The news reports are full of stories about Russian military deployments, massing of troops on the NovaRussia and Ukrainian borders. NovoRussia is the former Ukraine areas now controlled by the ethnic Russian Armed Militias. News reports also indicate heavy artillery shelling pretty much along the whole front. The neo con warmongers have long wanted a Russian Ukrainian war. It seems they may be getting one.


  1. The reason for all of this is the expansion of NATO far to the east since 1991. Russia will not tolerate being encircled by the globalist conspiracy that seeks to reduce Russia to a third world status. The globalists overthrew the elected President of Ukraine who was pro Russian. The NAZI THUGS then took over and began a genocide on the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. Putin has allowed thousands of them to be raped, murdered by the Ukrainian military in order to avoid a full war with NATO.

    The situation now is Putin has decided he can’t allow the ongoing NATO, USA and globalist military upgrade of Ukraine to continue unchecked. The terror attacks sealed the deal. Putin isn’t going to allow NAZI terrorists to start blowing things up in the Crimea. I think Putin would have settled for the Crimea. The Crimea was given to the Ukraine in 1956 by Khurschev in one of his particularly stupid actions. Crimea was never Ukrainian. It was always a part of Russia going back to the middle ages.

    I think Putin has decided that Obama is a moron, Porky the warmonger is a Nazi, and that Kiev must be neutralized before he ends up with a Fourth Reich in Ukraine. The leadership in Kiev is NAZI. The military units are Waffen SS clones. They use the same symbols as the SS units raised by the Nazis in the Ukraine.

    My gut feeling is Putin may very well unleash his forces on August 24th, which is the independence day for Ukraine. I also think he will push to the Dniepper River, take over Moldovia, neutralize the new missile base in Romania and link up the coastal areas of the Ukraine from Marapol to Moldavia. This will leave the Ukraine with Kiev and some ethnic Ukrainian areas towards Poland and Slovakia.

    The West will do nothing at all. NATO will do nothing at all. I don’t think Putin will try for Poland or the Baltic Republics.

    Given the massive amount of fighting going on over the last 72 hours, we may stumble into a war even if one is planned. I also think the Ukrainians, having gotten a lot of advanced Western stuff the last two years, as well as built a lot of their own stuff, will go down harder than Putin thinks. They will be crushed eventually.

    The reaction in the west once Russian armor columns start towards Kiev will reveal just what a moron Obama really is.

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