About the time Trump does something correct, like sack the traitor Comey, he then does several things wrong, like meeting with the war criminal Henry Kissinger, or opening the USA to imports of toxic Chinese food. My opinion on Comey is buried on this site, from about July of 2016 I think, so I have no issue with Trump sacking that scumbag, nor do I find the hysterical Democratic reaction to it anything but comic entertainment. I was in the US Army back during the original “Saturday Night Massacre” with Nixon and Archibald Cox, so to compare Trump firing Comey to Nixon firing Cox is just another example of Marxist folly.

Trump is willing to allow the import of food products from a China that has produced multiple examples of toxic, lethal food and drug products that have KILLED PEOPLE. This ranges from toxic pet food, toxic milk products, toxic blood pressure medicine among other things. And Trump now wants to import “cooked poultry” and unleash this Chinese filth on grocery store shelves. Trump has gone over the line on this for me: I am definitely off the Trump train. The combination of allowing toxic Chinese food products to be sold in the US, along with a brazen Oval Office meeting with a WAR CRIMINAL LIKE HENRY KISSINGER IS SIMPLY TOO MUCH FOR ME. Kissinger is the one who sold out South Vietnam, the Kurds in Iraq, and the people on East Timor.  Kissinger is personally, directly responsible for creating policies that led to the deaths of millions of people in South East Asia, and Iraq for starters. For Trump to meet with him, at the White House is intolerable to me. Face it, Trump is now full neo-con warmonger mode and has sold out to the Deep State.

Anybody who buys and eats ANY Chinese food product is taking their life in their hands. If you don’t believe me, then do some research on how many people Chinese food and medical products have killed over the years. In fact, the idea of importing chickens from the place where the bird flu began is the kind of thing only Trump would think of. I mean are you going to trust you, or your families lives, to Chinese food inspectors and quality control? Seriously? Trump just okayed Chinese food products to be sold when he knows China produces such food products on toxic, contaminated soil, using toxic water, and under conditions of maximum filth and disease. People, why do you think it is China where the bird flu began? It is because they are where the pollution is, the corruption is, and the filth is. You are going to eat a cooked chicken, grown in a filthy, disease ridden “farm,” and processed in a plant full of bacteria and virus? Well, it is called the Darwin Award for a reason. Consider yourself warned, assuming Trump has them even label the “processed poultry” as made in China. All this means for me is I will be even more diligent regarding so called food products from China. As for Trump, I think the Marxists are going to hound him to death and pull him down like a pack of wolves on a Bison. If all I can get out of him is some more conservative judges, some pedophile investigations, and some EO’s repealing the worst of Obama’s folly, then that is the best I can hope for. Trump is no different than Hellary on Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and will likely bait Little Fat Boy into a Korean War. All in all, Trump has fallen prey to his New York City cabal of Kushner and Ivanka, the banksters, Wall Street Whores, and assorted globalist stooges with little prospect that will change. Just don’t eat the Chinese chicken, realize Trump is a loud mouthed, ego driven, New York City huckster, and we will at least have fun until the end happens. Trump is still better than Hellary, but he has proven to be a major sell out  on so many levels.

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First, I am always happy when my doomer predictions turn out to be in error. Second, the full scope and scale of this ongoing water disaster remains to be seen. Having lived through the Great Portland floods of February, 1996, I can tell you plainly it can/will get worse in terms of flooding.

We have apparently dodged the immediate bullet in terms of the collapse of the Lake Oroville spillway, at least so far. Unfortunately, out of the 12 dams and reservoirs in California, seven of them are now over 90 percent full. The Don Pedro one, the one that flooded San Jose, was a staggering 98 percent full before they opened the spillway, again for the first time in over a decade. This led to the botched, does California do any other kind, evacuation of 50,000 people in San Jose and large-scale flooding. The fact is the foreign press, especially the British press, has done an outstanding job of covering the significant flooding damage downstream. It is a fact that multiple cities have flooded; it is a fact that multiple highways, freeways, rail lines and other roadways flooded, been cut and severely impacted evacuation routes.

It is also a fact that the snowpack levels in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern and Central California are at historic levels, as in between 150 percent, and 200 percent of normal. The snowpack is measured in FEET now. Obviously, this snow is going to melt, and how and when it does will be the decisive factor for California. If we get a situation like what happened in Oregon back in 1996, which was heavy rain, warm temperatures and rapid snow melt, we will have massive flooding of the prime agricultural areas in California, and major transit corridor disruption. For example, it might be a good idea to stock up on Almond milk, since most of the US Almond crop is grown in California orchards that are now either flooded, or in danger of being flooded. If that combination of factors happens at the same time, we will be looking at hundreds of billions of dollars worth of economic damage to the Agricultural industry.

At any rate, events in California are certainly, pun intended, in a fluid status at this point.

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I think the best explanation for avoiding total disaster over the last 72 hours at Lake Oroville is the British evacuation from Dunkirk, Belgium at the end of May, 1940. It wasn’t a “victory,” and it wasn’t a defeat, it was merely avoiding disaster. For any of you inclined to sneer at me, you need to take a look at the ongoing situation water situation in California. First, here is a link to a Briebart story that puts things into stark focus.

THE LINK IS HERE.…ervoirs-flood/

Oroville Lake Down 52 Feet, but 9 Upstream Reservoirs to Flood

Although the California Department of Water Resources is claiming Oroville Dam is safer because the water level has fallen by 52 feet, that feat was largely accomplished by over-filing 9 upstream reservoirs that are all expected to flood as another Pineapple Express storm-train brings 48 hours of heavy rain through Wednesday.
The last winter storm caused an evacuation of about 200,000 people downstream from Lake Oroville due to the threat of a catastrophic failure of the dam.

Although most Americans have been told that the fissure in the side of the dam has been stabilized by opening up the spillway to drain the lake, and helicopters have dropped huge bags of rocks in a crack, the water flow into Oroville Lake has been restricted by overfilling the upstream reservoirs.

The nine State Water Project and PG&E earthen reservoirs on the Upper Feather River Watershed that feed directly into Lake Oroville were already at maximum capacity prior to the new storms. This next storm is expected to bring 1-3 inches of rain in the valleys. But the Central Sierras are expecting 10 inches of snow and rain over the next 7 days.

With all the higher elevation reservoirs brimming, Supervisor Kevin Goss from mountainous Plumas County told the Sacramento Bee, “I’m watching, and I’m worried.” Flooding from the last set of storms shut down escape in all directions in his Indian Valley district.

The towns of Greenville and Taylorsville were isolated, and sewer systems for the sparsely populated county suffered extensive damage as many roads washed out. The flooding from the new storm is expected to be much more serious.

In addition,tRelatively warm temperatures of up to 49 degrees in nearby Tahoe caused snowmelt this week. With the “Snow Water Equivalents” for this time of year in the Central Sierras at 183 percent and the Southern Sierras at 205 percent; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned that the mountains could see significant runoff.

The total capacity of the upstream dams is about 400,000 acre feet, or about one tenth the capacity of Lake Oroville. Last week, the upstream reservoirs were allowed to fill in an effort to take pressure of Oroville Dam. But with the dams full, virtually 100 percent of the rain and runoff from the coming storms will flow into Oroville Lake.

Despite the upstream restricting of water flow, Lake Oroville added over 1 million acre feet of water in three days during the last storm. Engineers from the California Department of Water Resources hope that a combination of releasing 800,000 acre feet of water from the lake will be enough to prevent another Oroville Dam flood.

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Oroville – a failure of a once great nation

In considering the events at Oroville, it is easy to concentrate on the negative. There is so much negative to go around.

The Principal spillway, the normal method of shedding water from the reservoir, has failed from scour, the soils being discharged downstream by the high velocity water. The Principal spillway is a controlled spillway, with gates at the dam crest to “control” the flow of water down the concrete “sluiceway” to the stream below, in Oroville’s case the Feather River. In a normal discharge, the sluiceway would conduct the flow down the grade, discharging into a plunge pool. Concrete block-like elements may serve to break and confuse the flow, the plunge pool, then absorbing the remaining energy and the water moving downstream. Oroville’s principal spillway failed because the sluiceway was undermined by voids, which became “charged” by high-pressure water introduced from the discharge through the gates. The result was a failure of the components of the sluiceway, plate slabs, and training walls were washed into the stream below, impeding flow, and causing a backup of the pool below the dam.

The emergency spillway is an uncontrolled spillway. It will pass as much water as entered the reservoir across its weir and the water is then transmitted downstream. The emergency spillway at Oroville is unlined, composed of indigenous earth and rock. Abutting rock is assessed in construction of a dam to attempt to understand its erosion characteristics. Rock of abutments is often considered “weathered” Weathered rock is rock which has been exposed at the surface and has become fractured and less sound. Sound rock is called “High Recovery” rock. Soft and fractured rock is called “Low Recovery” rock. Low recovery rock is prone to erosion. As an example, granite which is not weathered (granite is resistive to weathering) is high recovery rock. If it has seams of sands, silts, or clays, even granite can be considered low recovery. Shale is a rock that weathers rapidly. Shale abutments are often subject to erosion with high flows across these soils (rock). It is acceptable for an emergency spillway to lose soils and to be damaged in a discharge. The emergency spillway is used in special cases where there are severe flows (flooding rains or a break of a reservoir upstream for instance). Oroville’s emergency spillway was an earthen spillway. It is a weathered bedrock outcropping. Upon actuation, because of the failure of the principal spillway, it became apparent that the emergency spillway’s underlying rock was erosive, causing severe cutback, which threatened the foundation of the ogee weir. Noting this rapid evolution of the cutback, the operators opened the gates again to the failing principal spillway.

The argument has been offered that the dam has not “failed” in comments on my other writings. The failure that I refer to is the failure of elements of the dam, and the principal and emergency spillways are clearly elements of the dam. A dam failure does not require the complete loss of pool. In fact, few dam failures result in a complete loss of pool. My title, perhaps sensational, is accurate in describing the failure of these elements. A dam without a method to remove the water safely is clearly in a failure mode. Oroville Dam, as of this writing, is in a precarious situation. The spillways are in the process of failure. The losses already suffered are horrible. If we see the weir of the emergency spillway fail, the losses will be incalculable.

The Oroville Dam will probably not breech. I hope with all of my heart that it does not. Don’t ever take my criticism as some desire for catastrophe. It is just the opposite. I find the failure to maintain our elements of our infrastructure as a societal failure of a magnitude heretofore unseen. If we continue unchanged with these failures, if we fail to rebuild and maintain, we will become a third-world country. If the great United States of America is to step into the next few decades as a world power, it will be with renewed infrastructure. Without it we will fail as a nation and as a government.

We have watched as our great steel mills moved to Japan. We have watched as our great manufacturing move to Japan, then China. We have watched as our assembly move to Mexico. Through it all, we have watched. The time has come to act, or to surrender all that we once were. As a nation we have a debt of nineteen trillion dollars with a further commitment of four trillion dollars. We have a backlog of infrastructure improvement of an additional two trillion dollars. These numbers are so large that the human mind cannot comprehend them. As a nation we must satisfy this debt. We cannot save our way out of this problem. It is too large.

To survive, as a nation, and a model to the free world, we must work our way out of our smothering debt. To do this, we must have the machine of our economy operating unencumbered. Our infrastructure is a systemic element of our health as a nation. The social and societal failures that we now see as a nation are symptoms of a failing nation, a failing way of life. They will be repaired by the improvement of the whole. The despair of many is real. Men must see an avenue to success. They must be able to sustain themselves and their families.

Let us consider what it would be like if we were unlucky. Certainly, we may yet be unlucky, but what would California, the United States be like if Oroville had failed completely?

Imagine a nation and a state stretched to a fiscal breaking point encumbered with the costs of the rebuilding of a huge area of homes, schools, businesses. Imagine the mud and the cleanup. Imagine the lives lost. Remember Katrina, if you think that the white knights would come to fix all that is wrong, we have allowed ourselves to become something less than we once were. I believe that such a failure would be the first loss in a digression of our standard of living, it would certainly be so for the areas in the inundation zone, crops lost from need of irrigation, drinking water rationed, water quality reduced.

Some choose to defend the operation of a near-failing dam. I weigh the hurt feelings of a few men who failed to maintain, against all of the death and destruction. I wish that all could be happy and nice. It can not. Perhaps, many people will have to die to change the minds of men. There are so many dams that are balanced, waiting on that one storm. Let it be a lesser dam, a lesser population, if some must die to get the nation to hear this cry. Let it be faces that I do not know, voices that I have never heard, so that my dreams are not haunted for the rest of my life.

Blame must be assigned when all is lost, as it certainly must be. When it happens, that tragedy, it will not be the fault of the operators of Oroville. It will not be the failure of the state or the nation. It will not be the failure of the men who refused to fund maintenance.

It will be the failure of one man only, one who did what he could, but failed. It will be the failure only of one who cared too deeply. When it happens, as it must, It shall be my failure, and my failure alone.

Scott Cahill


Well, it looks like the view the “sunlight reflection” of a couple days ago was really a breach in the sidewall of the main spillway. The main spillway is like a H with the main water flow groove, and a side wall on both sides to keep the water flowing down the central channel.

If I understand what I am seeing here, up above the original “hole,” back towards the spillway top, on the left side, you had a FAILURE of some of the concrete wall sections. This allowed the water to DIVERT from the main “channel, and shift left OUTSIDE THE CONCRETE CHANNEL, AND START ERODING, DIRECTLY ERODING THE DIRT THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPILLWAY. The situation is you now have TWO SEPARATE DOWNSTREAM WATER FLOWS: THE FIRST ONE INSIDE THE SPILLWAY AND THE SECOND ONE EXITING THE WALL BREACH AND ERODING AWAY THE HILLSIDE, OR EVEN GOING BACK UNDER THE MAIN SPILLWAY AND CAUSING FURTHER DAMAGE TO THE CONCRETE SLABS ETC.

Yep, it is now a done deal in my opinion. The failure of the main spillway is now INEVITABLE. It will eventually fail, all the way from the sidewall breach, the one between/below the power lines, and the top of the spillway.
The erosion undercut going back up towards the spillway top, on the left side first, a day or so ago, and IT IS LIKELY CUTTING UNDER THE ENTIRE WIDTH OF THE MAIN SPILLWAY AND WILL LIKE CAUSE A SEPARATE BREACH ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SPILLWAY WALL.

The whore media and politicians will spin this as best as they can, but we are going to see criminal charges out of this down the road. The failure to issue a mandatory evacuation order is an act of moral cowardice, cynical political opportunism and will destroy California for a generation. Nowski, amigo I am saying the state of Jefferson is going to be born out of this, since the hatred of the deplorables for that SCUMBAG GOVERNOR MOONBEAM HAS DONE TO THEM WILL HAVE NO LIMIT.

The main highway/freeway is I-5 and over it comes the tens of thousands of trucks that supply the “I-5 Corridor.” The rail lines are also linked to the I-5 corridor and carry every thing the entire coastal PNW, Portland, Seattle need.

You do have options, 101 Coastal Highway, 395 through Eastern Oregon, but they are not credible for mass truck transit.

In my opinion, the level of economic damage to the Agriculture Industry will be massive. It is not a case where you “can’t” get citrus fruit, or fresh vegetables, it will be a case of it will cost you more to import citrus from Florida, Texas or Arizona.

And I will say again to those of you who somehow think Governor Moonbeam is going to skate on this, especially if San Francisco Bay is full of floating corpses, it ain’t going to happen. The way the game works is the media and political whores get to do whatever they want until they screw up so bad people die. At that point, the larger system, the NWO , the globalists are quite willing to throw a mid level player like Governor Moonbeam to the howling wolves, if it will keep their butts out of the wolf pit.

Nope, Moonbeam is road kill because the real “they” the 300 families that rule the world, won’t hesitate to slit his throat to keep the mob happy. I live with Snowflakes, Nowski and when the Snowflakes lose one third, to one half of their drinking water, they are going to chop Moonbeam into tiny pieces.

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Thanks to Shane from timebomb for the pic.  THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION!
When An ill Wind Blows From Afar! (O





The above pictures show what I think, as well as Shane does, happened. The second picture shows the actual damage. The third picture shows flooding, as of 2-17-2017 at Maxwell, California downstream from the Oroville dam and spillway. We are already getting widespread reports of flooding downstream from both the Shasta Dam, which feeds into the Sacramento River, and the Oroville Spillway, which feeds into the Feather River.


We are now at the same point Frodo was in after Gollum bit his ring finger off. Frodo fled out the collapsing walkway on Mount Doom and ended up on a rock platform surrounded by molten lava. And so here we are, today, now and at the end of California. The end of modern life in this farce known as the Marxist Republic of California. The place where illusion is reality, and the place where generations of bad decisions will finally unleash the consequences long feared. Here we are, amigos and neither God nor man will save us from our folly.

Here is my brief assessment of exactly what the real issues are related to the imminent failure of the Oroville Dam and the end of modern California.

The only reason the so called “emergency spillway” was put in was to check off a box on a piece of paper on a clipboard. Further, it was NEVER INTENDED TO BE USED, EVER, AT ALL. Now, when you put in an emergency system that you never intend to use, and thus rely on a backup system that is DEFECTIVE AND KNOWN TO BE DEFECTIVE I REGARD THAT AS ACTIONABLE. It is CRIMINAL OFFENSE AND IF PEOPLE DIE DUE TO THE FAILURE OF THAT EMERGENCY SYSTEM WE ARE LOOKING AT NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE OR MANSLAUGHTER.

There are three, and only three, questions here and now.

Question one is will the emergency/secondary spillway system be used, or will the water level rise to 901 feet and flow. The answer to that is YES IT WILL. It is INEVITABLE FOR THE WATER TO REACH 901 FEET AND THEN INEVITABLE TO FLOW.
Check disaster box one.


QUESTION THREE is what will happen when one and two happen. The answer is a 30 foot high wall of water will roar down the Feather River Valley towards Oroville, Sacramento, and San Francisco Bay. The entire Southern California region will lose 25 to 50 percent of its fresh water supply. This means both water volume and water pressure will fall AND THAT MEANS REDUCED FIRE FIGHTING ABILITY IN LOS ANGLES.

So, anybody here pick the above apart. Please show Doomer Doug where I am WRONG in what I have written above?


The political results of that will be devastating for the liberals. NO matter how they spin it, they will be held accountable. When the liberals can’t get water out of their taps they won’t blame Trump, they will blame Governor Moonbeam.

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I think we all realize things are bad and getting worse. I think we all realize we need to take concrete, definitive steps to prepare for events that are both beyond our control and will impact our daily lives. I classify threats using four criteria. The first is no threat. Obviously, we are way beyond the no threat status. The next level is potential threat. A potential threat is anything that can happen, but may or may not in our lifetime. This would include things like an asteroid impact for example. While it is certainly possible for an asteroid to hit Earth, it isn’t really something you can prepare for, unless you won the lottery and have built a well-supplied bunker deep underground. Clearly, the vast majority of so called survivalists don’t have an underground bunker for them to go to. The third level of threat is a credible threat. A credible threat is a natural or man-made disaster covering a wide range of things. These would include earthquakes, tsunami waves, ice storms, and bio-weapon, chemical or nuclear attacks. They would also include economic collapse, social chaos, civil war or revolution. And finally, there is an actual threat of varying types and intensity. Again, while you can prepare for both a credible and actual threat, most of us are limited in what we can actually do to prepare.

I will tell you what I think you need to do to prepare for potential, credible and actual threats. It is a case of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous “Do what you can, with what you have, and where you are.” The first thing to decide is whether you shelter in place, or go to your “bug out location.” Personally, I am going to stay in downtown Portland for the simple reason I have no place to go, nor can I easily get there even if I did. Since that is the case, I have prepared as best I can to ride out the storm. I use criteria of 3 days, 3 weeks, 30 days and finally, three months. The first 72 hours can be easily be prepared for in terms of food, water, heat and core essentials. The 3 weeks requires a little more effort, but can also be done with a little extra effort. One month and three months are mostly simply adding more materials to get greater depth of preparations.

The adult person needs roughly one gallon of water per day for drinking and food preparation. You need more for flushing toilets and sanitation uses. I personally have four Coleman 5 gallon jugs of water. I also keep several gallons stored in my refrigerator at all times. Assuming you have some kind of warning, you can fill up your bathtub with up to 50 gallons of water. Next you can easily store up to three months of food, already prepared and requiring little cooking. I am talking about things like peanut butter, various jams and jellies, crackers, canned fruit and vegetables etc. Further, I also have both a Propane cook stove and a Propane heater using one pound Propane canisters. Granted, I only have enough for two to three weeks, but that will give me some flexibility to deal with the situation.

I am talking about food, water, heat, cooking and basic survival things. I have also stockpiled things like toilet paper, paper towels, plastic cups, paper plates, bowls and plastic utensils. All of this stuff can be bought a little at a time and stored away for future use. For example, I buy the 15 roll toilet paper pack. I can easily go one year without buying any more toilet paper. I buy them on sale for $10. It is not a matter of spending a fortune all at once. It is a matter of spending small amounts of money on a weekly or monthly basis. There are many lists of things to buy on the Internet that will give you some idea. For example, I bought three boxes of Quaker Oatmeal for around $10 also. They will last for up to 2 years and can be eaten and rotated to keep supplies fresh. You boil some water on your Propane stove, and you add the Oatmeal, some salt and you have a cheap, filling meal.

Recently, there have been several posts on the Internet, including Mr. Rawles comment that we need to “double down” on preps. I find advice like this to be useless for the simple reason the vast majority of survivalists don’t have the current resources to do so. All we can do is perhaps speed up the buying process, but even that is questionable. If we are talking about engaging in reasonable efforts to prepare for credible threats, I think we can do that. However, the idea most of us can prepare for a “collapse of the Roman Empire” scenario is not realistic. I also factor in the spiritual aspect, which is the most important. I will do what I can to prepare for the kinds of things, and the level of things that I am likely to face. Other than that, I am not going to sweat it. Right now the Internet is foaming at the mouth over the looming December 26th, 2016 Gamma Radiation Wave that is inbound from some exploding star many light years away. Well, I am sorry but if it does what some people say it will do, it is simply impossible for me to prepare for it. It will potentially be an ELE, or Extinction Level Event. Nope, I can’t prepare for an ELE. I don’t plan to do so. I don’t plan to worry about an ELE. I will live my live as best I can. I will prepare as best I can. If the December 26th event turns out to kill me, I will die in full spiritual awareness. This is all one can do. This is all one should do. This is all that can be done given the time and resources available to me. I am not a fear-monger, or engaged in doom porn. I think each person can, and should; take reasonable steps, given the time and resources available to them, and then just live. We all have to die sometime, gang. Prepare as best you can, with the abilities and resources you have, and then just enjoy this life we have been given. Finally, I wish you all, my loyal blog readers, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Granted, even if we all aren’t radiated, or earthquaked to death on the 26th, I can’t deny 2017, even if we don’t deal with civil war, or social anarchy, or tsunami waves 300 meters high, will be very interesting between the economy and the Snowflake attacks on POTUS Donald Trump. Well, stuff happens and we deal with it as best we can. I certainly have no intention of allowing any potential, credible or actual threat ruining this Christmas season! Take care, and if we are all dead shortly I have certainly enjoyed the ride over the last few decades!

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The key point here is the last two years in a row have been near perfect harvests globally. In spite of this, we are going to have to draw down global cereal reserves to meet global food needs. When, not if, we have any level of cereal grain production issues, we will rapidly see distortions in the markets. The distortions will be based on price increases. People will pay more for food, assuming they can still get it. It will be, as it always is, the poor and the weak who will suffer. However, the time will come when food will be so short money won’t be enough. After all, money can’t buy food that hasn’t been harvested.

The source of this article, FARS News, the Iranian propaganda website, indicates that the American corporate media continues to ignore stories of decisive impact on people’s lives. Famine is coming. You may count on it.

FAO: World Cereal Production in 2016 Sets to 2521 mln Tons

TEHRAN (FNA)- World cereal production in 2016 is set to amount to 2 521 million tons, just 0.2 percent off last year’s large output and the third-highest global performance on record, according to FAO’s first forecast for the new season, released on Wednesday.

The small decline in 2016/17 world cereal production portended by FAO would largely result from a lower worldwide wheat production, which is now expected to amount to 712.7 million tons, some 20 million tons less than in 2015.

According to a press release published by the FAO Representation in Iran, the decline mostly reflects smaller plantings in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, both affected by dry weather.

Global output of coarse grains is projected at 1 313 million tons, up about 11 million tons from 2015, with expected increases in maize production more than offsetting declines for barley and sorghum.

Maize output is seen growing by 1.1 percent to 1 014 million tons, driven by recovering yields in the European Union and expanding plantings in the United States. At the same time, maize production is expected to fall in Southern Africa and Brazil, due to drought and adverse growing conditions associated with El Niño.

World rice production is predicted to recover with a return to normal weather conditions in northern-hemisphere Asia, where erratic rains have affected planting activity for the past two seasons. Global output, although impacted by unattractive prices, is predicted to rise 1.0 percent to 495 million tons.

International trade in cereals in 2016/17, however, is poised to decline for the second consecutive season – by 1.4 percent to 365 million tons – due to ample stockpiles and modest demand growth in many importing countries.

Global cereal utilization in 2016/17 is foreseen to grow only modestly, rising by around 1.0 percent to 2 547 million tons, according to very preliminary new estimates.

As utilization is anticipated to exceed production, cereal reserves would need to be drawn down to fill the gap. FAO’s first forecast for world cereal stocks at the close of seasons ending in 2017 points to a likely 3.9 percent annual decline to 611 million tons. However, the resulting world cereal stock-to-utilization ratio would still approach 23 percent, well above the historical low of 20.5 percent registered in the 2007/2008 season.

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