Well, it’s been fun writing this blog here at the end of all things. It has been quite a ride. Still, events are now in motion that have turned loose the dogs of war. They are now freely roaming the Korean Peninsula, slobbering, barking, howling in frustration at being restrained from starting World War Three. I remember that king of woo, Major Ed Dames, from the old Art Bell show in the 1990’s with his “remote viewing.” I listened to him say one time that World War Three would begin with North Korea detonating a nuclear device in a tunnel. Well, gang guess what Kim Jong the raving lunatic is likely to do today? Um, detonate a nuke in a tunnel. The time link is here.

Further, we now have Vlad the Impaler openly deploying advanced defensive weaponry on the Russian and North Korea border. Well, Vlad the Impaler, ie Putin, does nothing without reason, or planning, or in service to his long term goals. If Vlad is moving combat forces to his North Korean border, he is doing so because he sees a threat of an North Korean missile launch on Vladivostok.

Next, we have the fact North Korea refused to meet with the Chinese diplomat. We also have indications the USA is indeed prepared to send some cruise missiles Kim Jong’s way.

The links are here.…-nuclear-test/…-idUSKBN17E2CT

China says North Korea tension has to be stopped from reaching ‘irreversible’ stage…ea_111180.html

Beijing Warns a ‘Storm is About to Break’ as Tensions Mount Over North Korea

We are on the brink here in so many ways. Trump, well Trump is in full neo-con warmonger mode. He apparently believes China will ignore its long term strategic goals and allow the USA to essentially take over the Korean Peninsula. Well, that isn’t going to happen, which means a Chinese invasion of North Korea. And that will result in a spasm of mass violence from the dying Kim Jong, unless he hasn’t shot enough Generals and they whack him fast. We shall see, but unless there is an outbreak of sanity in North Korea by Kim Jong, which ain’t going to happen, he is going to do a missile test today, the 105th birthday of Granddaddy psycho, and the USA, or China is going to kick some Kim Jong ass, and Kim Jong is going to pull the pin on the nuclear grenade. After that, to quote the French King: “Apres moi, les deluge, or After me, the deluge.

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  1. So whats the range on these 40 nuclear capable NK diesel subs? How far inland can they target? If I was in a blue state mega city I wold want to know that. But no one unfortunately is asking.


    1. They are Golf Class Russian subs from the 1970s. They are also very poorly maintained, obsolete and likely to sink before they go 1,000 miles. They are a threat to South Korea and Japan, but I doubt they could sail several thousand miles to the US West Coast without sinking!


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