I also considered myself more of a Never Hellary the Shrew voter than a Trump voter. I knew during the campaign Trump had some serious negative issues. Still, I felt, like most deplorables did, Trump was our best; in fact, our only choice to restore the American Constitutional Republic. Trump has done some good, much mediocre and some very bad. Trump has now clearly fallen under the sway of the New York City, globalist cabal led by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, along with a horde of Goldman Sachs weasels, neo-con warmongers, and swamp dwellers. As I always felt the potential for a Trump sell out was there, I am not surprised Trump has started the sell out process rapidly. Perhaps he is being advised he needs to be more “Presidential,” or has fallen into the RINO “party unity” trap: I really don’t know. The results are clear to see. Below is a link to an article that brutally highlights Trump’s deception, along with his increasingly unstable actions. Today was the same day that saw Jeff Sessions do the kind of things I voted Trump in to do. Sessions is going to go after the criminal illegals who have left a trail of violent crime, death and chaos behind them. Trump has Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and thus fulfilled one of the major reasons I voted for him. Unfortunately, Trump has also bombed Syria based on flawed intelligence from agencies that despise his populist leanings. Trump has been weighed. Trump has been found wanting. Trump will take us all down as he goes mainstream and abandons the populist ideology that got him elected in the first place. I say this more in sorrow than anger, but say it I will. Trump has played us for chumps. Trump has pretty much abandoned promises he made to the deploreables. He, along with his new globalist cabal buddies, apparently think he is now beyond peasant support. The Kansas election result, a six point win, when the last margins were 31 percent for the previous incumbents, and 27 percent for Trump, show otherwise. The millions of people who believed Trump, and came out to vote, for the first time in many cases, will not vote in 2018 or 2020. Why should they?

THE LINK BELOW SPELLS OUT STILL MORE TRUMP TREACHERY.  I have highlighted some of it. It is best read at the link.

Trump Flips On Five Core Key Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours

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