar “infrastructure project,” the figure could go much higher. Trump is turning out to be a “big spender.” His assumptions he will decrease debt by increasing economic growth, increase tax revenue, and cut spending are flawed. Like Reagan, Trump is increasing spending, decreasing tax revenue, and assuming greater economic growth over the next decade than will actually happen. The only credible way to decrease both the deficit and the total federal debt is to cut spending, which Trump won’t do. So, there you have it, gang. Once more we have decided debt is not important, and we will pay the price for that flawed assumption.

US Treasury says government borrowing will hit 8-year high


WASHINGTON (AP) — With the government’s budget deficit rising, the Treasury Department announced Monday that it expects to borrow $441 billion in the current January-March quarter, the largest amount in eight years.

The Treasury said this figure compares to actual borrowing of $282 billion in the October-December quarter. It will be the largest borrowing need since the government borrowed $483 billion in the January-March quarter of 2010, a period when the government was using stimulus spending to try to lift the country out of the Great Recession and provide support to the banking system after the worst financial crisis in seven decades.

The government’s borrowing needs have been rising as federal deficits have increased. The deficit for the 2017 budget year, which ended last September, totaled $665.8 billion.

Private forecasters believe this year’s deficit will climb to around $765 billion, and some are forecasting deficits for next year could once again top $1 trillion. Those projections reflect growing costs for Social Security and Medicare as the baby boom generation retires and the costs of the big tax cut that President Donald Trump pushed through Congress last month, a package estimated to boost deficits by $1.5 trillion over the next decade.

To cope with the higher borrowing needs, Treasury has asked Congress to raise the borrowing limit, which is currently $20.5 trillion. The government has continued borrowing money during the impasse but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s will run out of room to use various bookkeeping maneuvers to stay under the current debt limit probably by early March.

Treasury on Wednesday will release the specific details of what types of securities it plans to sell this quarter to meet its borrowing needs.

Here is a link to the “debt clock.”

I will note the current total Federal debt equals 103 percent of our GDP. This is up from 99 percent as recently as 2015. The bottom line is total federal debt is increasing, as is the ratio to our total GDP. It should also be clear the interest payments to the vile Federal Reserve are also increasing.

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We may have to wait a few days more for the Trump “will he or won’t he,” question to be answered fully. One thing I can confirm is that if, repeat if, the stories now coming out of DC saying Trump will “deal” 1.8 MILLION DACA kids and their family members to become Democrat Party voters, in return for “border security improvements,” it is game over.  Once the Democrats get two to three million new permanent voters, we will never see a RINO/REPUBLICAN POTUS, Senate or House majority in the next 100 years. Once the Democrats get those voters they will flip the following states: Florida, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona for sure. The Democrats will now have 270 Electoral College votes before the voting starts. The only issue in future Presidential elections is whether the Democrat POTUS nominee will win with 280, 300 or 325 votes. I think Trump is like one of those English Kings who invited in the Danes to fight his enemies, and then was surprised when they seized his land and killed him. I would say Trump is making a deal with the Devil, ie the Democrats, except I wouldn’t want to insult the Devil.

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The link is here.

Trump To Give Path To Citizenship For 1.8 Million Dreamers In Exchange For Wall Funding


It is pretty obvious to anybody with an IQ over single digits the Marxist Democrats now own the shutdown completely. The so called “opposition Party,” has chosen to represent illegals over US citizens. The truly amazing fact is the Democrats are openly doing this, in a brazen, in your face, manner. The level of contempt this shows for US citizens really is astounding when you ponder this. The Democrats have made the political judgment they need the illegals to be so grateful to the Democrats they will vote Democratic for the next 200 years. Still, Schumer and Pelosi have badly miscalculated on the shutdown. Even the whore/fake news press sees what is really happening here. And what is really happening here is the elected Democratic politicians have completely betrayed the citizens they represent. Trump has apparently come to his senses, after the famous meeting where he, well I’m not sure what Trump was thinking when he agreed with Senator Fienstein he wanted a “clean DACA bill.”

Despite some misgivings on my part, Trump has seen the light and is now both talking and acting like he really does want to build the wall,  end chain migration, and end the Diversity Lottery program. I will take him at his word, especially since he is giving Representative Cotton full control on the immigration negotiations with the Democratic Party traitors. And make no mistake here, anybody who wants to add several million new Democratic Party voters is a traitor. If Trump caves on DACA, it will mean a permanent Democratic Party majority for the next 200 years.

The Schumer Shutdown itself falls into the category of “what if they had a government shutdown and nobody noticed?” Personally, I would suspend all salary and benefit payments to both the House and Senate, and let them stew in their own juices as long as the shutdown lasted. It is a nasty reality that the politicians always exempt themselves from the laws they pass for the rest of us, and make damn sure they suffer no financial pain from anything they do.

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Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has now unleashed forces that will not be contained. The third Infitata is now underway. It will likely simmer along for the next two or three years. It will involve rioting, chaos, mob violence in nearly all Islamic nations. Further, the cover of the Infitata will be used by various Islamic countries, like Iran, and various Islamic groups, like HAMAS, Hezzbollah, and the PLO as a cover for proxy wars in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, among other places. We now have  a situation where the various Islamic militant groups are going to start providing military weapons to Muslims engaged in the Infitata.

We will also start to see a ramp up by ISIS on a global scale, including CONUS. I will remind my blog readers that both recent terror attacks in New York City were claimed by ISIS. Further, despite the FBI coverup in Las Vegas, ISIS also claimed the shooting at the concert. I don’t think the Texas church shooter had any ISIS connection, mostly because sometimes crazy is just crazy. Still, ISIS has made multiple threats to kill Christians, at church services, during this Christmas season.

We saw the first of this ISIS Christmas terror scenario in Pakistan a few hours ago. Fortunately, the actual carrying out of the attack was worse than the planning and preparation for it. Still, 8 people are dead and, like the Subway tunnel attack in New York City, we are again saved by the technical incompetence of the terrorists. The link is  below.


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Attack On Methodist Church In Pakistan

Photo of Jonah Bennett

Jonah Bennett
National Security/Politics Reporter

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for an attack on a Methodist church Sunday in Pakistan, that left at least eight people dead and 30 others injured.

Two suicide bombers attacked the church on Sunday in Quetta, Pakistan, and following the assault, ISIS’ official news agency claimed responsibility, but did not elaborate with any additional details, The New York Times reports.

The two bombers were stopped right at the doors of the church, then one detonated his vest and the other died in a firefight with a security guard. Had the men entered the sanctuary of the church, the number of casualties could have numbered in the hundreds, as there were about 400 churchgoers in attendance. Two other attackers fled the scene.

Pakistan authorities were quick to condemn the attack.

“Attack of terrorists on Zarghoon road church in Quetta is condemned,” said Mohammad Faisal, spokesman for the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Pakistan’s resolve against terrorism cannot be deterred by these cowardly acts.”

And yet, not everyone is convinced that Pakistani authorities are fully committed to protecting Christians.

“Law enforcement agencies have badly failed in protecting common citizens, and minorities in particular,” Shamaun Alfred Gill, a Christian political activist in Pakistan, told The New York Times.

“December is a month of Christian religious rituals,” Gill said. “We had demanded the government beef up security for churches all over the country. But they have failed to do so.”

Pakistan officials have refused to admit that ISIS exists on any level.

Christians comprise about two percent of Pakistan’s population.

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I don’t think I have to comment on this picture.

TRUMP POSTER 12-15-2017



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