Revolution in CONUS, and World War Three Preparations Overseas 1-6-2022

Putin, ie Vlad the Impaler, has correctly figured out that the Soros funded, Hellary, Obama, Rice and what is left of biden’s brain just couldn’t resist launching a “color” revolution in Kazzystan, hoping it won’t turn out like Libya did. Hellary the Shrew just got another lesson in if you do the same thing twice, why expect a different result. The result in kazzystan will be the same as in Libya, only this time the BIG BOYS are playing hardball. Putin will likely use whatever level of military force HE thinks is needed to secure his borders, ALL OF THEM, and the EU, NATO and the clinton cabal really running biden will be able to not lift a finger to stop it, unless they want to launch nukes. And so the first crisis careens along nicely.

The second crisis most resembles a pack of vultures fighting over the rotting corpse of the former American Republic. The demon crats, and yes, Virginia, I really do think the whole lot of what is now called the Democrat Party, is indeed full of demon possessed raving lunatics. By their actions shall ye know them. The first thing the demoncrats are up to is eliminating the filibuster. Once done, they will have taken total control of the entire political process. The rest of the political process will be when they PERMANENTLY RIG the voting process to guarantee permanent demoncrat control. They may add in eliminating the electoral vote to guarantee mob rule.

In fact, the demoncrats are now openly taking about making Trump unable to run for any political office, while they essentially kick out all the Republicans, except possibly leaving RINO Turds, trainees under rapid development, in office, at which point the one half of the USA that voted for Trump will be totally disengaged from the entire system, at all levels, in all ways, and in all results. And the result of that, like Putin’s result will be blood and fire.

It should be clear, well okay the demoncrats really are too stupid to figure this stuff out, or else they are expecting their woke, transexual, elite PC military to bail them out, although I have no idea of why they think that. Still, no conservative will have any stake in the American Republic once the demoncrats take all of these actions. At best, conservatives will give new life to forming several separate and independent new states, breaking off from these raving lunatics now destroying the American Republic to near total destruction.

Of course, the other option, like I have long suspected, is blood and fire commonly called Civil War Two. I don’t know why they call it a civil war, to quote George Carlin: “I don’t know why they call it a Civil War since there is nothing civil about it. And thus the globalist plan will be fully implemented, right down to the last jot and tittle, or minding our P’s and Q’s.

Phase One is complete with the howling mobs of antifa and blm marxist trash having gutted our cities.

Phase Two is now complete with the implementation of the Genocide protocols, and the end of civil, political discourse and the total permanent split of the USA one half demoncrat, and one half patriot/Christian/ so called Republican.

There is nothing to be done for it now, only watch the speed gauge and see how fast the final phase ie the military invasion of CONUS by Russia, China, South America, Iran etc

The American Republic is Dead. We killed it, or allowed it to be killed by this horde of demoncrat scum infesting our nation, or the other half as I like to put it, the non Patriot, Christian, Conservative half. And here I thought the two Red Dawn movies were a likely scenario, they are for part of the globalist plan, but I did not see the mass of TREASON among the entire leadership class of the USA. I should have remembered when evil is honored in the land, the vile strut about like peacocks. The peacocks will be the death of us, and soon now that Putin is willing to take military action to protect his borders, and the demoncrats, well they just made, or will soon make, when they are not killing us off, meaningless as they concentrate all political power in their hands.

Take care. Prepare. We really don’t have much longer now. Even the sheeple can see, not understand, or prepare, but they can see the fraud now.


The Asians have a concept called Saving Face. It means you never openly humiliate someone. However, as the event happened when Obama went to visit China, it is clear the level of contempt by China to the USA, especially Obama, is intense. China clearly doesn’t take the USA, Obama or his role as POTUS and CIC very seriously. The only reasonable explanation for the actions of the Chinese officials is they despise Obama and don’t respect the USA anymore. The public nature of Obama’s slapdown means China no longer cares who knows about its open contempt for the USA.

I think this event will be seen as a watershed moment in relations between the USA and China.

The link is here.

Context is everything in this type of political and diplomatic relationship.
My take on this it must be viewed in the context of a resurgent China, openly challenging the Western, ie USA, military, economic and political power. China is saying that not only is China ours, but the entire Pacific is. If you look at what China has been doing the last twenty years or so, especially in Africa, South America and Asia you see a budding imperial power. China is no longer to take any fecal material from the USA about ANYTHING.

China assets full control of the ENTIRE SOUTH CHINA SEA. They assert control over the entire Pacific Region. China loans us money, and sees how economically stupid we are. They despise us for being arrogant bullies, weak of character, especially Obama and his ideology, plus they think we are economic basket cases.

This incident shows they truly despise us and have had enough. I have to say it is much, much worse than Obama. China has a fundamental contempt for the USA in all ways. For one thing, they think they can take us and vaporize our carriers with their hypersonic missiles and torpedoes. They are certainly thinking about taking Taiwan and the whole island chain.

War in the Pacific is coming because China looks at Obama and sneers. Now whether Trump could make them back off, I really don’t know.

The other context of this is the Chinese billionaire, Mr. Ma just said it was free trade between the USA and China OR WAR!

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We are now in the eye of the Middle Eastern Hurricane in my opinion. We are now on the cusp of events that will have profound impacts on life here on Planet Earth. For one thing, Turkey’s Erdogan has now completely lost what little mind he had. His invasion of Syria is the act of a raving lunatic.

Okay, let me make something very clear. ERDOGAN IS NOT “GOING AFTER ISIS” Erdogan has fully supported ISIS for years now, ranging from allowing their oil tanker trucks to drive to Black Sea ports and load tankers. So, Erdogan is now using his military to go after KURDISH FORCES DEPLOYED NEAR THE TURKISH BORDER. Further, he is/will, in my opinion, not stop but continue on until he engages Assad’s Syrian Army, other Kurdish groups, the Shia Hezzbollah.


It is really pretty brutal and simple for Putin. Once Erdogan directly engages the Syrian Army, the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Shia Hezzbollah he will be FORCED to use his bombers on the advancing Turkish military.

Again, the assumption Erdogan will only deploy a short distance into Syria and only engage Kurdish forces, again NOT ISIS, is wrong.


I have started to think perhaps I need to start taking Mescaline again. It will likely help me understand the actions of all the FREAKING F#$%%% RAVING LUNATICS NOW RUNNING AROUND IN TURKEY.

Gang, Erdogan isn’t going to stop on the border, or with the Kurds. The man thinks he is a restored Sullemin the Great.

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Abdullah Bozkurt ‏@abdbozkurt 5h
President Erdogan’s mentor Kadir Mısıroğlu on pro-gov’t TV
declares Syria & Iraq will be annexed to Turkey
Naveed Ahmadنويدأحمد ‏@naveed360 4h
Russia-n military chief Gen Valery Gerasimov
cancel Turkey visit scheduled for today at the last minute
without giving reason.



The news reports are full of stories about Russian military deployments, massing of troops on the NovaRussia and Ukrainian borders. NovoRussia is the former Ukraine areas now controlled by the ethnic Russian Armed Militias. News reports also indicate heavy artillery shelling pretty much along the whole front. The neo con warmongers have long wanted a Russian Ukrainian war. It seems they may be getting one.


  1. The reason for all of this is the expansion of NATO far to the east since 1991. Russia will not tolerate being encircled by the globalist conspiracy that seeks to reduce Russia to a third world status. The globalists overthrew the elected President of Ukraine who was pro Russian. The NAZI THUGS then took over and began a genocide on the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. Putin has allowed thousands of them to be raped, murdered by the Ukrainian military in order to avoid a full war with NATO.

    The situation now is Putin has decided he can’t allow the ongoing NATO, USA and globalist military upgrade of Ukraine to continue unchecked. The terror attacks sealed the deal. Putin isn’t going to allow NAZI terrorists to start blowing things up in the Crimea. I think Putin would have settled for the Crimea. The Crimea was given to the Ukraine in 1956 by Khurschev in one of his particularly stupid actions. Crimea was never Ukrainian. It was always a part of Russia going back to the middle ages.

    I think Putin has decided that Obama is a moron, Porky the warmonger is a Nazi, and that Kiev must be neutralized before he ends up with a Fourth Reich in Ukraine. The leadership in Kiev is NAZI. The military units are Waffen SS clones. They use the same symbols as the SS units raised by the Nazis in the Ukraine.

    My gut feeling is Putin may very well unleash his forces on August 24th, which is the independence day for Ukraine. I also think he will push to the Dniepper River, take over Moldovia, neutralize the new missile base in Romania and link up the coastal areas of the Ukraine from Marapol to Moldavia. This will leave the Ukraine with Kiev and some ethnic Ukrainian areas towards Poland and Slovakia.

    The West will do nothing at all. NATO will do nothing at all. I don’t think Putin will try for Poland or the Baltic Republics.

    Given the massive amount of fighting going on over the last 72 hours, we may stumble into a war even if one is planned. I also think the Ukrainians, having gotten a lot of advanced Western stuff the last two years, as well as built a lot of their own stuff, will go down harder than Putin thinks. They will be crushed eventually.

    The reaction in the west once Russian armor columns start towards Kiev will reveal just what a moron Obama really is.

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Turkey’s blossoming fascist, Islamic tyrant has given the USA an ultimatum to make a choice between Turkey and the Gullen movement.


    It’s either us or Gulen, Erdogan warns US
    By Rudaw 13 hours ago

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region–The United States will have to eventually decide which it wants, to retain friendly relations with Turkey or continue to host the US-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned.

    “Sooner or later the US will make a choice. Either Turkey or FETO,” Erdogan, in reference to the Gulen network in Turkey.

    “Either the coup-plotting terrorist FETO or the democratic country Turkey. It has to make this choice,” he stressed.

    Erdogan made these remarks on Wednesday while addressing a large crowd in front of the Presidential Palace in Ankara.

    Ankara blames Gulen and his followers in Turkey for orchestrating the failed July 15 coup attempt and has demanded the US extradite him. The US said it will only do so if Turkey’s claims are backed up by concrete evidence.

    The Turkish president, in his speech, compared the Gulen movement with the Islamic State and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

    “Those who follow the Pennsylvania-based charlatan who sold his soul to the devil, or Daesh [ISIS], which shed Muslim blood, or the PKK that also has shed blood for 30 years to divide the country and the nation, will all lose in the end,” he said.

    Erdogan also told Turks to always stay on guard and be vigilant saying that, “betrayal can come from anywhere and anyone.”

    “Democracy watch cannot be only kept in certain hours, in certain places,” he said, saying Turks must defend democracy 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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Erdogan has effectively destroyed the Turkish military. The Turkish Army has had thousands of officers arrested. He arrested over 800 Air Force pilots alone. And where are the 14 Navy ships that nobody seems to be able to find. LOL

Erdogan’s “military” is composed of his armed/unarmed thugs, the armed police, selected special forces units etc. He is watching the Southeast area of Turkey explode into firefights between the Kurds and his mostly paramilitary units down there.

Erdogan’s plan is to stir up the mob, have them storm the airbase and use the chaos to get the nukes. WE are looking at exactly the same scenario as the Iranian hostage crisis. Gulen is the Shah, Erdogan is the Ayatollah, and the howling mobs are the future Revolutionary Guards in the early stages of being formed.

Nobody in the West understands we are looking at the creation of an Islamic, Jihad state with a veneer of Ottoman Empire thrown into the mix. Erdogan is no longer rational in my view. He is going to keep rolling the dice until somebody smacks him down hard.

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  1. It is not unreasonable for those secular elements in the Turkish military, after watching the torture and murder of their comrades who surrendered, to be heading underground. I find it very interesting that six days after the coup attempt, Erdogan is clearly still not in control of his country. He has significant naval assets that went poof! He has at least one thousand military people who went poof. He has open combat between the Kurds and his armed thugs and rapists. He hasn’t pulled his troops out of Iraq.

    Erdogan is acting like a tyrant who sees plots everywhere. This may be just an expression of his delusional nature, but then again, it may reflect reality.

    Erdogan rolled the dice. The fact he is now, still, calling for armed Islamic militias to pour into the streets is telling. The comments about a second coup attempt are devastating to his usual “I am in control,” mantra. The man isn’t in control or he wouldn’t still be doing what he is doing.

    The Kurds are mobilizing in Southeast Turkey for self defense at the minimum. Elements of the Turkish military are either hiding, deserting or forming up for a low level civil war scenario.

    It is also critical to understand that S and P just reduced Turkey to junk level. Tourists have abandoned going to Turkey and the economy is withering away.
    The EU and NATO are facing the prospect of sending coup plotters back to be tortured and murdered. I can’t emphasize enough the pictures, the multiple pictures, of the captured soldiers, beaten, bruised and with clear signs of torture has shifted the Western attitude decisively. The West now has no cover left to continue to support Erdogan, who really is a mentally ill, delusional fool with the Muslim version of a Messiah complex.

    The nukes just add lighter fluid to the barbeque. This is going to end badly. The combination of a mentally ill Turkish leader, gutless groups like EU and NATO, along with our Cretin in Chief and his minions will have to end in disaster.

    Yep, it will no doubt play out, likely to the end of July time frame. The Nukes of August, anyone?

    About the time Doomer Doug thinks the insanity can’t get any more insane, it does.

    The nukes are going to be the final straw.

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I don’t think history repeats itself. I do think it echoes. The situation in Turkey over the airbase is reaching critical mass. It will be over, one way or another, by the end of July. Depending on how things pan out, we could easily have a military confrontation between US or NATO forces and Erdogan’s “new” Turkish military.

Okay, let me be clear on several issues. I have the “gut feeling” we are now seeing an echo of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Reagan for President, and the financial chaos of Volcker’s rate increases.

I agree we have the technical military ability to get those people, and the nukes out. Unfortunately, Obama is our Cretin in Chief and he will NEVER AUTHORIZE a military solution. He will try to suck up to Erdogan. Further, he will hand over this guy to Erdogan in record time.

The issue facing the USA, NATO and the EU is the nukes being held hostage.

I have said that Iran, Syria, Russia, the Kurds and Iraq are watching Turkey very closely. Iran has granted recognition to Turkey, even though Turkey supports ISIS. Syria is following Russia’s lead. The Kurds have already made the decision they won’t take any dung from Erdogan. I expect the Kurds to protect themselves in SouthEastern Turkey from Erdogan’s thugs. This will be the first flashpoint, as indicated by the raging firefights. I will note the firefights are between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the “paramilitary groups.” These groups are the armed Erdogan thug militia, who seem to be getting their butts kicked by the Peshmerga. What a surprise.

The next flashpoint will be in a week or so at the airbase. Let me be very, very clear here. I have long said that at some point in the Obama administration the adults would take over. Obama has been allowed to play the fool and the cretin as long as it really didn’t matter. Turkey’s Erdgoan getting his hands on sixty nuclear weapons matters. Ergo, if that seems likely to happen, then the adults, either in the USA or Russia, will intervene. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL VLADAMIR PUTIN ALLOW ERDOGAN TO TAKE PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THOSE 60 NUKES. IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AND IF HE HAS TO NUKE THE AIRBASE, OR SEND IN THREE BRIGADES TO DO THAT HE WILL.

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This link shows Erdogan is not backing off on the airbase either.

Of course, Erdogan has purged the military as the link below shows.


I am unsure of what words to use in describing the increasingly erratic behavior of Turkey’s leader Mr. Erdogan. Some of the words would be insane, crazy, a raving lunatic, a delusional fanatic who things he is on a mission from Allah to restore the Ottoman Empire come to mind. At any rate, Erdogan is now going for broke in establishing a fascist, totalitarian dictatorship in Turkey. He has said the courts have no power in Turkey if they issues rulings that he doesn’t agree with. He has closed down any media that challenges him. He has shut down Facebook and Twitter in a power grab of unprecedented ferocity. If anybody had any illusions the Internet is free, or can’t be shut down by a fascist government, Erdogan is showing what a government can do to crush dissent.

Today’s bombing in Ankara will give him even more leverage in his mad dash towards both war and fascism. The fact he is still being supported by NATO, the EU, and our Three Stooges in the USA, Obama, Kerry and Biden shows just how dysfunctional the USA is at this point in our Cretin in Chief Obama’s Marxist reign of terror.

The link below must be read in order to be taken seriously. Erdogan really does think he is on a mission from Allah, and he really does think he has been chosen to restore the historical Ottoman Empire. The fact this is on the level of a man who thinks he can do whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to, and to anybody he wants to, well that just gives it an additional level of luncacy.

Does Erdogan believe he’s on a mission from God? Summary Increasingly cornered and isolated both at home and abroad, Turkey’s president is seeking to boost his public support by placing God directly at the center of his Islamist oratory. Author Kadri Gursel Posted March 9, 2016 Translator Sibel Utku Bila…oly-realm.html

The tidal wave of events now happening in and around Syria and Turkey are reaching a level of lunacy and lethality that beggars any description I can possibly write. In the last two weeks or so a massive military mobilization has been unleashed, one so large it defies reason. There are now well over 1.5 MILLION men deployed in and around Syria at full combat readiness. Russia has essentially encircled Turkey with combat deployments to the east in Armenia, to the north in Crimea, to the south with a naval base and an airbase in Syria. Russia has deployed both surface and submarines off the Syian coast. They have deployed a nuclear boomer sub in the Bay of Biscay off of France. They have used their airplanes from the Syria air base to pound the living crap out of Al Qaida and ISIS. The Assad Alliance is now moving at will inside of all areas of Syria and pounding the crap out of both Al Qaida and ISIS. In general, the military offensive by the Assad Alliance, especially the Kurds, using close ground support from the Russian Air Force is closing the last pockets containing both ISIS and Al Qaida forces. It will not be long before the Kurds are directly on the Turkish border.

NATO made a critical error in taunting Putin over the rescue helicopters. NATO now intends to monitor the Turkish and Syrian border more closely. Perhaps NATO will actually catch Turkish supply columns driving supplies to ISIS. It is more likey they will come under attack by the Kurds, or ISIS trying to stir things up. What will NATO do when one of their firebases gets attacked by anybody? It is a classic set up to get a clause 5 invasion of Turkey scenario. The fact Turkey is now sliding further into anarchy, as a direct result of Mr. Erdogan will be ignored. They need a war to derail Mr. Trump and the populists in Europe, so they will start one.

For links see article source….. Posted for fair use…..…tants-1.398942 37 minutes ago Report: Turkish airstrikes in Iraq kill 67 PKK militants Associated Press Published: March 12, 2016 ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s state-run news agency says the military has carried out air strikes against Kurdish rebel targets across the border in northern Iraq, killing at least 67 militants. Anadolu Agency, citing unnamed security sources, said Saturday that 14 F-16 and F-4 jets were involved in the March 9 strikes which allegedly destroyed ammunition depots, bunkers and shelters belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. The agency said the offensive targeted five areas in northern Iraq, including the Qandil mountains on the Iraq-Iraq border where the PKK’s leadership is based. Turkey’s jets have frequently bombed PKK sites in northern Iraq since July, when a fragile peace process between the government and rebels collapsed. The PKK, which is fighting for autonomy for Kurds in Turkey’s southeast, is listed as a terrorist organization.

Saudi Arabia seeks Pakistan’s cooperation for NATO-like military alliance Last Updated On 12 March,2016 06:15 pm…ation-for-NATO According to sources, both sides have agreed to continue consultation on the matter.

Syrian Air Force MiG-21 Jet Downed, Pilot Killed – Source 23:17 12.03.2016(updated 23:55 12.03.2016)…shot-dead.html…-town-37612064

Turkey Declares New 24-Hour Curfews for Mainly-Kurdish Towns By Suzan Fraser, Associated Press ANKARA, Turkey March 13, 2016, 6:05 AM ET Turkish authorities on Sunday declared new 24-hour, indefinite curfews for two mainly-Kurdish towns where Turkey’s security forces are set to launch large-scale operations to battle Kurdish militants.

NATO to boost surveillance on Turkey-Syria border BRUSSELS – Anadolu Agency Sunday,March 13 2016…&NewsCatID=352


Yes indeed, the stars are lining up for another regional war in the Middle East. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mr. Erdogan who is on a mission from God!

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I have said the violence in Syria shows no sign of abating regardless of the so called cease fire. The link below shows fighting in Northeastern Syria rages unchecked.

SDF seizes important ISIS headquarters in Syria

By Rudaw yesterday at 10:00

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have retaken the Syrian city of Shadadi. The battle for Shadadi was intense and lasted days. Large parts of SDF are Kurds of the YPG. The SDF described it as a strategic fight. By taking Shadadi ISIS connection with Ramadi and Mosul has been cut. The forces now have their eyes on Mergeda in northeastern Syria. Coalition airstrikes played a significant role in regaining the city. The SDF admits its link with the coalition, but rejects any ties with Syrian government or Russian air forces.

I will point out a major offensive against Mosul in Iraq is about to begin. ISIS is now completely cut off from Syria and trapped in pockets in both Syria and Iraq.

We now have a situation where the fighting ranges from the Syrian coast to deep inside of Iraq. We have open combat in all regions of Syria, especially along its Turkish border. We have Turkey massing troops and supplies in order to launch over the border attacks on the Kurds. We have the Syrian Army attacking Aleppo and its suburbs, as well as further north at Azaz. And now we have reports of major attacks in the far western Syrian area containing both the Russian air and naval bases. The fighting never stopped there at all.…-idUSKCN0W414J

Syrian government forces open new battle with rebels in northwest BEIRUT Wednesday March 2, 2016 6:39am EST Syrian government forces launched an attack on Wednesday to capture a rebel-held hill in north-western Syria, a rebel official and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, an expansion of operations that have continued in that area despite a deal to cease fighting. Rebels said the assault on Kabani hill in the province of Latakia was supported by Russian air strikes. Both the government and rebels have accused each other of violating the truce, which came into effect on Saturday. The agreement does not include Islamic State or the Nusra Front, an al Qaeda-linked group that has a wide presence in northwestern Syria. The hill overlooks the rebel-held town of Jisr al-Shughour in neighboring Idlib province, and the Ghab Plain, where rebel advances last year were seen as a growing threat to President Bashar al-Assad. “The regime and militias are trying to storm (the hill) under very fierce Russian air cover and artillery fire,” said Fadi Ahmad, spokesman for the First Coastal Division, a group fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army. Rami Abdulrahman, Observatory director, said: “If the regime is able to capture Kabani hill, the insurgents will be in a difficult position because this hill overlooks the Ghab Plain and Jisr al-Shughour.” A rebel commander in northern Syria said: “Battles continue in vital areas that the regime wants, and where there was no truce in the first place. There is bombardment and battles.” “We are in the fifth day and there is no change in these areas,” he said, in reference to areas in the provinces of Latakia, Homs and Hama. (Reporting by Lisa Barrington and Tom Perry; Editing by Toby Chopra)

And finally, we have clear indications Lebanon will be used as an invasion corridor into Syria. We have various Sunni governments advising their citizens to not go to Lebanon; if there, to leave immediately. We have the declaration that Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy military in both Lebanon and Syria, is now an official terrorist group. The icing on the warhead is the Greek Coast Guards’ seizure of a Turkish flagged ship carrying weapons to Northern Lebanon. When you combine all of that with severing the final ISIS link to Mosul, along with a major offensive in Northwestern Syria, with the Northern Thunder exercise, well I think you will see where I am headed.

At this point in time, we have over one million military people fully mobilized for war. This includes 600,000 Turks, 250,000 Saudi Coalition forces, hundreds of thousands of Syrian military, Hezbollah, Iranian forces, plus the Kurdish Peshmerga. Like I have said repeatedly, all the pieces are in motion. Once the final pieces are in place in Northern Lebanon, we could go hot.

The Assad Alliance forces are now moving towards the Turkish border. They are closing the final pockets ISIS and Al Qaida hold. They are going to cruise right up to the Turkish border and glare at each other. The Kurds have also now launched what is in fact an internal subversion campaign against Turkish rule of Kurdish cities inside of Turkey. As I write this, there is yet another planned demonstration which provokes total chaos in Turkey. Turkey is, to put it mildly, somewhat in a state of anarchy.

I am still on for my Ides of March date. I grant that it may take more time for everything to gel into total chaos. On the other hand, the process is speeding up, gathering steam, and headed towards open warfare. I feel like the person watching a train speeding towards a washed out bridge. The train hasn’t started falling into the Grand Canyon yet, but I can see what is going to happen.
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