The movie “Downfall” was produced a few years ago, complete with a scene of Hitler melting down at a staff meeting. This scene has now been edited to cover hundreds of different scenarios over the last decade or so. This one relates to Hitler’s rant on the military, political and economic defeat of the USA, and the end of America’s role as a global superpower.

First, here is a link showing Biden has now triggered a second hostage crisis, some 40 years, after the 1980 one with Iran.

Next here is the youtube Hitler Reacts to the Fall of Afghanistan. Run time is 4 minutes or so. You have to watch it on Youtube, and it does contain some very intense parts. If you can’t get it to work, just type in Hitler Reacts to the Fall of Afghanistan in Duck2Go search engine.

Okay, here is a direct link to the video.

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