Well, it looks like the view the “sunlight reflection” of a couple days ago was really a breach in the sidewall of the main spillway. The main spillway is like a H with the main water flow groove, and a side wall on both sides to keep the water flowing down the central channel.

If I understand what I am seeing here, up above the original “hole,” back towards the spillway top, on the left side, you had a FAILURE of some of the concrete wall sections. This allowed the water to DIVERT from the main “channel, and shift left OUTSIDE THE CONCRETE CHANNEL, AND START ERODING, DIRECTLY ERODING THE DIRT THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPILLWAY. The situation is you now have TWO SEPARATE DOWNSTREAM WATER FLOWS: THE FIRST ONE INSIDE THE SPILLWAY AND THE SECOND ONE EXITING THE WALL BREACH AND ERODING AWAY THE HILLSIDE, OR EVEN GOING BACK UNDER THE MAIN SPILLWAY AND CAUSING FURTHER DAMAGE TO THE CONCRETE SLABS ETC.

Yep, it is now a done deal in my opinion. The failure of the main spillway is now INEVITABLE. It will eventually fail, all the way from the sidewall breach, the one between/below the power lines, and the top of the spillway.
The erosion undercut going back up towards the spillway top, on the left side first, a day or so ago, and IT IS LIKELY CUTTING UNDER THE ENTIRE WIDTH OF THE MAIN SPILLWAY AND WILL LIKE CAUSE A SEPARATE BREACH ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SPILLWAY WALL.

The whore media and politicians will spin this as best as they can, but we are going to see criminal charges out of this down the road. The failure to issue a mandatory evacuation order is an act of moral cowardice, cynical political opportunism and will destroy California for a generation. Nowski, amigo I am saying the state of Jefferson is going to be born out of this, since the hatred of the deplorables for that SCUMBAG GOVERNOR MOONBEAM HAS DONE TO THEM WILL HAVE NO LIMIT.

The main highway/freeway is I-5 and over it comes the tens of thousands of trucks that supply the “I-5 Corridor.” The rail lines are also linked to the I-5 corridor and carry every thing the entire coastal PNW, Portland, Seattle need.

You do have options, 101 Coastal Highway, 395 through Eastern Oregon, but they are not credible for mass truck transit.

In my opinion, the level of economic damage to the Agriculture Industry will be massive. It is not a case where you “can’t” get citrus fruit, or fresh vegetables, it will be a case of it will cost you more to import citrus from Florida, Texas or Arizona.

And I will say again to those of you who somehow think Governor Moonbeam is going to skate on this, especially if San Francisco Bay is full of floating corpses, it ain’t going to happen. The way the game works is the media and political whores get to do whatever they want until they screw up so bad people die. At that point, the larger system, the NWO , the globalists are quite willing to throw a mid level player like Governor Moonbeam to the howling wolves, if it will keep their butts out of the wolf pit.

Nope, Moonbeam is road kill because the real “they” the 300 families that rule the world, won’t hesitate to slit his throat to keep the mob happy. I live with Snowflakes, Nowski and when the Snowflakes lose one third, to one half of their drinking water, they are going to chop Moonbeam into tiny pieces.

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Thanks to Shane from timebomb for the pic.  THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION!
When An ill Wind Blows From Afar! (O





The above pictures show what I think, as well as Shane does, happened. The second picture shows the actual damage. The third picture shows flooding, as of 2-17-2017 at Maxwell, California downstream from the Oroville dam and spillway. We are already getting widespread reports of flooding downstream from both the Shasta Dam, which feeds into the Sacramento River, and the Oroville Spillway, which feeds into the Feather River.


  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for keeping up on this for everyone far away (Utah). We have many earthen dams north of Provo that could go easily.


  2. 40 years of DEM-wit Liberal Progressive satanists, have turned CA into a Nazi Police State, where Government thinks itself to be God. Forcing itself and it’s Globalist agenda upon the People like they are their RAPE victim. …God no longer bleeds. Only one thing can be done with a RABID dog, before it attacks the children, to inject it’s poison into them by FORCE, calling it a vaccination. Time for this RABID dog to be PUT DOWN.


  3. Hey Dougie boy. You don’t know much about construction do you? That main Spill Way sits on bedrock. Even that hole on the right side only blew away the dirt down to bedrock. The concrete trough below the opening may eventually be taken out, but in doing so will not harm the dam one bit. All this scare about the dam being in danger is total BS, and the engineers will tell you so. To even cause the emergency spill way to overflow again they would need a deluge of historic proportions as was the original storm that hit northern california a few weeks back.

    The emergency spill way also sits on bedrock, and while any overflow will take out topsoil below it, it still won’t bother the main body of the dam. The hysteria I have been watching the last couple of weeks if totally over the top by those who like to think they are in the know, but most are not engineers or hydrologist, including you my friend ! Try quoting an engineer on the dam to get a real feel for what we can expect from here on out.

    Yes there may still be flooding below the dam, but that is the nature of nature when the sky opens up and hits us with a deluge. To keep the dam safe they’ll have to allow 100,000 cu. pr. sec to go down the mail spill way just to keep the water at safe level. That much water flowing down the main spill way may cause flooding down stream, but that cannot be helped if they don’t want the dam to wash away if we have another deluge.


    1. Hey, the so called “bedrock” is really what is called “weathered rock” and is vulnerable to cracking and crumbling. Given the utter lack of routine and preventative maintenance since the dam was built in 1968, you optimism is misplaced! The emergency spillway requires a lake level of 901 feet, which I don’t think is going to happen, although it may. My main concern is the main spillway collapses, slides downhill and we end up with a hole for the lake, all 853 feet of it to drain. I’m not sure how much of the 853 will drain if that happens. Whatever happens with the dams, either Shasta, at 90 percent plus full, or Oroville, at 80 percent full, at a minimum the spillways are going to be flushed on a sustained basis for the next few days/weeks. Massive downstream flooding, transit corridors, like I-5 and the rail lines, are going to be blocked. I suggest you stock up on some fresh carrots, since they are grown down there, and may not be able to be shipped. The total failure of the “system” to do even the most basic dam repair for the last three decades is going to cost us dearly, no matter what happens to the spillways at Oroville!


    2. Rumpledumbarse,

      Check out the NOAA satellite, dkhead. One “deluge of historic proportions,” coming up (actually two more).


      1. Hey Estelle honey, hardly a mention of the rains from this past weekend. Also, who stated at NOAA that the coming storms are of historic proportions, or did you just assume that by looking at their weather maps. We all have to be very careful about not promoting hysteria when it is not warranted.

        I grew up around those levies in the Sacramento area and this is not the first time they have been under siege from heavy rains. Believe me, if the Oroville dam managers believe there was really a worry, you can bet everyone below the dam would be notified. So don’t call me a dumb-ass until I am proven wrong.

  4. Yes, Doug you are off on a couple facts. The main spillway is damaged much further down than shown on diagram, its near lower end of spillway. Water level must rise to 901 feet I think for it to start flowing over emergency spillway, this is the danger, the emergency spillway was poorly designed and not intended for use. With the projected storm arriving today there will be approximately 140,000 cps of water entering lake and 100,000 cps leaving so it will be filling again. If it reaches the emergency spillway level I think they will evacuate again.


  5. Hi Rumple,

    The only reason the ES (designed for 250,000 GPS flow) was “used” is because the MS is damaged. And so is the power station outlet but let’s stick to the MS. When the failure of the MS first happened, the current outflow damaged the spillway quickly. Head cut was monitored the they shit themselves and lowered the outflow. Big storm. Failing MS. Failed power plant. Fingers crossed…… And a messily 12,000 GPS over the ES caused such head cut leading up to the concrete ES structure that the MS was cranked back up. Further damage be damned.
    This giant building-sized bolder that stopped the head cutting on the MS for a week appears to be getting undermined by the massive relentless MS release.
    So now we sit with the lake down to 850, worsening MS, no way to get the lake down below 813′ (power plant inake busted). And a massive storm coming.

    If the ES overflows again ( which authorities seem to think will happen as witnessed by their concentration there) and gets a few feet beyond 901, call it 905′, the ES will continue its head cutting up to the coffee damn. (It is not solid. It is 2′ thick concrete over rock and tailings). Once the ES wall begins failing, I believe that the rock foundation erosion below will limit the spillover to perhaps several hundred thousand GPS. Probably no main damn failure but enough damage to wipe out the soggy Sac valley.
    Greg (engineer)


  6. I forgot to add. I just drove through Sacramento two days ago, there are many causeways that are usually dry as a bone but right now they are full of water …the trees are submerged by half …..sooooo ….no there is not room for a dam breach.


  7. I don’t care how many boulders they place on the emergency spillway – stupid idea in my opinion – and I don’t care how much slurry cement they pack around them, when the soil beneath them gives way, the boulders will get washed away with all of that soil. And the bedrock can stay right where it’s at, and the dam too, but those boulders are going to get washed away with the soil they’re sitting on. Then what kind of a mess will there be? I have no idea, but I get the feeling it will be a good mess


  8. Hey Dave, great stuff! My Grandfather was with the DWR in the 60’s, he retired in early 70’s, and he repeatedly warned them about the spillways. This is awful .


  9. […] Yep, it is now a done deal in my opinion. The failure of the main spillway is now INEVITABLE. It will eventually fail, all the way from the sidewall breach, the one between/below the power lines, and the top of the spillway. The erosion undercut going back up towards the spillway top, on the left side first, a day or so ago, and IT IS LIKELY CUTTING UNDER THE ENTIRE WIDTH OF THE MAIN SPILLWAY AND WILL LIKE CAUSE A SEPARATE BREACH ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SPILLWAY WALL. (Click to Article) […]


  10. The sheer force of raging water will toss the baby boulders like children’s marbles down into the valley below. What a bunch of rock heads. I feel very sorry for the conservative (thinking) people of California whom are ruled by the real ‘fascists’ (demorat morons) who would rather open the floodgates of public funds to illegals and endless ‘welfare’ rather than spend tax revenues for infrastructure benefiting tax paying CA legal citizens (not to mention NWO gov’t forcing ‘Agenda 21’ & rewilding down everyone’s throats)….thus creating a DOOMSDAY SCENARIO…that will require supernatural intervention to prevent a catastrophe at the aging neglected dam! Praying that people from Oroville down to Sacramento will have enough sense to gather up their picture albums, pets, and family and get the hell out of harms way until the storms subside. A paycheck or property is not worth your life. God bless them one and all….


  11. As a former Combat Engineer, Waterworks-Construction worker & 35 year Emergency Responder, My family would be be out of the Flow Path of that Dam. I’d just leave what I did not absolutely need to start new somewhere else. There are far to many variables to consider concerning this situation, the least of which are the corrupt politicians who have allowed this situation to develop in the first place. If one thinks they are going to tell the truth one needs to pull Head out of Ass. They would rather have millions die than be required to pay them for their losses!


  12. Instead of non americans as new canadians we could take californians as humanitarians very good idias prevail…securing the dollar! The canadian and the american dollar can’t live without each other survive refugee quebec need peoples lots of land !
    Lack of workers!
    The whole country is available….i guess the prime minister name is onorable mister justin trudeau….he like to think the future!


  13. I know someone who lives out there below the dam, they told me that the people there are not allowed to buy homeowners insurance, they said they never were allowed to buy the insurance, doesn’t make sense to me but that’s California for you.


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