Government Shutdown Likely on 11-21: American Economy slowing, California Burning, and Trump to be impeached 10-29-2019

Halloween, for those who understand these things, is a PAGAN RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL, and not merely a chance for children to extort candy from adults, although it is sold as that. The near total dysfunction of our political class, now combined with raving lunacy an a national scale means the US Government will, yet again, likely have to pass a continuing resolution to avoid fiscal collapse a few days before Thanksgiving. Further, the 2019 Federal Budget Deficit was One TRILLION FIAT DOLLARS, totaling some 22 Trillion and change now; finally, the US is, by any reasonable economic analysis totally bankrupt, has lost any ability to repay any of this debt. Of course, everybody knows this, apparently doesn’t care, and is waiting for the entire system to crash, as long as we don’t personally have to deal with it. In a little over three weeks the USA, besides dealing with a constitutional crisis, a political crisis, and a government shut down, will somehow lurch into the Holiday Season with an American economy slowing down to put it mildly. The link is here.

Trucking Slowdown Ahead Of Holiday Season Suggests Consumer Is Faltering


Trump turns Victory into Defeat 10-28-19

First, like I have said Trump is going to be either officially impeached, via a US Senate vote, or he will be hounded out of office, like Nixon was in 1974. Pelosi, and her horde of Marxist Democrats, will vote on Thursday to begin the official impeachment referral process. Once that happens, to quote the French King, “Apres moi, les deluge,” or After Me, the Deluge.” Once the Marxist Democrats begin the “official impeachment process,” it will be Civil War Two time, chaos and anarchy nationwide. Of course, given the fact California is burning, has most of its electric grid down, and political violence is sweeping the globe, the Trump impeachment farce should fit right in. The other big deal, ie Trump’s so called “victory,” in killing the ISIS thug, is also turning into farce.

I have no problem with taking down this ISIS psycho at all. I made a listing all the WAR CRIMES ISIS engaged in, like burning the Jordanian Pilot alive, or raping and murdering the Yezhi? or burning that family alive, or beheading Kurdish and Iraq Army POWS etc etc.

Trump, well he just had to lay a layer of BS on this because, well it is just what Trump does. And since we know all of Islam realizes that everything the US said about Saddam’s death was a lie, we know they realize Trump’s take on what happened is Bull Shit.

Trump calls a terrorist who self detonates a suicide vest a coward? Seriously, and this from Trump who was never in the US military at all, but went to a “military school.” Sheesh!

Now here is what Trump should have done, and entered into brilliance. Trump should have said, we got the guy who burnt our Jordanian’s ally pilot, and we got the guy who raped and murdered the Yehzi’s, and beheaded the POWS etc. But Trump couldn’t do that, because it is always a race between his ego and his mouth.

Now if Trump had done that, he would have SHATTERED THE INVINCIBLE ISIS NARRATIVE. And since Trump didn’t, couldn’t really, do that, he created the “new” ISIS narrative? It is one of a heroic leader, accepting death, also for his 3 kids, rather than end up in a pit being tortured by American infidels. Next, Trump’s sneering, leering, calling him a coward, dog, and whimpering like a child, well this drivel will be laughed out of the entire middle east.

Trump had a chance, a real chance to destroy the ISIS narrative, since it isn’t only what you do, but how you do it.

Americans, well they don’t seem to get it, and I realize I will get trashed for being “pro ISIS,” or whatever, but we had a real chance to engage in the “we always get our terrorist idea,” but that is not the narrative now. The Trump caused narrative is Russia now openly calling us liars, and the focus is on Trump’s calling him a dog.

When you kill an enemy you make the reason you killed him the key thing. Trump, well I voted for the guy back in 2016, although I now realize Trump just has to trash talk and engage in the smack down, like he is at an NBA game. The fact that Trump got booed at the World Series Game, and I mean when, EVER has a sitting US Prez been booed like that? And now Pelosi is going to vote articles of Impeachment to send to the US Senate.

I’m glad that murdering, raping piece of ISIS crap is dead, but Trump really turned victory into defeat.

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Trump is now also doing the same thing Biden did with the Ukraine oil deal in Syria. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see either Kushner or Ivanka as head of this Syrian oil company Trump is going to create to steal Assad Junior’s oil. I mean, you can’t criticize Biden for being a crook and then steal Syria’s oil.


Authored by Jason Ditz via,

Having sent growing numbers of troops into eastern Syria explicitly to control the oil, President Trump now says he is seeking a deal with Exxon Mobil or “one of our great companies” to go into occupied Syria and take the oil.

“What I intend to do, perhaps, is make a deal with an ExxonMobil or one of our great companies to go in there and do it properly…and spread out the wealth,” the president said on Sunday.

The Mother of All Political Crisis’ Is Now Upon Us

There are some statements that can never be taken back, nor can they be anything other than the catalyst of a tidal wave of chaos unleashed. I have to say, even by Trump’s usual in your face standards his comments today, openly accusing Obama of committing Treason in spying on his 2016 campaign , we have now entered the twilight zone. I was overseas, in Germany, and in the US Army, at a place called Baumholder with the 8th Infantry Division, when all of what I call the “Watergate S$%^^,” happened. I also remember reading a Time magazine in  the summer of 1974 where Alexander Haig was quoted, he was Nixon’s Chief of Staff, and would later become my NATO commander, commenting that he thought all this talk of a military coup was excessive. I remember thinking, what military coup? At any rate, now that Trump has openly said Obama is a traitor, and given the venom in the ongoing impeachment process, there can be no going back now. Either Trump will be impeached, or forced to resign, or Obama will be impeached, and then thrown in jail. The result of either of those options will mean that a level of political violence can no longer be avoided over the next twelve to eighteen months. In fact, this creaking, visibly collapsing political system can no longer be upheld, not when one half of the American people think Trump is a traitor, and the other half thinks Obama is a traitor. It will be decided in the streets, much like the Nazis and Communists did in Germany back in 1932. The blood will flow in fire and storm and that will be it. It is now headlined in bright red, as Drudge’s lead story. Got Ammo?

Trump accuses Obama of treason for ‘spying’ on his 2016 campaign

Erdogan won’t hold back now. 10-21-2019

We had a 4.6 Earthquake this morning, six miles deep, and 132 miles off the Oregon Coast at Coos Bay. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is in motion, and despite everything I write about here, nukes in play, a raging lunatic in Erdogan and the ongoing Constitutional chaos Pelosi and Trump are engaged in, in about five minutes of shaking life will simply collapse here in CONUS. So, like Gollum, we dance on the edge of Mount Doom, too distracted to realize the bubbling lava is one false step away. Trump, well nobody seems to care if we have become a nation of people who stand by and let our allies be slaughtered. I actually got banned at timebomb, since they are still drinking the Trump Kool Aid, no matter how many Kurds are being raped and have their heads cut off. Erdogan now tells us he is discussing things with Assad Junior, which is total BS, given the level of hatred between a shia leader, Assad Junior, and a Sunni leader absolutely committed to reestablishing the Sunni Ottoman Empire. Israel is in chaos, Russia is moving its chess pieces, and Iran is quietly arming Hezzbollah, taking over Iraq and waiting for the so called cease fire to end. It looks like others are starting to figure out what I have; namely, Erdogan is going for broke now.


Erdogan’s Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons.

Savages and Brutes: Trump’s Folly in Syria

Trump, well Trump and his deplorables, of which I once counted myself, may go to their rallies and strut their stuff.  It means nothing since Trump has now unleashed the Muslim Hordes on Syria. The level of barbarism Erdogan’s “allies” are now doing is due to Trump’s moral cowardice, his arrogance, and his shallow self interest have now resulted in mass chaos in Syria for one.

The link is here, and as usual it is the British press that tells the story of Erdogan’s brutality and not the US press. The ignorant Sheeple, the Marxist Morons and this whole nation of people who are lost to folly apparently don’t care how much blood is now on the USA’s hands.

‘We have come to behead you, infidels’: Turkey-backed militia vows to behead any ‘infidel Kurd’ they find in northern Syria as ceasefire crumbles and Recep Erdogan vows to ‘crush the heads’ of Kurdish forces if they do not retreat

  • Turkey-backed militia recorded threatening to kill all Kurds in Northern Syria
  • Turkish President Erdogan vowed to ‘crush the heads’ of Kurdish forces
  • Forces had agreed a five-day ceasefire through US to allow Kurds time to withdraw from the Syria border
  • But incidents at border towns Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad have led to accusations and a return of fighting
  • Syrian Democratic Forces head said yesterday Turkey was blocking withdrawal 


Footage of a Turkey-backed militia threatening to execute any Kurds they find in Northern Syria has emerged, as both sides accused each other of breaking a ceasefire agreement negotiated by the United States.

The return of violence comes as President Recep Erdogan, who agreed to a five-day truce in his military offensive with US Vice President Mike Pence, vowed to ‘crush the heads’ of Kurdish forces if they do not retreat from a 120-kilometre stretch of the border.

Turkey’s offensive, launched earlier this month, has prompted hundreds of thousands to flee their homes – the latest humanitarian crisis of Syria’s eight-year civil war.

Earlier today a Turkish soldier was killed and another wounded in an attack by Syrian Kurdish forces near the Tal Abiad border town by what the Turkish defence ministry called ‘terrorists’.

Somebody said it better than I can: WordPress blog Armagedon Blog 10-19-2019

America in Decline on Many Fronts: Our Political System Is Broken, Our Industrial Base Is Vanishing, Our Education System Is In Shambles

America in Decline on Many Fronts: Our Political System Is Broken, Our Industrial Base Is Vanishing, Our Education System Is In Shambles

We’re getting close to the end now. Can you feel it? I do. It’s in the news, on the streets, and in your face every day. You can’t tune it out anymore, even if you wanted to.

Where once there was a civil debate in the court of public opinion, we now have censorship, monopoly, screaming, insults, demonization, and, finally, the use of force to silence the opposition. There is no turning back now. The political extremes are going to war, and you will be dragged into it even if you consider yourself apolitical.

There are great pivot points in history, and we’ve arrived at one. The United States, ruptured by a thousand grievance groups, torn by shadowy agencies drunk on a gross excess of power, robbed blind by oligarchs and their treasonous henchmen and decimated by frivolous wars of choice, has finally come to a point where the end begins in earnest. The center isn’t holding… indeed, finding a center is no longer even conceivable. We are the schizophrenic nation, bound by no societal norms, constrained by no religion, with no shared sense of history, myth, language, art, philosophy, music, or culture, rushing toward an uncertain future fueled by nothing more than easy money, hubris, and sheer momentum.

There comes a time when hard choices must be made…when it is no longer possible to remain aloof or amused because the barbarians have arrived at the gate. Indeed, they are here now, and they often look a whole lot like deracinated, conflicted, yet bellicose fellow Americans, certain of only one thing, and that is that they possess “rights”, even though they could scarcely form an intelligible sentence explaining exactly what those rights secure or how they came into being. But that isn’t necessary, from their point of view, you see. All they need is a “voice” and membership in an approved victim class to enrich themselves at someone else’s expense. If you are thinking to yourself right now that this does not describe you, then guess what? The joke’s on you, and you are going to be expected to pay the bill…that “someone else” is you.

In reality, though, who can blame the minions, when the elites have their hand in the till as well? In fact, they are even more hostile to reasoned discourse than Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, or Antifa. Witness the complete meltdown of the privileged classes when President Trump mildly suggested that perhaps our “intelligence community” isn’t to be trusted, which is, after all, a fairly sober assessment when one considers the track record of the CIA, FBI, NSA, BATF, and the other assorted Stasi agencies.

Burning cop cars or bum-rushing the odd Trump supporter seems kind of tame in comparison to the weeping and gnashing of teeth when that hoary old MIC “intelligence” vampire was dragged screaming into the light. Yet Trump did not drive a stake into its heart, nor at this point likely can anyone…and that is exactly the point. We are now Thelma and Louise writ large. We are on cruise control, happily speeding towards the cliff, and few seem to notice that our not so distant future involves bankruptcy, totalitarianism, and/or nuclear annihilation. Even though most of us couldn’t identify the band, we nonetheless surely live the lyrics of the Grass Roots: “Live for today, and don’t worry about tomorrow.”

The “Defense” Department, “Homeland” Security, big pharma, big oil, big education, civil rights groups, blacks, Indians, Jews, the Deep State, government workers, labor unions, Neocons, Populists, fundamentalist Christians, atheists, pro-life and pro-death advocates, environmentalists, lawyers, homosexuals, women, Millenials, Baby Boomers, blue collar/white collar, illegal aliens…the list goes on and on, but the point is that the conflicting agendas of these disparate groups have been irreconcilable for some time. The difference today is that we are de facto at war with each other, and whether it is a war of words or of actual combat doesn’t matter at the moment. What matters is that we no longer communicate, and when that happens it is easy to demonize the other side. Violence is never far behind ignorance.

I am writing this from the bar at the Intercontinental Hotel in Vienna, Austria. I have seen with my own eyes the inundation of Europe with an influx of hostile aliens bent on the destruction of Old Christendom, yet I have some hope for the eastern European countries because they have finally recognized the threat and are working to neutralize it. Foreign malcontents can never be successfully integrated into a civilized society because they don’t even intend to try; they intend to conquer their host instead.

Yet even though our own discontents are domestic for the most part, we have a much harder row to hoe than Old Europe because our own “invaders” are well entrenched and have been for decades, all the way up to the highest levels of government. That there are signs Austria is finally waking up is a good thing, but it serves to illustrate the folly of expecting the hostile cultures within our own country to get along with each other without rupturing the republic. Indeed, that republic died long ago, and it has been replaced by a metastasizing mass of amorphous humanity called the American Empire, and it is at war with itself and consuming itself from within.

Long ago, we once knew that as American citizens each of us had a great responsibility. We were expected to work hard, play fair, do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and serve our country when called upon to do so. Today, we don’t speak of duty, except in so much as a slogan to promote war, but we certainly do speak of benefits for ourselves and our “group” of entitled peeps. We will fail because of our greed and avarice. The United States of Empire has become quite simply too big, too diverse, and too “exceptional” to survive.

Gunfire in Portland part two: Trump now doomed by Erdogan’s use of Chemical Weapons 10-18-2019

The following is what I have gleaned from the pathetic Portland Police, and media reports dealing with the death of one Antifa type thug last Saturday. It isn’t much, and comes down to either a right wing hit on Antifa, or a gang banger initiation gone wrong, and like Las Vegas we may never really know.

The link below is to some brutal pictures showing what Erdogan is really up to in Syria. It is brutal, so consider yourselves warned. Trump is doomed now, and he will be either forced to resign, be impeached, or rendered unable to do anything for his final year in office. All of Erdogan’s blood, his raping, his murdering is all on Trump for his spineless, gutless, feckless “withdrawal.”

Hard to view pics be warned

Trump is now doomed by the “one picture is worth 1,000 words,” mantra.…rns-Syria.html

‘Dad stop the burning, I beg you’: Horrifying footage reveals badly-burned Kurdish children in Syria amid claims Turkey is using banned weapons such as napalm and white phosphorus

Kurdish forces claim NATO-member Turkey is using banned weapons in Syria

Horrifying video shows Syrian child being treated in hospital for severe burns on his body, which expert says appears to be caused by white phosphorus

Pictures also show another boy with the skin on his head and face burned away
Images taken before Mike Pence agreed a ceasefire deal with Turkey Thursday

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 04:31 EDT, 18 October 2019 | Updated: 08:04 EDT, 18 October 2019

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The latest is from this Willamette Week article on it. It is from the October 16th, 2019 newspaper, and yes it is a physical newspaper in steel boxes, on page 7. It is also likely on their online paper version, but I haven’t read that in years.


This Antifa thug is portrayed in the spin and fluff piece as an “antifascist,” who spends most of his time, dressed in his pajamas, at 0300, looking up the home address of various “right wing fanatics,” presumably so he can dox them. He was a regular patron of the uber famous antifa bar and hang out site, which has been the physical location of riots between the antifa thug and proud boy “right winger types,” including the “Proud Boys,” some of whom are facing FELONY RIOT CHARGES, plus other incidents. However, Antifa supporting owner denies it was a hit.

Th article then lists the “three mysteries,” of this Heroic anti fascist type.


The verdict is although the “right wing,” is fixated on the Cider, because “right wing organizers,” face not only felony riot charges, but a one million dollar lawsuit for a may 1st riot there. All of the anti fascists, the bar owner and the PPD say they don’t know the motive, but it was not related to “fascist activity.”

PPD is investigating the death as a homicide, but not as a premeditated murder. The PPD turned up a homeless person, sleeping nearby for the last two weeks, who indicated it was a road rage type of thing. The fact of using a homeless person, who BY DEFINITION IS AN UNRELIABLE WITNESS IS APPARENTLY LOST ON THE INCREASINGLY FECKLESS PPD. Besides, what can you expect from a police department led by somebody named Chief Outlaw.

Therefore I rate this “witness statement,” as not valid for court testimony due to the dysfunctional nature of the witness.


It is currently illegal to carry a handgun in the city limits of Portland unless you have a concealed handgun permit, and it us illegal to carry a loaded handgun in the city limits of Portland, again unless you have a CCW. Finally, whether you have a CCW or not, it is illegal to discharge a weapon within city limits unless you meet the standard of imminent threat to body and life. Now here is where the PPD again shows a level of incompetence that is astounding.

The scenario, or at least as much as the powers that be are admitting to goes something like this. Our heroic antifa thug, and some of his buddies, come out of the known Antifa thug hangout, the place where the anti fascist fascist riots took place, and engage somebody, somewhere in the vicinity of this bar. The reason they engage them is unknown, except for a “homeless type,” sleeping on the ground nearby who claims he hears things that indicate a road rage type incident. However, we have no idea what tirggered any of this. Next, the person in the first SUV, for some unknown reason runs over heroic antifa guy, and then there is an exchange of gunfire, by the antifa types buddies apparently, and the first SUV drives off, crashes into the Democrat HQ, and then everybody involved with that SUV vanishes.

Antifa boy is taken to a hospital where he dies, Two of his buddies, who likely discharged their weapons are ignored by PPD, The PPD fails to figure out who owns the crashed SUV despite six days and VIN, License plate DNA etc. Yep, loony time.