Debka file is reporting the reason Bibi agreed to the cease fire with Hamas is Obama personally guaranteed the deployment of US combat troops into the Sinai. US Special Forces will then attempt to interdict the ongoing Iranian/Hamas missile resupply line. This is a line that starts in Iran, goes by ship to the Sudan, and finally up through Egypt and over the Sinai Peninsula. The final step is the tunnels into Gaza.

Doomer Doug will merely note that obama has just undertaken a direct combat role against Iran, or at least their proxies. The US forces will now directly engage in combat armed proxies of Iran in the Sinai Peninsula. We can also expect the whole of the Sinai, with its thousands, yes thousands, or armed militants to go after our forces. We will be sending in relatively light military units, with fuzzy rules of engagement, minimal logistic support and facing a hostile environment full of armed militants. We can now expect Iran to respond. Obama has without any type of approval from the people or elected officials just entered into a war with Iran that will dwarf both Iraq and Afghanistan. Few people have even noticed, much less cared.

The true disaster of the cease fire is now clearly revealed. The cease fire now draws the USA military into direct armed conflict with Iran to do what Egypt should do. Of course, Israel doesn’t trust Egypt to stop the missile flow; therefore, obama has just committed the US to a war with Iran. The Iran war has been going on for some time now, but it will go hot in the Sinai Peninsula.

Iran will respond in many different ways. Iran has a whole range of asymetrical options available to them. Iran can increase the level of chaos in the following countries: Yemen, the gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, and Africa almost anywhere.

Iran can launch global terror attacks against the USA both at home and overseas.

Iran realizes we are preparing to take out Syria in the immediate future. Iran realizes we have now declared war on them. They will respond to that soon enough.
It is amazing to Doomer Doug that the day before Thanksgiving Obama commits the USA to an open ended, blank check and endless military deployment to the Sinai Peninsula. It is there Doomer Doug would remind readers that several Egyptian and US bases have already been attacked in recent weeks.
The war with Iran is now fast tracked. It will either begin in Syria or the Sinai Peninsula. Hezzbollah will now become involved fully armed with 100,000 rockets and missiles.

Obama, Hellary, and Bibi may have thought they bought enough time with the cease fire to get us through the holidays. It is clear now to Doomer Doug that the sly and devious Bibi got what he was really after; namely, a direct combat deployment of active duty troops into the Sinai. The arab world, or at least the Sunnis, will go along with this since they hate the Shia Iran.
The USA doesn’t seem to get George Washington’s warning about avoiding entangling alliances. We are now fully committed to providing troops to actively defend Israel. Amazing. Doomer Doug will also not the USA is spending tens of millions of dollars to build a sophisticated border sensor system at Gaza. Obama and his pro illegal traitors can’t find a nickel to secure our southern border with Mexico against illegals and the middle eastern terrorists pouring over it. You ask how Iran will execute terror attacks inside the USA? The answer is they will use the hundreds of agents they sent over the southern border the last few years.

Border security really does matter, but we will soon be reminded of that. It is said the US troops will deploy within 48 hours of this blog post. After that, the deluge.

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