THE POT BOILS 11-26-2012

Doomer Doug is going to get a headache if the Mideast keeps going on like this.

First, we have the surprise resignation of Barak from politics. Hamas is claiming he is going because they kicked his rear end in Operation Desert Pillar, but I think not. He is going to provide Bibi a better chance to avoid getting his butt kicked in the January elections. Many in Israel correctly view the cease fire as a sell out; further, they intend to hold Bibi accountable.

Next, we have the ongoing saga of Iran’s missile resupply ship running around. It is scheduled to dock in Sudan on November 30th. Israel may intend to attack it there. Iran may offload the long range missiles and either keep them in Sudan, or try to smuggle them into Gaza. Doomer Doug will note the effort to rebuild the tunnel smuggling network is going full steam. Doomer Doug will also note that last night a massive attack was unleashed on the Egyptians at the Gaza border city. Information is scarce, but it looks like the Egyptians got creamed. Now that Obama has deployed US Special Forces into the Sinai you can start to see exactly what is going to happen. The next attack will be on a US fire base.

Moving along, we come to Egyptian President Morsi’s theatrical production of “I really want to be a Pharaoh.” Doomer Doug thinks Yul Brynner did it much better than Morsi, but to each his own. Egypt is now sliding into chaos. It will be resolved when the military intervenes to prevent civil war. Hellary Clinton is looking even more foolish than she usually does with her gushing praise of Morsi during the cease fire.

And finally, we have the ongoing deployment of anti aircraft missiles on the Turkish border with Syria. We are assured, but Doomer Doug being a cynic doesn’t believe this, they are not for the purpose of creating a no fly zone in Syria. Doomer Doug thinks of several bridges that are for sale in certain countries. Of course the deployment is for that exact purpose.

Now that the militant Islamic terrorists who make up the majority of the so called Free Syrian Army are starting to get some serious weaponry, from France among others, Syria is moving into the end game. The USA now has one entire Marine assault group off the Syrian coast. The Russians have one full combat group from the Black Sea fleet off the Gaza coast. Syria’s Assad junior is now pulling back into Damascus for his last stand.

Doomer Doug will speak plainly. Syria’s Assad Junior will absolutely go down fighting. He will not surrender. He will not go into exile. If the FSA, along with its western backers, pushes Assad Junior into a final corner, HE WILL COME OUT SWINGING.

For those of you who actually believed this Gaza cease fire really meant anything, well, think about it. We have now hit the pause button on the Mideast, end of the world, video player. The song will resume soon enough. The various players are in the process of resupply, logistical support and giving pep talks to each other.

The game is afoot.
Doomer Doug will make one final comment related to the sudden surge in Egyptian seizures of inbound Gaza/Hamas weaponry. Doomer Doug will slyly note that all the missiles seized so far have been the Grad ones. The Grad missile is the 22 Long Rifle of Hama’s missile/rocket inventory. Further, the first seizure actually didn’t arrest anybody. It seems they had all fled into the desert before the trucks were grabbed. Doomer Doug, again being a cynic, smells a public relations ploy. Until Egyptian police/military really do capture the truck driver, as well as a truck full of Iranian Fajr long range missiles, Doomer Doug ain’t biting!

Doomer Doug has a well established BS meter. The BS meter is swinging wildly on this one. Israel doesn’t trust the Egyptians to keep Iranian missiles out of Gaza. Examples like these stunts show why that is so.

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