MILITANT ISLAM 101 11-29-2016

Yesterday’s terror attack in Ohio, which of course followed the mainstream media modus operandi of not telling the race of the person doing the attack, if they are a minority, or telling the religion of the attacker, if they are Muslim, is the logical result of Obama’s refugee policy. Obama really is a traitor. Obama’s refugee and immigration policies really have resulted in the deaths of innocent Americans. The Democrats really do have the blood of innocent Americans on their hands. Trump really is a radical departure from the Marxist treason of the last years under Obama,

Unfortunately, the time period from November 8th, 2016 to January 20th, 2017 is the most dangerous time period in American history. This is because Obama has unleashed a tidal wave of terror, not only from Militant Islam, but the Snowflake rioters. Snowflake rioters that are being intentionally aided by the same forces that are funding Jill the Whore’s now failed efforts to overthrow the American election.

The citizens of the USA are now facing at least two separate military level operations to destroy the country. The first is what I would call “Militant Islam 101,” or “ISIS basic terror attack: insert one Internet radicalized, young male Muslim refugee, add grievance of choice, weapon of choice, and stir well.” The young Somali man shot dead in Ohio yesterday fits all the usual Obama the Traitor boxes. He was settled by a liberal Catholic Church refugee group, at Federal taxpayer cost of course. He had problems fitting in, yada, yada, yada. I don’t care anymore. You don’t care anymore. Trump doesn’t care anymore. We have two months to live through the final debris of Obama’s immigration treason. After that, we can begin the purges. Here are some more thoughts on the issue.

ISIS released that video calling for lone wolf based knife attacks roughly 72 hours before this attack. This attack was also a complete duplicate of the Nice terror attack with the truck, minus the guns.


One. It is a lone wolf, or small group based attack.
Two. It uses anything available as a weapon. This includes automobiles, knives of all types and length, guns of all types, bombs and explosives if available.
Three. It is launched against a soft target.
Four. IT is designed to cause maximum terror, and result in maximum media coverage.
Five. It is also designed to play into the global ISIS media and terror network. It is designed to recruit other, lone wolf terrorists completely independent of ISIS.
Six. It is not linked to ISIS, nor funded, or planned by ISIS. It is a media based, independent recruitment and operational model that is designed to stay below the radar of the system.

This is what ISIS is up to. This is what we now face. This is what we can expect until Trump is sworn in two months from now.

Lock and load, Avoid large crowds. Expect the worst.

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It is now being reported that Jill the Green Party whore has been denied a recount in Pennsylvania. The reason being she missed the deadline to file such a request with a Pennsylvania court. I will tell you all IT IS FINISHED.

Even if Trump loses both Wisconsin, 10 votes, and Michigan, 16 votes, the 20 Electoral College Votes he just got from Pennsylvania put him at 280. The requirement is 270, so Donald Trump is now CONFIRMED as POTUS. The Snowflakes, George Soros and Hellary the Shrew, FAILED IN THEIR ATTEMPT TO OVERTHROW THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ON NOVEMBER 8TH, 2016.

The link is here.

Jill Stein has everything she needs to launch a presidential recount. She’s got the cash, the grassroots fervor and the spotlight of an adoring media. But there’s one thing she needs to overturn Trump’s victory: a calendar.

Stein missed Pennsylvania’s deadline to file for a voter-initiated recount. That blown deadline is a huge blow for Democrats who have pinned their hopes on recounts in the Keystone State, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“According to Wanda Murren, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of State,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Monday, “the deadline for a voter-initiated recount was Monday, Nov. 21.”

I have spent some time looking into this Jill the Green Party whore recount farce. A couple of things come to mind for me. The first is Jill the Whore only wanted recounts in the three states Trump won. Jill the Whore didn’t want a recount in New Hampshire, where the margin was 3,000 votes. Jill the Whore didn’t want a recount in Nevada, or Virginia, or Minnesota. Well, you get the idea. The other interesting thing is exactly how she raised the money. The Green Party, with Jill the Whore as their nominee, raised about 3 million over the entire 2016 campaign cycle. Jill the Whore raised a staggering 4 million in about 24 hours online. Um, can anybody say a George Soros, or Hellary the Shrew, account with an auto bot software dispensing money at an hourly rate of $160,000. Gee, ain’t that special.

My further thoughts on the matter are below.

I also thought that Jill the WHORE would run afoul of Pennsylvania’s very strict vote recount protocols.

They are in order.
Standing. Jill Stein is essentially asking for a vote recount, not on her behalf, or the Green Party, but for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. She has no standing to do that.
Proof of “massive vote fraud.” Again, Jill had to convince the court that there was vote fraud in EACH OF THE 9,000 PLUS INDIVIDUAL DISTRICTS. Further, she had to have three local voters sign a paper saying this was the case. THIS REQUIRES 27,000 INDIVIDUAL VOTERS IN THE 9,000 PLUS DISTRICTS.



Even assuming she “wins” the recount in Wisconsin Trump will have 20 and 16 which means he will have 296 Electoral votes, with the 10 from Wisconsin to give him 306.


Sheesh, if there is anything more intellectually challenged than a liberal, Doomer Doug can’t think of it offhand. <G>

The excitement is over. No hair on fire! Jill the Whore gave us some comic relief is all.

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Well, my last post of warm and fuzzy didn’t last long, my faithful blog readers. My next post should be viewed as part explanation and part warning. If you think I am being theatrical, you don’t understand exactly what is going on. I firmly think the main result of the entire 2016 election cycle was one of revelation. I mean that the rock was kicked over, and the slimy, squirmy things were revealed for all to see. If you like, the light was shined on the cockroaches and they are running for their lives. Whether I am talking about Project Veritas, or the Wikileaks emails, or the behavior of both the media shills and the whore politicians, nobody in the USA can say they don’t know what is going on. In the case of the Hellary the Shrew supporters, I think it is more a case of they know, but they just don’t care.

We now have the election count Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. After having watched Bernie Sanders sell out to the Clinton Crime Cabal, we now have the Green Party leader Jill Stein playing the whore. Bernie Sanders was bought off with a $600,000 bribe that he used to buy the lakefront house in Vermont. I don’t know exactly how much money, or what Stein was offered. She managed to raise several million dollars over a few days, and at a rate that beggars description. The money came from Soros, or it came from the Clinton Foundation. I won’t deny proving that will be difficult, but that is what happened. My thoughts are below the link.While I don’t think the Soros funded theft of the election will actually happen, I think if it does we will move into Civil War Two phase. I have long felt the period between November 8th, 2016 and January 20th, 2017 is the most dangerous time period in America’s entire history. Now that the Clinton Crime Cabal, George Soros, and the corrupt Green Party have made the final possible move, everything is in motion now. can-you-hear-us-now

The link is here.

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Says It Will Participate In Wisconsin Recount

The campaign also said it would participate in recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan if they went forward.

11/26/2016 11:27 am ET

If the Snowflakes think things are crazy now, just watch what happens if the Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania “recounts,” suddenly show Hellary winning the 270 Electoral votes?

The election will not be stolen. The election results will not be reversed. And if they are I have no doubt Trump will assume direct command of the loyal US military units, along with the rising of the armed militias and SNOWFLAKE BLOOD WILL FLOW. The corrupt Democrats will simply be summarily executed, along with the media shills.

Soros is playing a very, very dangerous game right now. Soros should be in fear for his life because the Deep State will take him out if he tries to reverse the election.

Jill Stein is the second liberal whore revealed in the 2016 Election. The first was Bernie and his $600,000 payment to buy the house and support Hellary. Stein is likely getting some money on the side from the Clinton foundation.

Stein just took down the Green Party permanently. Stein can’t win any recount. THE ONLY REASON FOR A RECOUNT IS TO STEAL A HELLARY WIN.
The left has gone insane. Mark my words, gang. If “they” actually do reverse the election, we will simply see mass executions of all Snowflakes and the Democratic Party leadership.

Yep, Stein sold out, just like Bernie did. By doing so, both Bernie and Stein have completely destroyed the credibility of the left wing in the USA.

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Given the level of chaos going on right now, from time to time I like to post things that remind me of exactly how beautiful life can be. Here is a link to a story about little children and very big dogs. I like it a lot and hope you do also.



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I  am  going to have Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family this week. They are all Clinton voters. It will be interesting. The below article will give you, as well as moi, some good ideas on how to live through the experience. We throw around words like “Civil War Two,” to describe what is now happening. Civil War Two is as much cultural as it would be actual shooting.

We have a Nazi Judas Goat in George Soros. He is now engaged in funding a “Purple Revolution” in order to overthrow the election results. I have been dealing with rioting Snowflakes for the last ten days. We are now in a state of cultural and social Civil War. This is being manipulated by the Democrats, and by Soros, and by Obama and the Clinton cult. It is in this context that Thanksgiving Day family gatherings must be judged. No, we can’t really get along together, and no, we really do have some fundamental, deep rooted differences between the Trump voters and the Clinton voters. Given the social anarchy I have personally been dealing with up here in Portland, Oregon, I am not at all optimistic we can work this out over the next two to six months. Perhaps if George Soros is extradited back to Putin’s Russia, we might have a chance. The Bible tells us that God despises a man who “sows strife.” Well, one the things that is really going on is we now have a class of professional “strife sowers.” Until we deal with that, things look grim for the USA.


Sarah-Jane Cunningham knew that her Facebook posts about the election were rubbing her family the wrong way, but she didn’t realize the posts would get her uninvited from Thanksgiving dinner.

The 19-year-old said her mother called a week before Thanksgiving and confronted her about the Facebook posts regarding President-elect Donald Trump.

“She asked me if I was going to be disrespectful to my family, and I told her that it could work either way, Cunningham said. “If the things I am saying are disrespectful to Trump supporters, the things they are saying are also disrespectful to me.”

Cunningham’s response got her uninvited to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner in Maine. She said that while her mom later called and tried to make things right, it was too late and she plans to hang out with her two cats in Boston on Thanksgiving.

And she won’t be the only one whose political views earned them the a spot on the uninvited list at family Thanksgiving.

On Twitter, Trump and Clinton supporters-alike shared their stories about getting uninvited from Thanksgiving.

For those who are trying to repair relationships with family members they don’t agree with, the best strategy may be to avoid hot-button political topics during the holidays, according to Jamie M. Howard,  a clinical psychologist at the Anxiety and Mood Disorders Center of the Child Mind Institute in New York City.

“People do get heated on things they feel passionately about,” she said. “When you enter the conversation, don’t enter it trying to change someone’s mind or prove why you are right and they are wrong. At this point, you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind.”

And if you manage to get yourself back on the invite list to dinner, try to use humor to defuse tense political discussions, but also set boundaries and try to keep the conversation from getting personal.

“I would try to pivot the conversation, say something like “we are all reasonable, smart people here, and yet we still don’t agree, but boy this turkey is good;’ something to shift the conversation, especially if there is alcohol involved,” she said.

And while you may be on a hot-streak with the politics posts on social media, you might want to cool-it, says James Lomax, a professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine.

Social media gives people the illusion of invulnerability, Lomax said, but what you post today could bite you tomorrow.

“It’s important to remember people read what you say,” he said, adding that especially in this election’s contentious political climate, people are increasingly vulnerable to someone reacting in a volatile way to online posts.

Howard said when families make the decision to discuss politics, they should try to stick to the facts and not personally attack others’ beliefs.

“The history of our country is built on different political parties and people thinking different things,” Howard said. “It pushes us forward, and it’s a good thing people have different opinions than us. If you can stay grounded in that spirit, it is a good thing.”

Or you can also choose to just keep your mouth shut.

“It’s family … just going to ignore it, and grin and bear it,” Cunningham said.

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KNOW YOUR ENEMY 11-19-2016

We are now at war in the USA. In fact, we are not only at war with Militant Islam, but we are at war with both the Snowflakes and the Marxist media.

Here is a list of the MEDIA TRAITORS who have lied, deceived and shilled for Hellary the Bitch; George Soros the Nazi War Criminal and snitch. Here is a list of the media shills, so called journalists, and the corrupt, manipulative whore mainstream media. Gee, I guess this blog is now an authentic member of the “alt.right,” the Marxists are now whining about. <G>

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The link is here.

NaturalNews) CNN is the ultimate “fake news” network. There isn’t a day that goes by where CNN doesn’t deliberately fake a news story, distort a significant event for political purposes, or censor an important piece of news they don’t want their viewers to discover.

To even call CNN a “news” network is uproariously funny. This is the news outlet that deliberately conspired with Hillary Clinton to surreptitiously give her the debate questions in advance (cheating, in other words), that directed questions to Donald Trump which were engineered to destroy his credibility, and that systematically conspired with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to twist, distort and fabricate whatever information was required to place Hillary Clinton in the White House. (See Wikileaks disclosures.)

CNN is not merely a house of presstitutes; it is an embarrassment to the legacy of the free press. By any reasonable measure, CNN has already committed credibility suicide and is now seen my the vast majority of Americans as not merely untrustworthy but deliberately malicious.

More importantly, CNN’s lies are a danger to the liberty and freedom of all Americans. When CNN lies about important issues — like absurdly claiming Donald Trump was working with the Russians to hack John Podesta’s email server — the network ventures into the realm of sedition against America. CNN has truly become a network of traitors who actively conspired with Obama, Soros and Clinton to destroy America from within.

Check out the following compilation of all the journalists caught colluding with the Clinton campaign. This all came out in the Wikileaks dumps of John Podesta, and it shows how CNN reporters dominate the list of presstitutes who engaged in journalistic malpractice:



I have decided that the only way to deal with the current hysteria about Trump is to give him enough rope to either hang himself, or a long enough leash. First, we have two months until Trump is sworn in. I think it is only fair to wait for two months, plus his 100 day “honeymoon,” before we reach for the pitchforks. I won’t say that every single action Trump, or his transition team has taken is positive. When I see neo con warmongers like Bolton running around, or RINO clowns like Preibus, Paul Ryan and Mitch the Bitch being given positions of authority, all I can do is hold my nose and wonder. When I see war criminals like Henry Kissinger, or RINO losers like Romney getting on the famous elevator at Trump tower, well that does make me nervous.

I will evaluate Donald Trump on how well he keeps his word. So far, for every toxic action, like Kissinger, there are several good things. Trump’s transition team has announced Jeff Sessions will be the new AG. Sessions will hopefully lead that corrupt B#%%%% Lynch in a perp walk wearing handcuffs. FBI Director Comey is road kill, even if he acts like he isn’t. Flynn is good, assuming he doesn’t have lobbyist ties to that fruitcake Erdogan in Turkey. The CIA pick is somewhat concerning since he likes to collect data on all American citizens. We shall see how that plays out. At least we now have people in our senior intelligence agencies that actually realize we are at war with Militant Islam. For such people I am sincerely grateful.

I will again remind my blog readers that the TRAITOR George Soros is openly planning a so called “Purple Revolution,” over the next 60 days that is designed to overthrow the new Trump Presidency. After having spent the last week dealing with rioting Snowflakes, you should realize the enemy is active, engaged and unleashing as much chaos as possible.

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After watching to ongoing circus know as the “Trump Transition Team,” in action, it is good to see some good news. I have no problem with Trump dumping Chris Christe, nor do I believe the mainstream whore media reports of “chaos.” They have been lying, deceiving and manipulating us the entire election cycle, so I really don’t take them seriously at this point. In fact, the hysteria the media showed over Donald Trump going to dinner with his family without notifying them is exactly why I can only laugh at them now.

The link to the media hysteria over Trump’s family dinner is here.

Trump Ditches His Press Pool Again, Violating Media Protocol

It is setting up a dangerous precedent for press coverage of his administration.

11/15/2016 11:05 pm ET | Updated 3 hours ago


Here is another link to Mr. Dice’s hysterical response to the media’s Trump dinner melt down.

Next, we have the good news I was talking about. Despite any concerns I have about Trump picking RINO TURDS like Priebus and Ryan, he still has the correct instincts on illegal immigration.


NOV 15 2016, 11:57 AM ET

Trump Adviser Kris Kobach Warns: No ‘Free Pass’ For Undocumented Immigrants

President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration adviser Kris Kobach warned Tuesday no one living here illegally will get a “free pass” and predicted many immigrants would leave as jobs and benefits “dry up.”

Kobach, one of the architects of Arizona’s anti-immigration law SB1070, made the statement on Fox News when he was asked what Trump plans to do about people who are illegally, but are working hard and are not regarded as criminals. Kobach reached back to the immigration speech Trump made in August in Phoenix, when there were thoughts then-candidate Trump might be easing his view on immigrants.

In that speech, Trump said “every person in this country has to follow American law. No person living here illegally gets a free pass, like they did under the Obama administration,” Kobach said.

“The jobs are going to dry up, the welfare benefits are going to dry up, and a lot of people who may not be criminal illegal aliens may decide, hey, it’s getting hard to disobey federal law, and may leave on their own,” he said.

Undocumented immigrants cannot receive the government benefit that is often called welfare, but is officially known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. They also cannot apply for healthcare or other benefits.

The federally and state funded program is designed to assist children, so a U.S. citizen child of a parent not legally here, can qualify for it. The same may be true for health care or other programs.

The “self-deportation” idea has raised questions in the past about how far officials will go to “dry up” any benefits. It can create problems when applied to mixed status families, particularly when parents are illegally in the country but children are not.

Making life so difficult for immigrants that they return to their country of origin – self-deportation – is an idea that has been floated by many wanting to slow or halt immigration. Mitt Romney floated the idea in 2012 before losing his presidential bid.

Media Matters, a liberal watchdog of conservative media, questioned whether audiences were getting different messages on Trump’s plans on immigration depending on the language they spoke. The organization pointed to statements Republican Party spokeswoman Helen Aguirre Ferré made to Telemundo that people who are undocumented and have not committed a crime have nothing to worry about.” She told NBC News Tuesday that Trump is the person who was elected president.

“I think we have to take President-elect Trump at his word and what he’s saying,” Ferré said.

“If you have not committed a crime you don’t have anything to worry about. His administration enters office Jan. 20 and will further define their policies and we’ll know more,” she said. “He has said there is going to be no task force that is going to hunt down undocumented people and he is going to focus on criminals, border security and sanctuary cities and employers using some meaningful form of E-Verify” to ensure workers are permitted to work here.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” over the weekend, Trump said he would deport or incarcerate probably 2 million to 3 million immigrants who he said are criminals. Then, once the border is secure, he would determine what to do about other undocumented immigrants in the country.

Related: Obama to Trump: Think ‘Long and Hard’ On Endangering Dreamers

Separately, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said on Fox News that work already is underway on border wall legislation and the GOP-controlled House won’t wait on Trump’s inauguration to try to advance it.

“We actually just went back into session yesterday, and I put together a team actually with the speaker and other staff, that is working on the legislation now so that when we’re sworn in, not waiting for when the president is sworn in, but at the very first week of January, that we are able to move the legislation needed to build the wall,” McCarthy said.

The number of people illegally here, about 11.1 million, has remained stable since about 2009. Migration from Mexico, which has been the top source of new immigration to the U.S., is at its lowest since the 1990s, according to Pew Research Center. About two-thirds of the undocumented adult population in 2014 had been in the U.S. at least a decade.

In its report for fiscal year 2015, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 337,117 Border Patrol apprehensions nationally, down from 486,651 in fiscal year 2014. That’s a decline of 80 percent from a peak in apprehensions in fiscal year 2000.

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WHAT IS TRUMP UP TO 11-14-2016

I think of myself as more of a Never Hellary the Shrew than as a pro Donald Trump. While I voted for Donald Trump, I have always had issues with him. Trump has a rich punk vibe that I don’t like. This best came out in the Access Hollywood tape which highlighted the sense of entitlement I personally find so obnoxious. Trump also has an ego problem in my opinion. I think Supreme Self Confidence with Supreme Performance really is okay. I feel Supreme Self Confidence without Performance is arrogance and pride. I don’t like either. Still, given the choice between Hellary Clinton the corrupt monster and Donald Trump’s flaws, it is no contest. Anybody who voted for Hellary the Shrew voted for a criminal, a traitor and the most openly corrupt person ever to run for US President.

At any rate, after watching Trump appoint Priebus as his Chief of Staff, call Hellary the Shrew a “good person,” and indicate he is open to a potential amnesty program for the 10 to 30 million illegals already here. Illegals Trump said were “terrific people.” Sorry, but that sounds like the opening salvo in a Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and Priebus “amnesty program.” The “border wall,” is now the “border fence.” The “drain the swamp,” is now “I need a political hack, Priebus, who I will remind you all is the author of the 2012, “we need to suck up to all the illegals document,” Priebus wrote. Further, both Paul Ryan and Senator Graham of North Carolina praised Trump for appointing Mr. Hack Politician Priebus. WTF doesn’t quite cover it. If Trump decides he needs to be nice to the Soros funded Democrats, well they will eat him alive, stall anything he tries to get through either the Senate or House. Finally, did Mitch and Paul Ryan change their spots? Are they now fully supportive of Trump’s original immigration plan? I think not, blog readers. I think Mitch, Ryan and Priebus are now fully positioned, assuming both Ryan and Mitch stay in charge, to frustrate Trump’s immigration plan.

The link is here.…rump.html?_r=0

Trump has also apparently tired of New Jersey Governor Christie, another political hack, and sacked him from leading the transition team.

The link is here.…l-scandal.html

Next I have the dubious distinction of being subject to what I can only call “Snowflakes gone wild,” syndrome up here in Portland, Oregon. The link to my observations and comments over at timebomb is here.

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And just like that Martial Law was declared. I now find myself under Martial Law in Portland, Oregon. If I went outside my apartment right now to smoke a cigarette, I would be arrested by the Portland Police. This was around 11.30pm Saturday night, 11-12-2016

Perhaps Obama will get his chance to really declare Martial Law because the Soros funded Purple Revolution will work.

  1. Two people assaulted by group of people at SW 3rd & Yamhill. Medical being requested code 3 to respond. Suspects all ran away.

  2. Pioneer Square and two-block radius in all directions closed for police action. Everyone in this area needs to leave or face arrest.