It is with a sad heart I write this blog entry. Although I voted for Trump, and against that vile, evil woman Hillary Clinton, Trump has now gone fully to the dark side. The combination of having the neo con warmonger Bolton as his security advisor, along with the illegal, unconstitutional attack on Syria is too much. The attack was based on flawed, inaccurate, doctored and slanted information. Regardless of that, Trump, just like the last cruise missile attack’s intelligence was flawed, Trump launched anyway. The fact it was Western supported proxy forces, by Saudi Arabia for starters, that were trained, supplied and equipped for a chemical attack, didn’t bother Trump. The fact that the so called “rebel groups” have used chemical weapons multiple times in Syria also didn’t bother Trump. When I voted for Trump it was because I knew that Hillary Clinton would get us into a war with Russia. Trump is now at the mercy of the same neo con, deep state forces that destroyed both Iraq and Libya. At any rate, here are three links that explain that better than I can.

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It just entered my increasing feeble mind, Housecarl, that Putin may be setting up a trap for the West in Syria. He stands back and doesn’t launch world war three last night. Next, he sits back, watches Trump beat his chest, and then quietly turns Syria into a fortress. Putin smacks Iranian, Hezzbollah, Assad Junior heads together and says, “Start positioning military assets for the next strike. And then he starts the recon needed to target every single American airbase, firebase in Syria. Now when all of that is done, which could take a while here is the situation.

Putin has deployed multiple S-300’s to the Syrians. He has deployed multiple S-400’s to every single Russian air bases, as well as all major Syrian cities and military bases. Iran and Hezzbollah have each put in about a division each, say 30,000 men total. All of them, well many of them, stuffed to the gills with anti-armor missiles, and man pads and RPG;s up their butts. By that time, although Assad junior hasn’t attacked any Americans, or Turks or Kurds, he has totally consolidated his entire country except for the north, some of the east.

Once all of that is done, he flies to Moscow, meets Putin and announces Russia full supports the territorial integrity of pre 2011 Syria, and all the Turks, the Americans etc must leave in 30 days. Putin then declares a no fly zone over all of Syria, and seals the Iraq and Jordan border to prevent the supply trucks.

Trump is then faced with a direct fight with Iran, Hezzbollah, Assad Junior and Russia. By this time, Putin has a massive military presence in Syria, Iran has a division or two and Hezzbollah has about 10,000 men their.

The US either leaves, with its tail between its legs, or tries to relieve the fire bases and starts a real, shooting war with Russia.

so, Housecarl, is Doomer Doug more crazy than normal? he he he


It hasn’t taken very long for Iran, Syria and Russia to respond to Trump’s attacks.

ONE: Russia is considering deploying more advanced missile batteries; namely, the S-300’s to replace, upgrade the S-200 batteries.

TWO. Syria has now said they are going to get their pound of flesh by attacking US troops, and their proxies inside of Syria.


the link is here.


Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:24
Syrian Gen: Damascus to Respond to US-Led Strikes by Attacking Aggressors’ Bases in Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Syrian military expert warned that Damascus will respond to the Saturday morning US-led missile strikes with attacks against the illegal bases set up by the same aggressive states in Syria.


Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:6
President Rouhani Assures Syria of Iran’s Support after US Attack

During the phone conversation on Saturday, President Rouhani told Assad that Tehran will stand by Damascus, and voiced confidence that “this aggression would not weaken the determination of the Syrian people in its war against terrorism”.

Assad, for his part, said that the attack unites Syrians and increases Damascus’ resolve to continue “fighting and crushing terrorism in every inch of the country”.


According to this link, which is a pro Kiev website, the Russian militias in Eastern Ukraine have either launched 28, or 68 separate attacks on Ukrainian targets in Donas today, April 14th, 2018. I don’t know if that means anything, but it is a lot of attacks for one 24 hour period.

The link is here.


Lucifuge Rofocale
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#BREAKING It is likely that Russia is preparing something in Ukraine as a response to the Western attack on Syria. DONETSK – INTERNET DOWN – RADIO STATIONS OFF-MILITARY MOVING REPORTED



Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:24
Syrian Gen: Damascus to Respond to US-Led Strikes by Attacking Aggressors’ Bases in Syria

“The response to the tripartite strikes against Syria will be given by attacks against the aggressors’ bases in Syria, using ground-to-ground missiles and with the help of popular resistance,” General Mohammed Issa was quoted by the Arabic service of Russia’s Sputnik news agency as saying on Saturday.

He added that the Syrian army will again deploy missile defense systems in all points in Syria, turning the country into a land completely covered by anti-air defense shields.

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Saudi Arabia and Quatar are at each other’s throats right now. There is no possibility that Saudi Arabia and Quatar can take any kind of unified action against Iran. The other thing is Russia has now guaranteed the 2005 Kurdistan borders already agreed to by the Shia Baghdad Central government. Further, Russia has now guaranteed the Kurds access to a pipeline that goes north into Russia, and not west into Turkey. The Shia Central government has just moved to within striking distance of a key pipeline facility from Kurdistan into Turkey.

As for Iran, gang, well Tillerson and Trump can shoot their mouths off all they want to, but it makes no difference on the ground in Iraq. Possession is nine tenths of the law. Iran now controls Iraq everywhere except the 2005 Kurdistan, which again is now guaranteed by Russia.

The “deal” is pretty clear to me, Housecarl. Iran “gets Iraq” either directly under control of the Shia PMU militia, or the Shia “national military,” or the Shia Central government. Russia is telling Iran to back off from trying to take Kurdistan itself.

This is all “spheres of influence” and “buffer zone” level of diplomacy. The Russians are HUGE on buffer zones, which is why they are so enraged that NATO moved east to the Russian borders after Reagan and Bush Senior conned Gorbachev.

Russia is now moving south into Kurdistan in Iraq to counter the NATO move east into the Baltic States, Poland and Romania. Russia has also moved west into the former Uraine.

The “great game” has been going on between Russia and the West for several centuries now, involving the Crimea” ie “charge of the light brigade” in the 1850’s to fighting over Afghanistan with the British. Russia is looking to get a warm water port on either the Indian Ocean, or the Persian Gulf, which they have now done.

Trump and Tillerson have been outplayed by both Russia and Iran.

Finally, looking at naval bang you now have Russia with a naval base in the Black Sea on Crimea, as well as a naval base in Syria, and the deal they made to take over the former British naval base on Cyprus. In addition to all that, Russia now has full access to Basra in Southern Iraq. Russia cut a deal with Iran. Iran cut a deal with Russia.


It hurts when you get your ass kicked. Trump the deal maker simply doesn’t understand the “Great Game” in the Middle East, as played by both Russia and Iran.

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The news reports are full of stories about Russian military deployments, massing of troops on the NovaRussia and Ukrainian borders. NovoRussia is the former Ukraine areas now controlled by the ethnic Russian Armed Militias. News reports also indicate heavy artillery shelling pretty much along the whole front. The neo con warmongers have long wanted a Russian Ukrainian war. It seems they may be getting one.


  1. The reason for all of this is the expansion of NATO far to the east since 1991. Russia will not tolerate being encircled by the globalist conspiracy that seeks to reduce Russia to a third world status. The globalists overthrew the elected President of Ukraine who was pro Russian. The NAZI THUGS then took over and began a genocide on the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. Putin has allowed thousands of them to be raped, murdered by the Ukrainian military in order to avoid a full war with NATO.

    The situation now is Putin has decided he can’t allow the ongoing NATO, USA and globalist military upgrade of Ukraine to continue unchecked. The terror attacks sealed the deal. Putin isn’t going to allow NAZI terrorists to start blowing things up in the Crimea. I think Putin would have settled for the Crimea. The Crimea was given to the Ukraine in 1956 by Khurschev in one of his particularly stupid actions. Crimea was never Ukrainian. It was always a part of Russia going back to the middle ages.

    I think Putin has decided that Obama is a moron, Porky the warmonger is a Nazi, and that Kiev must be neutralized before he ends up with a Fourth Reich in Ukraine. The leadership in Kiev is NAZI. The military units are Waffen SS clones. They use the same symbols as the SS units raised by the Nazis in the Ukraine.

    My gut feeling is Putin may very well unleash his forces on August 24th, which is the independence day for Ukraine. I also think he will push to the Dniepper River, take over Moldovia, neutralize the new missile base in Romania and link up the coastal areas of the Ukraine from Marapol to Moldavia. This will leave the Ukraine with Kiev and some ethnic Ukrainian areas towards Poland and Slovakia.

    The West will do nothing at all. NATO will do nothing at all. I don’t think Putin will try for Poland or the Baltic Republics.

    Given the massive amount of fighting going on over the last 72 hours, we may stumble into a war even if one is planned. I also think the Ukrainians, having gotten a lot of advanced Western stuff the last two years, as well as built a lot of their own stuff, will go down harder than Putin thinks. They will be crushed eventually.

    The reaction in the west once Russian armor columns start towards Kiev will reveal just what a moron Obama really is.

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On this summer day of June 21st, 2014 Doomer Doug is thinking the human species is reaching a final turning point.

The sum total of events going on is staggering if you list them one by one.

1. Fukushima is totally out of control. It will continue to impact human DNA for centuries into the future. The ongoing death rates among various species in the Pacific Ocean shows where the human species is heading. What happens to starfish today, will happen to human beings down the road.

2. We are told that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is now “totally out of control.” We are also dealing with MERS and the ongoing Chinese Bird Flu. Any one of them could cause a global pandemic. If Ebola changes to the airborne vector, a global pandemic is guaranteed.

3. The events in Ukraine are clearly headed towards a regional war. Putin has now mobilized the entire Russian military from the Baltic States to Siberia. Kiev continues to use its Nazi troops to murder with impunity in ongoing war crimes and genocide.

4. The barbarism of Militant Islam is now on display. ISIS now trying to set up a 7th century Caliphate apparently based on Sharia Law and murder.

5. The damage from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues. The Gulf Stream is now permanently damaged and will change the weather patterns for England well into the next century.

6. It is clear the rule of law has collapsed in the USA under the reign of terror from Obama and Holder. We now have the IRS scandal. We now have the Fast and Furious Scandal. We now have the Libyan scandal. And finally, we now have a totally collapsed border with hordes of diseased illegal immigrants pouring into the USA. This is with the official approval and sanction of the Obama dictatorship. Obama is clearly, at least in my opinion, doing his best attempt at being the Roman Emperor Caligula. Obama hasn’t yet sent a horse into the American Senate, but his level of contempt for the rule of law is now showcased on a daily basis.

7. The global economy, much less the USA economy, is now clearly in the final stages of its debt fueled collapse. The greed, arrogance, and corruption of the elite is no longer possible to ignore. Even the stupidest sheeple now realizes just how bad things are.

8. It is clear to anybody with an IQ above single digits the global leadership, military, political, economic, media and religious, has NO concern for even basic human rights. The global leadership is like a horde of insects stripping bare the wheat field down to the earth. They have no respect for even the most basic of human rights. They are only interested in getting as much as they can for themselves.

The sum total of all the above tells Doomer Doug that what has long been predicted is now starting to happen. For instance, Doomer Doug can now say with a straight face that if Ebola goes airborne a global pandemic killing up to one third of the entire human population is no longer a fantasy. One third of the currently 7.1 to 7.5 BILLION people now living equals between 2 and 2.5 BILLION people. Whatever people think, and however delusional they think Doomer Doug is, that is a factual statement based on the actual conditions on Planet Earth today.

Doomer Doug can only say people should enjoy the day. It is not quite a case of eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die, but it is getting closer. There is something called Synergy. There is also something called Super Synergy. I am saying that when you add all of the above up, you will end up with a critical mass beyond what you “should” get from any one, or even two or three, of them.

I have never sold out. I have never lied to my readers. In my personal life, I have paid a high price for that. The corrupt USA of 2014 despises a honest person like myself. The people want the lies the media and government has told them for the last century. If you want lies, go to the mainstream media. Doomer Doug tells the truth. Doomer Doug lets the fecal material land where it may.

We are in crisis. Crisis is surely an overused word, but it fits what is going on right now on this fine summer day.



Here are some of my thoughts on the ongoing situation in Ukraine from the timebomb2000.com forum.

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It has been interesting to watch the ongoing collapse of the Ukrainian military and border control units. Doomer Doug will say again that what is now called the “Ukrainian military” no longer exists in combat ability. The Air Force shows no hesitation in executing WAR CRIMES, but they are being destroyed one HIND helicopter and one fighter jet at a time. You can tell when a military is on its last legs by two things. The first is vicious threats from command threatening to shoot them. The second is when open and widespread desertions start. We saw both trends in full flower today.

The loss of THREE border control and military bases means the Pro Russian ethnic militias have all the weapons they need for a broad ranging asymetrical war. Further, the story about a freaking BATTALION casually driving into the Ukraine is HUGE. We are no longer talking about isolated troop movements here. We are now seeing open deployments of HUNDREDS OF TROOPS in military trucks and APCs. And you know, gang this is pretty much the end of whatever military capability Kiev. They cannot control their eastern border. They cannot safely fly in their own airspace. They cannot provide even MINIMAL logistics support to their military. They cannot control several major cities. In fact, other than preening press conferences KIEV is now completely out of the loop now. Other than sending in Nazi clones, bombing hospitals, shelling urban cities, they have no options left.

The story by the news reporter calling for OPEN GENOCIDE in areas west of the Dneiper River is BEYOND HUGE. I have long said this will end in genocide and ethnic cleansing. The reports of the Nazis murdering wounded soldiers in hospitals, and now that #$%^^ BITCH calmly saying tens of thousands of ethnic Russians should be hunted down and slaughtered, well WHAT DO THEY THINK RUSSIA IS GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT? Whatever mind altering drugs currently in use by Kiev need to be taken into account.

And our ignorant, increasingly delusional, autocratic, junior Emperor Obama just struts around like a court jester without shame. At the ceremonies to honor the sacred heroes at Normandy Beach Obama ignores documented examples of WAR CRIMES by his Kiev buddies. Gee, the USA used to actually fight people who engage in WAR CRIMES. Obama decides the new policy is to give them the weapons they need to murder babies.

I will bluntly tell you all there will be SPIRITUAL CONSEQUENCES to the increasing American Imperial Insolence. Whatever Putin may or may not do, you may rest assured the universe is clearly going to kick some American butt for tolerating such savagery. Of course, we sophisticated Americans don’t believe we will ever be held accountable for any action we take, no matter how squalid and disgusting it is.

Doomer Doug is seeing a tsunami of fecal material heading towards the USA. And you know what, this doesn’t bother me. It is like Billy Graham once said, “If God doesn’t deal with America, he is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomarah.”

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I want to say plainly that the so called “humanitarian corridors” are now fully operational. If you look at a map of the eastern Ukraine, you will see Lucansk? is fairly close to the actual border. This means the seizure of the command and control center has blinded to KIEV to ALL border movements. The control of the other border posts means you now have full ability to come over at will. By at will I mean whenever you want do, in whatever transport you want to, and in whatever numbers you want to. For all intents and purposes, Putin, New Russia, ethnic Pro Russian militias have a DIRECT LINE TO RUSSIA. Assuming the Ukraine tries to attack the inbound columns, well that is what the whole upgrade to the manpads was about.

I think the martial law in Rostov was to hide the open movement of these reinforcements. I am thinking a MASSIVE number of troops, supplies etc is now headed towards the wide open supply corridor.

I am also saying that if you look at what has been going on, you clearly signs of a very intelligent Russian policy. Putin doesn’t have to “declare” humanitarian corridors. He simply gives his proxies the stuff they need and they create them. I mean, is Putin BRILLIANT OR IS HE BRILLIANT? Obama the wuss is just so outclassed here.

Thanks for all the kind words! I am getting so FRUSTRATED at the apathy the West is showing to open murder by Kiev.



     Doomer Doug is increasingly frustrated by the truly astounding level of clinical insanity now going on in the Ukraine. I mean, I get the Kiev government is full of Himmler SS groupies. I get that NATO, the EU, and the Three Stooges: Obama, Biden, and Kerry, are lunatics. Doomer Doug gets all that. Still, I look at credible reports Ukraine’s military is now openly shelling that city with 155 mm Howitzers. I get the far right types are casually engaged in what the West and NATO called war crimes in Yugoslavia. I get there is no longer any possibility of a political or diplomatic solution. I just don’t get why people in the western nations have so far completely misread Putin’s intentions.

     It is clear to Doomer Doug Putin’s end game is now fully in play. I have said from Day One Putin’s goal was to use civil disorder and subversion efforts to create the scenario he needed for a “peacekeeping deployment.” Putin has now done so. The level of stupidity from Kiev, NATO, the EU, and the Three Stooges has seen to that. I do not like what I have seen so far. I will tell you quite honestly, this pales compared to what is now coming. We are going to see a level of violence unseen since Yugoslavia. We are going to see everybody pouring troops into that one city. Kiev has apparently decided to seek a military solution to that city declaring independence. There is no military solution option left for Kiev. There is certainly the release of truly staggering levels of ethnic cleansing, open warfare, and chaos. This is where the situation is now. This is where it is heading in the near future.

     I will also say that Putin is now on the move. News reports, based on NATO information, show a large number of Russian combat troops are now headed from deployment positions directly at the Ukraine border. Putin will simply not allow Ukraine’s military to shell that city into burning rubble. The comments by that JACKASS in Kiev calling for what amounts to a genocide of anybody remaining in that city seals the deal. I can assure you that this rant is being played on every Russian media outlet right now. It is a green light for Putin. It is a direct threat to ethnic Russians. It is a direct threat to Russia and Putin. It is a direct threat to murder women and children. Is the West so truly blind they don’t understand how Putin will respond to this?



Comments about the Ukraine now being in a “civil war” miss the point. The Ukraine has gone from civil unrest, to civil disorder, to civil war, and finally, into ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and potential genocide in less than one week.

The kidnapped Maripol Police Chief was found hanging from an Aspen tree. This was after being sentenced to death by a “people’s tribunal.” Active Duty Ukrainian military troops casually shot at unarmed civilians standing peaceably in line to vote. People are routinely being kidnapped, tortured and murdered by various political and ethnic groups. The combination of summary execution, people’s tribunals, and what was a lynching, mean the ethnic cleansing phase has begun. If the history of Europe shows us anything it is this: once you start to murder other people, solely based on whatever criteria you want to use, well, the blood flows.

Doomer Doug will flatly state that the eventual result of all this will be the creation of Putin’s “New Russia.” If you go to zerohedge.com, you can find a map that shows this. The day is coming when there will no ethnic Ukrainians east of the Dneipper River. They will either have run for their lives to Kiev, or they will be dead. We have seen this in Yugoslavia. We have seen in in Rwanda.
Ethnic cleansing does not have to be racially based. It can be based on tribal status. Rwanda was where black people, of two tribes, gleefully hacked each other to death with machetes. They did so for ethnic, and not racial reasons. The Ukraine is now in the same place as Rwanda was. They are going to kill each other based on language, culture, and politics. In Rwanda it was black people killing other black people of another tribe. In Ukraine it is, and will continue to increase, white people killing other white people solely based on their ethnic status.

One thing Americans don’t quite get is how tribal and ethnic attitudes can easily lead to genocide in other places on Planet Earth.

Putin’s plan has always been to enter the Ukraine as a liberator, savior, and national patriot at the request of the newly installed pro Russian governments. He has now set the stage for that. Assuming Kiev unleashes all the firepower it has now deployed into the Eastern Ukraine in order to reclaim it, the stage will be set for a triumphant Putin to restore order and save his people.


NATO, the West and the Three Stooges have been outplayed from the first hour of this situation. Putin is now in the final stages of his long planned creation of “New Russia.” It will be carved out of the carcass of a rotting Kiev government.