HERE WE GO! 4-11-2017

The impossible is now possible. The unthinkable is now being thought of. The “America First,” and “Make America Great Again, POTUS has now turned into a neo-con warmonger rogue. Trump has now fallen under the sway of the Jared Kushner neo-con, globalist faction that seeks war above all. Damn the lot of them, damn them all I say. Trump’s campaign promises are falling away like dandruff. Whatever we thought he promised, we were wrong. You know you are in trouble when warhawks like McCain, Graham, and even Schummer, Peloski and the vile witch Hellary Clinton are now singing in Trump’s choir. The facts are clear. We are on the road to war.

The links below are just a few indicating that dismal reality.

Tillerson issues ultimatum to Russia after meeting with top diplomats at G7 summit

North Korea warns of nuclear strike if provoked as US warships approach

U.S. Navy strike group to move towards Korean peninsula – U.S. official

Is Trump Enlisting in the War Party?


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