Under the Nurnberg Tribunal rulings dealing with Nazi war crimes during World War Two, a body of law regarding how military forces were expected to act was created. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is fully expected to follow those rulings in any member state’s military deployments. Turkey is a member of NATO; therefore, Turkey is expected to behave in full compliance with the Nurnberg laws. The fact that Turkey is now both torturing Kurdish captives itself, and also allowing its proxy forces; namely, the so called Free Syrian Army, the Grey Wolves and others means Turkey is in clear violation of NATO policy. As such, it is a requirement that NATO openly sanction Turkey for engaging in war crimes. Of course, that hasn’t happened, nor do I think it will. Instead, the very foundation of the entire NATO military alliance is now destroyed. Putin has allowed NATO to self destruct over Turkey, just as he has allowed them to crash and burn by supporting the Kiev war criminals.

The links are here.

Syrian rebels captured by YPG confess to torturing Kurdish fighters

By Rudaw 1 hour ago

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region–The Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG) counter-terror unit (YAT) captured two members of the Sultan Murad brigade, a force fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The two were captured in a special operation and according to the YPG confessed to have been involved in torturing Kurdish fighters who were taken captive a few days ago near Jarablus.

The YPG released a video of the two Syrian opposition rebels captured by their counter-terror units, according to the Hawar news agency (ANHA).

YPG’s spokesperson, Redur Xelil, on his twitter on Thursday announced “Those who tortured our fighters in Jarablus were captured in a special operation by the counter-terror units YAT.”

The two captives are “Muhamad Ahmad and Ali Muhamad from Hama city, who soon stated that they were deceived by the Turkish state,” according to ANHA.

In the video, the two men confessed that they were part of the group who tortured the four YPG fighters, and they said their brigade receives support from Turkey.

Rebel Muhamad Ahmad said, “The officials told us we will fight ISIS and the Kurds. Kurds are bad, and we are right.”

“But when we entered Jarablus, it was empty and there was not anyone there,” he explained.

The YPG fighters shown in the video being beaten by rebels were handed over to Turks by the Sultan Murad brigade, the two men confirmed.

A video obtained by Rudaw showed soldiers of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) beating and kicking YPG fighters taken captive in fighting, including child soldiers.

Another video shows four YPG fighters who were taken captive on Sunday. In the video, Syrian rebels call the captives “separatists.” They said that, at the “request of the people in the villages south of Jarablus, we came today and liberated the villages from these separatists.”

“Our first and last goal is the unity of Syria, and we want to cleanse Syria from these separatist groups, the Assad regime and ISIS,” the rebels said.

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We are now in the eye of the Middle Eastern Hurricane in my opinion. We are now on the cusp of events that will have profound impacts on life here on Planet Earth. For one thing, Turkey’s Erdogan has now completely lost what little mind he had. His invasion of Syria is the act of a raving lunatic.

Okay, let me make something very clear. ERDOGAN IS NOT “GOING AFTER ISIS” Erdogan has fully supported ISIS for years now, ranging from allowing their oil tanker trucks to drive to Black Sea ports and load tankers. So, Erdogan is now using his military to go after KURDISH FORCES DEPLOYED NEAR THE TURKISH BORDER. Further, he is/will, in my opinion, not stop but continue on until he engages Assad’s Syrian Army, other Kurdish groups, the Shia Hezzbollah.


It is really pretty brutal and simple for Putin. Once Erdogan directly engages the Syrian Army, the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Shia Hezzbollah he will be FORCED to use his bombers on the advancing Turkish military.

Again, the assumption Erdogan will only deploy a short distance into Syria and only engage Kurdish forces, again NOT ISIS, is wrong.


I have started to think perhaps I need to start taking Mescaline again. It will likely help me understand the actions of all the FREAKING F#$%%% RAVING LUNATICS NOW RUNNING AROUND IN TURKEY.

Gang, Erdogan isn’t going to stop on the border, or with the Kurds. The man thinks he is a restored Sullemin the Great.

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Abdullah Bozkurt ‏@abdbozkurt 5h
President Erdogan’s mentor Kadir Mısıroğlu on pro-gov’t TV
declares Syria & Iraq will be annexed to Turkey
Naveed Ahmadنويدأحمد ‏@naveed360 4h
Russia-n military chief Gen Valery Gerasimov
cancel Turkey visit scheduled for today at the last minute
without giving reason.



Turkey’s blossoming fascist, Islamic tyrant has given the USA an ultimatum to make a choice between Turkey and the Gullen movement.


    It’s either us or Gulen, Erdogan warns US
    By Rudaw 13 hours ago

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region–The United States will have to eventually decide which it wants, to retain friendly relations with Turkey or continue to host the US-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned.

    “Sooner or later the US will make a choice. Either Turkey or FETO,” Erdogan, in reference to the Gulen network in Turkey.

    “Either the coup-plotting terrorist FETO or the democratic country Turkey. It has to make this choice,” he stressed.

    Erdogan made these remarks on Wednesday while addressing a large crowd in front of the Presidential Palace in Ankara.

    Ankara blames Gulen and his followers in Turkey for orchestrating the failed July 15 coup attempt and has demanded the US extradite him. The US said it will only do so if Turkey’s claims are backed up by concrete evidence.

    The Turkish president, in his speech, compared the Gulen movement with the Islamic State and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

    “Those who follow the Pennsylvania-based charlatan who sold his soul to the devil, or Daesh [ISIS], which shed Muslim blood, or the PKK that also has shed blood for 30 years to divide the country and the nation, will all lose in the end,” he said.

    Erdogan also told Turks to always stay on guard and be vigilant saying that, “betrayal can come from anywhere and anyone.”

    “Democracy watch cannot be only kept in certain hours, in certain places,” he said, saying Turks must defend democracy 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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Erdogan has effectively destroyed the Turkish military. The Turkish Army has had thousands of officers arrested. He arrested over 800 Air Force pilots alone. And where are the 14 Navy ships that nobody seems to be able to find. LOL

Erdogan’s “military” is composed of his armed/unarmed thugs, the armed police, selected special forces units etc. He is watching the Southeast area of Turkey explode into firefights between the Kurds and his mostly paramilitary units down there.

Erdogan’s plan is to stir up the mob, have them storm the airbase and use the chaos to get the nukes. WE are looking at exactly the same scenario as the Iranian hostage crisis. Gulen is the Shah, Erdogan is the Ayatollah, and the howling mobs are the future Revolutionary Guards in the early stages of being formed.

Nobody in the West understands we are looking at the creation of an Islamic, Jihad state with a veneer of Ottoman Empire thrown into the mix. Erdogan is no longer rational in my view. He is going to keep rolling the dice until somebody smacks him down hard.

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  1. It is not unreasonable for those secular elements in the Turkish military, after watching the torture and murder of their comrades who surrendered, to be heading underground. I find it very interesting that six days after the coup attempt, Erdogan is clearly still not in control of his country. He has significant naval assets that went poof! He has at least one thousand military people who went poof. He has open combat between the Kurds and his armed thugs and rapists. He hasn’t pulled his troops out of Iraq.

    Erdogan is acting like a tyrant who sees plots everywhere. This may be just an expression of his delusional nature, but then again, it may reflect reality.

    Erdogan rolled the dice. The fact he is now, still, calling for armed Islamic militias to pour into the streets is telling. The comments about a second coup attempt are devastating to his usual “I am in control,” mantra. The man isn’t in control or he wouldn’t still be doing what he is doing.

    The Kurds are mobilizing in Southeast Turkey for self defense at the minimum. Elements of the Turkish military are either hiding, deserting or forming up for a low level civil war scenario.

    It is also critical to understand that S and P just reduced Turkey to junk level. Tourists have abandoned going to Turkey and the economy is withering away.
    The EU and NATO are facing the prospect of sending coup plotters back to be tortured and murdered. I can’t emphasize enough the pictures, the multiple pictures, of the captured soldiers, beaten, bruised and with clear signs of torture has shifted the Western attitude decisively. The West now has no cover left to continue to support Erdogan, who really is a mentally ill, delusional fool with the Muslim version of a Messiah complex.

    The nukes just add lighter fluid to the barbeque. This is going to end badly. The combination of a mentally ill Turkish leader, gutless groups like EU and NATO, along with our Cretin in Chief and his minions will have to end in disaster.

    Yep, it will no doubt play out, likely to the end of July time frame. The Nukes of August, anyone?

    About the time Doomer Doug thinks the insanity can’t get any more insane, it does.

    The nukes are going to be the final straw.

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I don’t think history repeats itself. I do think it echoes. The situation in Turkey over the airbase is reaching critical mass. It will be over, one way or another, by the end of July. Depending on how things pan out, we could easily have a military confrontation between US or NATO forces and Erdogan’s “new” Turkish military.

Okay, let me be clear on several issues. I have the “gut feeling” we are now seeing an echo of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Reagan for President, and the financial chaos of Volcker’s rate increases.

I agree we have the technical military ability to get those people, and the nukes out. Unfortunately, Obama is our Cretin in Chief and he will NEVER AUTHORIZE a military solution. He will try to suck up to Erdogan. Further, he will hand over this guy to Erdogan in record time.

The issue facing the USA, NATO and the EU is the nukes being held hostage.

I have said that Iran, Syria, Russia, the Kurds and Iraq are watching Turkey very closely. Iran has granted recognition to Turkey, even though Turkey supports ISIS. Syria is following Russia’s lead. The Kurds have already made the decision they won’t take any dung from Erdogan. I expect the Kurds to protect themselves in SouthEastern Turkey from Erdogan’s thugs. This will be the first flashpoint, as indicated by the raging firefights. I will note the firefights are between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the “paramilitary groups.” These groups are the armed Erdogan thug militia, who seem to be getting their butts kicked by the Peshmerga. What a surprise.

The next flashpoint will be in a week or so at the airbase. Let me be very, very clear here. I have long said that at some point in the Obama administration the adults would take over. Obama has been allowed to play the fool and the cretin as long as it really didn’t matter. Turkey’s Erdgoan getting his hands on sixty nuclear weapons matters. Ergo, if that seems likely to happen, then the adults, either in the USA or Russia, will intervene. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL VLADAMIR PUTIN ALLOW ERDOGAN TO TAKE PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THOSE 60 NUKES. IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AND IF HE HAS TO NUKE THE AIRBASE, OR SEND IN THREE BRIGADES TO DO THAT HE WILL.

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This link shows Erdogan is not backing off on the airbase either.

Of course, Erdogan has purged the military as the link below shows.

THE IDES OF JULY 7-14-2016

I have never thought that Militant Islam lacked panache, as well as a certain level of brazen lunacy, in its terror attacks. I have long felt they remain fully capable of large scale, well planned, well executed and totally devastating terror attacks. The events in France today prove my instincts to be correct. We are now seeing nothing less than a full attack on Secular, Democratic, Free Western society. There will be no going back now. The PC crowd has totally lost any possible cover for viewing Islam as anything less than an total threat to Western Civilization. The long awaited “Clash of Civilization’s began today in France. This is not a “terror attack.” THIS IS AN OPEN DECLARATION OF WAR ON SECULAR WESTERN SOCIETY. It will either be treated as such, fought against as such, or Western Europe will not last out the year.

The links are here.

And here.

‘At least 60 dead and 100 injured’ as lorry crashes into crowd of revellers celebrating in France ‘terror attack’

Here is the link where the French Intelligence Chief warns of “Civil War.”

My comments are here.

France will certainly be in civil war after today’s massive tidal wave of terror. Le Pen just got elected to rule France when the election happens in the near future.

Militant Islam is certainly brazen if nothing else. Today’s attacks are a fundamental strike at the foundation of French secular society. We will either see France collapse in the next six months, or we will see such a savage, brutal and vicious populist backlash that has Muslims hanging from the trees from one end of France to the other.

The multicultural model just totally collapsed in France. Whether French society can pull it together and deal with Militant Islam remains to be seen. One thing for sure is the hard right anti-Muslim parties and ideology just got a shot of pure octane jet fuel.

Nobody will be laughing at Le Pen from now on.

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Here we see a pathetic effort by NATO and the EU to become a credible military force. It is a fact the EU has gutted military spending since the end of the cold war in 1991. They have piggybacked on US military spending for the last two decades. The result is they have fully funded the EU welfare state. Russia has maintained military spending since 2000 when Putin came to power.


It will take a minimum of five to seven years from now before the weapons, supplies and training to even double the miserable numbers of forces now existing. The Royal Navy is a joke. The Canadian Navy has no offensive ability at all.

When I see stories like this, about the EU buildup, I just have to shake my head, gang. Russia and China have been INCREASING THEIR MILITARY FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. The West has been gutting it. Assuming all this NATO blather about actually fighting Russia is true, they must realize they will get slaughtered by the more numerous, better trained, better supplied, and advanced, superior weapons the Russians have developed since Putin came into power. Putin has been in power, on and off, still in total control, since Yeltsin, way back around 2000. Russia has been engaged in a massive military buildup for nearly 20 years. They have created first rate fighter jets, first rate battle tanks, first rate submarines, and first rate munitions with ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY OVER ANYTHING THE USA OR THE EU HAS.

Yep, the EU has no effective military at all. It will take them five to ten years to deal with that. The cuts are too deep, have happened over the last two decades, and will require hundreds of billions of dollars to reverse. The EU made a political decision to fund social programs. The chart showing the entire military budget for Germany is $60 billion shows what I am talking about.

The EU has no teeth, much less fangs.




REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape…a-step-closer/

REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape

by Donna Rachel Edmunds and Raheem Kassam20 Apr 20161171


I just did some more research. Russia has 16,000 tanks. Germany has 400. German has ONE DIVISION OF Tanks. RUSSIA HAS FORTY. Russia spent around $90 Billion on defense, at 4.4 percent of her economy. Germany spent 1.4 percent at 48 billion.

Germany is now in the final phase of reducing her combat brigades from 17 to 12. They may have reversed that due to the Ukraine situation.

Again, the EU is a military joke. One of the reasons Putin is laughing at both the EU and the USA is he has a massive military superiority. By the way, the last US tank was removed from Germany in April of 2013.



Here we see the war in Syria continues unabated despite the so called cease fire.

Israel claims Russia fired on one of its jets over Syria.

This link shows the Russian Pacific fleet is now openly challenging US naval superiority in the Pacific Ocean. This is in addition to China’s naval buildup.

Submarine defense: Russian subs posing Pacific threat to US Navy

Military & Defense

 March 18, 13:28 UTC+3 
Ahead of Submariner Day marked on March 19 in Russia, TASS reviews Russian submarines that cause the US Navy’s greatest concern in the Pacific region


And finally, we have multiple news stories on the large scale military operations now underway in Syria.

Field Commander: Syrian Army to Kick Off Massive Operations in Aleppo Soon


And now back to our regularly scheduled doom and gloom, blog readers. If after today’s events you don’t want to hop on a space shuttle to an alternate dimension, you haven’t been paying attention.

It is obvious ISIS is capable of wider ranging terror attacks than the PC crowd can mentally accept. No matter how loudly the PC morons chant “Can’t we all get along,” it won’t help. Militant Islam believes in Sharia Law. Sharia Law rejects all other legal systems: Roman law, Middle Ages Law, English Common Law and American Constitutional Law. Sharia law has no mercy; it has no compassion. It is the law of the jungle; the law of an eye for an eye. The basic problem with Islam in general and Militant Islam in particular, is they are thinking in Old Testament terms. Militant Islam wants to go back to either the sixth or seventh century AD, depending on whether you are talking Shia or Sunni. The rest of the world has moved on. Islam has not. It is a very simple equation in my view. Islam will either come to terms with modern life, or they will be exterminated by it.

I do not think all Muslims are terrorists. I do not think Islam is incapable of making the mental adjustments to live through the coming purge of Militant Islam from modern society. I do think Muslims are going to have to make a choice about their religion. Muslims, who think Jihad, or holy war, is a literal call to be suicide bombers will eventually be hunted down and eliminated from modern life. Muslims who understand Jihad is an internal spiritual battle will survive. Muslims who are not violent, vicious animals like ISIS, or both the Shia and Sunni fundamentalists will have a place at the table 50 years from now. If they do not, they will be at best be quarantined, and at worst crushed into impotence. One thing they will never be allowed to do is take over advanced cultures and take them back to the sixth century.

Any Muslims who think Militant Islam won’t create the kind of fascist, totalitarian governments in the nations of the west that will do all the things the PC crowd despises, is deluding themselves. I assure any Muslim reading this of one thing: the day a nuke goes off in CONUS, the response will be a holy war of our own. I hope that Muslims who are not misled by a flawed view of Islam will come to their senses. If they do not, then the blood is on them.

The buzz word for diplomats is “unacceptable.” Whenever a terror attack happens, they trot it out like some kind of magical charm. Once Trump is elected US President this will fade away. Today’s elections in Arizona, Utah and American Samoa will reflect the fact that ISIS just brazenly attacked Belgium and brought it to its knees. I think ISIS is getting desperate as Putin hammers them into the ground. They are now engaged in the warfare of the weak. It will do them no good. Militant Islam is under the impression they have people cowed. They do not. Militant Islam is under the impression the gutless fool Obama is the type of leader they will always be dealing with. Trump will be taking over from Obama within a few months. Militant Islam is under the impression we can’t be as ruthless as they are, or as vicious as they are, or as brutal as they are. They are wrong.

Militant Islam confuses the fascist, oligarchs running the USA today as credible leaders. They are not. The time is coming when the BS will be swept aside. The time is coming when the American people, following their new leader Donald Trump, will have had enough, become angry enough to kick some serious Militant Islam ass. I saw a woman walking down the street in downtown Portland, Oregon. She was wearing a full burka. I have to say the sight filled me with a wrath I have not felt for some time now. The time is coming when Muslims will no longer be welcome in the USA. And when the liberal morons protest, they will have the living daylights beaten out of them. It is coming. I do not care if people call me a fascist. I don’t care if they like me, or think I am a good person. We are now in the final phases of this fascist, totalitarian police state called the USA. It will be changed by Trump, or it will collapse into chaos. At this point, I am more than willing to take down the pillars, just like Samson did, and live with the results. I despise Militant Islam. I despise people who murder children, rape women like sex slaves and engage in the behavior of savages. I do not think that is Islam, but I will brook no crap on the point. Islam will change, or it will die.

Today also saw the release of a video by Ted Cruz so repulsive, so venal and arrogant, I hesitate to post it. In it, Lying Ted claims Trump is responsible for the terror attacks in Belgium today. The level of contempt I feel for Militant Islam is only slightly less than I feel for Mr. Cruz. He is not a Christian in my view; he is wolf in sheep’s clothing. Cruz is that type of American Christian who sickens me. He may have been ordered by his globalist masters to adopt a scorched earth policy towards Mr. Trump. Our RINO whores, their elite shills and donors may have decided to so trash the current Republican Party to prevent a Trump victory that they really don’t care. The RINO elite seem to be headed towards making a Hellary the Witch victory inevitable.

The link is here.

A New Low – Senator Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump for Brussels Terrorist Attacks (video)…

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I have to hand it to Vladimir Putin for both his cunning and black sense of humor. The day after he said he would pull out his planes from Syria, which he did by flying one half of them home, he gives the Kurds in Northern Iraq anti-aircraft guns. Putin then says, with a straight face, he is giving them so they can fight ISIS. I mean this is just priceless black humor. ISIS has no planes or helicopters. ISIS is not bombing the Kurds in Iraq. It is Turkey that is flying jets over Northern Iraq and bombing the Kurds. Putin knows this as well as anybody does. He just sent a very clear message to Erdogan that any helicopter that flies over to bomb the Kurds will get shot down. The issue of whether he has given them manpads to shoot down Turkish jets is unclear. ISIS or Al Qaida shot down a Syrian jet the other day, and just like the Russian pilot they shot this one out of the sky. Again, Putin is making it clear he will keep his hand in both Syria and Iraq. Russia has cemented a new relationship with the Kurds, much to the anger of NATO and the USA. Considering the several times the US has betrayed the Kurds, it isn’t surprising they now prefer to work with Putin and not Obama.

I ask myself several questions about this whole situation. Is Syria less violent, more stable, and engaged in less combat than one month ago. Did the so called cease fire reduce, increase, or leave the combat level the same. The answer is Syria is more unstable, more violent and engaged in more combat than one month ago. Putin clearly agrees with this view or he wouldn’t be giving AA batteries to the Kurds, or keeping his latest generation SAM missiles deployed in Syria.

Is Turkey more stable than one month ago, less violent than one month ago, and engaged in less combat than one month ago. The answer is Turkey is now run by a raving lunatic, involved in a civil war with the Kurds, suffering a wave of bombings, and engaged in offensive combat operations in both Syria and Iraq.

The Kurds have now said they want to create a federated Kurdish state from Northern Iraq all the way to Syria’s coastline. Erdogan now faces the partition of his country. He now faces a Kurdish Peshmerga force directly on his Syrian and Iraq borders, backed up by Russian military technology. Turkey and Saudi Arabia now face the total collapse of their political schemes, their military operations and the extinction of their proxy forces.

The choice facing Erdogan is stark. He rolls the dice again, and tries to live through the process, or he backs off and admits defeat. The fact he now wants to arrest any Kurdish political leader in Turkey, call them traitors and throw them into jail tells me he is doubling down as they say. The NATO airbase in Turkey is now reported to be on full alert. Erdogan must know the next airstrike he sends into Iraq will get shot at. What will he do then, is a very good question.


Here is the Url of some of the many essays I wrote over at gold-eagle from 1998 to 2007.
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The Url of my Amazon Kindle e books is here for the USA

The Url for my e books at amazon United Kingdom is here.

The e books are Day of the Dogs, Strike Destroyer, and Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy.

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