The Madagascar Black Death Plague situation appears to be spiraling out of control. Despite the “don’t worry, be happy” mantra coming from both the CDC and the WHO, various media reports are indicating the actual status of the epidemic is worse than the spin control and information suppression efforts now underway. Obviously, the health authorities are desperately trying to prevent a panic. Obviously, they are doing what they did with SARS in China, Mers in Saudi Arabia, and with Ebola back in 2014; namely, hide the true extent of the crisis for political and economic reasons.

The following links indicate things are starting to get out of control.


Black Death patients are ESCAPING hospital and refusing treatment sparking fears it may spread

Chief of medicine at plague hospital in Madagascar says patients are scared of needles and not used to hospital treatment.

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Despite the best efforts of our mutant elite, information about the threat from disease in Africa continues to dribble out. It isn’t like “they” care. It isn’t like “they” have the slightest concern of what a global disease pandemic would do to the “Great Unwashed” segment of the population. If you haven’t figured out, after reading my blog for the last several years, “they” really do hate our guts, and really do want to kill us all off, then you haven’t been paying attention.

The following link tells us the Marburg Virus, a close cousin to the Ebola Virus has shown up in Uganda. It has killed 5 people, and reportedly came from exposure to bats. It has a precious bodily fluid transmission vector, ie blood, and close physical contact with the infected person.…es-uganda.html

New outbreak: Deadly virus, similar to Ebola, with NO treatment… now strikes Uganda

(Natural News) Uganda is in the middle of a health care crisis as the deadly Marburg virus has once again hit the African nation. Health chiefs have announced that the virus, which is clinically similar to the Ebola virus, has been detected in five cases. The reports note that an emergency Marburg virus screening is being carried out at the Kenya-Uganda border in Turkana, where three members of the same family died of the disease.

Reports have detailed that the outbreak first started back in September when an adult male in his 30s, who used to work as a game hunter and resided near a cave with a heavy bat colony, had been admitted to a local health center after falling ill with high fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. According to reports, the man did not respond to antimalarial treatment and his health quickly deteriorated. The man was taken to another hospital but passed away shortly. The man’s middle-aged sister and a third victim had also subsequently passed away.

The next link tells us antibiotic resistance by the Black Death Plague bacteria is becoming a concern for health experts.

Madagascar Outbreak: It Is ‘Inevitable’ The Plague Becomes Resistant To Drugs

Mac Slavo
November 16th, 2017

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The newest warning about the outbreak of the airborne pneumonic plague, or black death, in Madagascar has been released. Officials warn that it’s inevitable that this bacterial infection that’s infected over 2000 people will become resistant to antibiotics.

The only way to treat a person who has contracted the plague is with antibiotics. But experts now warn that because they are being used so much to treat the infection, antibiotics resistance is inevitable and making this disease much more terrifying. Once the bacteria is resistant, the Madagascar healthcare system will be overwhelmed, and the disease will have control of the nation.

According to the Daily Mail, Madagascar’s healthcare system will be unable to cope if the deadly plague outbreak continues to escalate, a scientist has warned. Scores of doctors and nurses have been struck down with the disease, which is predicted to gather momentum in the coming weeks and there are growing fears hospitals will be unable to meet the illness’ burden. Official figures reveal at least 2,034 people have been infected with the “medieval disease” so far in what has been described as the “worst outbreak in 50 years.” The black death outbreak has so far claimed at least 165 lives.

Although the plague is responding well to antibiotics right now, drug resistance is also an increasing concern amongst experts who predict it will vastly accelerate the disease’s death toll. Professor John Joe McFadden from the University of Surrey told MailOnline: “Fortunately in [the] plague, it has not developed much antibiotic resistance. If that kicks in, the plague will be far, far scarier. If you throw more and more antibiotics at patients, antibiotic resistance is more or less inevitable.”

Dr. Derek Gatherer, from Lancaster University’s biomedical and life-sciences department, told MailOnline the country would struggle “to cope” if cases continue to spiral. “Madagascar, typically like many African countries, doesn’t have many doctors. There are around three-and-a-half thousand doctors for 22 million people. They only have around 6,000 hospital beds, so they aren’t particularly well positioned to cope with these kind of events. And if it wasn’t for the international aid coming in things would definitely be much worse for them.”

And experts continue to fear the healthcare system is on the brink of being overwhelmed. Should the disease actually spread to the African mainland, it will be all but impossible to control and the health care system would certainly be unable to handle the outbreak at that point, making a global pandemic much more likely.

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I have been following what may very well turn out to be the first global pandemic since 1918’s so called “Spanish Flu.” It is clear to me the powers that be are trying to balance preventing panic and hysteria breaking out, with protecting their hides when one does and the enraged survivors turn on the elite. It is a dangerous game our elites are now playing. As I read what they are saying, especially between the lines, and what they are not saying; more importantly, how they are saying things it becomes clear the situation in Madagascar is much worse than the elite are admitting. They have adopted a pattern of two steps forward, and one step back. The result is after the usual spin control, media manipulation, and mind games, day by day, and week by week, the situation, again if you ponder deeply, is worse than it was the week before. When analyzing how a disease spreads, you need to focus on three things: geographic spread, numbers of dead and infected, and finally: whether this Black Plague bacteria is becoming, or even potentially becoming, resistant to modern antibiotics.

Like I have said before, the powers that be are revealing, much like a strip tease, one bit of info after another. If you track the sequences, which is basically what I do here on my blog, you will find they are preparing for a global pandemic, even as they deny one is now underway. It is nothing less than a dance of death, much like the fools on Madagascar who dig up rotting corpses, infected with the plague bacteria and “dance with them.” The result is I have been waiting for what I call the “trigger event.” The trigger event, in terms of the Black Death was not the fact two out of every three cases is now airborne vector spread: IT WAS THE POINT WHERE THE MASS MEDIA INDICATED “HEALTH EXPERTS” ARE CONCERNED AT THE MUTATION/CREATION OF AN ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT FORM OF THE BLACK DEATH BACTERIA. Once that happens, it is Katy bar the door time.

The following link is the trigger event I have been waiting for.

Black death plague ravaging Madagascar will ‘get WORSE’ as antibiotics AREN’T working

THE dreaded Black Death plague blighting Madagascar will “get worse before it gets better” if antibiotics aren’t handed out quickly, a scientist has told Daily Star Online.

At least 165 people have been killed by the devastating outbreak of an airborne disease spreading like wildfire in Madagascar.Around another 2,000 people have been struck down by the – called pneumonic plague – by the lethal “medieval disease”.

Infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison, of University of Bristol, has revealed the outbreak in east Africa is likely to become more serious before the “crisis” ends.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Dr Avison said because the disease is “extremely rare” it has been “resilient” to antibiotics.

Here is another link.

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Hmm, I checked yet again for today’s Madagascar Plague deaths and infections. I said one of the key indications things are getting out of control would be when “the powers that be” start to suppress information.

The last figures are 124 dead and 1192 cases listed on October 25th, some two days ago.

THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE NOT RELEASED ANY PLAGUE INFORMATION SINCE THEN. This can only mean, in my opinion, the rate of increase in both dead and infected is now SKYROCKETING UP.

Yep, the plague is out of control on Madagascar. It has likely spread to one or more of the nine countries listed.

If this wasn’t the case, then “they” wouldn’t be lying. If the information was good, they would release it, but if it is bad, they won’t.

Duck and cover, gang. One of the major criteria I use; namely, when they start lying has now been met.

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The link to the latest information on what is happening in Madagascar is here.



One of the things that will lead to either a TSHTF, or a TEOTWAKI<the end of the world as we know it, scenario is a global disease pandemic. The nature of modern life means global, air travel is widespread. The airlines recycle the air inside their planes as little as possible, since it costs money to do so. The result is we have had several cases where people have become infected with TB simply by breathing the same air an infected person does. Given that the disease we are talking about here is the airborne version of the Black Death, we are very vulnerable to airline passengers becoming infected simply by breathing. It is called a disease vector, or how the disease is spread. One of the ways any disease is spread is called airborne. Airborne simply means you can become infected by the person sitting next to you on the airplane merely breathing, coughing or sneezing.

The following link explains the current situation.

Madagascar Hospitals On High Alert:
‘No One Is Safe’ From The Black Plague

Mac Slavo
October 23rd, 2017

Travelers are being warned to keep their distance from areas of Madagascar affected by the bubonic plague. As the outbreak worsens, some doctors are even warning that “no one is safe” from the disease.

The outbreak of the black plague in Madagascar has so far killed 97 people, and doctors are warning that it will be continuing to spread and worsen, meaning no one is safe. Health officials say the disease, which contributed to the deaths of more than 50 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages, has spread from rural areas to the more urban areas not usually affected. Hundreds of cases are reported on the tropical island every year, but experts are warning the epidemic is “much more dangerous” than in previous years.

Officials have reported infections in 17 of the island nation’s 22 regions since the outbreak started in August. And the number of cases is growing by the day, said Elhadj As Sy, the secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as the nation put all hospitals on high alert. The hospitals have also begun implementing preventative measures with attempts to stall the spread of the bacterial infection.

The IFRC said it’s introducing the same “safe and dignified” burial methods used in West Africa during the 2014 Ebola epidemic. This helps cut the chain of transmission by preventing further infections through direct contact with infected corpses.

Last week, less than 60 people had died and around 600 had been infected. Now, there are 911 confirmed cases in addition to the almost 100 deaths. While cases of bubonic plague occur in Madagascar nearly every year, the much more dangerous and deadly pneumonic plague has never been so prevalent. It arrived earlier than expected this year, and has become much more contagious with it being transmitted from person to person through the air. Pneumonic plague is the most life-threatening form of the infection caused by the manifestation of a Yersinia pestis bacterial infection.

Although the black plague can be treated effectively with antibiotics, the incubation time of this bacteria is incredibly short. Death often occurs within 12-24 hours of becoming infected. The bubonic strain of the disease is spread through the bites of infected fleas, whereas the more contagious and deadly pneumonic type is spread through the coughing or sneezing of an infected person.

Elhadj As Sy said that overcoming the epidemic would require long-term help, not “just intervening at the peak and then forgetting about it”. Dr. Manitra Rakotoarivony, Madagascar’s director of health promotion, said: “Normally, people who catch the plague live in poor areas, but people in every place in society are catching the disease.”

Jimmy Whitworth, professor of International Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told The Sun: “It has been a long time since we have seen the plague in an urban environment.

Although health officials have said that internationally, the threat is still fairly low, they’ve also said no one in Madagascar is safe, including travelers, spiking concerns over a possible global pandemic.

If this is really going to turn into a global pandemic, then a certain process will start to happen.

One: the numbers of deaths and infected people will continue to increase in the host country. Further, the RATE of increase will start to increase.

Two. The geographic spread of the disease will begin to happen. The rate of spread will also start to increase.

Three. Given the reality of modern media practices, “it” will only start to be noticed globally when the first cases happen in “countries that matter,” IE FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES.

Four: The disease spread will only become “real” once the first cases are CONFIRMED on global, international airline flights to Europe, the USA or Asia.

Five: The spin control efforts, by the CDC, WHO etc will start to happen, AND THEN START TO FAIL AS THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC GATHERS STEAM.

Yep, we are right on the edge here, gang. If the above pattern is valid, and I think it is, we will know by Halloween whether TSHTF pandemic wise.

Once that happens, the hysteria will be both total and global. Again, the infection vector is airborne, which means coughing, sneezing and breathing will spread the plague.

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Like I said would happen, other than the domestic groups, the Democratic Party, the relatives of people actually living in PR, in New York City and New Jersey mostly, nobody is even following PR at this point.

The situation there is still grave, mostly due to the local, corrupt, political morons in local leadership positions.

The following two links, both New York Times, tell me the six month grid restoration estimate is accurate. People are also starting to die from health issues related to the loss of power and the lack of fuel for hospital generators.…-recovery.html

84 Percent of Puerto Rico Still Doesn’t Have Power


It has been nearly three weeks since Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, devastating huge swaths of the island. At least 43 people have died, a number that may rise as communication systems improve. The island’s health care workers are facing a crisis exacerbated by diesel fuel shortages and low supplies of medicine.

Here’s a look at the recovery effort by the numbers, and the problems that remain.

Only 16 percent of the island has electricity.…hospitals.html

Puerto Rico’s Health Care Is in Dire Condition, Three Weeks After Maria


CAGUAS, P.R. — Harry Figueroa, a teacher who went a week without the oxygen that helped him breathe, died here last week at 58. His body went unrefrigerated for so long that the funeral director could not embalm his badly decomposed corpse.

Miguel Bastardo Beroa’s kidneys are failing. His physicians at the intensive care unit at Doctors Hospital in Carolina are treating him for a bacterial disease that he probably caught in floodwaters contaminated with animal urine.

José L. Cruz wakes up in the middle of the night three times a week to secure a spot in line for dialysis. His treatment hours have been cut back to save fuel for the generators that power the center.

“Because of the electricity situation, a lot of people died, and are still dying,” said Mr. Figueroa’s daughter, Lisandra, 30. “You can’t get sick now.”

Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, many sick people across the island are still in mortal peril. The government’s announcements each morning about the recovery effort are often upbeat, but beyond them are hidden emergencies. Seriously ill dialysis patients across Puerto Rico have seen their treatment hours reduced by 25 percent because the centers still lack a steady supply of diesel to run their generators. Less than half of Puerto Rico’s medical work force has reported to work in the weeks since the storm, federal health officials said.

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About the time Trump does something correct, like sack the traitor Comey, he then does several things wrong, like meeting with the war criminal Henry Kissinger, or opening the USA to imports of toxic Chinese food. My opinion on Comey is buried on this site, from about July of 2016 I think, so I have no issue with Trump sacking that scumbag, nor do I find the hysterical Democratic reaction to it anything but comic entertainment. I was in the US Army back during the original “Saturday Night Massacre” with Nixon and Archibald Cox, so to compare Trump firing Comey to Nixon firing Cox is just another example of Marxist folly.

Trump is willing to allow the import of food products from a China that has produced multiple examples of toxic, lethal food and drug products that have KILLED PEOPLE. This ranges from toxic pet food, toxic milk products, toxic blood pressure medicine among other things. And Trump now wants to import “cooked poultry” and unleash this Chinese filth on grocery store shelves. Trump has gone over the line on this for me: I am definitely off the Trump train. The combination of allowing toxic Chinese food products to be sold in the US, along with a brazen Oval Office meeting with a WAR CRIMINAL LIKE HENRY KISSINGER IS SIMPLY TOO MUCH FOR ME. Kissinger is the one who sold out South Vietnam, the Kurds in Iraq, and the people on East Timor.  Kissinger is personally, directly responsible for creating policies that led to the deaths of millions of people in South East Asia, and Iraq for starters. For Trump to meet with him, at the White House is intolerable to me. Face it, Trump is now full neo-con warmonger mode and has sold out to the Deep State.

Anybody who buys and eats ANY Chinese food product is taking their life in their hands. If you don’t believe me, then do some research on how many people Chinese food and medical products have killed over the years. In fact, the idea of importing chickens from the place where the bird flu began is the kind of thing only Trump would think of. I mean are you going to trust you, or your families lives, to Chinese food inspectors and quality control? Seriously? Trump just okayed Chinese food products to be sold when he knows China produces such food products on toxic, contaminated soil, using toxic water, and under conditions of maximum filth and disease. People, why do you think it is China where the bird flu began? It is because they are where the pollution is, the corruption is, and the filth is. You are going to eat a cooked chicken, grown in a filthy, disease ridden “farm,” and processed in a plant full of bacteria and virus? Well, it is called the Darwin Award for a reason. Consider yourself warned, assuming Trump has them even label the “processed poultry” as made in China. All this means for me is I will be even more diligent regarding so called food products from China. As for Trump, I think the Marxists are going to hound him to death and pull him down like a pack of wolves on a Bison. If all I can get out of him is some more conservative judges, some pedophile investigations, and some EO’s repealing the worst of Obama’s folly, then that is the best I can hope for. Trump is no different than Hellary on Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and will likely bait Little Fat Boy into a Korean War. All in all, Trump has fallen prey to his New York City cabal of Kushner and Ivanka, the banksters, Wall Street Whores, and assorted globalist stooges with little prospect that will change. Just don’t eat the Chinese chicken, realize Trump is a loud mouthed, ego driven, New York City huckster, and we will at least have fun until the end happens. Trump is still better than Hellary, but he has proven to be a major sell out  on so many levels.

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